February 14th – 20th, 2022

The astrology for this week of February 14th through the 20th of 2022 can have us emphasizing our individuality, putting our personal mark upon our endeavors before we move into a far more reflective and contemplative disposition by tuning out the madding crowd.

The week begins with Valentine’s Day, and in the US the day after the Super Bowl. Whether we intend to address our responsibilities on this Monday or just blow them off to nurse our hangover from the day before, we shouldn’t expect much work done to begin the week.

We are far more interested in ‘letting the good times roll’ than in dealing with our obligations. We might justify our desire of extending the weekend by this day hallmarked as a day of companionship, love and affection shown to those significant people in our lives.

There are a great deal of shifts and changes during this week. Mercury exits Capricorn to enter Aquarius, thereby creating a brief Stellium in the Fixed Air Sign as Mercury joins the Sun and Saturn in Aquarius. We now have two Stelliums operational, one in Capricorn the other in Aquarius. If we work with the energies, these configurations could give us the impetus to have ‘our head in the clouds and our feet planted firmly on the ground’.

We can attend to what we need to get done, all the while that we are looking towards future trajectories that allow us greater autonomy and a focus on our own unique interests.

We still have the push – pull between the collective and the individual, between regulations and freedoms. While there might seem to be a battle of wills engaged, we don’t have to play the game nor allow restrictions to impose restraints on our activities or on our advancing our personal interests. We may have to navigate the currents of rules and standards, but by no means do we have to stand in place or become catatonic to the present ways of the world.

The Leo Full Moon mid-week highlights our creative talents, venues for our self-expression, all with the support and encouragement of a loved one. We may feel as though we are engaged in a Mutual Admiration Society with people advocating each other’s unique abilities.

The end of the week has another major shift as the Sun exits Aquarius to enter Pisces, the last Sign of the Zodiac wheel. The Aquarius Stellium ends, replaced by a Stellium in Pisces as the Sun joins Jupiter and Neptune in the Mutable Water Sign. We are entering the last phase of the astrological year, and in so doing we may decide on a more reflective, contemplative time when we step away, even if only briefly, from the frantic goings-on in the world and turn inward to do our inner work, bolster our faith, and recognize our journey to be a personal destiny.

The weekend may be geared to time spent with friends and loved ones, but with errands to be run as we look to close out the winter season and prepare for the spring season ahead.

Monday, February 14th – Sweeter than Whine – Venus, Mercury, Mercury Aquarius. The early morning hours of Monday has the Cancer Moon opposed both Pluto and Mercury both in Capricorn. The Moon then goes into Leo but makes no aspects to the planets today. Mercury exits Capricorn to enter Aquarius, which generates a Stellium in the Fixed Air Sign as Mercury joins the Sun and Saturn in Aquarius. This is Valentine’s Day, a day for us to express our love and affection to that special person, or persons, in our life. It is also in the US the day after the Super Bowl, a day known as a day when many people shrug off their responsibilities, nurse a hangover or chat up people with a detailed recap of the game or of the very pricey television commercials. With the Moon in Leo today, we are more likely to concentrate on having a good time and finding creative outlets for ourselves than dealing with our obligations. With the football season coming to an end, some people feel the winter doldrums setting in, so today is a day to party and imbibe the sweeter rather than the whine.

Tuesday, February 15th – Can’t Shake It – Lunar T-Square, Uranus, Saturn. Tuesday continues with the Leo Moon with the Moon triggering a Fixed Sign T-Square by engaging last year’s nemesis of the Saturn Uranus square. Today, the Leo Moon squares Uranus early in the day, and the Moon opposes Saturn later in the day. Conflicts between what we might want to do and what we are able to do could thwart our best intended efforts. We have been witnessing this square operating on the world stage with the protests to presumed government overreach and the harsh crackdowns by the powers that be. Autonomy vs regulatory have been at play for quite a while, no matter what the topic of contention might be. In our personal lives, we may be itching to engage something different or for us to do our regular involvements in a more streamlined manner, but we may find ourselves banging up against impediments, delays and frustrations as we just try to get from here to there. To avoid anger or resentment toward conditions in which we find ourselves, it would be wise for us to remind ourselves that life is often like the Texas two-step with two steps forward, one step back, one step forward, two steps back. If we can see any problems or delays as a means for us to tweak, rework and reconfigure our activities, we could become aware that setbacks often allow for the refining of our projects. This is a day for us to seek out ways to be more effective with less expenditure of energy and with the realization that we might not be able to fully implement our preferred changes today but that changes are set into motion to unfold in their own twists and turns towards achievement.

Wednesday, February 16th – the Integrated I – Leo Full Moon, Sun, Moon Void-of-Course, Venus, Mars. Wednesday has the Leo Full Moon with the Moon opposed the Sun. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost four hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Leo and before the Moon enters Virgo later in the day. Venus conjuncts Mars. This is a day when, if we can hold it together, we could be operating at our optimum. We are likely to be quite dramatic today with an emphasis upon our personal style and our individual interests and without our stepping on anyone’s toes. There might be a sense of a Mutual Admiration Society with everyone relatively comfortable in their own skin and far more interested in a dramatic presentation, all the while being receptive to the attractive displays of other people. While the energy is ratcheted up today, the outcome may be pleasant interactions with us feeling good about ourselves and about the other people we encounter, and everything seeming to be bright and airy. This day offers balance, a sense of greater self-integration and may be a highly pleasant day for get-togethers, sharing, and exploring our creative talents. What’s not to like when we are feeling more put together and don’t feel critiqued or criticized?

