Monthly Archives: September, 2009

  • My October Visit to Connecticut

    My October Visit to Connecticut — I shall be in Stamford, Connecticut, and available for In-Person Sessions from Saturday, October 17th, through Thursday, October 29th.

  • Autumn 2009

    The season of this Autumn continues the alchemical process, a period of purging and eliminating, a season of deathing in order to provide the fodder for a rebirth. Like nature in the Northern Hemisphere with the leaves falling from the trees and the skeletal structure of branches, limbs and trunk exposed, we may feel as though during this Autumn we are being stripped down to the bare bones, being rid of excesses and cut to the essence of our very being. There is a purging going on, a dropping away of those characteristics of our lives that have served their purpose and now prove no longer functional for us.

  • Insanitus Depravitus

    During this so-called Information Age, it is disconcerting how little information is revealed. Oh, there is more than enough information about this celebrity, that celebrity, diet items, health fads and all the trendy things that most people consider as making up the substance of their lives. But important information seems to be less nowadays rather than more… ironic for a time often denoted as an Information Age.

  • September

    September is a time when we get back to our normal routine, although normal is hardly the word to describe these times. We are locked in a push – pull between old and new, between deathings and birthings and often wondering which is which.