April 8th – 14th, 2024

The astrology for this week of April 8th through the 14th of 2024 can have us on edge with our anxiety ratcheted up thanks to the hype surrounding the Solar Eclipse.

We begin this week on Monday with the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in the second decanate [Leo] of Aries.  This Solar Eclipse has been built up and become a merchandiser’s boon as people pay exorbitant amounts to be in the path of the Solar Eclipse across the heartland into the northeast of the US.  This New Moon also triggers the spring season, being the first New Moon since the Vernal Equinox when the Sun first entered Aries.  The impact of the New Moon lasts until the Scorpio Full Moon on the 23rd with the influence of the Solar Eclipse felt for several years.

Will we take the hero’s journey or play the pawn to life’s unfolding?

Much of the hoo-ha to start the week could leave us exhausted but back on the ground in the mid-week.  Some things may change, other things stay the same.  Certainly, we are living in disruptive and tumultuous times during this paradigm shift, and we need to be aware that we, both as individuals and as a society, are going through dramatic shifts and transformations.

The push – pull between old and new can continue to play out, with some people holding onto the old and the past securities, others venturing forth along new trajectories to put their creative expression into effect.  There will be those who play the victim card, reactive and passive to whatever is going on, and those who take machete in hand, fully engage a proactive approach, and carve a new path cognizant of the currents and fluctuating tides.

The two Stelliums operational this week, one in Aries the other in Pisces, can have us back and forth like crossing a suspension bridge between where and who we have been, and where we are going and who we are becoming.

While the back and forth might be crazymaking, it can also be a grand adventure.

The weekend is geared for variety and exploration and with the realization that we too can be like an eagle who creates a nest, then flies from it to soar upon the air currents, always able to come back to the nest for rest, recuperation, and a sense of security.

Monday, April 8th – End of the World? – Aries New Moon, Solar Eclipse, Sun, Mercury, Moon Void-of-Course.  Monday begins this week with the Aries New Moon, a Solar Eclipse, as the Moon conjuncts the Sun [2:21 PM EDT].  Late in the day, the Moon conjuncts Mercury.  The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost nine hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Aries and before the Moon enters Taurus on Tuesday morning.  The hoopla of this Solar Eclipse can heighten everyone’s expectations and some anxiety.  Being the New Moon after the Equinox, this New Moon truly kicks off the spring season.  With a Stellium in Pisces and one in Aries, we may find ourselves closing doors and opening new ones.  Much of our focus will be on our creative expressions.  No matter what format[s] our creativity might take, each of us may be looking to put our individual mark on our personal world.  We might feel beleaguered by our past, but we needn’t feel totally blocked by it. On the contrary, we could have a sense of letting go while holding on and with an impulse to move forward and initiate projects that are more meaningful to us.  Let’s keep in mind ‘moderation in all things’, for the liability would be extremes between assertive actions and passive reactions.  This is a day to walk the suspension bridge between where we have been and where we intend to go, all with the recognition that there may be times when we need to step back before we can move forward.  Happy Eclipse Day!

Tuesday, April 9th – Back on the Ground – Pluto.  The Moon moves into Taurus on Tuesday morning with the Moon square Pluto today.  After yesterday’s ruckus over the Solar Eclipse, this Tuesday might have our feet back on the ground.  Although we could have received a jolt from yesterday’s energies, today may have us feeling obstructed in our endeavors with our greatest intentions seeming more like grand illusions.  It can be important for us to rethink our plans with a greater sense of practicality regarding our proposed implementation.  Although there might not seem to be a great deal of energy today, we do have three Stelliums operational, the one in Pisces, the one in Aries, and a third in Taurus by means of the Moon transiting the Fixed Earth Sign and joining Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus.  With the three Stelliums bunched together, a bucket pattern chart is created with Pluto being the handle to the bucket.  We are entering a New Age, a time when individuality is increasingly highlighted.  With a fire in our belly, today is a day for us to consider our plans, those endeavors that truly speak to us.  We might have some naysayers to our intentions, but even criticisms can help us hone, tweak and further develop our thoughts and ideas.  Our focus may be more on our future than our past or even our present.  This Tuesday provides the impetus for us to have our head in the clouds and our feet on the ground.  No rushing the river for us, since we are more likely to take a well-devised, best practices approach to our goals.

Wednesday, April 10th – Steps, Leaps, and Alterations – Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus.  Wednesday continues with the Moon transiting Taurus with the Taurus Moon sextile both Mars and Saturn early in the day, and the Moon conjunct both Jupiter and Uranus both in Taurus later in the day.  Mars conjuncts Saturn.  It would be wise for us to envision our day before we start out on a tear.  Things may be slow going early in the day, but preparations would streamline our course of action.  Let’s be judicious with our energy today.  We can combine both our reasoning mind and our intuitive sense to derive the most expeditious means to accomplish our goals for the day.  The afternoon hours can have us adding to our ‘to do’ list and getting a little slack in our efforts.  We might easily exhaust ourselves if we neglect the itinerary we devised or if we overdo.  This is a day for us to take things step-by-step, avoid giant leaps, and be open to engage a best practices approach to our endeavors.  No need to roll the boulder up the mountain when a winch is available.  We might decide to alter our plans for the early evening.  Adding a little excitement to our evening hours can provide some sparkle, especially with the hubbub over the eclipse now done with.

