Summer 2024

The summer season officially begins with the Summer Solstice on June 20th as the Sun exits Gemini and enters the Cardinal Water Sign of Cancer [4:51 PM EDT].

We are at the longest day of daylight in the northern latitudes.  From here, the daylight diminishes until we come to the Winter Solstice in December.

For now, we can bask in the warmth of the Sun.

We start the summer season with a Stellium in Cancer as the Sun joins Mercury and Venus in the Cardinal Water Sign.  The Moon triggers by Sign a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Sagittarius Moon by Sign in opposition to Jupiter, and the Moon by Sign square both Saturn and Neptune both in Pisces.  Neptune is transiting the last degree of Pisces, only six minutes away from exiting Pisces to enter Aries, which Neptune will do next year.

With a thrust of energy from the brilliance of the sun, we might choose to spread our wings, travel this summer, and expand our involvements with little concern for the costs involved.  We are liable to want what we want, feel deserving of having our desires realized but with little regard to the implications of our actions.

Shortly after the Solstice on the 20th, we have the Capricorn Full Moon when the Moon opposes the Sun [9:08 PM EDT] on the 21st, the same day that Mercury sextiles Mars.

This is a time when we could determine the balance and the integration of our personal world with our involvement in the world-at-large.  Taking time to realign our foundation with home projects and purchases of necessary items for us to be more effective with less expenditure of energy would solidify our next steps forward under the light of the sun.

From establishing alterations to our base of operations, we can devise a streamlined and best practices approach to accomplish in the days ahead our goals and the realization of our ambitions.

Mercury trines Saturn on the 26th of June, and we are likely adept at whittling down any excesses in our engagements.  Our mind is sharp, even forensic-like, with an ability to strip away the non-essentials and concentrate on the truly significant.  This would be a good time for us to lay down the template we wish to draw upon in achieving our goals and realizing our ambitions.  Our thoughts are serious, and we are looking to achieve strong foundation stones.  Now is a time for us to build upon rock rather than upon sand.

The 29th of June has Venus sextile Mars and Saturn turning retrograde [3:07 PM EDT] for its four and a half months retrograde cycle.  Relationships can be more harmonious with an emphasis upon those people with whom we connect on a deep level.  No confusing acquaintanceship with friendship.  We are interested solely in those tried-and-true people for our life.

Saturn turning retrograde may slow things down with various matters taking longer than we might like.  Delays and frustrations are possible, but we can be more accepting of the lengthening process if we recognize it as providing braking actions where we can tweak and fine tune our efforts.

We end June reconfiguring our future plans and realigning our personal interests as we focus on what is essential for our journey forward and concentrate on what provides real purpose to our lives.

We come into July wanting to create a suspension bridge from our past into our future, taking things slat by slat, while we rely upon past experiences without being curtailed by who we were then.

Early July may have us engaged with family members, reunions, and reconnections with old friends.  It’s summer, and we want to fully engage summertime fun activities.

We do need to be careful around water.  The currents may be ripping, the summer rains pounding down, and nature at its most aggressive.

The 2nd of July has Neptune turning retrograde at the last four minutes of Pisces.  We may have recently felt the cusp influence of Neptune at the end of Pisces with a sense of Aries influence, the Sign which Neptune will enter in 2025.  For now, Neptune retraces its last three degrees of Pisces before turning direct at the end of the first week of December.

Mercury trines Neptune on the 2nd just before Mercury exits Cancer to enter Leo [8:50 AM EDT], and Venus trines Saturn.  Our intuitive sense may be strong, but our intention might be more geared for good times with old friends than utilizing the understanding of larger issues. 

This first week of July in the US can be fun and games as we take time from our regular routine to enjoy the celebrations associated with the 4th of July.

Although we could be energized by the intensity of summertime, we need to avoid grandstanding or getting stuck in our own opinion, as may occur on the 3rd of July when Mercury opposes Pluto. Discussions might get heated with people pontificating their understanding of issues, often based on too little information, too much personal bias.

The Cancer New Moon on the 5th of July when the Sun conjuncts the Moon [6:57 PM EDT] and with a Mars Saturn sextile highlights the next two weeks with a structured clear up and clean out.  Ridding ourselves of the extraneous allows us to be more effective and more focused whether we are staying around our home base or traveling.  We can be highly functional over the next two weeks, all the while that we are clever with our finances and our expenditures.

