January 3rd – 9th, 2022

The astrology for this week of January 3rd through the 9th of 2022, the first full week of this new year, may have us in a ‘can do’ attitude, no matter the conditions or circumstances in which we find ourselves.

We begin the week under the influence of this past Sunday’s Capricorn New Moon. The first New Moon of a season really kicks off that season, and so it is for us and this winter season with this past Sunday’s Capricorn New Moon.

We are serious, motivated, and looking to be more effective with less expenditure of energy as we start this week. We are able to focus on our goals for this year with attention to the specifics and the details.

Perhaps the past two years have sharpened our agility and increased our recognition that we have to take responsibility and accountability for our actions. We might be living in a crazy world with bizarre situations occurring around us, but we no longer have to fall prey to the vagaries of these times or the craziness around us. We can survey the landscape and then determine the best ways for us to navigate the various twists and turns to accomplish our ends.

This is a week when we could have ‘our head in the clouds and our feet firmly planted on the ground’.

We do encounter last year’s nemesis of the Saturn Uranus square, and while it may influence us during this year of 2022, it just does not have the same bite to it as it did last year. We are less liable to be snookered by the hype or narrative of ‘what is’. We’ve seen this playbook played out too often.

Talk about ‘the emperor with no clothes’.

Whether we have made our resolutions for the year ahead and, if we have, hopefully in pencil with a large eraser, this week has us keen on what we decide to accomplish during this new year and ready to implement our plans in a well-conceived manner with whatever technological tools that would streamline our efforts.

There is no letup in our endeavors as we come into the weekend. We may still be attending to laying down the solid foundation stones for our year ahead, but we are not forgetting that part of our intentions for this year is to enjoy ourselves and find outlets for our re-creation.

As the proverb reminds us: “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.”

Monday, January 3rd – Up and At ‘Em – Neptune, Venus, Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury. Monday begins the week with the Capricorn Moon sextile Neptune, and the Moon conjunct both Venus and Pluto. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for almost six and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Capricorn and before the Moon enters Aquarius where late in the day the Aquarius Moon conjuncts Mercury. We may be fast out of the gate as we start this day and this week. We are looking at addressing what needs to get done, concentrating both on our responsibilities and our goals, and willing to put our all into everything we do, no matter what might seem to be happening in the world-at-large. We are focused on what we wish to accomplish and determined to take care of business in order to create the time and space to devote to our future goals. The latter part of the day can have us communicating with various people about what has been going on with them and about what our future plans could be. A primo day to tie up loose ends, put solid ground beneath our year’s resolution, and advance our interests carefully and assertively.

Tuesday, January 4th – Echoes of Resistance – Uranus, Saturn, Mars, Moon Void-of-Course. Tuesday continues with the Aquarius Moon with the Moon today revisiting last year’s nemesis of the Saturn Uranus square as the Moon today squares Uranus and the Moon conjuncts Saturn. The Moon sextiles Mars before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for twenty-three and a half hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Aquarius and before the Moon enters Pisces late on Wednesday. Although we are reengaging the Saturn Uranus square today, it might be more of an echo than a lateral lobotomy or whack on the side of the head, the way we might have experienced it at different times last year. We could still encounter delays, upsets and convoluted incidents, but we have been there before, have become used to the screw-ups, and are likely better able to deal with any curveballs. As they say: ‘practice makes perfect’. We’ve been down this road with its hiccups before, repeatedly and frequently, so we know how to effectively deal with anything that might block our way. Once we shake off any impediments, we could spread our wings and engage various ideas of new projects and future trajectories. The evening is made for a pleasant get-together in new surroundings and exciting events.

Wednesday, January 5th – Slow and Easy – Moon Void-of-Course, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune. Wednesday continues with the Void-of-Course Aquarius Moon for most of this day with the Aquarius Moon making no connections to the planets. Late in the day, the Moon enters Pisces and the Moon conjuncts Jupiter. Venus sextiles Neptune. There is not a great deal of energy on this Wednesday. We might be more effective in considering our plans, formulating the means to accomplish our goals and not pushing anything. During this time of paradigm shift, it is wise for us to take times when we move into a receptive mode, be open to whatever presents itself, and allow ourselves to be guided by our intuitive sense and the magic of the universe. Someone could be instrumental in clarifying some of our considerations. A ‘time out’ is called for today as we enjoy the company of that particular person who always has our back, encourages us, and stokes our imagination. Our passions may be engaged both with our projects and with a special someone in our life. The evening hours are well suited to meditating, contemplating, praying. Our emotions are likely to be strong, our faith renewed, and our spirit reinvigorated. Let’s believe that the best is yet to come.