Thursday, February 17th – Magic Carpet Ride – Jupiter, Uranus. Thursday and Friday can be two highly effective and productive days. We may be coming off the first half of the week having recharged our batteries by social interactions and pursuing our personal interests. Today and tomorrow can have us working smarter rather than harder, days when things can fit neatly together without too much effort on our part. This Thursday has the Virgo Moon opposed Jupiter, and the Moon trine Uranus. Jupiter sextiles Uranus. If we don’t get ahead of ourselves, don’t try to take on too much and are willing to co-create with the natural unfolding, today and tomorrow provide the energy for us to move quickly ahead and advance our activities and our projects. The main thing for us to realize is that we don’t have to do it all but that we have to have our antennae up and work with peripheral vision and with an appreciation that the universal unfolding is truly on our side. Life is good, and we might witness those mini-miracles, serendipitous encounters, and synchronistic happenings that seem to be increasingly evident on a daily basis. By drawing upon our faith and belief that things work in accord with their own natural rhythm and their own pace, we can truly be in the right place at the right time with things fitting neatly into place. We could even feel as though we are riding smoothly along on a magic carpet ride.

Friday, February 18th – Taking Care of Business – Venus, Mars, Neptune, Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course, Sun Pisces. Friday continues with the Virgo Moon with the Moon today opposed Neptune and the Moon trine the three Capricorn-transiting planets of Venus, Mars and Pluto. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for four and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Virgo and before the Moon enters Libra late in the day. The Sun exits Aquarius and enters Pisces, ending the Aquarius Stellium but generating a Pisces Stellium as the Sun joins Jupiter and Neptune in the Mutable Water Sign. Similar to yesterday, this Friday allows us to get a lot done, so long as we do not get carried away and try to do too much. We might have our head down, nose to grindstone, as we attend to the various details that make up the whole. If we concentrate on what we need to get done without being distracted, we could accomplish a lot today. Yesterday and today are two days when we can be highly productive and effective in dealing with our responsibilities and tasks at hand. The movement of the Sun into Pisces, the last Sign on the Zodiac wheel, also brings us into a more contemplative time, a time for us to review what has gone on since the beginning of last spring, consider what we have accomplished both on an external level and our inner work, and prepare for the new astrological year next month beginning with the Vernal Equinox and the Sun entering Aries. This is a day for to take care of business, attend to mundane matters and appreciate the crescendo of two highly constructive days.

Saturday, February 19th – Catching a Breath – Mercury. Saturday has the Libra Moon trine Mercury. After two vigorous and possibly highly productive days, this Saturday may be a day when we slow things down, catch a breath and recharge our batteries. Getting together with someone or with other people, whether in person or through the air waves, can provide pleasant interactions and discussions of future plans. With the Sun having entered Pisces yesterday, we now have two Stelliums, one in Pisces, the other in Capricorn. These energy configurations suggest that we could intuit our next steps along our individual pathway and do so in a pragmatic and effective manner. We just need to step off the track now and then, reflect on where we have been, and contemplate where we intend to go. We may also find that we are drawing upon a faith of something greater than ourselves. That faith can bolster us during these tumultuous and disruptive times of the paradigm shift. Conversations with people could help us remove blinders, provide alternative viewpoints, and make us aware of the wide range of prospects for ourselves and for the world at large. It is essential that we appreciate the reality that with every birth there are labor pains, growing pains. Both as individuals and as a society, we might be feeling those growing pains in our transformation and in the ascension of our consciousness. Let’s all take a deep breath and have our faith in the goodness of life renewed.

Sunday, February 20th – Stubbing our Toes – Saturn, Venus, Mars. Sunday begins the day with the Libra Moon trine Saturn, and the Moon square both Venus and Mars both in Capricorn. We might have used Saturday to reinvigorate ourselves with no pressure, no demands, just catching our breath and appreciating the wonder of it all. We could start this Sunday with great intentions. In our mind’s eye, we can easily see how we are able to accomplish our plans. The actual implementation of our plans, however, may hit some snags along the way. We might not have taken into account the conditions and circumstances in which we find ourselves. There can be naysayers we encounter as we discuss or seek to engage our plans. This is a day that may give us a heads-up between visualization and practical reality. Things are often far easier in concept than in implementation. Instead of feeling defeated by any obstacles in our way, let’s keep in mind that we don’t always have to take a frontal approach but rather can go around some of the obstacles placed in our way. Shifting and changing according to whichever way the winds blows afford us the opportunity to be in synch with nature’s ways. Increasingly, we are being offered opportunities of seeing that being co-creators with the natural unfolding is more effective and likely to be far more productive than trying to force our will upon circumstance.