The 8th of July might provide some serendipitous encounters that give us an uplift with a feeling that all is right in our personal world.  Venus sextiles Uranus, and Mercury sextiles Jupiter.  We need to be open to the unexpected and engage an attitude of awe and wonder.  Our disposition goes a long way towards our circumstance.

July 10th has the Sun trine Saturn.  We can take a serious look at our structures and our methodologies.  This is a time when we can hone our technique and work smarter rather than harder.  Drawing upon our experience and our developed expertise would allow us to strip away the irrelevant or time consuming so that we can be more effective and more productive.

Venus trines Neptune on the 11th of July, just before Venus exits Cancer to enter Leo [12:19 PM EDT].  Relationships with family members and close friends could seem close to idyllic and even karmic, as if we had done this dance in lifetimes before.  Creating a sanctuary for ourselves both in our social relations and our home base can provide the support and nurture for us to move towards expressing our creative self.  Summer fun is calling, and we are likely less reticent to give voice to our personal expressions and more ready to stand in our light and share our light.  Optimism, enthusiasm, and self-confidence are contagious, and the people around us might sense our better appreciation of our personal self.

The question of balance is a challenging one and especially during these volatile times of the paradigm shift.  If we have found our voice and outlets for our creative expression, not everyone may applaud or encourage our transformation. 

While the 11th might have had our relationships close to ideal, the 12th with Venus opposing Pluto could bring out a naysayer[s] who would prefer to rain on our parade rather than advocate for our now found sense of empowerment. 

The divide in our society is not merely a partisan political one.  The division is also an age-old one of those who see the half glass of water as half full and those who see it as half empty. Negativity is a drain, but there are those committed to seeing everything wrong in the world and expect other people to see life the same way.  As the saying goes: “misery loves company”, but I always suggest an addendum: “just don’t make it your company.”

Whatever the radical metronome swings in our relationships on the 11th – 12th of this month of July, extreme changes could occur on the 15th when Mars conjuncts Uranus.  This energy may prove too hot to handle, and we need to be wary of impetuous actions and sudden unexpected developments.  There can be indications of liable structural problems both with society’s institutions and natural phenomena. 

Mid-July suggests we be extremely cautious in whatever we decide or choose to do with a recognition that the conditions of one day may significantly alter the next day.  Major shakeups are liable to happen, often a prelude to what might occur as we end August and come into September.

Although we may not like the metronome movements of these times with its roller coaster effects of extreme ups and downs, the volatility of these times of paradigm shift provides a dynamic where things, and ourselves, can change radically and suddenly.

Our trajectories of several years ago may be quite different from where we are headed now.  Conformity and reliance on the ‘tried and true’ may have been tried, no longer true.

The more we listen, even heed indications given to us, the more we shall embrace our individuality, our power, and choose to go our own way.  This impetus to better engage our personal journey is encouraged by the Sun sextile Uranus on the 18th of July. 

Increasingly during this paradigm shift, we may become aware that the universe with its serendipity and synchronicity is leading the way.  We might realize that we are no longer in control, no longer the sole arbiters, of our life’s direction [as if we ever were].  On the contrary, we are being asked to accept our role as co-creators with the universal unfolding of our life’s journey.

We are living during ‘interesting times’ as the Chinese proverb, some would call a curse, states.  

The 18th of July is also the last day of the Republican National Convention when the Republican Presidential nominee accepts their party’s nomination.  I wonder what surprising development might arise with the Sun Uranus sextile at play.

As an aside, I have written it before, shall write it again.  The Vice-Presidential candidates are the ones to fully consider and determine your selection when voting in the upcoming US Presidential election.  In the incoming US Administration’s chart there is a Sun Pluto conjunction opposed by Mars, not a great augury for the President, as adverse aspects of Mars Pluto threaten acts of violence.

Coming off the various aspects during the week, the weekend of July 20th – 21st has a crescendo of various energy configurations.

The 20th has Mars sextile Neptune and would allow us to draw upon finesse by combining both our foresight of what could be with a persistent determination to provide the appropriate structure for what we are looking to achieve.  Following the Mars sextile Neptune aspect, Mars exits Taurus to enter Gemini [4:43 PM EDT].  We might seek to be here, there, and everywhere with a likelihood of quick alighting on one thing before taking off in search of another.

The Capricorn Full Moon on the 21st when the Sun opposes the Moon [6:17 AM EDT] is right on the cusp with the Sun about to enter Leo on the 22nd and the Moon entering Aquarius shortly after the Full Moon on the 21st.  Venus sextiles Jupiter, Mercury squares Uranus, the Sun trines Neptune, and Mars trines Pluto. 

