September is a time when we get back to our normal routine, although normal is hardly the word to describe these times.  We are locked in a push – pull between old and new, between deathings and birthings and often wondering which is which.  We must all be aware that there are significant transformations going on — the metamorphosis and shapeshifting that we, as individuals and as a society, are going through.  Change is not easy.  Some times it feels like a camel trying to get through the eye of a needle.  Other times, it seems like we’re mimicking Alice falling through the rabbit’s hole.  Down and down, round and round, up and up we all go.  Direction could seem lost to constant movement, endless momentum.  Perhaps we are all being forced to adopt one of the steps in the twelve step program of ‘let go, let God’. 

Certainly relying upon past solutions for present conditions could prove as effective as banging our head against the wall.  While we are moving into new parameters, it would be wise to do so in a tentative manner with a great deal of humility.  If we assume that we know where we are going and are convinced in regard to how we are going to do it, I would suggest that we are writing a prescription for disaster.

The best that we can do is be focused on our intention, come from our integrity and keep in mind the saying that god and the universe often have greater plans for us than we could ever imagine for ourselves.

You might assume such an attitude to be a copout but in truth it is a clear reflection of these times, times when linear, sequential reality gives way to asequential, synchronistic reality, times when we need to surrender control, let go of a desire to master the universe and focus instead on being co-creators of our destiny with the natural, albeit seemingly quirky, unfolding of our life’s reality.

This September could be somewhat intense at times, but we should have gotten used to Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.  After all, July of 2008 is an epoch ago and since that time life has gone through extreme paroxysms with people apoplectic in their apocalyptic vision of death, destruction, starvation, disease and whatever other horses that calamities have ridden into town.  If we haven’t thrown up our hands in despair, given up hope and fell into catatonia or complete terror, then we can now become more practical, take a pragmatic approach, in dealing with the cards being dealt us.

We don’t have to be victims.  We don’t have to settle for merely being survivors.  During these times, we can become thrivers.  In times past, some of the greatest utopian literature was written during the darkest times.  We don’t have to solely seek our solace in inspired writings or blind faith.  We have the opportunity of restructuring our lives, seeing how we can best deal with the cards being presently dealt and decide to be both accountable and responsible for how we approach our living.

This September allows us to put our spirit into action and come up with our focused plan of action.

We begin the month with one planet in a Fire Sign, three planets in Earth Signs, four planets in Air Signs and two planets in Water Signs.  Three planets are in Cardinal Signs, four planets are in Fixed Signs, and three planets are in Mutable Signs.  Five planets are in Positive Signs and five planets are in Receptive Signs.

The month is highlighted by:

1.    The third of this year’s Mercury retrogrades, with Mercury retrograde from the 7th and turning direct on the 29th.  Mercury retrogrades back through Libra and then back into its own Sign of Virgo.

2.    Pluto turning direct on the 11th.

3.     Saturn opposed Uranus exact on the 15th.

This month brings up various issues regarding our relationships and our health regimen.  With Saturn about to end its two and a half year transit of Virgo and enter Libra the end of next month, we may question our relationship in the world, our relationship with other people and the balance between our personal needs and desires and the personal needs and desires of other people.  It will be important for us to see how we interact with other people, the people with whom we interact and ask ourselves whether our behavior and our connections are healthy, nurturing and fulfilling.  If they are not, are we wasting our precious time in pursuit of failed, or failing, interchanges?  The question must be asked, even if not wanting to be answered.

In my Autumn Alert posted on my website, I mentioned that the intensity of the times, and the increased intensity over the next two years, may trigger a liability in personal relationships whereby people might vent their frustrations on the safe harbor of their significant relationships with a possible increase in domestic violence.  Just raising a possible red flag.

As the stress of the changes during these times can put a strain on our immune systems and with various strains of flu and virus buzzing around, it would be wise for us to use this month of September to create or hone a practical health regimen that bumps up our immune system, allows for states of relaxation and provides re-creational outlets for us to see the joy in life and the exuberance in living.

With the Mercury retrograde from the 7th through the 29th, this month is largely a time of ‘re’s — redoing, reworking, reviewing, reevaluating, reconsidering, even repeating.  Mercury retrograde is similar to Murphy’s Law whereby ‘whatever will go wrong, can’.  While it is best to postpone significant decisions and important commitments during a Mercury retrograde, we do not have to bar the windows and lock the doors.  We do need to address any and every situation with due diligence, look for hidden agendas or important factors falling between the cracks.  With Mercury retrograding through Libra and then back into Virgo on the 17th for the rest of its retrograde run, relationship issues and work / health areas can be important areas to be aware of.  People may be on edge this month, so it would be wise to cut ourselves and others a little bit, or even a lot, of slack.  It would also be important to focus on our health regimen — diet, exercise, rest, re-creation, good hygiene and awareness of sick locales.

Another significant energy shift during this month is the Pluto turning motion, moving from retrograde which it has been doing since early April to direct motion on the 11th, a day of infamy in recent US history.  Back then on September 11th, 2001, transiting Saturn in Gemini was opposed Pluto in Sagittarius.  As Saturn moves into Libra, it will come to square Pluto in Capricorn in mid-November with a T-Square between Saturn, Uranus and Pluto influential through 2011.

Whenever Pluto turns from retrograde to direct motion, or direct to retrograde, there can be an explosive release of energy.  Pluto’s transit of Capricorn brings up the issue of whether we have built upon rock or built upon sand.  We have seen since last Summer, the stripping away of the veneer of the financial system, as global economies have been wracked by the easy money days and consequent credit crunch with various traditional financial institutions going under.

