February 2022

We come into February on the 1st with the Aquarius New Moon [12:46 AM EST] and the beginning of the Chinese New Year, this year being the year of the yang black water tiger.

Directly impacting the next two weeks up to the Leo Full Moon on the 16th and with the Chinese New Year casting its influence on the year ahead, this New Moon impels us to consider a wide variety of options with a solid determination to bring them to fruition.

With the influence by orb of the New Moon configuration square Uranus, not all the vast possibilities are likely to develop. By our own choice or by circumstance, there can be a whittling down of potential prospects. The filtration process is important for us to concentrate on the truly meaningful with the recognition and appreciation that what we consider to be meaningful might not be meaningful in the eyes of the universal energies and what the universal energies portend for us.

One of the outgrowths of the viruses, lockdowns and social distancing has been our ability to hone our intentions, strengthen our focus, and concentrate on the truly meaningful. Whether consciously or subconsciously, we have all gone through major transformations.

Hopefully, we have grown in awareness, developed mindfulness, and moved beyond the need for countless diversions into ascension of our spirit and the means for our soul expression.

This Chinese New Year of the water tiger augurs a dynamic year with unexpected changes and surprising developments.

Similar to the British war-time affirmation of ‘keep calm and carry on’, we shall need to maintain our inner strength to successfully deal with intense times during this year while we stare into the eye of the tiger.

Mercury turns direct on February 3rd [11:13 PM EST], ending its three-week Mercury retrograde cycle. We now have a chance to correct any mistakes or misdeeds we might have committed over the past three weeks as Mercury was retrograding first through Aquarius and then through Capricorn.

We are still in the ‘shadow’ of the Mercury retrograde until Mercury reaches the degree at which Mercury turned retrograde, February 24th. We can certainly move forward, even make significant decisions or important actions, but we do need to be careful and certain that we are dealing with the details and addressing the specifics as we go along.

A sense of having our car’s transmission in neutral and gunning the engine could be how we feel on February 4th. Mars sextiles Jupiter, and the Sun conjuncts Saturn. We are also dealing with the shift in energy caused by yesterday’s Mercury shift in direction, which always makes us a little wobbly for a day or two as we get our rhythm and determine our pace. We may be in high gear to get things going, believe that we have the universe on our side, assume that we are on target of our own personal destiny and journey, and yet we could also feel stuck as though we don’t have all the necessary components or resources to move forward. Although we might want to tamp down our enthusiasm, that does not mean that we stall out or flood our engine. On the contrary, by keeping in mind that every journey begins with a first step, we can move forward with our plans, fully aware that if we choose to change trajectories or decide that our intentions are ill-conceived, then we can always make the necessary alterations. Nothing is gained by running in place. In this age of the paradigm shift, we need to keep in mind that we are no longer in control of situations but rather co-creators with the universe unfolding with its bag of magic and miracles to ease our way.

Any delays or restraints we might encounter on the 4th are released on the 8th when Mars trines Uranus. As if affirming the truth to the statement ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’, we can draw upon stream-lined ways and innovative means to advance our personal interests. We may be gung-ho to step away from the collective opinion, even more so if the ‘group think’ is still attached to wringing their hands and cowering in fear. We are likely to have none of it. We’ve seen the movie, no longer engaged in the sequels.

While we might have been in turbo drive from the Mars trine Uranus on the 8th, the 11th of February allows us to fine tune, hone, and refine our efforts.
Mercury conjuncts Pluto providing us with a laser-like focus to strategize and devise the most effective means to accomplish our goals.

This second week of February is not a week to lose to mindless distractions or unnecessary diversions. We may begin new projects, fast forward projects already initiated, but the force is with us. While it might be preferable to put the horse before the cart and plan our course of action prior to setting off, that might not be the way the universe is asking us to play it this go-round. No worries.

Whether our fast out of the gate was on track or not with the Mars Uranus trine, we can get on track with the Mercury Pluto conjunction. Little will be lost, for with every project it has both a life of its own and can necessitate some tweaking as it develops. And so it may be for us in this second week of February.

