July 1st – 7th, 2024

The astrology for this week of July 1st through the 7th of 2024 gives us license to enjoy summertime activities and recreational pursuits.

In the US, we’re celebrating the 4th of July, Independence Day, and some people may choose not only to take the day off but possibly the entire week.  Whether we are traveling this week or planning for a vacation later in the summer, our intuitive sense can be strong, and we could be guided to the perfect place for our get-away.

Let’s engage good times with good friends but avoid contentious discussions mid-week.  Everyone seems to have been on edge recently, and is it any wonder?  People are stressed by any number of issues confronting them. 

This week is a week to let off steam, leave our troubles behind, and just enjoy ourselves.  We might be more interested in going from one thing to another, sampling this and then that, rather than any concentrated focus.

The Cancer New Moon on Friday kicks off a two-week period when we can spend time with family and friends, take care of home matters, and engage in fun diversions from our regular routine.  We’re at the height of summer, and it would be wise for us to take advantage of it by relaxing, recharging and reinvigorating.

Monday, July 1st – Finishing Touches – Sun, Mars, Venus, Saturn.  Monday begins this week with the Moon in Taurus and the Taurus Moon today sextile the Sun, the Moon conjunct Mars, the Moon sextile Venus, and the Moon sextile Saturn.  This Monday can be a day when we put finishing touches to any personal makeover, purchase items that will spruce up our home, or deal with issues that we want to conclude so that they won’t get in our way of holiday good times.  Perhaps not an overly exciting day but a day that gives us the impetus to address details and specifics, whether we are at home, working, or on the road of vacation travel.  We could accomplish a great deal today, for we are aware of what we need to get done and need to get out of our way.  Concentrated effort may give way to enjoyable play.

Tuesday, July 2nd – Flip the Switch – Uranus, Neptune, Mercury, Pluto, Venus, Saturn, Neptune retrograde, Mercury Leo.  Tuesday may seem like a paradoxical day.  We begin the day with the Moon finishing its transit of Taurus with the Taurus Moon conjunct Uranus, and the Moon sextile Neptune.  The Moon then moves into Gemini where today the Gemini Moon sextiles Mercury and the Moon trines Pluto.  Completing its transit of Cancer, Mercury trines Neptune.  Venus trines Saturn.  Neptune turns retrograde [6:40 AM EDT], and Mercury enters Leo [8:50 AM EDT] with Mercury’s exit of Cancer ending the Stellium in the Cardinal Water Sign.  As we have experienced over recent weeks, the three transcendental planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all engaged today.  This day is suited for completing outstanding matters and establishing a solid template to move forward early in the day, and then flipping the switch and concentrating on something of a free-for-all of engaging any number of activities and involvements.  We may be focused earlier in the day, far more interested in variety as the day unfolds.  Any reticence we might have shown over the past two weeks could give way to our finding our voice and expressing our personal wants.  Like any shift in energy, it would be wise for us to temper the impetus to go full throttle.  It’s always a good thing to start off slow, fine tune our approach, and be solid in our expression and presentation.

Wednesday, July 3rd – Over the Cliff – Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Pluto.  Wednesday continues with the Gemini Moon with the Moon conjunct Jupiter early in the day, and the Moon square Saturn in the evening.  Mercury opposes Pluto.  We can be feeling our oats as we start this Wednesday, optimistic, enthusiastic, confident, and self-engaged.  We might have the sense that we have gotten something of a second wind, found our voice and want to express our ideas and our creativity.  Such an attitude is all well and good, but like a metronome we need to be wary of wild swings, mood swings between elation and despair, attitudes we could engage on this Wednesday with the elation early in the day, the despair as we close out the day.  Conversations may be the trigger to our emotional whipsaws with a liability of people one-upping each other by pontificating their opinions and assuming other people will accept what we have to say.  Discussions could become contentious, devolve into arguments with collateral damage to our relationships.  This is day for us to be receptive listeners as well as outspoken analysts.  As the lyric from the classic Buffalo Springfield song For What It’s Worth reminds us: “Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong.”   If we push our opinion to the max, we could find ourselves going over the cliff and winding up saddened and depressed at the end of the day.  During these times of paradigm shift with the extreme volatility it’s important that we modulate our attitudes, our behavior, and our expressions.  Why injure our relations by enforcing our viewpoint when the end result could be shooting ourselves in the foot?  This Wednesday suggests we tone things down and avoid major disagreements.  Everyone needs to play nice.

