The Prince Known as George Alexander Louis [G.A.L.]

Last month, on July 22nd, Prince William and his wife, the former Kate Middleton, had their first born, a son whom they named George Alexander Louis. The young prince was born with an incredibly powerful chart.

The young prince was born at the time of the Full Moon, a Super Moon, and on the 22nd, which in numerology is considered the Master Builder. The young prince has the Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Uranus Pluto square in operation during this time triggered by the planets in Cancer. He has a Stellium in Cancer with four of his planets in the Cardinal Water Sign. He has a Grand Trine in the Water Element with six of his planets in Water Signs. His ascendant is a Water Sign, Scorpio, a placement often indicative of an old soul, an incarnating individual who has been around the block a few times.

The Sun is in Cancer, although right on the cusp of Leo, with his Sun in the very last minute of the very last degree of Cancer. The Sun is representative of the Father figure, the Male energy, and the young prince’s father, Prince William, is a Cancer with a New Moon in Cancer at the time of his birth.

The young prince’s Moon is in Capricorn, also in the latter degrees of the Sign and consequently his Moon is on the cusp of Capricorn Aquarius. The Moon is representative of the Mother Figure, the Female Energy, and the young prince’s mother, the former Kate Middleton, is a Capricorn with a Full Moon in Cancer at the time of her birth.

The young prince is likely to be quite an extraordinary individual, very much interested in the care and nurture of people, family, home and the earth. He is likely to be highly sensitive, intuitive and visionary. Not only can the young prince have a strong feeling nature. There is a quality of spirit in action. This is someone who will be very much a leader, likely to be guided by foresight but with a focused intent and a resourcefulness to effect change for the good of all.

Karmically, he is likely to have been in positions of power in previous incarnations and may have suffered at the hands of close intimates and even family members. In this life experience and this go-round, his lesson, test and challenge will be not to suffer fools gladly and to be wary of intrigues from close associates and family members.

Not only by reason of the position in which he is born but the power of his astrological imprint and personality, this is someone who can be a guiding spirit, a wise and trusted leader.

While we all have the chance to reach for our optimum, we also have the liability of falling from grace and failing to achieve the fulfillment of our talents. Should the young prince be distracted and diverted from his opportunities, he could fall prey to escapist tendencies and bad company. He can either stand as a grand leader, caring and inspirational and an advocate for effective transformational change or he could fall into a self-effacing reclusiveness done in by those he loves, cares for and trusts.

Two significant timeframes in his young life appear to be when he is about five years old and when he is about twelve-thirteen years old.

The former period, around five years old, could prove difficult, for it comes at the time that his progressed Sun squares his natal Saturn. Something may occur to Archetypal Male Energy, the grandfather or the father, and it does appear in the young prince’s chart as though the mother will prove the dominant parent. This is a time when the young prince may question his worth, go through certain self-esteem issues and might feel the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’.

The second age, when he is about twelve-thirteen, also a time when young children move away from the overarching influence of their parents and more into their personal independence, is a period when the young prince’s progressed Sun trines his natal Uranus. He may emphasize his individuality, seek to express a true uniqueness of character, and really begin to stand out. Breaching from tradition, he can shine regally through the expression of his innovative ideas and avant-garde suggestions.

The chart of George Alexander Louis is a truly powerful one. He will be on the world’s stage, and it will be particularly interesting to watch the ups and downs of a stellar individual.