February 7th – 13th, 2022

The astrology for this week of February 7th through the 13th of 2022 can have us stake our claim on our individual pursuits and advance our personal interests.

The week begins with us geared up to get things done. We are likely energized, productive and utilizing streamlined methodology to accomplish our goals no matter what impediments may be placed in our way. Like a skilled downhill racer, we could easily avoid obstacles, skirt any bumps in our course, and make it through the week without being blocked or distracted by naysayers or disturbing issues that might arise.

This is a week for the spiritual warrior to focus on the practical and the objective. We needn’t be influenced by the harangue of the weak or compliant. This is a week for us to assert our individuality, our personal ambitions and to recognize that no matter the backdrop in which we find ourselves we can not only make it through the night, we can be successful in our greatest endeavors. Perhaps we are better appreciating that there is a force far greater than the simpering dictates of mundane reality and that the FORCE is with those who stand and voice their self-expression and engage their creative talents.

If we would concentrate our efforts this week, we could unravel from entanglements, attend to the details essential to the whole, and not be dissuaded from our efforts by fascinating digressions.

The weekend allows us for ‘down time’, a weekend of hanging out, chilling, and relaxing, a well-deserved reward from a highly effective and productive week.

Monday, February 7th – Confident and Attentive – Jupiter, Mars, Uranus, Venus. Monday and Tuesday of this week are two highly functional and productive days. Monday has the Taurus Moon sextile Jupiter, the Moon conjunct Uranus, and the Moon trine both Mars and Venus both in Capricorn. Feeling optimistic and enthusiastic about our prospects, we can move ahead with our goals attending to the details and developing an appealing presentation. We may find that once we set into motion, things can develop in the most intriguing ways. It might seem like all we have to do is to flip the on switch and we’re off and running but without any missteps along the way. With Mercury now direct, although in its ‘shadow’, this day could be a day for us to consider any significant purchases we have put off during the Mercury retrograde. Although today and tomorrow revisit last year’s nemesis of the Saturn Uranus square, their liable irritations may be minor, even trace memories of delays and upsets. The more we can pursue innovative ways of achieving our purpose and the less tied we are to old patterns that no longer work, the more successful we are likely to be in moving ahead with less stress and strain and with greater ease and effectiveness.

Tuesday, February 8th – Brief Stumbles Before Gaining our Pace – Saturn, Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Pluto, Mars, Uranus. Tuesday continues with the Taurus Moon with the Moon today square both Saturn and the Sun both in Aquarius, the Moon sextile Neptune, and the Moon trine both Mercury and Pluto both in Capricorn. Mars trines Uranus. We might have been full-on yesterday, accomplishing a great amount, even perhaps successfully tilting against windmills. We may have felt propelled by a force greater than ourselves, as if we were in the ‘zone’ where nothing could go amiss. This Tuesday allows us a similar energy, if we don’t give in either to our own self-doubts or someone else’s skepticisms. Although we are liable to start the day exhausted from yesterday’s efforts and questioning our ability to achieve our greatest intentions, the stumble may be brief before we get ourselves in drive and forge ahead with the determination that no one will be stopping us now, even by our own hesitations. Tuesday picks up where we left off yesterday. Our determination and our willingness to undertake streamlined methods that provide an ease of operations can have us taking care of any number of matters, all with the intention of advancing our goals and our greatest desires. Monday and Tuesday are two days not to be lost. There’s no time for the weak of heart, especially when we get an incredible exhilaration from all that we are able to accomplish.

Wednesday, February 9th – Running in Place. The Moon enters Gemini on this Wednesday but makes no connections to the planets today. Monday and Tuesday were two primo days when we could have gotten a lot done, advanced our interests and not be waylaid by anyone or anything. We might have felt as if we had blinders on, concentrated on what was right in front of us with little or no wavering in our intent. Wednesday is a different story. This is a day when we might take off our blinders and consider all the options and various alternatives that we have available to us. Awareness and implementation are two different characteristics, and it would be far better for us today to engage our awareness and forego our implementation. This Wednesday can be one of those days when we could sample any number of interesting possibilities without taking any one seriously. We might consider this Wednesday a ‘mental health’ day, a day to regroup and recharge, especially after the past two days when we could have been flat out. Let’s keep in mind that life is about cycles, that there are times when we have the energy to virtually move mountains, other times when we need to rest or take into account a wider realm of possibilities. If we try to continue on in the same vein as the past two days, this Wednesday could have us running in place. Far better for us to participate in the nonsensical and the entertaining today rather than trying to force matters when the force, which had been with us, has temporarily evaporated.

