MARCH 2022

We come into March with all flags flying, although possibly from the sanctuary of our home.

The Pisces New Moon on the 2nd [12:35 PM EST] has the Sun Moon conjunction sextile Uranus and in close orb of a conjunction with Jupiter. Mercury conjuncts Saturn. The Stellium in Capricorn of Venus, Mars and Pluto are all in close conjunction with all three exactly conjunct on the 3rd. With the New Moon influence continuing for the next two weeks up to the Full Moon on the 18th, this two-week period can be a highly expansive time when we incorporate necessary changes in a practical and functional manner to allow for a broadening of our reach.

This two-week period is also the latter part of the Pisces transit of the Sun, and it would be wise for us to use this time to consider this past year, do an inventory taking of what we want to bring into the new astrological year when the Sun enters Aries on the 20th, and what we want to leave behind.

The one downer of gliding easily into a widening of our interests and involvement with things that truly speak to us is the Mercury Saturn conjunct. The question as to whether we have the resources and talents to realize our goals might taunt us. The actions of the powers-that-be could daunt our efforts. Our reliance upon the ‘tried and true’, although once tried possibly no longer true, may put on blinders and keep us from engaging the new and the different.

If we don’t fall prey to our own personal fears and anxieties, or those of the collective or those of the authorities, we are likely to discover that we can twist and turn, shift and adapt, to the changing currents or the parameters as they are.

The 5th of March has the Sun conjunct Jupiter exact. We might feel buoyed by our faith. We could be more in our own personal space, a sanctuary where the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and by their human counterparts can hardly reach us. An enthusiasm, even exuberance, with an appreciation that each one of us has our own personal journey can fortify us to move ahead along our individual pathway.

The Capricorn Stellium ends on the 6th of March as both Venus and Mars exit Capricorn and conjunct one another in Aquarius. The entry into Aquarius by Venus [1:30 AM EST] and Mars [1:23 AM EST] creates a Stellium in the Fixed Air Sign as they join Saturn and Mercury in Aquarius.

Again, we have two Stelliums, one in Pisces, and one in Aquarius. Aquarius and Pisces are the two most universal Signs of the Zodiac with both having an otherworldly awareness and a link to the cosmic consciousness beyond the limitations of present human beliefs.

Mundane matters may seem secondary as our vista opens up to a great beyond. No matter the limitations of the physical body or the edicts of authorities tied to a collective unconsciousness, our understanding of realities far beyond usual human existence may be enhanced, and evidence even presented. We might even be witness to extra-terrestrial citizens, entities that in times past might have been referred to as aliens, a term no longer politically correct.

The 9th of March has Mercury exiting Aquarius to enter Pisces [8:32 PM EST], increasing the influence of the Pisces Stellium as Mercury joins the Sun, Jupiter and Neptune in the Mutable Water Sign.

Mercury is in Detriment in Pisces, for the reasoning, rational analytical process gives way to an emotional, diffuse, even confused thinking.

Our moods may be strong, and people could be doing a great deal of sighing, an unconscious reaction both to the ending of an annual cycle and a feeling that there is something far beyond human earth-life existence and yet seemingly out of reach.

If we would control our moods, then our intuitive sense can truly come forward. An inner knowing allows us to cut through the hype, the presentations, and the spin to feel what is really going on. We can also be comforted in the acceptance that life is a continuum, constantly changing like the ocean’s waves with its crests and troughs. When we leave the earth plane, we are merely crossing into another dimension.

With the heavy Pisces influence, there can be times of intense precipitation during this March. Storm fronts might stall, drenching areas in rain or snow and triggering flash floods with consequent mudslides and washaways.

The liability of chronic health issues could raise the specter of other variants of virus coming forward. Perhaps the powers-that-be will revert to their playbook with suggestions that further jabs will inoculate and lessen the severity of the effects of the virus variants.

Accountability and responsibility may be lacking in society and in its institutions, but they are characteristics for each of us to engage in order to truly integrate [integrity] for our individual growth, self-development, and consciousness ascension.

The Sun sextiles Neptune on the 13th of March, and we may feel the very essence of our being with a commitment to better express our spirit and our soul. As we stand up, shine our light, it is like a pebble in a pond with ripple effects that go out and either impact people dramatically or subtly but influence people nonetheless. How people react to us is irrelevant when we stand in our own strength and integrity.

The 17th of March is St. Patrick’s Day and has Mercury sextile Uranus. Although this day is often a rowdy day of good times with good friends and a generous portion of corned beef, cabbage, and boiled potato with a pint or two of Guinness, in the quiet often comes the answer. By engaging meditation, reflection, contemplation, quiet or just being open, we might experience ‘ah-ha’ moments when a sense of understanding comes to us. We may have startling insights and surprising news, any of which contributes to a greater understanding and a clue in the ‘right action’ of our journey ahead. We could experience that like St. Patrick we can rid ourselves of the snakes of our own terror, anxiety and wrong thinking.

