March 7th – 13th, 2022

The astrology for this week of March 7th through the 13th of 2022 prods us to trip off into the light fantastic or into la-la-land where what we see and believe might be more fantasies and illusions rather than a true appraisal of what is really going on.

The week begins with last year’s nemesis of the Saturn Uranus square. While as a society we seem to carom from one distress to another, each of us has the choice as to how we are going to perceive, react and act to the various situations presented to us.

With the Stellium in Pisces, aggravated by Mercury’s entrance on Wednesday into Pisces, a Sign of Detriment for Mercury, our moods and emotions will hold sway. So much for critical analysis and rational thought when our empathy and sensitivity are in play.

Fear and anxiety can ratchet up. Now that we have conquered the deathening virus, we can move on to the brutality of Russia, Russia, Russia, as threats of a nuclear war, World War III, and global holocaust are held out as possibilities, if not probabilities.

If we do not give into the stoking of our emotions and a negative perspective of all that is wrong in our world, then we could actually enhance our spiritual qualities through reflection, contemplation, meditation and prayer. Our attitude is determined by our choice, always our choice.

With all the frenzy and the bombardment of information or disinformation or misinformation, our level of confusion and alarm this week may know no bounds. Let’s take a deep breath and chill out.

The weekend is a time for us to regroup, recharge and reinvigorate. The comforts of home, our own personal sanctuary, or stepping off the track and getting out of Dodge may be necessary palliatives to all the craziness to which we are exposed. Going out into nature and seeing the perfection of divine design can be a pleasant palliative to the tumultuous disruptions of these times.

Monday, March 7th – Always Look on the Bright Side of Life – Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Sun, Neptune. Monday begins the week with the Taurus Moon with the Moon triggering last year’s nemesis of the Saturn Uranus square as the Moon conjuncts Uranus and the Moon squares Saturn. The Taurus Moon sextiles the three Pisces-transiting planets of the Sun, Jupiter and Neptune. We may wish to try an alternative trajectory to our usual regimen as we start the day, but old habits die hard, and even more so when other people expect us to be the way we have been. Change isn’t easy, especially embracing personal transformation when the world seems to be spinning out of control. We have a choice. Either we give into the craziness going on, wring our hands powerless to effect change to the ways of the world or we look beyond the appearances and the presentations and seek a greater connection, a connection beyond mundane reality, and a connection to the eternal, to the infinite. Let’s not give in but rather stand out. We do not have to be oblivious to the tragedies, stresses, and problems in the world. But neither do we have to play victim, roll over, and accept the sense that everything is circling the drain. This is a day for us to look on the bright side of life.

Tuesday, March 8th – Wait for It – Mercury, Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course, Mars, Venus. Tuesday continues with the Taurus Moon with the Moon today square Mercury, and the Moon trine Pluto. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for four hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Taurus and before the Moon enters Gemini where today the Gemini Moon trines both Mars and Venus both in Aquarius. We might feel slightly blocked as we start the day. The blinders to our perspective may be pinching, narrowing our perspective even further. If we don’t get thrown for a loop, fall into negative thinking or feel our goals are unattainable, we could put our head down and focus on what is right in front of us. Once we get out of our own way, the morning hours allow us to attend to the various mundane details that are integral to the larger picture. By dealing with our tasks and obligations early in the day, the better able we are to consider a wide range of options and alternatives later in the day. The evening hours may have us engaged in conversations with our thoughts and topics geared to the ‘what could be’ and the ways we can move ahead with our own personal interests. With the two Stelliums of Aquarius and Pisces in play, we are able to lift our eyes to the far horizons and beyond, and with our vision built upon faith we can fully appreciate that nothing is truly impossible and everything possible during this paradigm shift with its magic and mini-miracles.

Wednesday, March 9th – What it Is – Jupiter, Mercury Pisces. The Gemini Moon today squares Jupiter, and Mercury exits Aquarius to enter Pisces [8:32 PM EST], a Sign of Detriment for Mercury where our thinking is liable to become fuzzy and emotionally based. We are liable to be guided more by our emotions than our reasoning intellect. Confusion can be rampant, and we have to be careful not to be swayed by compelling fervor. Our mood swings might be strong, and it would be suggested we avoid major decisions or significant commitments today. What we see may not be what we get. Finding some quiet space and taking the time to reflect and contemplate what is really going on could help us avoid snap judgments, knee-jerk reactions or acting largely from our passions. We may question what is really going on, but a clear answer could evade us. It is far better for us to observe and consider all the myriad of possible realities without buying into any one of them. We may be left with wondering ‘what it is’, but far better that we accept our confusion and our not knowing rather than rushing to nail down any one perspective. With Mercury entering Pisces, we now have four planets in the Pisces Stellium as Mercury joins the Sun, Jupiter and Neptune in the Mutable Water Sign. When it rains, it pours, and atmospheric storm system can drench areas with liabilities of flash flooding.

