August 2013

August seems generally pleasant and can provide a nice reprieve from the build-up and possible explosions that occurred at the end of July and over the past few months.

Venus sextiles Mars on the 2nd of August and the Sun trines Uranus on the 4th. We may be looking at taking some time off, luxuriating in the summer sun [even if it’s raining] and stepping away from our mundane concerns. We want to find activities that enlist our talents and our capabilities. We want to stretch our wings, not have them clipped by other people or by our circumstance. Stepping off the track can provide us a fresh perspective and a reprieve from any anxieties that have been vexing.

On the 6th of August, there is the Leo New Moon. Not only are we looking at the holiday enjoyment of summer that this New Moon can trigger. We also need to be aware that we could be spreading our wings, looking to expand our interests and even incorporating travel or greater attention to foreign lands.

We do have to watch for elements of over-expansion, and this August does have the Jupiter transiting through Cancer hitting off the Uranus Pluto square, first on the 7th – 8th with Jupiter opposed Pluto and again on the 21st with Jupiter square Uranus. We may have been looking at fortifying our home sanctuary by constructing additions, renovating our living space or just redecorating. In the process, we might have stretched beyond our budget. Now would be a time for us to rein in our expenses, take a focused attitude regarding our plans and our resources available.

Keeping in concert with the keywords of these times — awareness and mindfulness — we may evaluate and re-evaluate what has been going on in our lives and in the world at large. Have we, as individuals and as a collective, fallen prey to irrational exuberance? Out of our own concerns, have we tried to over-fortify our protection? Has our fear triggered our greed? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, we might want to cut back on our expenses, take money off the table and put some of our resources aside for a ‘rainy’ day.

This mid-August period could give a ‘heads-up’ regarding problems that may be largely discounted. After all, August is typically a holiday time, a time when people are more focused on summertime activities and relaxation, and important hints and clues go unnoticed. Let’s not be blind to even the slightest indications that some things might go awry.

In many charts, including the chart of President Obama, I have seen configurations that give me cause for concern during this mid-Autumn period. Delays, restrictions and past actions catching up in the present seem indicative of the energies in the mid-October through November time period of this year. This mid-August period might give us a glimmer of where the autumnal problems could occur.

Apart from the overview of the Jupiter triggered T-Square with Pluto and Uranus, there are other energies that put greater attention to re-creation and summertime activities of fun events and pleasurable involvements.

Mercury enters Leo on the 8th, followed by Mercury square Saturn on the 11th and Mercury trine Uranus on the 14th. While we might have to reflect on our past and past obligations, we do not have to be restricted by what has been. This is a time when we might need to wrap up loose ends in order to free ourselves up and allow us to move in new directions utilizing streamlined methods and engaging greater independence in our actions. Insights and understandings can flow through our mind quickly. We are not looking at re-creating our past, even if we have to take a look back at where we have been. We are open to the magic of the universe, doors opening to us without our having to beat our heads against them or push mightily to open the way. As if miraculously, new ways can open to us. We just have to be open to the possibilities, and even those that seem impossibilities.

Venus exits Virgo on the 16th to enter its own Sign of Libra. Although much of our relationship concerns have concentrated more on how we perceive things rather than the other person’s perspective, we may take a more conciliatory and understanding approach. Our social interactions can be far more engaging just by reason of the consideration people are showing each other.

The importance of relationships may be highlighted with the Aquarius Full Moon on the 20th. Even if we are starting to feel the nagging sensation of autumnal responsibilities beckoning us, this latter part of August may be a time when we choose special moments with that special someone or those special people in our lives.

The Uranus Pluto square is triggered again on the 21st with Jupiter square Uranus, the Jupiter Pluto opposition having occurred back on the 7th – 8th of the month. This square is also triggered by the Libra-transiting planet of Venus as Venus creates a Grand Cross with Venus square Pluto on the 24th, Venus opposed Uranus on the 26th, and Venus square Jupiter on the 27th. Unexpected events may force us to be nimble and quick, to re-evaluate our decisions and actions, and to question our sentiments towards certain people. Relationships can be especially intense. We might scrutinize the motives and the character of people we had given a pass to before. People may seem to take on different characteristics, reveal different aspects of themselves, and we could decide that certain connections have come to their ultimate closure.

This latter part of August also has us getting back into work gear, as the Sun exits Leo to enter Virgo on the 22nd – 23rd, followed by Mercury exiting Leo to enter its own Sign of Virgo on the 23rd. Whether we are back at school or back at work, we are certainly in a preparatory mode of getting back on track. No more dilly-dallying through the summer pleasures for us. On the contrary, we can be attending to details, focused on the specifics and concentrating on the particulars.

The Virgo transiting planets will oppose Neptune, sextile Saturn, trine Pluto and sextile Jupiter in that order. Mercury opposes Neptune on the 25th-26th, Mercury sextiles Saturn on the 27th, Mercury trines Pluto on the 28th and Mercury sextiles Jupiter on the 30th – 31st. The Sun opposes Neptune on the 26th – 27th, the Sun sextiles Saturn on the 29th – 30th, the Sun trines Pluto on the 1st of September and the Sun sextiles Jupiter on September 7th.

These energy configurations can create a level of confusion to begin with, or the ability to take time to devise a best practices approach for our visions and our abstract concepts. Even if we find ourselves confused to start, we are likely to find our way, develop a well-devised strategy that addresses both our present responsibilities but keeps aglow the spark of intentions for the future. We can then hone our practices, focus on the most essential qualities of our involvements and make enough space to allow further expansion and the embrace of prospects and possibilities.

This end of August – early September can be a most productive time.

We might feel the need to be sure of ourselves before we begin, but it would be wise to keep in mind that certainty during these times is an illusion. In truth and in today’s reality, things can shift and change in a nanosecond and without a moment’s notice. But once engaged, we can develop a means to accomplish our ends, all with the recognition of the need at any moment to adapt to changing conditions. These are exciting times in which we live, times that realize the old Chinese proverb, sometimes considered a curse: ‘May you live in interesting times.’

In deed we do.

August 2013… Hurrahs of Summer Before Getting Back on Track…