Spring 2017

Spring begins on March 20th with the Vernal Equinox as the Sun enters Aries and triggers the astrological new year. It’s a fiery start to the astrological new year with a desire for renewal and rebirth that springtime and the astrological new year promise.

With the Sun entering Aries, we now have four planets in the Cardinal Fire Sign as the Sun joins Mercury, Venus and Uranus in Aries. At the time of the Vernal Equinox, the Sagittarius Moon conjuncts Saturn. There is a great deal of fire to begin the Spring. We may be impetuous, impulsive, interested in new beginnings but with a hold on us from past obligations and daily responsibilities. We could have our head in the clouds, but our commitments pinning us to the ground.

The 23rd through the 26th have various Mercury aspects with Mercury triggering a Cardinal Sign T-Square beginning with the Mercury square Pluto on the 23rd, followed by Mercury opposed Jupiter on the 24th and culminating with Mercury conjunct Uranus on the 26th.

We have to be wary of shooting from the lip, being contentious and adamant about our perspective and the rightness of our actions. Discussions can turn into arguments and may impact our significant relationships. We might not be interested in any viewpoint other than our own.

A liability towards narcissism could be strong during this early Spring period with so much Aries energy, accentuated on the 25th by the Sun conjunct Venus when we could make it all about ME.

The final aspect to the Cardinal Sign T-Square triggered by Mercury’s transit of Aries occurs on the 26th with Mercury conjunct Uranus. This is a day when we could gain some interesting insights, sparkling revelations, if we are willing to open our mind to receive the ah-ha moments that come from thinking outside the box.

We do have to watch out for travel and especially air travel at this time. The Mercury Uranus conjunction is a high energy, high frequency combination. We can be inspired, but we might also discover various glitches. The information may be coming fast and furious and perhaps at such breakneck speed that it becomes close to impossible for us to bring it down to the lower frequency of this earth plane. We could experience computer glitches and difficulties in moving from place to place.

If we can keep up with the energy, we could come up with some startling solutions to problems that might have perplexed us beforehand.

During this Spring we have the Mercury Uranus conjunction three times — first on the 26th of March, second on the 28th of April and the third time on May 10th. This Spring can be replete with technological advances and dramatic breakthroughs. Artificial intelligence, robotics and computer developments could see significant advances during this springtime.

The Aries New Moon on the 27th is a power-packed day and begins an impactful two-week period. Five planets are in Aries and Aries-ruling Mars transiting Taurus sextiles Neptune. We may feel divinely guided, willing to take things step by step, all the while champing at the bit to fast forward the process. This is a time when it is essential that we not get in our own way, for the natural unfolding may be far more effective and more successful than our impulsive actions.

The lesson for us in the early Spring period is the existential question of control or surrender. With the paradigm shift, neither extreme of control or surrender would be appropriate. During these times of shifting sands we are being asked to be co-creators with the natural unfolding. No longer can we assume control over circumstance, when in truth we have none. No longer can we surrender to the vagaries of conditions, for we are being called upon to work with the energies unfolding and not merely play victim to circumstance.

This early Spring period can have us wanting to force issues, make things happen, assert our dominance over our personal world. If we go there, we might find that not only are we being disappointed by the results. We could also discover that things could have worked out more readily and easily by being an active participant with the natural unfolding rather than us trying to be the manipulator.

March 29th has Mercury trine Saturn. Our mind is far more astute to reality and more adept at developing a template by which we can stay grounded and also develop some of our new interests. Our creative juices can be flowing at this time, and we can draw on our expertise to provide the right frameworks for our intentions and our goals.

The 30th has Jupiter square Pluto. Someone could make us aware of flaws or faults within our plans. We might have to tweak our methods as a result of someone’s objective critique. It would be wise for us neither to personalize nor take offense to any suggestions. Even if the person is proving to be annoying or a know-it-all, we could garner some kernel of truth or an important understanding that can get us back on the right track.

March ends on the 31st with Mercury exiting Aries to enter Taurus. Our thoughts can be less impulsive and more grounded with thoughts of how best to proceed in a practical manner.

