Monthly Archives: April, 2022

  • April 25th – May 1st, 2022

    The astrology for the week of April 25th through May 1st of 2022 can have us in a world of make believe that we could actually make happen if we truly believe.

  • April 18th – 24th, 2022

    The astrology for this week of April 18th through the 24th of 2022 offers us glimpses into the magic of this paradigm shift, if we are willing to take off our blinders, get out of our own way, and open ourselves to a wide range of possibilities, even the seemingly impossible.

  • April 11th – 17th, 2022

    The astrology for this week of April 11th through the 17th of 2022 ramps up the Pisces energy and can have us wandering blithely through an idyllic rendering of life on earth OR could have us back to handwringing and drenched by the heavy rains of feverish emotions.

  • April 4th – 10th, 2022

    The astrology for this week of April 4th through the 10th of 2022 can have us stalled out before flipping into hyperdrive.

  • April 2022

    We come into April with the Aries New Moon on the 1st [2:24 AM EDT] with the Moon conjunct the Sun and both in orb of a conjunction with Mercury. We have greater impetus to the spring season putting a fire under us to find outlets for our own creative self-expression. We are far more »more