There is a great deal of energy with this Full Moon on the 21st.  The two ‘good guys’ of the planetary realm, Venus and Jupiter, are in harmonious connection.  Mars and its higher octave of Pluto are connected giving greater force to whatever we do.  And one of my least favorite aspects, the Mercury Uranus square, is in play. 

We need to maintain a handle around this Full Moon.  While the will is there to proceed assertively forward, we need to pay attention to any curveballs or unexpected developments that could knock us off track.  This is a time when it is important that we be mindful, maintain awareness, and be willing to shift and change if conditions necessitate.

The Sun moves into Leo on the 22nd, briefly triggering a Stellium of three planets in the Fixed Fire Sign as the Sun joins Venus and Mercury in Leo until Mercury exits Leo to enter its own Sign of Virgo on the 25th.  We may be feeling the heat of summer with our focus turning to good times with good friends.  The next four weeks can have us engaging re-creational activities, social occasions and fully enjoying ourselves.  It’s summertime, traditionally the season to relax, restore and reinvigorate.

As the Sun enters Leo, the Sun opposes Pluto on the 23rd.  The intensity of the past weekend could have us feeling blocked and the wind knocked out of our sails. 

Even if we are thrown for a loop by disempowering incidents, we can pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and start all over again on the 25th when the Sun sextiles Mars, and Mercury enters its own Sign of Virgo.  Not only can we be more judicious in our actions, but now we are less liable to grandstanding and more likely to engage brain as well as brawn.  Our critical thinking skills are enhanced with an ability of deciphering the right approach in any of our endeavors.

We come into August ready to spread our wings, engage the splendors of the summer season, and possibly fly away to exotic locales.

Although everything seems possible in concept and in our planning, we often gloss over any liable difficulties, one of which might occur on the 2nd of August when Venus squares Uranus.  Financially, our expenditures may seem more costly than we had anticipated.  Commentators and government officials can say that inflation has been tamed but, even if inflation has stalled, its recent upticks compounded have created financial rack and ruin.  Everything seems to cost more, which could put a crimp on our intended August getaways and plans.

Relationships in early August can also seem dicey, as we see characteristics in people of which we were neither aware nor appreciating. 

The true impact of the Sun’s movement into Leo occurs with the Leo New Moon on the 4th when the Sun conjuncts the Moon [7:13 AM EDT] and impacts the fortnight up to the Full Moon on the 19th.

This two-week period would be a good time to take our summer vacation.  As we come into mid-August and the latter part of August, children will be heading off to college orientations and schools will be opening for the school year.

The 4th also has Venus exiting Leo to enter Virgo.  Relationships might be strained with people having expectations of other people.  Criticisms can be running rampant, and we might judge many of our interactions with a sentiment of ‘what have you done for me lately?’  It will be important that we don’t become too judgy about other people while Venus is in Virgo until the 29th.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 5th of August [12:56 AM EDT] and will retrograde back into Leo until August 28th when Mercury turns direct.  The retrograde through most of this month of August will remind us of Murphy’s Law where ‘whatever can go wrong could go wrong’.  There are liable to be screwups, miscommunications, misunderstandings, and various other misses.  Important decisions, significant purchases are better left until after Mercury turns direct.

August 7th has the Sun sextile Jupiter and Mercury conjunct Venus.  Our confidence and optimism could prove contagious with us able to convince other people of the worthiness of our endeavors and engage their assistance in accomplishing our goals.

The 14th of August has Mars conjunct Jupiter and Mercury retrograding back into Leo [8:16 PM EDT].  We may be all over the place, trying this, trying that at this time.  Social interactions can be entertaining and make us aware of various options for us to consider.  Although a certain seriousness might have had us preparing to get back on track over the past few days, Mercury’s movement back into Leo reminds us that we are still in summer, the season when we take part in a variety of fun and games.  We could reengage our travel bug, even taking day trips out of Dodge.  We’re not interested in fitting back into harness of our regular routine yet.  Let’s avoid doing too much, which might leave us exhausted by the end of the week.

Like a metronome with its wild swings, the Mars Jupiter configuration on the 14th with its wide range of involvements flips to restraints and constrictions on the 16th when Mars squares Saturn.  If we have left unattended some of our obligations, they can be demanding our attention on the 16th.  The question of balancing our actions this week is paramount with a liability of extreme movements between expansion initially and then contraction.