Thursday, March 10th – Getting One’s Head in the Game – Sun, Saturn, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course. Thursday continues with the Gemini Moon with the Moon trine Saturn and the Moon square both the Sun and Neptune both in Pisces. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over fourteen and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Gemini and before the Moon enters Cancer early on Friday morning. With so much Piscean energy floating around, we too in our thoughts and feelings may be floating around. Similar to the character of Chauncey Gardiner in the classic 1979 satirical film Being There, our knowledge, understanding and wisdom of the world and what is happening in the world may be cultivated more by our exposure to television and media rather than our own critical investigative analysis. And we have done so from the safety of our personal sanctuary. Unfortunately, we are also liable to be swayed by the HOW and WHAT that are being presented, usually all too brief segments intended to encapsulate the entire situation. The strong Piscean energy allows us to have our head in the clouds, encourages fuzzy thinking with a liability of glossing over significant factors essential to take into account. Discussions with other people might provide some light to the mental meanderings we could be going through or at least a talking out of matters that concern us. If we do not fall into an emotional morass, this is a day for us to think logically and clearly, even if our ideas question or run counter to the collective consensus. We all have to be wary that similar to a dog we are not distracted by ‘squirrel’.

Friday, March 11th – Comforts of Home – Mercury. Friday has the Moon moving into Cancer where today the Cancer Moon trines Mercury. If we have been exhausted by the emotional wrangling of the past two days and even longer, we may choose to spend more time at home on this Friday. One of the outcomes of the virus-related lockdowns of the past two years has been the opportunity to adjust our focus without all the distractions and diversions that our ‘normal’ life had included previously. Many people used the lockdown period like a spiritual retreat, working on themselves, doing internal processing, and sharpening what they would consider to be quality of living rather than an emphasis on the quantity in living. By toning down on the bombardment of stimuli, people had the ability to increase their mindfulness, hone their awareness, and ascend in their consciousness. Instead of being led by the nose by the powers-that-be and the hype of presentations, people came to recognize that while they were part of a larger picture of the collective society, they were also individuals with their own life journey with their own unique pathways. With the energy less intense and less whirling about as it has been, this Friday allows us to reflect and contemplate on what is truly going on and how we can best personally navigate the currents ahead. In numerology, the 11 is a Master Number, indicative of the visionary. This Friday is a good day for us to take a ‘time out’, give space to our vision, and consider how we can nurture and comfort ourselves, our loved ones, and our collective family. Like a pebble in a pond, our upbeat attitude and engagement of pure living have ripple effects that go out and assist other people to see beyond the surface appearances.

Saturday, March 12th – Welcoming Gestures – Uranus, Jupiter, Sun. Saturday has the Cancer Moon sextile Uranus, and the Moon trine both Jupiter and the Sun both in Pisces. Back on Wednesday and Thursday we had the Gemini Moon squaring the Pisces-transiting planets with a liability of ratcheting up our anxiety and increasing our confusion. Today and tomorrow, we have the Moon trine to the Pisces-transiting planets. Changing things up in our home by making changes that are reflective of our own internal processing would help us better align our inner being with our external expression. Let’s keep our antennae up. Unexpected developments might change our intended plans for the day. Whether we do a late winter cleanup and clear out or we engage spring fever by getting out and about, this can be a heartwarming day for us when we see life’s perfections even in the midst of what might otherwise seem to be dystopia unfolding. Getting out into nature, going down by water bodies, could have us reconnect with the majesty of life and nature’s unfolding. We might see the beginning of buds on the trees, the sounds of nature awakening as the approach to the spring season of rebirth is signaled. This is a day for us to open up our heart to our loved ones and friends. It is important that we are able to help someone lift their burden, unwise to take away their karma by carrying their load.

Sunday, March 13th – Inner, Outer – Neptune, Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course, Sun. Sunday continues with the Cancer Moon with the Moon today trine Neptune and the Moon opposed Pluto. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost four hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Cancer and before the Moon enters Leo later in the day. The Sun conjuncts Neptune. Our emotions are heightened today with our compassion and empathy fully engaged. Let’s take some time to reflect on what is truly important for us and what we might want to discard. In the US, the sense of the spring season is increased by the start of daylight savings time. We are a week away from the end of winter and the beginning of the spring season, also the beginning of the astrological new year when the Sun exits Pisces to enter Aries at the Vernal Equinox. Finding balance between our emotions and our effectiveness may be a tall order but it is also a balance between our inner world of spirit and soul and our outer world of ego personality and individual expression. We might prefer to idle this day away by tuning out the apparent realities in the world-at-large or our personal responsibilities, but it would be important for us not to totally negate what we need to get done. We can fully enjoy reveries and reflections, but we can still attend to necessary obligations. The latter part of the day with the Moon moving into Leo gives us some much-needed Fire and a desire to have a good time and enjoy ourselves.