Insanitus Depravitus

Insanitus Depravitus

You gotta love it.  Man seems on the rampage, always with a focus to control, master, make things his own.  From a detached, objective viewpoint, it often seems that Man goes forth with a little bit of information, professing a desire for understanding but with opinion and personal issue baggage as determining factors.

During this so-called Information Age, it is disconcerting how little information is revealed.  Oh, there is more than enough information about this celebrity, that celebrity, diet items, health fads and all the trendy things that most people consider as making up the substance of their lives.  But important information seems to be less nowadays rather than more… ironic for a time often denoted as an Information Age.

Like you, I have often found myself startled into revelation by information that has come to me often in circuitous ways or certainly not from the expected sources of information transmission.  One such situation occurred recently as I received an email telling me of the US NASA mission to bomb the Moon.

I was stunned, dumbfounded and I was asked to comment.  So, here is my comment.

Like a kid in a candy store, Man has a tendency to want what he wants without consideration of the impact of his actions or even the desire to be in harmony and syntony with his environment.

The scientists and rationalists explain the bombing of the Moon as an exploratory investigation to determine whether there is any sign of water on the Moon.  Not only is this mission to assuage curiosity but also to give or detract credence to the possibility of human colonization of the Moon.

For me, someone who has been immersed both in natural sciences and intuitive sciences for many decades now, I am staggered by the cavalier attitude and what I consider the personality disorder of Man.

Should I be surprised?  Probably not.  I remember when a Mars probe was first discussed with an emphasis upon whether there was life on Mars.  I believed that there was a question, as important if not more important, that had to be asked first.  And my question was: what is the definition of ‘life’ on Mars?  Was it life as depicted and perceived by Man?  Was life far broader than Man’s experience or understanding?

My question by the science community was neither asked nor answered but rather accepted without comment to be life on Mars as equivalent to what would be considered life on Earth.  And for me, such investigation was not merely severely limited but also a waste of time.

And now we come to the present and the scheduled October 9th bombing of the Moon by a Centaur rocket missile aimed at a crater close to the Moon’s south pole.

I object.  I object not solely on the limitations of scientific perspective and standards of investigation.  I object more strongly because of the reflection it exposes of Man’s disassociation from himself and the total discounting of the emotional, the intuitive, the feminine and the Mother, all representative of the Moon symbolically.

But is it any wonder that Man, so emotionally disconnected and so perversely tormented within himself, that he should launch an attack on the feminine, on the Mother?  Man has placed himself on a pedestal, attempting to be a god but with all the foibles and frailties of humanity, and consequently only a god in his own mind.  Man has trashed his environment, fouled the atmosphere, polluted the waters, ravaged the earth.  And now he considers possible colonization of another space body?!

This attack on the feminine that I see with this NASA bombing of the Moon does not surprise me.  Perhaps I have been inured to this process by what I have seen in society itself.  Man sees himself as the creator, the generator, the hunter, the master.  Unfortunately, he has not done too good a job in this role.

In the process, he has diminished and even rebuked the power and gifts of the feminine.  Man has ridiculed emotional intelligence, reviled sustenance and nurture, condemned the intuitive and feeling nature.

I found Man’s attitude playing out in the last US Presidential Election.  The standards for women were much greater, far more stringent than for men.  No matter one’s politics, it was evidenced both in the Democratic Party primary campaigns and in the General Election with two standards set — one lower, less confrontational standard for the men; the other harsher, more critical standard for Senator Clinton and Governor Palin.

Man has turned against his Mother and for me this is truly represented by this callous and narrow-minded bombing of the Moon.

It does not surprise me.  Man has a tendency to go forth, set in his ways, fixed in his opinions.  The day for true investigation, open discussion and a willingness to change opinion based upon new information and revelations is gone.  Man stands by his opinion, his judgment without wavering, willing to do wrong even when right is revealed.

On a tangent, I find that even the rush to judgment on climate change is indicative of this unwavering viewpoint, buying into consensus opinion, to the point of closing off to other possibilities, other factors that could impact the eventual outcome.

Once again, Man has put himself on the pedestal and emphasized that Man’s actions are creating a global warming trend.  Man points to various evidence, and evidence only supportive of his opinion, to buttress his argument that through the use of fossil fuels man is creating this warming trend.  If that were the only factor in climate change, then, yes, Man has created a warming trend.  BUT that factor is not the only factor.  Other significant factors that would contribute to a contrary cooling trend, and there are more to discuss than time and space allows for here, to take into account include:

1.   Natural Climate Cycles.  The natural climate cycle by itself would now be leading towards a cooling trend.

2.   Solar Activity.  Sunspot cycles have been shown to have an impact on climate conditions with us presently at an extreme solar minimum.

3.   Geophysical Activity.  The increase in earthquake and volcanic activity can create a blanket of dust particles blocking out solar radiation thereby lessening earth surface temperatures.

4.   Man’s Countervailing Influences.  A change in the use of the land — deforestation, desertification, urbanization, etc., — impacts climate conditions by changing the albedo or surface reflectivity of the earth.

Unfortunately, Man goes blindly into the night.  He assumes that he wants Truth but often only seeks truth that corroborates his opinion.

There is no turning back from bombing the Moon.  The scientists, the rationalists, emphasize that space clutter bombs the Moon regularly.  There is nothing to fear, they assert.

I would say otherwise.  What there is to fear is Man, his actions, his self-importance and an old belief system that Man can master the universe.  It has led us down the garden path before, does so in the present and may well do so in the future.

The bombing of the Moon is but one more indication of Man’s battle within himself and his need to lash out at the world and at himself.  For Man forgets that similar to the Tao whereby the seed of the Yin is contained within the Yang and the seed of the Yang is contained within the Yin; he too has the seed of the feminine within his own being.  Attacking it is clearly indicative of a severe psychological disorder.