April 2017

We come into April 2017 with a desire to explore and investigate creative outlets for ourselves. We may be far more interested in trying this and then trying that instead of making long-term, definitive commitments.

Sampling possibilities seems a far wiser approach than diving fully into anything. We need to do our due diligence, and we need to be wary of presentations that could turn out to be too good to be true. Springtime infatuations might give greater credence to someone’s opinion rather than trusting our own.

The 2nd of April has Venus retrograding out of Aries and back into Pisces. Our compassion can be ignited, and we have to be wary that we are not doing more for someone else and to the detriment of our own interests. Let’s look for and participate on a level playing field, whereby we involve ourselves in win-win situations and not solely to benefit someone else.

If we can maintain a balancing act where we are advancing our own interests without stepping on anyone’s toes and bringing people along as we advance our goals, we could find ourselves virtually moving mountains.

Mars trines Pluto on the 5th of April, and we can devise and implement solid foundations for our new engagements. Even if we want to fast forward, we will be far more successful focusing on our priorities and taking things step by step. This is not a time to rush ahead but rather to deftly put things in their proper place, fine tune our execution and emphasize doing it right.

On the 6th, Saturn turns retrograde until the latter part of August. With Saturn retrograde we might find things take longer than we would like, but any delays need not frustrate us if we would see them as opportunities to go back over things, tweak our methodologies and refine the process. Even if we believe that we have brought matters to final completion, we could discover that past issues spring up to be further attended to before we have final closure.

The weekend of April 7th – 9th could prove dicey. The Sun triggers a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Sun opposed Jupiter on the 7th and the Sun square Pluto on the 8th, the same day that Venus squares Saturn. On the 9th, Mercury turns retrograde until the 3rd of May.

Although we could feel compelled to do something, virtually anything, we might take on ever more with the assumption that things will easily fall together and come right. The sense of wanting something and believing that from our desires we will make it so can reveal a narcissistic overtone whereby we can do no wrong and everything will turn out right, even if it takes longer than we would like.

Let’s not fall prey to the old paradigm mindset of our being in control of circumstance that believes we can easily master our world. Nice concept, but one that reveals being totally out of synch with true reality. We are in the midst of a paradigm shift, times when conditions and circumstances can shift in a nanosecond and provide continuous disruptions to our old ways of seeing things and doing things. We are moving ever more into asequential reality where linear, sequential progressions no longer apply, much less have much relevance.

Any overreach at this time could be met with a body slam or a lateral lobotomy, one of those whacks to the side of the head that provides us with a wakeup call. The 8th of April has the Sun square Pluto and Venus square Saturn with Mercury turning retrograde on the 9th. No matter our intentions or our perseverance, we might find that we are banging up against conditions that thwart us and frustrate us. Even compassionate actions could be met with disdain whereby enough is never enough. We might feel behind the eight ball on this weekend with a sense of whatever we do we just cannot do it right.

Whatever blowbacks we might receive on this weekend of the 8th and 9th of April, it would be important for us to see any such incidents as an opportunity for us to change how we do things and to balance out our own personal interests with a desire to reach out and accommodate other people’s interests. We may be asked to realize that in taking care of our own personal needs, we can better care for other people’s interests as well — all a matter of horse and cart, where our individual focus is the horse and everyone else’s interests are the cart.

With Mercury turning retrograde on the 9th for a three-week cycle until the 3rd of May, our thinking could be clouded and we have to be especially careful where our finances and our expenses are concerned. It’s curious that this Mercury retrograde begins with Mercury in Taurus and continues through the U.S. Tax Deadline this year of the 18th when all federal tax filings are due.

Let’s keep in mind that Mercury retrograde is akin to Murphy’s Law where ‘whatever can go wrong could go wrong’. With Mercury retrograding through Taurus and then through the latter part of Aries before turning direct, we have to be especially astute regarding our finances and also any different trajectories we might initiate. Planning could prove more successful than implementing now.