With Pluto turning direct on the 11th, each of us has an opportunity of restructuring our goals, looking at our objectives and seeing where they have real meaning and purpose or whether we have bought into a conditioned expectation of the consensus of opinion regarding success and accomplishment.

I have raised the question in my Autumn Alert as to whether the mainstream media hype regarding ‘happy days’ being here again and the worst of the global economic crisis being behind us is merely pap being served up from an irrational exuberance, or delusion, influenced by the Jupiter Neptune conjunction.  Based upon the energies occurring and unfolding in the year ahead, I believe we have only seen the tip of the iceberg regarding financial problems.

With Pluto direct, we may have indications that the worst is not yet over.  On a weekly basis, we learn of more US bank failures.  As of Friday the 28th of August, 84 US banks have failed this year with some analysts believing another 100 to 300 more banks could fail before the banking crisis is resolved.

While there may be more home foreclosures, another significant area of bad loans would seem associated with commercial real estate.  And with the ‘cash for clunkers’ program ending, a program that stimulated auto sales over the summer months, the signs of an improving economy may seem tentative at best as reports come in over the next month or two.

If in deed the H1N1 virus proves a serious pandemic, and certainly the World Health Organization and the virus’ rapid widespread worldwide coverage would indicate such, not only will the pandemic stress limited resources but could prove a negative impact on consumer purchases.  And with the consumer 70% of the US GDP denting consumer sentiment can put a crimp in a full economic recovery. 

Pluto in Capricorn will certainly test the strength of various institutions.  Those that are weak and no longer viable may have to go by the wayside while new formats are likely to arise.  Pluto talks about transformation and in reference to the First Nations Peoples, Pluto refers to shapeshifting, a process that all of us, as individuals and as a society, are going through.

The keys to successful navigating of the swirling currents of these times are awareness, vigilance and a sense of humility whereby not rushing to judgment, not assuming that we know the answer or even have all the essential variables to take into account.  Allowing the jury to be out, keeping one’s ear to the railroad track and noting the various signs of the shifting tides and changing patterns, like our ancestors who for their very survival had to be fully aware of the conditions around them; are important attitudes for us to embrace and engage.

Many people may continue to suggest that everything is okay, that we have returned to a stabilization, that we can continue on the way we were going with some adjustments and fine tuning.  I would suggest otherwise.  The time is not to re-create the past.  We are on a threshold, a threshold of a significant paradigm shift.  Old ways, old patterns, old beliefs must give way and give way to a willingness to be vulnerable to not truly knowing the right way and to be innocent in order to be open and accepting of whatever radical shifts and changes might be operating. 

During the mid-part of this month, the battle of old and new is truly engaged.  Reflected in the Saturn – Uranus opposition, we see it Saturn Uranus being exactly opposed on the 15th, the Sun opposition Uranus on the 17th and Mercury opposed Uranus on the 23rd.

The mid-part of the month may have us feeling uncomfortable in our own skin.  On one hand, we may want to embrace new interests, explore new possibilities and break free of old conditions.  On the other hand, we may be anxious, concerned about where we would go if we were to let go and choose instead to hold on to old patterns, old securities and our old concepts of stability.  The push pull can be incredibly stressful and during this mid-September period it will be essential to keep an eye out for extreme weather conditions, aberrant weather patterns and even people acting out, pushing the envelope and being irrational.  We may question whether we are coming or going, but it might be wise not to question where we are or where we are going as much as maintaining balance and keeping up the pace.

The September New Moon on the 18th with its imprint for the fortnight and the rest of the month could be a doozey.  The Sun Moon conjunct is also conjunct both the Mercury retrograde and Saturn.  This power pack opposes Uranus and Mercury squares Pluto, exact the day before.  Specifics, particulars, details and minutiae of the past can be good focal points if in deed the projected changes are too scary, frightening and catatonic to move forward. 

Although this is an excellent time for us to streamline our operations, deal with outstanding matters and focus on a good health regimen; it is also a time when society could be looking at correcting perceived injustices of the past in order to avoid a clear focus on the present and the future.  Past indiscretions, wrongful behavior and illegal actions may all come to the forefront of headlines.  Although the cry that is loudest may be the easiest heard, it would also be important to be aware of what is lying below the surface, situations being swept under the rug and present-day solutions that suddenly seem problematic or even bad situations made worse.

Autumn comes in on the 22nd, and I’ll address Autumn’s energies in a separate posting.  I would suggest reading my Autumn Alerts.  The concern I had earlier in the Summer when I first wrote my Autumn Alerts has not been assuaged, even despite the Jupiter Neptune ‘good times’ focus of some of this Summer.  On the contrary, my concerns have been reinforced by the unfolding of events.

This month of September continues with the volatility of these times, days when things seem pleasurable and placid, other days when things are swinging wildly to and fro.  The emphasis is largely on the Mercury retrograde, whereby we need to be discerning regarding what we see and what we hear.  We also need to check and recheck before moving ahead since misunderstandings and miscommunications could occur.  Highlights include the Saturn, Uranus and Pluto energies.  The tug of war between the way things were and how things could be will continue on with times when releases, eliminations, endings create the labor pains of growth spurts, untested possibilities for the future.

September is a month for us concentrate on how we do life — our daily regimen, expediting the ways we accomplish our tasks, and creating a good and strong health regimen for ourselves.  Now is a time for us to take the vision of who and how we want to be and focus on the details and means by which to achieve our objectives.

September… being ever vigilant, ever adaptable…