The Virgo Full Moon on the 18th [3:18 AM EDT] has the Moon opposed the Sun and the Moon trine Pluto and the Sun sextile Pluto. The conceptual and the practical could blend neatly together with everything done with no excess and with incisive attention to detail. This is a highly productive time and comes as we near the end of the winter season with us about to begin a new astrological new year at the time of the Vernal Equinox on the 20th.

We close out the winter season on the 19th with Venus square Uranus. Relationships could prove dicey with people stuck in their opinions, unwilling to hear alternate views, and pontificating their beliefs. With the spring season about to commence, we might consider what we want to bring completion to and what we want to be rid of, which may even include a friendship or connection. We may end this astrological year looking to do a cleanup and clear out, but let’s avoid throwing ‘the baby out with the bath water’.

The spring season begins on the 20th of March at the Vernal Equinox as the Sun exits Pisces to enter Aries [11:33 AM EDT] and begins a new astrological year. Happy New Year!

Spring is the season of the renaissance, rebirth, renewal and new beginnings. Like a pioneer venturing forward in new terrain, we become more insistent on an exploration of new possibilities.

With the Stelliums of three planets in both Aquarius and Pisces, our adventurous spirit might concentrate more on characteristics far beyond mundane realities as we seek a greater connection to the cosmic rather than the mere earthly. With everything we have been through and with what we are witnessing, we could be shaking our head at the craziness we see in the so-called daily realities and mutter the sentiment: “Stop the world – I want to get off.”

It is at such times that we need to draw upon our inner strength and our faith and believe that despite all the horrors and tragedies in the world that ‘life is good’.

The 21st of March has Mercury conjunct Jupiter. Even if our thinking is diffuse and our anxieties heightened, this is a time for us to create the sanctuary for ourselves — both an external sanctuary in our home and personal environments and an inner sanctuary in whatever life-affirming philosophies we can accept.

It is important that we bolster our spiritual warrior in order to meet the challenges and especially the intense energies associated with the Mars Uranus square on the 22nd. People can seem increasingly unhinged with liabilities of people acting out, acting irrationally, aggressively and prone to accidents due to impetuous behavior. At this time, it is essential that we act with great caution, maintain our awareness, be ever vigilant, and recognize that unexpected situations could prove daunting, even threatening. Our sense of stability may be shaken, but then these past two disruptive and tumultuous years could have provided us the ability to withstand whatever comes our way.

As the wise and true saying suggests: “We never get more than we can handle.”

We might question the sentiment, especially by those who have given up, accepted a role of being victim and pawn to the powerbrokers. The differentiation between hero and victim was evident during the lockdowns where some people chose to use the restrictions as a time of spiritual retreat, working on their inner lives and developing avenues for their creative expressions; other people anxious and frightened, only pacing the floor and wringing their hands. Choice, always our choice.

With Mercury conjunct Neptune on the 23rd, we can either soar with the eagles or plummet to fathomless depths of despair. Our choice, always our choice. If we don’t believe in some FORCE greater than ourselves, apart from a secular belief in the state which seems to be teetering and tottering at best, we are more likely to plummet than to soar. But if we believe in the perfection of divine design, then we might realize, despite the empirical evidence to the contrary, that things are working out in perfect accord with their own natural unfolding, in their own rhythm and at their own pace. This is a time when we are called upon to embrace the slogan: ‘Ya gotta believe’.

If we choose to accept that things are working out the way that they are, even if in contradiction to everything we would prefer, then the 26th of March when Mercury sextiles Pluto allows us to put our spirit into action. Prodded by faith, even our blind faith, we can visualize a best practices approach to accomplishing our goals, advancing our primary interests. Combining our intuitive sense and our foresight with determination and attention to detail, we can virtually move mountains and get more done effectively and productively as if guided in our actions.

The 27th of March has another shift in energy, more fuel to our fire, as Mercury exits Pisces to enter Aries [3:44 AM EDT]. The Stellium in Pisces ends as Mercury comes out of the Mutable Water Sign where Mercury is in detriment and our thinking has been determined by our emotions rather than rational analysis. Mercury in Aries may have us focus on our personal interests and a greater voice for our self-expression. We are less liable to be fooled or manipulated by the images, hype or spin of the powers-that-be and their cohorts. Increasingly, we might realize that each of us has to engage and express the powers of our individuality, the quality of our being ME.

On the 28th of March, Venus conjuncts Saturn. We are all aware of the intense divisiveness occurring in our society. It’s as if we have all been operating a civil war where we have negated people’s choice unless it concurs with our own and we have shunned people who differ from us and aligned ourselves with those agreeable. Although the Stellium in Aquarius would seek to celebrate individuality, uniqueness and personal freedoms, we may find ourselves seeking support and encouragement from those people who are on our same page.

Let’s cut everybody, including ourselves, an awful lot of slack during these times that try men’s [women’s, nonbinary, and whatever] souls.

March 2022… out of our darkness into our light…