Monthly Archives: September, 2013

  • September 30th – October 6th, 2013

    This week asks us to keep on our toes, be able to shift and change as we look deep within ourselves, all the while being buffeted by changing circumstance.

  • September 23rd – 29th, 2013

    The first full week of autumn, this week can have us scurrying around, juggling various activities and preparing for various home projects and personal makeovers.

  • Autumn 2013

    This autumn seems a time of black swans a’swimming. Developed by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, black swan theory speaks to situations that arise unexpectedly and have a major impact on conditions and circumstances. Welcome to the new ‘normalcy’. Welcome to the autumn of 2013.

  • September 16th – 22nd, 2013

    We may be closing some doors, opening some new ones as we head through this week. But the process of completions and initiations may not be a smooth one. There can be some hiccups this week, as we continue to ride a roller coaster of ups and downs.

  • September 9th – 15th, 2013

    Impetuous actions to begin the week could have us scattering our energies and stretching beyond reasonable limits. We may feel confident about our prospects, even to the point of assuming that we can squeeze blood out of a stone. Any tendency to overreach this week could have things boomeranging back on us over the weekend.

  • September Travels

    This September I shall be traveling quite a bit. My schedule is: Sunday, September 8th – Wednesday, September 11th — PITTSBURGH, PA – Pittsburgh Area Colleges Tour Friday, September 13th – Wednesday, September 18th — STAMFORD, CT – Seeing clients for In-Person Astrology Sessions Thursday, September 19th – Tuesday, September 24th — TORONTO, ON – »more

  • September 2nd – 8th, 2013

    This week has us back on track with our regular, ‘normal’ routine. We might find comfort in retracing our steps and engaging those activities that are familiar to us, although sometimes all too familiar to us.