One of my least favorite energy configurations, Mercury square Uranus, that we experienced back on July 21st is back on the 18th of August and again on the 7th of September.  The 21st also has the Sun conjunct Mercury.  Arrogance can be a failing trait especially during this paradigm shift when we need to be flexible and adaptable to the opportunities that the universe offers.  Contingency plans are called for with a recognition that there can be difficulties with travel, communications, and computer issues.  Unexpected incidents could be challenging.

The 19th of August has the Aquarius Full Moon when the Sun opposes the Moon [2:26 PM EDT].  This Full Moon configuration is one intense influence with two T-Squares in play.  The Full Moon has both the Sun and Moon square Uranus for a Fixed Sign T-Square.  Venus triggers a Mutable Sign T-Square with Venus square Jupiter and Venus opposed Saturn.  Jupiter squares Saturn.  A sense of being tossed about by ‘the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’ is liable.  Like being on a bungee cord, we could feel ourselves pushing out, only to be snapped back.  This is a day when we need to be fully aware of the unexpected developments that might occur.  Certainly, this time could reflect the sentiment that ‘if you want to make god laugh, tell god your plans’.

The 19th of August is also the day that the Democratic National Convention begins with a hybrid form of virtual reality and in person in Chicago, the city that held the 1968 Democratic National Convention, a convention rocked by the anti-war protesters against the war in southeast Asia.  Under the auspices of this Full Moon configuration, it would not be surprising to see major protests going on regarding the Israeli – Palestinian conflict.

This Convention is also operating under a Mercury retrograde where Murphy’s Law of ‘whatever can go wrong could go wrong’ is engaged.

Certainly, this convention has all the ingredients of expecting the unexpected.

The 22nd is the day that the Democratic Presidential nominee accepts their party’s nomination, a day when the Sun exits Leo to enter Virgo, and Venus squares Mars.  By Sign, a Mutable Sign T-Square is ratcheted up.

As an aside, I have written it before, shall write it again.  The Vice-Presidential candidates are the ones to fully consider and determine your selection when voting in the upcoming US Presidential election.  In the incoming US Administration’s chart there is a Sun Pluto conjunction opposed by Mars, not a great augury for the President, as adverse aspects of Mars Pluto threaten acts of violence.

In our personal world, we may be getting back on track or preparing to do so.  While summer is not over, routine matters are re-engaged.  College orientations and school openings remind us that summer is coming to a close and that we are, or soon shall be, returning to our regular schedules.

With a Mutable Sign T-Square operating by Sign from the end of July through the end of September our nerves may be shot with episodes of anxiety and concern.  It will be important for us to reconnect with nature and natural rhythms to dispel any fearfulness that might arise for us during these two months.

August 24th has Mercury sextile Mars.  Good times with a good friend[s] can be uplifting and a joyous experience.  We may feel better about ourselves by the company we keep.  This weekend is a time for us to enjoy ourselves and look on the bright side, the right side, of life and living.  Let’s allow ourselves spontaneous actions and unanticipated engagements.  Personal makeovers and shopping for autumn wardrobes are favored by reason of our feel-good attitude.

We might be surprised by fortuitous events on the 27th of August.  We could find ourselves being in the right place at the right time without our consciously determining to be so. Venus trines Uranus on the 27th, which affords the possibility of serendipitous encounters.  Everything may seem to be humming along with little effort on our part.

Mercury turns direct on the 28th [5:14 PM EDT], ending its three-week retrograde cycle.  We shall still be in the ‘shadow’ of the Mercury retrograde until September 11th when Mercury returns to the degree where Mercury first turned retrograde. Caution continues to be advised with constant evaluating and reevaluating whatever we are doing.

Venus exits Virgo to enter its own Sign of Libra on the 29th of August [9:23 AM EDT] and as it does so Venus trines Pluto.  Relationships are likely to be less critical, more accepting of each person’s individual quirks and characteristics.  A significant connection can be made at this time, someone who might prove a powerful advocate of our endeavors and assisting in paving our way.

We may feel as though we are going backwards as we come into September.

The 1st of September has Uranus turning retrograde [11:18 AM EDT] and Pluto retrograding back into Capricorn [8:10 PM EDT].  Advance movements might seem stymied as we are forced to retrace our steps.

Financial issues could be at the forefront of headlines.  When Pluto first came into Capricorn back in 2008, the world experienced a banking crisis that threatened the global financial system.  When Pluto first exited Capricorn to enter Aquarius in the Spring of 2023 several banks went under.  We can see further evidence of weakness in the banking / financial systems during this late summer – autumn period as Pluto finishes its transit of Capricorn until Pluto re-enters Aquarius on the 19th of November.

