2022 – Astrological Perspective

As we come into 2022, I decided to highlight some of the significant astrological energy configurations during this new year of 2022

Although I could wax on about the various effects we are likely to see from these different energies, I shall keep it succinct and concise

    Saturn Aquarius – Uranus Taurus

Last year, we were bedeviled by the Saturn Uranus square exact three times over the course of 2021. Although we shall not have an exact aspect between Saturn Uranus in this year of 2022, the influence is still likely to be felt into the first week of March 2023

One can best sum up this configuration as a conflict between:

• old ways and new methodologies
• governmental restrictions and individual freedoms
• national fiat currencies and decentralized finance [defi]
• sovereign nation states and global world order
• traditional institutions and innovative formats

Like energy itself, planetary energies can operate in both a positive and a negative manner

    Saturn in Aquarius

Traditionally, Saturn ruled Aquarius and presently Saturn co-rules Aquarius with Uranus. Saturn in Aquarius opens the door to:

* technological advances
* the world wide web of the Internet with people able to create, publish, photograph, communicate easily, effectively and immediately
* tries to create structure for the new, different, the avant garde

The downside of Saturn in Aquarius is technology run amok with restrictions and regulations on the freedom of expression:

* cancel culture
* vax passports
* social credit systems
* ability to hack and alter data
* disinformation of George Orwell’s ‘newspeak’, the authorized narrative that determines what we get to see, hear, and be aware of

Saturn transits the second decanate of Aquarius [Gemini] into mid-March and again from mid-September through November 2022:

* restrictions on free speech, censorship under the guise of blocking ‘hate speech’, disinformation, ‘misinformation’, gobbledygook. Who is to determine TRUTH when in our post-modern society, the subjective [opinion] is accepted as the objective [empirical]?
* new technological advances in the transmission – reception of communications. ‘Outlets’ closing down, others opening up

Saturn transits the third decanate of Aquarius [Libra] from mid-March into mid-September and again from December into 2023 — issues with relationships [both marriages, some solely of convenience, and divorces] – who rats on who?

    Uranus in Taurus

During this year of 2022, Uranus will transit the second decanate of Taurus [Virgo]:

• central banks vs decentralized finance [defi]
• birthing of blockchain technology and the introduction of cryptocurrencies [despite China, India, US looking at delegitimizing crypto by banning it or by regulating it] — cryptos now a US$3 trillion market with adoption by El Salvador of bitcoin as a national currency and adoption of bitcoin use in the city governments of Miami and New York City
• stimulus checks opening the door to universal basic income
• stimulus checks raising the minimum wage not legislated but rather increased by labor shortage and the necessity of workers
• health issues — viruses, flus, throat & stomach issues
• more technology in the workplace – robotics, artificial intelligence, streamlined technologies
• new health discoveries – utilization of sound and light [e.g. lasers] increasingly in medical regimens
• radical changes in workplace — robotics, artificial intelligence
• telecommuting, work from home, Gig economy, flex time

    Pluto in Capricorn

When Pluto first entered Capricorn in 2008 the world went through a major economic shock as the subprime mortgage market triggered the liable collapse of the global financial system

Like a volcano, Pluto has issues percolating below the surface with occasional releases through steam vents until the issues become so pronounced that they rise to the fore in either an effusive flow of drastic though subtle change, or explosive releases that bring dramatic alterations even total destruction before dying down

Pluto in Capricorn talks about restructuring, although the restructuring process may be akin to the Greek mythology of the bird the phoenix on its funereal pyre to rise from its ashes to soar ever higher

First the implosion, explosion, collapse of various institutions outmoded for the future, and then the rebuilding and re-creation

Pluto transits the 3rd decanate of Capricorn [Virgo] and raises issues associated with health, illnesses, work formats, labor issues. All of these areas will be highlighted

Breakdown of traditional institutions — ‘adapt or die’. Institutions must change with the times or succumb to being outmoded. Already trust in institutions is declining significantly:

• Government
• Financial
• Medical
• Religious
• Media
• Pharmaceutical
• Security

People feel that institutions they once relied upon to serve them, protect them and advocate for them are no longer on their side but rather involved in their own self-interests to the detriment of the people

People forced to be accountable and responsible for their own well-being, including their personal health and structural issues associated with back pain

Pluto in Capricorn demands that people engage the Taoist assertion: “bend like a reed or break like an oak”

    Jupiter in Pisces

Traditionally, Jupiter ruled Pisces and now Jupiter co-rules Pisces with Neptune, both of which planets are now in their own Sign of Pisces. A heavy emphasis upon the Mutable Water Sign for 2022 with Jupiter in Pisces through early May and then again from November through the third week of December

Mood swings during this transit of Jupiter through Pisces can be extreme with heavy precipitation of emotions and atmospheric storm systems

The intense volatility of this year can have extreme fluctuations between irrational exuberance and downright despair

Erratic weather patterns with major downpours and flash floods or massive snow accumulations can reinforce the recognition of earth dynamics with a sense of climate change that is nothing new but has been a reality since time immemorial

Spiritual or religious — either people are likely to develop a spiritual practice for themselves, go within and recognize the divine within themselves [made in the image of god] with the capability of rising above mundane matters, awaken to a higher calling, and ascend into a realization of their own christed consciousness….. Or people are liable to latch onto some belief system outside of themselves and adhere by means of blind faith to traditional religious institutions and their edicts even when that religion is a commitment to secular ideologies of “-isms” or cults of personality

The Jupiter Neptune conjunction in the Spring [especially April 2022] occurs in the 3rd decanate of Pisces [Scorpio] — coming at the end of the 1st Quarter of 2022, we may be ever more aware of the ravages of:

* inflation,
* markets volatility
* drug overdoses
* increased deaths

    Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter transits Aries in 2022 from May through October with the possible influence of:

* emphasis upon the individual
* narcissism, self-absorption, arrogance
* wild, wild west
* anarchy as security forces no longer serve, protect or preserve safety
* entrepreneurs bringing forth new technologies
* emphasis upon the frequencies of light and sound

Looking at what we might see with the two major global powers during this year of 2022

    United States:

Pluto return

The US is going through its first Pluto return as Pluto returns to its position back in 1776 — a time of revolution and the confirmed independence from Great Britain. As a result, the US is likely to go through a second revolution, but this time with the overthrow of the elite power structure of corrupt capitalism, the pharmaceutical industry and the bureaucratic governmental overlords

OR, the US becoming more of a banana republic with the individual freedoms of the people quashed and legislation by edict rather than legislation

US hegemony dissolving as we enter into a more multi-polar world with the ascent of other countries, other global regions — with a shift from the US – Europe region to the Asian countries


While there appears a tightening of control over the people through responses to virus outbreaks and the implementation of a social credit system, the consolidation of power in the authoritarian hands of Xi Jinping may not be as uncontested as presented to the outside world

Two camps within the CCP — one on the path of Xi Jinping and Mao Zedong, the other on the path of Hu Jintao, Jiang Zemin and Deng Xiaoping — may be waging an unnoticed battle to determine China’s future

With the rapid economic growth of China over the past four decades slowing and cracks indicative in the financial structure, added to what seems like Xi’s personal vendetta against successful Chinese entrepreneurs who have stoked China’s economic growth, Xi’s position might not be as rock solid as is being presented to the outside world


2022 could prove to be a highly volatile year with significant ups and downs

But we have become used to the ups and downs over these past two years with the virus and governmental responses to it. Damage has been done, but it would be wise for us to keep in mind that we have done our basic training

Almost as a mantra, we should reaffirm the words in the song by R.E.M.: “It’s the end of the world as we know it… and I feel fine…”

Here’s to a productive 2022 when we can grow through the pain of transformation to gain great awareness, a higher consciousness and ascension into a new dimension of living