April 1st – 7th, 2024

The astrology for this week of April 1st through the 7th of 2024 gives us the second of this year’s three Mercury retrogrades and puts us back under the influence of Murphy’s Law of ‘whatever can go wrong could go wrong’.

This week begins the month of April and the three-week Mercury retrograde.  Many of our most endearing projects may seem less in our control and more impacted by the vagaries of these times.

Much of the week can have us in holiday mode as we move towards Easter Sunday.  Some people are on holiday this week, others looking to get involved in springtime activities as indications of warming temperatures might be felt.

Mid-week can be all fun and games with a bent towards the proverbial April love.  People may be feeling the springtime impulse of love, romance, and the passion of new beginnings.  We could easily be infatuated with someone and see only the idyllic in the possible connection.

It’s all well and good to cavort on Mount Olympus, but at some point, we might have to come back down from the mountain of love.

We do need to avoid narcissistic tendencies especially with both Mercury retrograding back through Aries and Venus exiting Pisces on Friday to enter Aries, a Sign of Detriment for Venus.  Venus triggers a Cardinal Fire Stellium as Venus joins the Sun and Mercury in Aries.

Much of this month of April may have us focusing largely on self. Enough with the ‘what about me’ of our entitlement society, although we are liable to witness various examples of it play out throughout the month.

The weekend can be largely pleasant, a time for reveries, walks in nature, and consideration of all the myriad possibilities for our engagement.  It would be wise to enjoy the weekend, even amidst all the frenzy of anxiety as we await the Solar Eclipse on Monday the 8th.  Ah, yes, ratcheting up fear and agitation seem back in vogue, especially from those who play the victim card, but other people could engage the sentiments in the classic R.E.M. song: “It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.”

Monday, April 1st – Who Play the Fool – Mars, Sun, Mercury retrograde.  Monday has the Moon moving into Capricorn where today the Capricorn Moon sextiles Mars and the Moon squares the Sun.  Mercury turns retrograde [6:14 PM EDT] for its three-week retrograde cycle through Aries until Mercury turns direct on the 25th.  It’s April Fool’s Day, a day for practical jokes, although recently it may have seemed as if practical jokes were a common occurrence.  Although we could be determined to start the week in an effective and productive manner, we might encounter obstacles and delays and some rather confusing situations.  This is a day for us to proceed cautiously, not get carried away with ourselves, and have contingency plans in mind.  We might need a good deal of patience today with the recognition that smooth sailing is never likely over storm-tossed seas.  Although we could be feeling a dose of ‘spring fever’ and wanting to get on with things, impatience might only add to our consternation.  Whenever Mercury turns retrograde, things can become quite convoluted, certainly until we get the sense of the retrograde cycle.  This retrograde can knock the wind out of our sails as Mercury retrogrades back through Aries.  It may be springtime with the insistence of rebirth and new beginnings, but it is suggested we go slow, take time to evaluate our course of action, and avoid impulse purchases or significant decisions.

Tuesday, April 2nd – Better Ways – Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus.  Tuesday has the Capricorn Moon sextile Saturn and the Moon trine both Jupiter and Uranus both in Taurus.  Although yesterday might have had us experiencing twists and turns with things either taking longer or not taking at all, this Tuesday allows us to get our rhythm and pace and could prove a highly effective day to get things done.  The key to this day is proper planning, devising our best practices approach to accomplish what we wish to achieve.  It would be wise to add on extra time due to the Mercury retrograde influence but also to be receptive to unexpected and streamlined ways by which we can accomplish what we set out to do.  By combining a well-devised strategy, being flexible and adaptable to changing circumstance, and being open to altered ways of doing things, we can get a lot done on this Tuesday.  We just need to be open to receive.  This is a day that might affirm for us the truth to the concept that ‘god and the higher forces have far better plans for us than we could imagine for ourselves.’  The paradigm shift, which we are all experiencing as we transition from the fourth dimension of linear reality with its space-time coordinates into the fifth dimension of asequential reality where past, present and future are all NOW, opens the door to mini-miracles and magical experiences.  Let’s be responsive to better ways.  A major factor during this Mercury retrograde, and during these times, is letting go of our self-importance and our belief in absolute control over conditions, as if we ever had any, and instead ‘letting go, letting god.’