Thursday, April 11th – Bright and Beautiful – Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course, Pluto, Venus, Sun, Mercury.  Thursday begins with the Taurus Moon sextile Neptune.  The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost three hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon completes its transit of Taurus and before the Moon enters Gemini were today the Gemini Moon trines Pluto and the Moon sextiles Venus.  The Sun conjuncts Mercury.  Our sleep state could provide us with pleasant dreams and a sense that all is right in the world despite the various depictions of tragedies, violence, and dystopian indications which we often witness in our waking state.  We might realize that things do work out the way they are supposed to and for the best.  As the day proceeds, we may get an uplift.  Conversations can be scintillating and insightful.  We could have a spring in our step and an optimistic attitude.  Increasingly, we are likely feeling the Jupiter Uranus conjunction exact on the 20th.  Our society may have reached a pivot point.  We might have experienced the darkest point in humankind’s process [what in Hinduism is considered the Kali Yuga], and things may already be turning from a heavily negative descent into a far more positive outlook and beneficial unfolding.  The times they are a’changing.  Even the gloomiest people might see the sun breaks with the light coming out from behind the clouds and dispelling the gray of darkness.  The more we acknowledge the bright and beautiful in our lives and in living, the more we shall realize the bright and beautiful to be the true.

Friday, April 12th – Darkest Before Dawn – Saturn, Mars, Mercury.  Friday continues with the Moon in Gemini with the Gemini Moon today square both Saturn and Mars both in Pisces, and the Moon sextile Mercury to end the day.  Thursday could have had us walking on cloud nine seeing everything as beautiful in its own way.  Like a metronome, the ebullience of yesterday could swing back into gloomy town today.  We might feel as though the wind has been knocked out of our sails with a sense that what we want to accomplish is being obstructed by our lack of resources.  We need to avoid that downer sentiment of ‘compare and despair’.  As someone with very deep pockets often told their children in growing up: “there will always be people poorer than you, and people richer than you.”  If we base our self-value upon our material stuff and net worth, we may find that we are wanting in so many ways.  While we might feel depleted during this Friday, the evening offers us a more upbeat time.  We can get out of any funk we might have fallen into, and instead in the evening enjoy discussions with someone who acknowledges our worth and affirms our contribution to their lives.  The metronome swings and often wildly during these times of paradigm shift.  This Friday could seem an ironic turnabout on the well-known phase: ‘it’s often darkest before the dawn.’   The early part of this day can be our descent into darkness and the evening a rising above into optimism and enthusiasm.

Saturday, April 13th – Soaring with the Eagles, Retiring to our Sanctuary – Sun, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course.  Saturday begins with the Gemini Moon sextile the Sun, and the Moon square Neptune.  The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for three hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon completes its transit of Gemini and before the Moon enters Cancer.  The volatility of these times can have us going through various mood swings, and swings from being highly active out and about to shutting the door and taking time for ourselves far from the maddening crowd.  This Saturday can have us continuing a high active phase, going from one thing to another.  We might be more involved in the harried aspect of doing many somethings but without much concentration on what we are involved with.  As the day unfolds, we may decide to head home, hunker down, and enjoy some quiet time in our sanctuary space.  Increasingly, the metronome of activity – passivity could have us going from one extreme to another.  While a sign of our times of paradigm shift, the volatility can prove both crazy-making and exhausting.  It would be wise to keep in mind the age-old adage: ‘moderation in all things’.

Sunday, April 14th – Do What You Got to Do – Venus, Saturn, Mars.  Sunday continues with the Cancer Moon with the Moon today square Venus and the Moon trine both Saturn and Mars both in Pisces.  We could feel our wings clipped today, encumbered by our responsibilities or family matters.  This is the day before Tax Day in the US when filing our 1040 Forms to the IRS and payment made on our taxes are due.  Although we might need to attend to outstanding matters, we can be highly effective in taking care of business, addressing our obligations, and clearing up the clutter.  Today would be a great day for a strong spring cleaning, clearing out the dross and cleaning up our messes.  We are likely to far prefer having a good time, enjoying ourselves, but it would be far wiser for us to take care of pressing matters.  This is a day to ‘grin and bear it’ and to ‘whistle while we work’.  We are likely to feel highly satisfied with ourselves by how much we can accomplish and how we have provided space for the new and exciting in our days ahead.