Realize your potential and your strengths.
Discover latent talents and abilities.
Understand the areas of challenge and lessons you may need to learn.

Your astrological consultation with me will provide you with remarkable insight into your life. It will clarify your journey through life’s changing phases and the best ways to utilize your opportunities. I will discuss different times in your life that I feel to be significant for you — both in the past and in the future, and what I see going on for you in the present.

Alan Arkin
Dear Frank Don,
I must admit I went to you as a sceptic, thinking
that a reading would be an hours diversion and an entertainment.
After about twenty minutes you proved it to be otherwise. Very quickly
you tied in elements of my past that you could not possibly have
known about and helped me to see them as a pattern. This pattern
gave me a picture of myself that cleared up a couple of issues that
have baffled me for much of my life. And if that wasn’t enough, you
spoke of a future for me that was clearer and more specific than
my own vision for myself. Also you gave me the sense that where I
was heading was a good place to be. Much of what you have projected
has come to pass, including some things that could not possibly have
come to pass! I don’t know what you’re on to, but for God’s sake,
keep it up!Your fan;
Alan Arkin

There is no more valuable gift than the gift of self-discovery. If you are in search of understanding your life, of exploring your lessons and discovering your talents; there is no more precious a resource than a consultation with Frank Don.

I provide my consultations in person or on the phone. All sessions are recorded for the client.

I am available for In-Person Astrology Sessions at my office in North Palm Beach, Florida. In-Person Sessions are by appointment only and can be scheduled by calling me on 561.691.9228 or 831.392.5684 or by email at or through the contact page of this website. I am also often available when I am traveling.

In our fast-paced lives, time is of the essence, and phone sessions eliminate the travel time which could be as much as twice the time of the session itself, even being in the same town. In over thirty years of professional astrological consultation, I have found phone sessions to be as effective as in-person sessions.

Phone sessions are done by scheduled appointment, which can be set up by calling me on 561.691.9228 or 831.392.5684 or by email at or through the contact page this website.

At the time of our scheduled appointment, I call you.

For clients outside the US, I will call them at the scheduled appointment time for a nominal additional phone charge [e.g., United Kingdom – $7.00 an hour / $3.50 half an hour — Hong Kong – $10.00 an hour / $5.00 half an hour — France, Greece, Australia – $11.00 an hour / $5.50 half an hour]

My consultation services and fees include:

One hour consultation – $150.00
Half hour consultation – $100.00

[I heartily recommend the recording of the sessions. I find the recording to be a good reference regarding issues and situations I might be addressing for six months, a year or further in the future. People also tell me that they hear things on a second or third listening to the session recording that they did not hear during the session. The client is encouraged to tape the session. If you would like me to record the session and send the recording to you, I charge an additional $15.00 to cover the time, materials, handling and shipping of the recording]

** Initial Overview Session Deluxe Package – $245.00 **
This Package is designed for those who want the one hour initial consultation with the hand-drawn chart of their birth chart (the mandala of their life). The initial overview session package also includes the recording of the session at no additional cost. [NOTE: For those who do not want the hand-drawn birth chart or do not want me to record the session, the one hour consultation fee listed above applies].

** Relationship Session Deluxe Package – $425.00 **
This Package is designed for those who want the one hour initial consultation and to receive the birth charts of the two individuals, their composite chart and their synastry charts. The relationship session package also includes the recording of the session at no additional cost. [NOTE: For those who do not want the charts or for me to record the session, the one hour consultation fee listed above applies plus a time charge of $100.00 for the preparation of the various charts for a total of $250.00].

There are times when people have a brief question or two for clarification. These questions can often be answered without appointment.

Brief Questions – $20.00 per five minute increments [after 20 minutes the half hour consultation fee is applied, and after half an hour the hourly consultations fee is applied]

I am also taking questions by email. I answer the questions by email and charge for the amount of time that it takes to research and answer the question. Email questions need to be brief and the answers are succinct. The entire amount of time in addressing an email question usually takes 5-15 minutes, and the charge is the same as my brief question phone consultations [i.e. $20.00 / 5 minutes].

Chart Transcendent Sessions with Frank Don

For every person, there are times in their life experience when trauma, pain or the overwhelm of a particular situation fragments their soul and wounds their being.

Overwhelmed, the person may feel unable to cope with processing the emotion at the time of the incident. Often the pain lodges deeply into their being, in their subconscious, quietly and unconsciously impacting their future decisions, steering their choices based upon the aversion to re-creating pain.

Life does indeed wound us. It is part of living. Each of us must heal our selves.

For one to be whole again, that person must address the scars of living and heal the wounds in their life. Chart transcendent sessions do just that.

One of the gems of astrology is the ability to trace an individual’s life journey. Like tree rings in a tree, astrology provides a clear view to the cycles of a person’s life — times of abundance and good fortune, times of restriction and constraint.

From your astrological chart, in a chart transcendent session I can go to particular time frames, walk with you through significant experiences and help you feel the emotions associated with a specific experience. You can look at those significant times from the detached viewpoint of greater maturity. You can then integrate the fragmented parts of your being and retrieve the wholeness of your soul.

One of the gifts given me in my work in astrology is the joy of seeing someone become aware of energetic patterns that have been limiting and stultifying to their growth…

…A woman unable to conceive, although both partners in excellent medical health, who was able to trace a particular energy pattern and time as a child to the experience of her mother standing over her in the bathroom as she vomited her dinner and saying to her daughter: “If you get this ill over a meal, I would hate to ever see you get pregnant.”

…A man, repeatedly unable to grab the gold ring in his career,
remembering an experience as an adolescent at a time of a particular energy pattern when his parents refused to allow him to take part in his baseball league’s playoff games because it would interfere with the family’s vacation.

…A woman with remarkable communication skills yet unable to firmly present her ideas recalling times of being told to ‘be quiet’ by her parents who were absorbed in the evening news television broadcasts.
“Chart transcendent sessions allow us to shine the light on the dark recesses of your subconscious and reveal forgotten memories that block your growth, thwart your development and keep you from your life’s full potential.”

Chart transcendent sessions are $150.00 for the hour.