We come into April with a desire to explore and investigate creative outlets for ourselves. We may be far more interested in trying this and then trying that instead of making long-term, definitive commitments. Sampling possibilities seems a far wiser approach than diving fully into anything. We need to do our due diligence, and we need to be wary of presentations that could turn out to be too good to be true. Springtime infatuations might give greater credence to someone’s opinion rather than trusting our own.

The 2nd of April has Venus retrograding out of Aries and back into Pisces. Our compassion can be ignited, and we have to be wary that we are not doing more for someone else and to the detriment of our own interests. Let’s look for and participate on a level playing field, whereby we involve ourselves in win-win situations and not solely benefit someone else.

If we can maintain a balancing act where we are advancing our own interests without stepping on anyone’s toes and bringing people along as we advance our goals, we could find ourselves virtually moving mountains.

Mars trines Pluto on the 5th of April, and we can devise and implement solid foundations for our new engagements. Even if we want to fast forward, we will be far more successful focusing on our priorities and taking things step by step. This is not a time to rush ahead but rather to deftly put things in their proper place, fine tune our execution and emphasize doing it right.

On the 6th, Saturn turns retrograde until the latter part of August. With Saturn retrograde we might find things take longer than we would like, but any delays need not frustrate us if we would see them as opportunities to go back over things, tweak our methodologies and refine the process. Even if we believe that we have brought matters to final completion, we could discover that past issues spring up to be further attended to before we have final closure.

The weekend of April 7th – 9th could prove dicey. The Sun triggers a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Sun opposed Jupiter on the 7th and the Sun square Pluto on the 8th, the same day that Venus squares Saturn. On the 9th, Mercury turns retrograde until the 3rd of May.

Although we could feel compelled to do something, virtually anything, we might take on ever more with the assumption that things will easily fall together and come right. The sense of wanting something and believing that from our desires we will make it so can reveal a narcissistic overtone whereby we can do no wrong and everything will turn out right, even if it takes longer than we would like.

Let’s not fall prey to the old paradigm mindset of our being in control of circumstance that believes we can easily master our world. Nice concept, but one that reveals being totally out of synch with true reality. We are in the midst of a paradigm shift, times when conditions and circumstances can shift in a nanosecond and provide continuous disruptions to our old ways of seeing things and doing things. We are moving ever more into asequential reality where linear, sequential progressions no longer apply, much less have much relevance.

Any overreach at this time could be met with a body slam or a lateral lobotomy, one of those whacks to the side of the head that provides us with a wakeup call. The 8th of April has the Sun square Pluto and Venus square Saturn with Mercury turning retrograde on the 9th. No matter our intentions or our perseverance, we might find that we are banging up against conditions that thwart us and frustrate us. Even compassionate actions could be met with disdain whereby enough is never enough. We might feel behind the eight ball on this weekend with a sense of whatever we do we just cannot do it right.

Whatever blowbacks we might receive on this weekend of the 8th and 9th of April, it would be important for us to see any such incidents as an opportunity for us to change how we do things and to balance out our own personal interests with a desire to reach out and accommodate other people’s interests. We may be asked to realize that in taking care of our own personal needs, we can better care for other people’s interests as well — all a matter of horse and cart, where our individual focus is the horse and everyone else’s interests are the cart.

With Mercury turning retrograde on the 9th for a three-week cycle until the 3rd of May, our thinking could be clouded and we have to be especially careful where our finances and our expenses are concerned. It’s curious that this Mercury retrograde begins with Mercury in Taurus and continues through the U.S. Tax Deadline this year of the 18th when all federal tax filings are due.

Let’s keep in mind that Mercury retrograde is akin to Murphy’s Law where ‘whatever can go wrong could go wrong’. With Mercury retrograding through Taurus and then through the latter part of Aries before turning direct, we have to be especially astute regarding our finances and also any different trajectories we might initiate. Planning could prove more successful than implementing now.

