March 18th – 24th, 2024

The astrology for this week of March 18th through the 24th of 2024 has us ending one astrological year and entering a new astrological year as the Sun exits Pisces to enter Aries at the Vernal Equinox on Tuesday.

If we have been slow starting with our new year resolutions that we toasted on the 1st of January, we get a second chance, and in truth, a better chance since the Spring season offers the promise of new beginnings, renewals, and birthings — the renaissance of the spring season.

The week starts with us taking care of what needs to get done.  We might be champing at the bit to get on with things, but it would be far better for us to concentrate on what we need to complete and resolve before starting off in new directions.

As the week proceeds, we may find that we have more fire in our belly, with passion and determination to make our mark on our world.  Although we can be gung-ho to initiate our intended plans, it would be wise for us to apply the brakes now and again to avoid going too far too fast with the liability of racing off the cliffs or into a wall.

Working smarter rather than harder can make our endeavors expeditious and successful.  It is important that we not get ahead of ourselves or too full of ourselves.

With a greater thrust of energy, we might feel as though there is no stopping us… until we are liable to hit a wall.

Later in the week, we may experience reconnections or reunions or making plans to get together with old friends over the next few months.

We have a greater thrust of energy this week, some of it possibly dampened as Mars exits Aquarius and enters Pisces on Friday.  The entry of Mars into Pisces heightens the Mutable Water Sign as Mars joins Venus, Saturn, and Neptune in Neptune-ruled Pisces.  

Water matters might be highlighted with issues associated with boating and shipping, atmospheric storm systems with torrents of rain, and a dampening sense to our physical activity.  As the saying goes: “when it rains, it pours.”

Monday, March 18th – Taking Care of Business – Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus.  Monday has the Cancer Moon trine Saturn, the Moon square Mercury, and the Moon sextile both Jupiter and Uranus both in Taurus.  This is the last full day of the winter season prior to tomorrow’s Vernal Equinox with the Sun moving into Aries initiating a new astrological year.  The more that we can conclude and resolve outstanding matters that we do not want to bring into our new year, today and tomorrow prior to the Sun’s Sign change, the better it would be.  We do not want to be encumbered by our past when we could clean up and clear out our past to make way for the new, the exciting, and the adventurous.  We may feel constricted by our responsibilities and obligations, but once addressed, we may be free of things holding us back from our launching forward into this spring season.  We might be tempted to put down foundation stones for our new projects, but it would be wise to make space before engaging our new trajectories.  Surprising developments late in the day could make us aware of options we had not even considered and more effective ways by which we can streamline operations.

Tuesday, March 19th – Out with the Old, In with the New – Neptune, Sun, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto, Vernal Equinox, Sun Aries.  Tuesday has the Moon finishing its transit of Cancer with the Cancer Moon trine both Neptune and the Sun both in Pisces.  The Moon then goes Void-of-Course briefly for a little over half an hour as the Moon finishes its transit of Cancer without making any further connections to the planets and before the Moon enters Leo where today the Leo Moon opposes Pluto.  The Sun exits Pisces at the Vernal Equinox with the Sun entering Aries [11:06 PM EDT].  We are at the start of an astrological new year as the Sun begins a new year transit through the Zodiac wheel.  Similar to yesterday, today suggests we close out this past year by getting rid of the extraneous and non-essential from our lives.  Paring down, letting go, and eliminating those matters that no longer serve us can be lightening, enlightening, and provide space for the new to come forward.  We could call it a healthy cleanse that prepares us for new beginnings.  We do need to avoid any extreme attitudes where suddenly we have a thrust of energy with our ego reinforced, and we forge ahead forceful and determined without fully accounting for the conditions and parameters in which we find ourselves and thereby failing the necessary humility and willing receptivity these times call for.  Even more than before, the paradigm shift into asequential reality accentuates the law of unintended consequences.

Wednesday, March 20th – Getting our Sea Legs – Jupiter.  Wednesday has the Moon continuing its transit of Leo with the Leo Moon square Jupiter late in the day.  There is not a great deal of energy today, and we need to avoid trying to do too much.  We may be racing our engine but stuck in neutral.  With last evening’s major shift in energy with the start of the spring season and the beginning of a new astrological year, we have great intentions to forge ahead but might have difficulty getting our sea legs.  When planets change Signs, and when planets turn direction, it takes time for us to acclimate to the change[s]. As we try to get into springtime motion, we need to avoid impulse purchases and treating ourselves to the max.  We are in spring season mode with our energy likely to be busting out all over.  This is a day when we are liable to go into excess and take extreme actions.  Everyone may be a little full of themselves, so we need to avoid confrontations or bellicose blowhards.  If we could take this day for R&R [rest and relaxation], it would be suggested.  No matter the temperature or the weather, let’s engage some ‘spring fever’, enjoy ourselves, and put any demands on the backburner.