Thursday, February 10th – Anywhere and Everywhere Before Settling Down – Jupiter, Saturn. Thursday has the Gemini Moon square Jupiter to begin the day, and the Moon trine Saturn later in the day. We could start this Thursday in a frenzy wanting to take on any number of things but without possibly thinking things through. While Monday and Tuesday might have been greatly productive with us being highly effective, yesterday’s break might have instilled a sense of invincibility, and today we could go forward with all guns blazing but with more of a scatter-shot approach than a targeted application. As if operating on blind faith and false optimism, we might assume that we can do it all and then some. Even if we get ourselves into a muddle early in the day, someone may be able to straighten things out for us later in the day. Like a distilling process, we can take our assortment of ideas and involvements and then weed through what is truly significant and what might be a mindless diversion, but we might only possibly do so through a little help from a friend. We may not be able to see clearly the good, the bad, and the ugly, and so a trusted confidante could provide the necessary critiquing of our many participations to determine what works for us and what might prove a journey for us down a rabbit hole.

Friday, February 11th – Before the Weekend Escape – Neptune, Sun, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Pluto. In the early morning hours of Friday, the Gemini Moon squares Neptune and the Moon trines the Sun. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for fifteen hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Gemini and before the Moon enters Cancer towards the end of the day. Mercury conjuncts Pluto. Similar to yesterday, we have to avoid not trying to do too much or getting distracted by needless diversions. We are coming into Super Bowl Weekend in the US, the last blowout of the football season. Many people will be geared up for ‘the game’ and preparing for a weekend of parties, get-togethers and indulging in festivities. We are likely feeling good about things and looking forward to the weekend, but then when aren’t we looking forward to a weekend? If we have issues to complete, this day gives us a laser-like mind, the ability to cut to the core without negating any of the specific details. This is a good day to wrap up loose ends and make all necessary preparations for the weekend ahead.

Saturday, February 12th – Comforts of Home – Jupiter, Uranus, Mars. Saturday has the Cancer Moon with the Moon today trine Jupiter, the Moon sextile Uranus, and the Moon opposed Mars. Today and tomorrow are two days when we might want to put any pressing demands on the back burner and instead focus on kicking back, relaxing, re-creating and enjoying good times with good friends. We are likely feeling comforted and nurtured by our home environment and may even decide to make some alterations to our setup. Surprising developments late in the day could have us entertaining or going out to join someone or other people in an evening get-together. We do need to keep track of our expenses, since there might be a ‘devil-may-care’ attitude with us enjoying ourselves and being open to whatever presents itself. We don’t have to be abstemious but neither do we have to be indulgent. ‘Moderation in all things’ is something we can adhere to without engaging wild swings. But this weekend is geared to something of a blowout, good times with good friends, and enjoying all the creature comforts we can muster.

Sunday, February 13th – Super Duper – Venus, Neptune. Sunday continues with the Cancer Moon with the Moon today opposed Venus, and the Moon trine Neptune. This is Super Bowl Sunday in the US, the climax of the football season and usually a major blowout before we hit the skids and descend into winter doldrums. Interactions with other people might be sketchy, and we have to be careful not to make judgments or be prey to other people’s judgments. We’re not interested in any parade rainers today. We want to enjoy ourselves, even to the point of excess. Whether we take in the game or not, this Super Bowl Sunday gives us license to engage in excess of food, drink and camaraderie. And a blowout it may be with a nasty hangover on Monday. The day after Super Bowl Sunday records the annual highest absences of employees with an estimated 16+ million workers expected taking the day off last year with lost productivity of close to $4 billion. Let’s enjoy the weekend but keep in mind the proverb that ‘if you dance to the music, you must pay to the piper.’