Monthly Archives: October, 2009

  • October 26th – November 1st

    A major shift in energy occurs this week. We are likely to take our relationships issues far more seriously. If we have been having difficulty in our interactions with other people…

  • October 19th – 25th

    If we started clearing the decks over the past weekend, then this week could continue in this vein but with a cautionary note for us not to throw the baby out with the bath water.

  • October 12th – 18th

    We may feel that a weight has been lifted from our shoulders this week. Our focus turns to friendly gatherings and future plans. We’re looking to find creative outlets for ourselves.

  • October 5th – 11th

    The early part of the week could have us shopping, doing a personal makeover and fixing up our image and home space. “Everything in its place and a place for everything” could be our motto this week

  • October

    This October seems a paradoxical month, but should that surprise any of us? We have been living, continue to live and will be living in a paradoxical world. For many of us, we may feel as though we have entered a strange and bizarre landscape where the parameters have dramatically shifted, the terrain unstable at best, and people’s attitude a little edgy, edging towards a seething frustration, fraught with anxiety.