Wednesday, April 3rd – Life Could Be a Dream – Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto.  Wednesday has the Moon completing its transit of Capricorn in the early morning hours with the Capricorn Moon square Mercury and the Moon sextile both Venus and Neptune both in Pisces.  The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for three and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Capricorn and before the Moon enters Aquarius where today the Aquarius Moon conjuncts Pluto.  Venus conjuncts Neptune.  This Wednesday can be one highly emotional and loving kind of day.  We could see the best, even the idyllic, in someone.  Of course, we need to focus on the positive attributes to see their positive qualities.  While we might be enamored with the characteristics of someone, we may also see their flaws and blemishes.  This is a day when relationships can be nurturing, but only if we don’t hold too high our expectations of them.  Like life itself, we can view the situation as a dream or a nightmare. Our choice.  This would be a good day for social engagements, getting together with friends and acquaintances.  Apart from holding the bar too high in our judgments of other people, we need to keep in mind that relationships are intended to be collaborative with a healthy give and take and not solely about what the other person can do for us.  Discussions might shed light on prospects, potentials of involvements that we may not have given thought to.

Thursday, April 4th – Scaling Back – Sun, Jupiter, Uranus.  The Moon continues its transit of Aquarius on this Thursday with the Aquarius Moon sextile the Sun and the Moon square both Jupiter and Uranus both in Taurus.  Lofty thoughts and encouragements yesterday could have us feeling that nothing is too much for us on this Thursday.  We might be concentrating more on our plans than our responsibilities.  We are forward looking and impelled to put our mark on our personal world.  We need to avoid getting too full of ourselves or getting ahead of ourselves.  This is a day when we are liable to overdo, spend too much, and have great expectations for our various possibilities.  Even if our resources are limited, we might feel entitled to charge our engagements to our credit cards or anticipate that someone will bail us out if need be.  Today calls for scaling back, taking things slowly and not racing forward impetuously.  No good comes from rash, intemperate actions.  We may be in an expansionary mood with a visionary notion, but practical reality is called for to temper our exuberance and enthusiasm.  Expansion sometimes necessitates contraction to find the right balance, and today could prove to be one of those days to scale back.

Friday, April 5th – It’s about Me – Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course, Venus Aries.  Friday begins with the Aquarius Moon sextile Mercury.  The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for five and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon completes its transit of Aquarius and before the Moon enters Pisces where today the Pisces Moon makes no connections to the planets.  Venus exits Pisces to enter Aries [12:00 AM EDT].  Venus is in Exaltation in Pisces, in Detriment in Aries.  Coming into Aries, Venus triggers a Stellium in the Cardinal Fire Sign as Venus joins the Sun and Mercury in Aries.  Increasingly, much of our interest will be about ourselves.  There is a tendency, more often a liability, for people to think about themselves in relation to other people rather than engaging a collaborative effort and win – win scenarios.  This is a day for us not to get too self-absorbed but to pay attention with what’s going on with other people, which may be hard to come by with everyone tending to look out only for themselves.  People could get a little more narcissistic, and consequently some relationships might be skating on thin ice.  With a Stellium in Aries and another in Pisces, the first three weeks of this month can have us experiencing a certain manic – depressive characteristic and the volatility of these times.  Oh, joy!

Saturday, April 6th – Moody River Before Lightening Up – Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Venus, Pluto.  Saturday has the Pisces Moon conjunct Mars to begin the day, followed by Moon conjunct Saturn.  Later in the day, the Moon sextiles both Jupiter and Uranus both in Taurus.   Venus sextiles Pluto.  Those people who tied one on Friday night could be suffering a nasty hangover Saturday morning.  Whether we imbibed or not, this Saturday could be slow starting.  Some people may start the day in a bit of a funk.  It would be wise to shake off any moodiness by the afternoon hours since things can bright up as the day proceeds.  If we are looking to fix up our home, we could find some interesting bargains and accessories that lighten up our environment.  In conversations we might find a strong advocate for our endeavors.  Exciting developments may put a smile on our face later in the day.  We do not have to get stuck in the mud, even if our early morning found us in murky waters.  The energy shifts dramatically, and we could be quite surprised as to how this day turns out.  Let’s keep in mind that during this paradigm shift in which we find ourselves things can change suddenly and dramatically with hardly a notice beforehand.

Sunday, April 7th – Up and Running – Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto, Venus.  Sunday begins with the Moon finishing its transit of Pisces with the Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune.  The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for three hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Pisces and before the Moon enters Aries.  The Aries Moon today sextiles Pluto and the Moon conjuncts Venus.  Friday night and Saturday night and early Sunday could have us feeling that we drank too much, ate too much, and indulged… too much.  This weekend could have us in excess and possibly to salve our feelings.  If things are not going our way, we all have the liability of medicating our pain and suffering.  Fortunately, much of our waking hours yesterday and today can be spent in a more productive and uplifted manner.  The entry of the Moon into Aries begins a new monthly cycle through the Zodiac and accentuates both our individuality and our desire to carve our own path and do our own thing.  Today we could find that we have support for whatever we are doing or planning to do.  Someone can help us clarify our intentions and encourage us to go for the gold.  Although we are largely interested in our own personal concerns, a powerful advocate might impel us to move forward, get our moods under control, and focus on how we want our future to be.