Thursday, January 6th – Smarter not Harder – Uranus. Similar to yesterday, This Thursday is a relatively quiet day. The Pisces Moon sextiles Uranus. By drawing upon our sense of things and adopting innovative techniques, we can work smarter rather than harder. Often, we have the liability of making things hard for ourselves. Perhaps we try too hard, or we try to do too much, or we try to control even the minutiae in getting things done. Wednesday and Thursday of this week suggest that there is an easier way, a better way. The key to the ease of operations these two days is for us to get out of our own way and embrace the understandings we get either in quiet contemplation and / or from the ‘ah-ha’ moments of inspiration that are more evident now than in times past. Let’s keep in mind that during this paradigm shift things occur in a non-sequential manner, as if operating in random and inexplicable ways. Instead of forcing things to our will, now is a time for us to get with the program, accept our role as co-creators with the universe unfolding and work with the energies rather than attempting to manipulate them. Remember: smarter not harder.

Friday, January 7th – Tight on the Reins – Sun, Mars, Venus, Neptune, Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course. Friday continues with the Pisces Moon with the Moon today conjunct Neptune, the Moon square Mars, and the Moon sextile the three Capricorn-transiting planets of the Sun, Venus and Pluto. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for seven hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Pisces and before the Moon enters Aries early on Saturday morning. Our emotions can be heightened with possible mood swings between irrational exuberance, a practical approach to mundane matters, and anxiety from the fear porn being promulgated. This is a day for us to get a rein on our emotions, focus our attention, and bring various matters to closure. We are at the end of a monthly cycle with the Moon finishing its transit of Pisces, the last Sign of the Zodiac. Tomorrow, we start a new monthly cycle as the Moon enters Aries. We might feel impelled today by our arrogance and narcissism to do more than we can effectively accomplish. If we give way to our ego prodding us to stretch beyond our capabilities, we could gloss over important details and possibly make a mess for ourselves. It would be wise for us to keep our head down, deal with what needs to get done, and clear the decks for new starts as the Moon starts its monthly cycle tomorrow.

Saturday, January 8th – Bright Ways, Right Ways – Mercury, Sun, Venus. Saturday has the Moon entering Aries where today the Moon sextiles Mercury. The Sun conjuncts Venus. This is a day when we can implement our future plans and with a little help from our friends. Not only do we feel impelled to launch some of our goals of our new year’s resolutions. We also can present our case in a grounded and appealing manner. We could have it going on today. While we are interested in advancing our personal interests, we can easily explain and make a case for what we intend to do. In whatever we involve ourselves, we are likely to have panache. Our optimism and confidence might be contagious with various people willing to encourage and support our efforts. No matter the conditions or circumstances in which we find ourselves, we are able to work them to our advantage. This Saturday is likely a highly productive day — a good day to win advocates to our side and a time when we can enjoy putting ourselves out front without stepping on anyone’s toes.

Sunday, January 9th – Carried Away on a Pipedream – Saturn, Mars, Venus, Sun. Sunday continues with the Aries Moon with the Moon today sextile Saturn and the Moon trine Mars. The Moon squares both Venus and the Sun both in Capricorn. We may feel as though we have everything that we need to expand our activities and push forward with our plans. Our sense of optimism and confidence might be boundless, and we could feel invincible and on the road to rapid success. Unfortunately, in our exuberance we have the liability of glossing over specifics and negating important details. Like a bungee cord, we could swing way out only to snap back. It would be wise for us not to get carried away by blind faith or by our enthusiasm. Let’s take the time to plan our day with requisite time given to particulars that could prove the fundamental ingredients to a triumphant endeavor. This is a day when we need to put the horse before the cart, make our plans, devise our strategy, and focus on the components before going off on a head of steam. We are in a creative mood, desirous of putting our personal imprint upon our engagements, and willing to listen only to our ‘yes’ people. The liability of our overconfidence today is to be carried away by a pipedream. Instead of putting all our energy into our individual projects today, we could also spend time socializing with people and enjoying ourselves. This may be a period when we are concentrating on putting down solid foundation stones for our resolutions for 2022, but also part of our resolutions this year should be to have good times and enjoy our life. We deserve it.