The 14th of February has Mercury moving back into Aquarius [4:54 PM]. In so doing, Mercury re-energizes the Aquarius Stellium as Mercury joins the Sun and Saturn in the Fixed Air Sign. We now have both a Stellium in Aquarius and a Stellium in Capricorn. This blend allows us to have ‘our head in the clouds and our feet planted firmly on the ground’.

We can attend to our responsibilities all the while that we are looking to our future goals. We are able to find a balance between what we wish to achieve and the circumstances and conditions in which we find ourselves. We may have to hew to the party line, but we are looking at emphasizing our freedom and independence within the set of parameters.

The Leo Full Moon on the 16th [11:56 AM EST] with the Sun opposed the Moon also has Venus conjunct Mars. We may be feeling at the top of our game, but any narcissistic tendencies are lost to consideration and care for those significant people in our lives. Our emotions may be heightened, but our emotions can be our love and appreciation for the important people in our life. There is no battle of the sexes going on, for we are far more integrated with our masculine and feminine sides. This would be a time us to consider a personal makeover, shopping purchases, all in preparation for the spring season ahead with its promises of renewal, rebirth, our own personal renaissance.

A good time feel during this mid-February period might be heightened by the Jupiter sextile Uranus on the 17th. We could make some necessary changes to our environment and to our beliefs that are more reflective of the transformations we have been going through. We might feel guided, our compassion further engaged, as we look to make our own personal world an idyllic paradise. It does not matter what is going on in the world outside our space, for we are evolving a sanctuary in both our inner space and our external place. In the quiet of our own reflections, our faith can be fortified with a gentle understanding that things are unfolding in their own time and in their own way. Transitions are not always easy, for letting go is often hard. Having faith in the process supports us in understanding that things do eventually work out.

On the 18th, the Sun exits Aquarius to enter Pisces [11:43 AM EST], the last Sign of the Zodiac wheel. The Sun’s change in Sign brings closure to the Aquarius Stellium and creates a Stellium in the Mutable Water Sign as the Sun joins Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. Our sensitivity is ratcheted up ever more so, and our inner life accentuated. No matter our religious or philosophical beliefs, we may better understand that there is something far beyond the mere mundane of human existence. Quietly and in reflection we are able to pierce the veil of Maya, get beyond the illusions of appearance and matter, and truly feel the spirit and essence of being. This begins a time of year when we reflect on what has gone before, a karmic period when we could feel receptive to a greater understanding of our life’s mysteries influenced by the backdrop of the parameters of earthly conditions and circumstance. We are less attached to the displays of the superficial and shallow, more connected with what lies beyond the surface.

Whether consciously or subconsciously, we may feel impelled to put spirit into action when Mars sextiles Neptune on the 23rd of February. As if divinely guided, we might have the sense that we can accomplish a lot and do so on greased wheels where everything comes together easily and swiftly.

It is important to keep in mind that the two Stelliums, one in Capricorn and the one in Pisces, are in sextile of one another. This period is a time when we can draw upon foresight and practical application to create a focused and grounded itinerary towards our goals and realizing our ambitions.

The third week of February offers us the ability to move things into place neatly and easily, so long as we don’t run away with ourselves and get in our own way.

The Mars Venus conjunction that we had at the time of the Full Moon on the 16th is engaged by the Mars sextile Neptune on the 23rd, followed by Venus sextile Neptune on the 24th.

We can easily move our interests ahead as if on greased wheels with few impediments in our way, followed by our smoothing over any rough edges to present our involvements in a graceful manner and with precision to detail.

The only impediment that could arise at this time would be the Mercury square Uranus on the 24th. This aspect is my least favorite for air travel, and other issues associated with this energy configuration include travel difficulties, technology problems with Internet and computer equipment, misunderstandings and miscommunications, and misdirection. Either we could have too much information being input into our brain or our own need for control might have us shooting ourselves in the foot.

If we are able to harness this high frequency transmission in a way that we can be open and receptive to incoming information, we could think outside the box, streamline our operations, and be more effective with less expenditure of energy.

Keys for us during these times of the paradigm shift are not to get in our own way, alter our behavior and our attitude, and be willing to work WITH the energies rather than trying to control them and manipulate them to our will.

February 2022… the light grows despite the dark of winter…