Thursday, July 4th – Free from What – Neptune.  Thursday has the Gemini Moon square Neptune.  The Moon then moves into Cancer where the Cancer Moon makes no connections to the planets today.  We are on the ‘dark side’ of the Moon prior to tomorrow’s New Moon.  This is Independence Day in the US, a major national holiday and a day that might have extended the holiday to a holiday week from last weekend through this weekend.  Although the day celebrates freedom from oppression with the breakaway of the US colonies from Great Britain, few of us reflect upon the significance of this day or the meaning for us in present day with the question as to how free we are from ordained compliance.  Let’s take a few moments to consider where we want to go in the future and how we can create a more autonomous future for ourselves.  We don’t have to rage against the machine, feel beholden to the man, but we do need to visualize the limitless possibilities that could await us.  We gotta believe.  We might have several activities in which we wish to participate today, but it would be wise for us to avoid indulgence to excess.  People may want to have a good time today but tempering our actions can prevent accidents by overdoing.  As the day progresses, the latter part of the day could have us involved with family get-togethers and enjoying barbecues and fireworks.  Happy Fourth of July!

Friday, July 5th – Restructuring – Cancer New Moon, Sun, Mars, Saturn.  Friday has the Cancer New Moon when the Moon conjuncts the Sun [6:57 PM EDT].  Mars sextiles Saturn.  The Cardinal New Moon truly kicks off the season, in this case the summer season.  Impacting the next two weeks, this New Moon suggests we get our house in order.  Whether we stay at home and do so physically or we are off traveling and do so mentally, we have the opportunity of doing a strong inventory taking of our lives, consider what works for us and what we might need to be rid of, and create a strategic plan on which to build our future, achieve our goals and realize our dreams.  We have both the determination and the foresight to see what truly works for us and what we need to leave behind.  Even though summer is a time of relaxation and reinvigoration, it is also a time when we can regroup, take a hiatus from our everyday world, and determine how we may choose to reenter our routine life but with an altered approach, perhaps a varied trajectory, and with a resolve to brighter days through better ways.

Saturday, July 6th – Nothing in Half Measure – Saturn, Mars, Venus, Uranus, Neptune.  Saturday continues with the Cancer Moon with the Moon trine Saturn to begin the day, and the Moon trine Neptune to end the day.  Between the two, the Moon sextiles Mars, the Moon conjuncts Venus, and the Moon sextiles Uranus.  It would be wise for us to kick off the day by strategically planning all that we wish to achieve on this Saturday, for once in gear we could go into overdrive.  Nothing today is likely done in half measure.  On the contrary, we can be all in with whatever we choose to engage.  Much of our attention may revolve around home and family.  Even if we are traveling, we might consider purchases to brighten our home and spend more family time than when we are home.  This is a primo day to successfully accomplish our pursuits.  Although it would be wise to have a game plan for this day, we also need space to incorporate possible alterations and unexpected developments.  We can start the day with plan in mind, but late in the day circumstances could shift whereby adjusting our plans may then allow us to engage surprising and exciting incidents.    

Sunday, July 7th – Off on a Wrong Foot – Pluto, Mercury, Jupiter.  At the very end of Saturday, the Moon exited Cancer and entered Leo.  Today, the Leo Moon opposes Pluto to begin the day, and later in the day the Moon conjuncts Mercury and the Moon sextiles Jupiter.  When we are in full throttle and adrenaline driven, as we may have been yesterday, it’s hard to switch gears and tone things down.  And that could be a problem as we start this Sunday.  We may be so gung-ho regarding what we want to do to the point of being totally self-absorbed that we could do some toe stomping on other people’s feet.  If we are traveling to close out the Independence Day holiday week, we might encounter delays and frustrations as we make our way forward.  The beginning of this day calls for patience and humility.  Any blockages early in the day could give way to a far better late afternoon and evening.  Impediments give way, and we may discover smoother sailing and a more optimistic, upbeat attitude.  Even if we get off on the wrong foot today, we don’t have to continue the wrong footing throughout the day.  The late afternoon, evening hours can be pleasant with our engagement in fun activities and good times with good friends.