June 24th – 30th

The astrology for this week of June 24th through the 30th of 2024 takes the energy down a notch and provides opportunities to enjoy the ‘livin’ is easy’ of summertime.

The week begins with us feeling upbeat, looking forward to our future with confidence and optimism.  Our enthusiasm can be contagious, but we do need to avoid pushing the envelope or glossing over important matters.

The mid-week could be highly productive in making plans, developing a best practices approach, and concentrating on what we need to get done.

The weekend may be a pleasant one.  Either we’re likely to stay home, relax and luxuriate in the sanctuary of our environment.  Or we could be off on some grand adventure, spreading our wings, and figuratively soaring with the eagles.

Saturn turns retrograde this weekend for its four and a half months retrograde cycle when things can take longer than we might like, delays may be frustrating, and the need for us to maintain patience and persistence.

Monday, June 24th – Bound for Glory – Pluto, Jupiter, Mars.  Monday begins this week with the Moon in Aquarius and the Aquarius Moon conjunct Pluto in the early morning hours, the Moon trine Jupiter mid-morning, and the Moon square Mars in the evening hours.  We start this day with a thrust of energy and a determination to make our dreams come true.  We are likely feeling confident and upbeat with a sense that nothing today will go wrong, everything will go right.  Our optimism can be contagious, our conversations scintillating, and our friends supportive of every move we make.  Although enthusiasm and exuberance are to be encouraged, we need to avoid the belief that we can do ever more.  With everything seeming to be on greased wheels, rolling easily and quickly forward, the liability of taking on too much and in the process neglect significant details cannot be discounted.  This is a day to enjoy our feel-good attitude but not allow it to get us embroiled either in too many involvements or too intricate matters.

Tuesday, June 25th – Riding Along – Uranus, Moon Void-of-Course.  Tuesday is a day when we can be rolling along, singing a song, and enjoying ourselves.  The Moon continues its transit of Aquarius, but there is not a great deal of energy today.  Taking a leisurely lunch with that special person or a lengthy conversation to catch up with someone with whom we haven’t been in contact recently can be a fine use of today’s tranquil energy. The Moon does square Uranus late in the day, and then the Moon goes Void-of-Course for seven and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon completes its transit of Aquarius and before the Moon enters Pisces early on Wednesday morning.  Everything may seem to be smooth sailing until the evening when an unexpected situation could rock our boat.  Either we might have an unanticipated expense that we need to deal with, or our plans can be disrupted by an unforeseen event.  Let’s enjoy the day but have contingency plans in mind for the evening.  If we have plans to get together with someone, double check to confirm, or it just might not happen.

Wednesday, June 26th – Astute Thinking in Sanctuary – Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Saturn.  Wednesday has the Moon moving into Pisces where today the Moon trines two of the three Cancer-transiting planets as the Moon trines the Sun early in day and trines Venus late in the day and squares Jupiter in the early afternoon.  Mercury, also in Cancer, trines Saturn.  There is a great amount of Water energetically today, and we could easily be swayed by any shifting of our moods.  If we would keep our emotions in check, this can be a highly productive day for thinking things through, considering strategies to accomplish our goals, and focusing on truly meaningful projects.  If we could work at home today and avoid distractions, then our thinking could be as clear as a bell.  Even the most complex issues could be resolved in the most expeditious ways.  We just need the comfort of our familiar surroundings to operate at our optimum today.  Let’s have quiet time to reflect and consider all the essential details that comprise whatever project[s] we have taken on.

Thursday, June 27th – Listening to the Muse – Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Uranus.  Thursday continues with the Pisces Moon with the Moon today sextile Mars in the early morning hours, the Moon conjunct Saturn, the Moon trine Mercury, and the Moon sextile Uranus in the evening.  Similar to yesterday, this Thursday can be a highly effective day, a day when we can easily figure things out.  Our emotions might run high with swings between elation and disappointment.  It would be important for us to keep in mind our long-term goals and have nose to grindstone in doing whatever we choose to get done.  Wednesday and Thursday are two days when we can be highly attentive to our projects.  Monday and Tuesday this week were better for any social engagements, for Wednesday and Thursday is likely having us concentrating on what is right in front of us.  Although we might assume that we know the best method to achieve our results, let’s be open to intuitive nudges and ‘ah-ha’ moments that suggest alterations as we proceed.  Much can be accomplished on Wednesday and Thursday if we focus on what needs to be done and what we wish to realize.

Friday, June 28th – Clearing the Table – Neptune, Pluto, Sun, Jupiter.  Friday begins with the Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune.  The Moon then moves into Aries where today the Aries Moon sextiles Pluto in the early morning, the Moon squares the Sun later in the day, and the Moon sextiles Jupiter in the evening.  With the Moon ending one monthly cycle as it completes its transit through Pisces, the last Sign of the Zodiac wheel, and the Moon beginning a new monthly cycle as the Moon enters Aries, this Friday is a day to conclude certain matters before starting on new projects.  The more we can resolve outstanding situations, the better able we shall be to initiate projects without encumbrance.  Friday is a good day for us to look to our future, focus on those matters that truly speak to us, and spend time with good friends who encourage our endeavors.  We may have family obligations or home projects we need to address before we fully engage new involvements.  This is a day to clear the table in order to have the necessary space for our new trajectories.

Saturday, June 29th – Hurry Up and Wait – Venus, Mars, Mercury, Uranus, Saturn retrograde.  Saturday has the Aries Moon square Venus.  Venus sextiles Mars, and Mercury sextiles Uranus.  Saturn turns retrograde [3:07 PM EDT] for four and a half months.  Relationships may be fun events today with surprising incidents putting a smile on our face.  Today is a good day to purchase any accessories that would brighten up our home.  We might get some interesting news or determine more effective ways to get things done.  We are entering a period when things can take longer than we would like thanks to Saturn turning retrograde.  There is an axiom in the entertainment industry: “hurry up and wait.”  That sentiment may also be our experience during Saturn retrograde.  We shall need to maintain patience and hopefully stay calm.  While things might not unfold the way we want them to, the paradigm shift suggests that things may develop in the most unexpected ways, in a most magical manner.  We just need to stay out of our own way, keep aware of the signals shown to us, and be open to shifting and changing as circumstances warrant.

Sunday, June 30th – Putting on the Brakes – Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto.  Sunday begins with the Aries Moon square Mercury.  The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for seven hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon completes its transit of Aries and before the Moon enters Taurus where today the Taurus Moon squares Pluto.  We may be feeling the effects of the Saturn retrograde, as our energy today could feel like we’re hitting the wall.  We might not have the same thrust of energy that we could have felt towards the latter part of the week.  This Sunday can prove to be a ‘go slow’ day, so let’s not push ourselves.  Any forcing of matters today is liable to be blocked or could suffer nasty pushbacks.  We might be adamant about what we want, but conditions may have other intentions.  This is a day for us not to force anything since it would be far more important for us to be adept at start and stop and allow ourselves some braking actions.  By taking our time, we can fine tune and adjust our course of action so that we could be more effective with less expenditure of energy.