The Libra Full Moon on the 11th of April can focus on relationships, old and new. Our inquisitive nature reaches out to exciting adventures and broadening our perspective through contact with the people we know but also people we don’t know. We can be feeling upbeat and inspired and desirous of stretching our wings into unfamiliar terrain. We do have to be wary that we don’t get carried away with the energy with some people rabble rousing against the powers-that-be. The insistence on freedom and liberation could create a blank slate on which to draw fresh interests and alternative trajectories. Pushing the envelope might have a purpose or may even trigger a sense of a ‘rebel without a cause’. There’s a great deal of energy on this day, much of it focused on new beginnings but with a twinge of putting it to authority figures.

Venus ends its six-week retrograde cycle on April 15th and turns direct. Relationships can improve but we also have to seek a level playing field with equal give and take in our relationships. The time for imbalance in relationships should end. The idea of saviors and martyrs needs to get behind us, for it only plays to the concept of ‘control’ whether a person acts as the controller and manipulator or embraces a victim role of being controlled and subjected to the whims of conditions.

April 16th has Venus sextile Mars. This is a time when we can accomplish a great deal, all the while presenting our involvements in a pleasing package. People can be on the same page with no contentiousness and this would be a time for pleasant get-togethers.

The Sun trine Saturn on the 17th gives us the energy to establish the template of our new activities. We can express our creative talents in a practical and grounded manner. We may seek to blend elements of our past with some of the developments we are initiating. We could be more interested in creating a schema for our plans with an appreciation of doing so in pencil with a large eraser allowing for the unexpected variables likely to arise during development.

The Sun enters Taurus on the 19th of April, followed on the 20th by the Sun conjunct Mercury just prior to Mercury retrograding back into Aries this same day, a day that also sees Pluto turning retrograde. On the one hand, we might be looking at implementing some of the ideas we have conceived over the past few weeks of new directions we wish to develop. On the other hand, there can be an explosive quality where certain situations could blow up in our face. Whenever Pluto turns directions, whether turning direct or retrograde such as on the 20th, there are liabilities to explosions, bomb blasts, actings out, and geophysical or atmospheric intense activity.

In our personal world, we have to be careful that we don’t encounter the concept of the best-laid plans often falling apart. Let’s keep in mind that no matter how diligent we might be in devising our strategies, there can always be some unexpected situation that trashes our plans.

The 21st of April has Mars exiting Taurus to enter Gemini and Venus square Saturn. We could be all over the place today, trying to avoid our obligations, all the while feeling a good dose of ‘Spring fever’ and wanting to be here, there and everywhere. We could have a falling out with someone who might read us the riot act but with us having none of it. We are far more interested in scattering our energy in various directions than being tied down by our responsibilities. There is a liability to our materializing the concept that ‘haste makes waste’.

The 24th has Mercury trine Saturn. Whether we have created a mess for ourselves by impetuousness and merely scratching the surface of situations, we can get a better hold on things as our mind focuses on tweaking or fine tuning some of our activities. We can figure things out, see how things would work most effectively, and change some of our thoughts as to how to proceed. Whether we have initiated actions or not, this day is a time for us to consider what we are doing and how we are doing it and then give thought to optimal execution.

The Taurus New Moon on the 26th of April imprints the next fortnight up to the Scorpio New Moon on the 10th of May. We may be moving into a seed planting time with a willingness to take things step by step. We could have some startling insights that would provide us with a best practices approach to accomplish our goals. This can also be a time for us to go back over any projects we initiated since the beginning of the year, tweak the details and firm up the structure.

The end of April gives us on the 28th Mercury conjunct Uranus and Venus exiting Pisces to enter Aries. We can gain some interesting insights, even startling revelations with the Mercury Uranus conjunction. There could even be some instantaneous ah-ha with this configuration, and we might hear again that the Russians did it [whatever the ‘it’ might be]. Since our mind’s thoughts can move rapidly, we may have problems bringing the information down to the slower frequency earth plane. Consequently, there are liable to be computer glitches and Internet problems and issues with transmissions and receptions of communications. This aspect might also play havoc with travel and especially air travel. If we can get a handle on the energy, however, we could be privy to some very interesting information, even to the point of expeditious problem solving.