The Libra Full Moon on the 11th of April can focus on relationships, old and new. Our inquisitive nature reaches out to exciting adventures and broadening our perspective through contact with the people we know but also people we don’t know. We can be feeling upbeat and inspired and desirous of stretching our wings into unfamiliar terrain. We do have to be wary that we don’t get carried away with the energy with some people rabble rousing against the powers-that-be. The insistence on freedom and liberation could create a blank slate on which to draw fresh interests and alternative trajectories. Pushing the envelope might have a purpose or may even trigger a sense of a ‘rebel without a cause’. There’s a great deal of energy on this day, much of it focused on new beginnings but with a twinge of ‘putting it’ to authority figures.

Venus ends its six-week retrograde cycle on April 15th and turns direct. Relationships can improve but we also have to seek a level playing field with equal give and take in our relationships. The time for imbalance in relationships should end. The idea of saviors and martyrs needs to get behind us, for it only plays to the concept of ‘control’ whether a person acts as the controller and manipulator or embraces a victim role of being controlled and subjected to the whims of conditions.

April 16th has Venus sextile Mars. This is a time when we can accomplish a great deal, all the while presenting our involvements in a pleasing package. People can be on the same page with no contentiousness and this would be a time for pleasant get-togethers.

The Sun trine Saturn on the 17th gives us the energy to establish the template of our new activities. We can express our creative talents in a practical and grounded manner. We may seek to blend elements of our past with some of the developments we are initiating. We could be more interested in creating a schema for our plans with an appreciation of doing so in pencil with a large eraser allowing for the unexpected variables likely to arise during development.

The Sun enters Taurus on the 19th of April, followed on the 20th by the Sun conjunct Mercury just prior to Mercury retrograding back into Aries this same day, a day that also sees Pluto turning retrograde. On the one hand, we might be looking at implementing some of the ideas we have conceived over the past few weeks of new directions we wish to develop. On the other hand, there can be an explosive quality where certain situations could blow up in our face. Whenever Pluto turns directions, whether turning direct or retrograde such as on the 20th, there are liabilities to explosions, bomb blasts, actings out, and geophysical or atmospheric intense activity.

In our personal world, we have to be careful that we don’t encounter the concept of the best-laid plans often falling apart. Let’s keep in mind that no matter how diligent we might be in devising our strategies, there can always be some unexpected situation that trashes our plans.

The 21st of April has Mars exiting Taurus to enter Gemini and Venus square Saturn. We could be all over the place today, trying to avoid our obligations, all the while feeling a good dose of ‘Spring fever’ and wanting to be here, there and everywhere. We could have a falling out with someone who might read us the riot act but with us having none of it. We are far more interested in scattering our energy in various directions than being tied down by our responsibilities. There is a liability to our materializing the concept that ‘haste makes waste’.

The 24th has Mercury trine Saturn. Whether we have created a mess for ourselves by impetuousness and merely scratching the surface of situations, we can get a better hold on things as our mind focuses on tweaking or fine tuning some of our activities. We can figure things out, see how things would work most effectively, and change some of our thoughts as to how to proceed. Whether we have initiated actions or not, this day is a time for us to consider what we are doing and how we are doing it and then give thought to optimal execution.

The Taurus New Moon on the 26th of April imprints the next fortnight up to the Scorpio New Moon on the 10th of May. We may be moving into a seed planting time with a willingness to take things step by step. We could have some startling insights that would provide us with a best practices approach to accomplish our goals. This can also be a time for us to go back over any projects we initiated since the beginning of the year, tweak the details and firm up the structure.

The end of April gives us on the 28th Mercury conjunct Uranus and Venus exiting Pisces to enter Aries. We can gain some interesting insights, even startling revelations with the Mercury Uranus conjunction. There could even be some instantaneous ah-ha with this configuration, and we might hear again that the Russians did it [whatever the ‘it’ might be]. Since our mind’s thoughts can move rapidly, we may have problems bringing the information down to the slower frequency earth plane. Consequently, there are liable to be computer glitches and Internet problems and issues with transmissions and receptions of communications. This aspect might also play havoc with travel and especially air travel. If we can get a handle on the energy, however, we could be privy to some very interesting information, even to the point of expeditious problem solving.

With Venus entering Aries, Venus comes back into a Sign of its Detriment, where Venus is not comfortable. Venus also triggers a Stellium in Aries as Venus joins Mercury and Uranus in the Cardinal Fire Sign. People might be more self-focused, even self-absorbed, seeing the world revolving around themselves and the importance of ME.

April 2017… Concept into Careful Implementation…