Visualize … Strategize… Actualize…

At some time in our lives, every one of us needs a coach, a person who can inspire us, motivate us and provide us with the ways to blueprint, develop and achieve our goals from an objective viewpoint.

For those who have already had an Initial Overview Session with me, I offer coaching sessions.

My coaching clients work with me on a regular and frequent basis to focus their energies, develop a course of action and share in objective critiques for their goals and plans.

One of my greatest joys is helping people realize their talents, reach for their dreams and achieve their success of self-fulfillment.

Working with coaching clients who have had an Initial Overview Session provides me with an understanding of their particular energy patterns — their strengths and their challenges.

With the recognition that timing is everything, I have the advantage over other coaching professionals of knowing the times that are most productive for my client, and times that may prove more difficult. This allows the client and me to formulate how best to work with the energies.

Coaching sessions help the client to:

providing the inspiration and motivation to move forward, with suggested ways and means to achieve goals

developing the most time efficient and productive means to realization

proceeding step-by-step with encouragement, support and objective critique along the way to the client’s intended goals
Frequency of Coaching:

I work with people on a biweekly or a monthly basis. If someone has a particular project that is time concentrated, a weekly basis is suggested. Biweekly or monthly coaching sessions allow the client time to put into action suggestions, ideas and adjustments discussed during the coaching session.

Format of Coaching:

Coaching sessions are half hour phone session.

Fee for Coaching:

Coaching sessions are $115.00 for the half hour.

Who can Benefit from Coaching:

Anyone who is determined to realize his or her goals, achieve success and arrive at self-fulfillment.

You, if you feel you can benefit from guidance, advice, support and encouragement in the journey toward realizing your goals.