July 2013

This month of July seems bookended with highly intense energies at the start of the month and to close out the month. Despite the furor and frenzy at the beginning and ending of the month, much of July can be quite pleasant with family get-togethers, home projects and times to step off the track and enjoy summertime activities.

Much of the month, until the 20th, has us dealing with the Mercury retrograde. No matter how much we may wish to push forward with new projects and new endeavors, we may experience a pushback from past situations and past commitments. Issues once thought resolved can fly up and demand a re-evaluation and reworking.

The first week of July could prove a little vexing. Venus squares Saturn on the 1st of July. The Sun transiting Cancer triggers the Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Sun opposed Pluto on the 1st and the Sun square Uranus on the 3rd-4th. We may feel out of sorts, have a chip on our shoulder, with an attitude that nothing is right in our world. This is a time when we might bump into people from our past that force us to look at who we were before the morphing and the shapeshifting that all of us have been through over the past five – ten years. While we could be uncomfortable in our own skin, we do need to avoid impetuous actions and impulsive moves that seek some relief from our feelings of discontent. Unexpected situations can arise, and delays could prove frustrating. This is a time to take a deep breath, count to ten and prevent ourselves from any knee-jerk reactions.

The 7th – 8th of July has Venus trine Uranus and Saturn ending its almost five month retrograde cycle as Saturn turns direct. Serendipitous connections with interesting people who may be more akin to our new sense of our selves can make us aware of new possibilities and alternatives to the way we have been doing things. Keeping in mind the Mercury retrograde, we are moving into a greater period when we can be highly functional, resourceful in utilizing our abilities, our talents and what we have available to ourselves.

Followed by the New Moon in Cancer on the 8th of July, this thrust of energy now can have us focusing on repairing and renovating our living spaces, attending to family matters that might have gotten out of hand, and allowing us to make amends for past indiscretions. There are times when we need to go back in order to move forward. And this early part of July could prove such a time and space.

On the 13th of July, Mars exits Gemini to enter Cancer reinforcing the Stellium of three or more planets in the Cardinal Water Sign as Mars joins the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Cancer. Water, water everywhere but nary a drop to drink. Questions of pollution can give rise to greater concern about what we as humankind have done to our home, the earth.

The mid-part of July has Uranus turning retrograde on the 17th and Mercury turning direct on the 20th. Jupiter triggers the Water Sign Grand Trine on the 17th, as Jupiter trines Saturn and Jupiter trines Neptune. This Water Grand Trine is reinforced by Saturn trine Neptune exact on the 19th. This period can be a time when the housing and construction markets seem to be heating up as a result of re-constructions from nature’s devastations, greater investment in the realty market, and a desire for individuals to create the security and sanctuary of having their own homes. Even those who already have their own dwelling space may use this time to plan or engage renovation or redecoration to reflect their changing sentiments and changes in their intended lifestyle.

On the 22nd of July, the Sun moves into Leo, Venus moves into Virgo, Mars conjuncts Jupiter and we have the Aquarius Full Moon. Each of us may find ourselves getting a second wind, being more self-focused and self-indulgent and highly critical of those around us and the circumstances operating in our world. These feelings and dispositions are a good set-up for a blowout, and a blowout could occur towards the end of July.

From the 26th through the 31st, we have some highly intense energies operating. Venus opposes Neptune on the 26th and Venus sextiles Saturn, followed on the 28th by Venus sextile Jupiter and Venus trine Pluto on the 30th. If we have been stung by the ‘fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me’ scenario, we could become quite resentful. We might cut some names from our contact list and seek support from long-time adherents and people we know that we can rely on. This latter part of July can have us very discriminating and discerning regarding with whom we wish to engage and have in our social circle. Friends and connections will have to provide special meaning to us, for we are not interested in superfluous connections or shallow interactions.

At the same time, the Sun squares Saturn on the 27th and Mars triggers the T-Square with the Cancer-transiting Mars opposed Pluto on the 27th and Mars square Uranus on the 31st – 1st of August. Feeling boxed in or thwarted by situations, this is a time when all hell could break loose. We may be reacting to situations, even unintended slights and hurts. But our response may be a little over the top with a sentiment of ‘take no prisoners’. Impulsive and impetuous actions could prove disastrous. We may be accident-prone at this time and liable to wreak havoc. Even on a geopolitical level, this period can be anxiety-provoking with saber-rattling and ill-considered actions. It’s getting hot, and the heat is not just the weather!

This July is bookended by two intense and bombastic energy configurations. Between the beginning and the ending of July, we can enjoy some pleasant interludes with family and friends, vacations or staycations, and fully enjoying summertime activities.

Life has become a roller coaster with its ups and downs, and this July can offer full witness to the extremes in living in the twenty-first century.

July 2013… burnt and crispy on the edges, fluffy and comfortable on the inside…