Not only could we experience banking issues.  There may be further attempts to quash decentralized finance and cryptocurrencies.

Big government, multinational organizations, and old structures might do their all to maintain and consolidate their power.  A new day may eventually be dawning but could be put off until the end of the year, beginning of the new year.

The Virgo New Moon on the 2nd of September when the Sun conjuncts the Moon [9:56 PM EST] is also Labor Day in the US, and how appropriate for the astrological energies.  We are liable to be back on track or contemplating getting back on track of our regular routine.

Although we might be focused on our responsibilities and daily obligations, we need to avoid impetuousness and recklessness.

We are likely feeling the influence of the Mars square Neptune on the 3rd when we could be pushing our intentions without itinerary in hand or direction in mind.  Rash behavior and ill-conceived plans could trigger mishaps and accidents.  We need to slow things down, take our time, and consider the consequences of our intended actions.

Mars exits Gemini to enter Cancer on the 4th of September [3:46 PM EDT].  Our emotions may be heightened with a greater reticence to stepping forward.  People could seem more introverted and might seek safety in home and family. 

The weekend of the 7th – 8th of September can be trying due to the Mercury square Uranus on the 7th for its third time this summer, and the Sun opposed Saturn on the 8th.  Things might all just seem wrong this weekend.  We could feel as though we are trudging through quicksand and liable to be going the wrong way anyway.  It would be wise for us to lower our expectations on this weekend and take time to rest and recharge but without much exertion in doing so.  There can be a lot of misses this weekend, which might wind up with us feeling exhausted, defeated, and just wanting to curl up in a ball and call out: “make the world go away.”

Mercury re-enters Virgo on the 9th of September [2:50 AM EDT].  We can take a more serious approach to whatever we have going on.  Our mind is sharper, more analytical, and able to take into account the specifics and the particulars.

 The 11th of September has Mercury coming out from its retrograde ‘shadow’ and a day when Mercury sextiles Mars.  Brain and brawn can be combined with our sharp mind matched by dogged persistence.  We can accomplish a great amount now by strategizing and being more effective with less expenditure of energy.

No matter how accomplished we may be during this second week of September, we do need to avoid overdoing, a liability encouraged by the Sun square Jupiter on the 12th.  Impressed by our accomplishments, someone might egg us on to do more, more, more.  Let’s maintain a healthy sense of our capabilities and not overextend ourselves, no matter how enticing the flattery might be.

September 15th has the two ‘good guys’ of the planetary realm, Venus and Jupiter, in trine aspect.  Relationships can be close to idyllic with people encouraging each other and much talk about plans.  This day has by Sign two Grand Trines, one in the Air Element, the other in the Earth Element.  Discussions can lead to pragmatic applications and successfully moving our ambitions forward.

On the 17th the Pisces Full Moon, a Lunar Eclipse, when the Sun opposes the Moon [10:34 PM EDT] may trigger confusions, delusions, and heightened anxiety if we allow our nerves to get the better of us.  If we stay grounded and are not swept up by our emotions, this Full Moon could be a productive time of focusing with a combination of sensing the right approach with practical application. 

Accepting the truth to the wise sentiment that we never get more than we can handle, the 18th of September has Mercury opposed Saturn.  We could either feel overwhelmed by everything that we need to do, or we can take the time to strategize our methodology, engage creative visualization to conceive the steps forward, and then implement a best practices approach.  The either or of feeling victimized or successfully engaging our challenges.

The summer season comes to closure with the three transcendental planets engaged.  The Sun trines Uranus on the 19th, followed by the Sun opposed Neptune on the 20th, and then the Sun trine Pluto on the 22nd just before the Autumn Equinox.  In the mix is the Mercury square Jupiter on the 21st.

This end of summer allows us to acknowledge the transformation each of us has gone through, the opportunity to see the unexpected developments that at times challenge us, other times offering us exciting surprises.  Increasingly, we shall become aware of the characteristics of this paradigm shift in which we find ourselves operating.  The times they are a’changing.  We are living during times of magic and miracles even when such incidents seem more vexing than beneficial.  The bottom line: life is good, and we are all being pushed to an ascension in consciousness.  We just need to try and maintain balance as we surf these waves of dramatic change.

Summer 2024… summertime, wish the living were easy…