Thursday, March 21st – Back in Gear – Mercury, Uranus, Sun, Pluto, Venus, Saturn.  Thursday continues with the Leo Moon with the Moon today trine Mercury and the Moon square Uranus.  The Sun sextiles Pluto, and Venus conjuncts Saturn.  Hopefully, we took some time for enjoyment yesterday without breaking the bank or putting a major dent in our credit card balance.  This Thursday gives us a thrust of energy, although we need to be adaptable to any altering conditions.  There is a saying ‘adapt or die’ and certainly during these times of paradigm shift it is essential that we engage the Taoist advice of ‘bend like a reed or break like an oak’.  Changing circumstance allows us to test muscles that we may have developed over these recent years of volatile adjustments.  Each of us has been challenged by the radical alterations that have impacted our daily lives and our financial condition.  We have more of the stamina to successfully take on the vagaries that we encounter.  With a ‘can do’ attitude and a skill set developed from dealing with the vexing twists and turns in our lives recently, we have the ability and confidence to forge ahead with our intended projects.  Someone from our past may reach out to us, and we could plan reunions and get-togethers.  This Thursday is a good day for us to secure our base of operations, our home front, so that we have a solid foundation from which to explore our future with a wide range of possibilities that incentivize us and speak to new beginnings.

Friday, March 22nd – Stormy Weather – Mars, Moon Void-of-Course, Mars Pisces.  Friday begins the day with the Leo Moon completing its transit of Leo with the Leo Moon opposed Mars.  The Moon then goes briefly Void-of-Course for a little over an hour as the Moon makes no further connections to the planets as the Moon completes its transit of Leo and before the Moon moves into Virgo where the Virgo Moon today makes no connections to the planets.  Late in the day, Mars exits Aquarius and enters Pisces [7:47 PM EDT].  Mars entering Pisces heightens the Pisces Stellium as Mars joins Saturn, Venus, and Neptune in the Mutable Water Sign.  Whether atmospheric or emotional, as the saying goes “when it rains, it pours.”  We could start this Friday with a chip on our shoulder.  Relationships might be dicey with people less likely to be collaborative, more liable to standing up for number 1, themselves.  Egos can clash, so it would be suggested we step away from any liable confrontations, take care of our usual mundane responsibilities, and focus on what we need to accomplish before the weekend.  With Mars entering Pisces late in the day, we can be in for an almost six-week period where the victim card is played, the blame game engaged, and negativity brings emotional spring showers to dampen the brilliant sunshine of springtime.  Water issues can be a problem from the precipitation of intense atmospheric storm systems, runoffs from accumulated winter snows on mountains, household plumbing problems and water leaks, and boating and shipping issues [the Houthis have already been taking target practice on ships trying to navigate the Red Sea].  It will be essential that we do not allow our springtime spirit to be dampened by any negativity.  It’s springtime, after all, the season of our renaissance.

Saturday, March 23rd – Loosening the Ties that Bind – Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus.  Saturday could prove a paradoxical day, for today the Virgo Moon opposes both Saturn and Venus both in Pisces early in the day, followed by the Virgo Moon trine both Jupiter and Uranus both in Taurus as the day unfolds.  Various responsibilities or our own insecurities might have us slow starting on this Saturday and even liable for us to awaken in an emotional funk.  Perhaps we are feeling some of our broadened perspective narrowed due to the influence of Mars having just entered Pisces.  We may be a little irritable or feeling vulnerable.  Much of our enthusiasm for new starts in springtime could feel dashed by ties to our past involvements.  We could have a sense that we are constricted by the ties that bind.  While the day is liable to start off heavy on judgment and self-recrimination, the energy can shift dramatically from compression to expansion.  We might loosen the ties that bind by looking forward rather than attached to our past.  Spending time on developing projects or purchasing necessary components for our future engagements could lift us out of our funk.  The evening hours may provide some exciting developments that add to the luster of the paradigm shift in which we find ourselves.  From despair to ecstasy can be the theme for this Saturday.

Sunday, March 24th – Adding to the Blessings – Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto, Venus, Jupiter.  Sunday begins with the Virgo Moon opposed Neptune.  The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost five hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Virgo and before the Moon enters Libra where late in the day the Libra Moon trines Pluto.  The two ‘good guys’ of the planetary realm, Venus and Jupiter, are in a beneficial sextile aspect.  Today allows us to envision what we want to do and how we want to do it.  If we take the time to strategize our involvements and appreciate all the tools we have in our tool kit, we could move towards putting our plans into action.  We may be assisted by a trusted friend who both encourages our plans and adds a little elbow grease, whether physically or by wise suggestions, to advance our interests.  This is a splendid day for counting our blessings, which are vast and many, no matter how challenging life might seem, and to appreciate the special someone[s] in our life.  Even if we start the day slightly confused or out of sorts, we are likely to snap out of it with a little help from a friend[s], get a grip and regain the confidence to forge ahead with our intended springtime engagements.  What a wonderful [wonder-filled] world we live in.