With Venus entering Aries, Venus comes back into a Sign of its Detriment, where Venus is not comfortable. Venus also triggers a Stellium in Aries as Venus joins Mercury and Uranus in the Cardinal Fire Sign. People might be more self-focused, even self-absorbed, seeing the world revolving around themselves and the importance of ME.

As we come into May, Mercury ends its three-week retrograde cycle with Mercury turning direct on the 3rd, the same day that the Sun sextiles Neptune. Our sensitivity may be ratcheted up, our thoughts clearer than they have been, and we might feel divinely guided in realizing our purpose and doing so in the most expeditious of means. We could take on a far broader perspective, consider options and alternatives beyond our usual perspective, and determine what and how we might proceed, feeling that we are on the right path and in league with our life’s true intent.

The 9th of May gives us the Sun trine Pluto, just prior to the Scorpio Full Moon on the 10th, which also has Mercury conjunct Uranus the third and final time for this Springtime energy configuration.

This is a time for us to realize what is truly important to us and to lay the foundation stones for our future. It would be wise for us to take account of where we are and the truly meaningful in our lives. We may have to strip away the irrelevant and the dysfunctional. We can cut to the core but also with an appreciation that we are living in magical times when things can occur in a most unexpected, even random, manner. Let us embrace the wonder of these days, the paradigm shift where things can occur without our making them happen, but we do need to have our antennae up and work with peripheral vision in order to take advantage of the surprises that might come our way.

Where a problem arises, and we might experience a sense of it on May 11th, when Mars squares Neptune and Mercury trines Saturn, is the likelihood that so many different things could arise where we have a broad palette from which to choose. We can be virtually overwhelmed by the various possibilities and might wish to participate in as many as possible. Focusing on what we truly wish to engage with the recognition that the many sparkly things may be only distractions and diversions from the truly important to us.

The 12th of May has Mars trine Jupiter, and we could draw upon someone to evaluate the various possibilities available to us. We might need someone with a detached perspective to see what we are taking under consideration and give their critique of all the possibilities before us. It would be important for us to do so since we shall be moving into a time when we may be embracing all sorts of activities with the tendency to sample this and then sample that but with little consistency or commitment.

May 16th has Mercury exiting Aries to enter Taurus. Our thinking may become more practical with us better accepting to take things step by step. A belief that we can move mountains could shift into a realization that every journey begins with a first step, not a major leap, and that successful movement is often step by step rather than grand leaps ahead. We might take more of a tortoise approach rather than the bounding efforts of a hare.

The 19th of May is the last day of the Sun’s transit of Taurus and before the Sun enters Gemini on the 20th. This day has Venus opposed Jupiter and Saturn trine Uranus. We may feel conflicted at this time. There could be the desire to showcase our exploits and seek the acceptance and approval of someone. We would wish for the applause and recognition of someone, but we would also have to ask ourselves: to what lengths are we willing to go to gain appreciation? If we can maintain our self-esteem and not accommodate someone else’s opinions, then this time would allow us to determine how we could use our experience and developed expertise to launch into new involvements and new activities. This blend of old and new might cause upset with someone who sees us based upon our past rather than our recent development. Let’s trust in our own process and journey and recognize that what might have worked for us before may no longer serve us in the present, much less the future.

The Sun exits Taurus to enter Gemini on the 20th for its month-long transit. Increasingly, the sense of ‘Spring fever’ and the desire to try a kaleidoscope of activities and interests can take hold. We may find ourselves running around, adding ever more to our list of activities and events. We are captivated by all prospects, are likely to discard none, but in-depth involvement might prove lacking.

The desire to try everything and leave nothing behind could be heightened by the Gemini New Moon on the 25th of May. While we have an intense rush of getting going, direction and itinerary not relevant, we have to avoid banging up against accepted ways and any sense of entitlement. Doing what we want and doing it the way we want without considering the consequences could have us tilting against windmills and becoming exasperated by our refusing to take into account the specifics of our engagements.

If we would slow things down, take into account the ramifications of our decisions and our actions, and engage our intuitive sense, we could avoid running ragged.

With Mercury sextile Neptune on the 28th of May we can discern what works and what doesn’t. Our intuitive sense could steer us in the right direction, all the while that we are acknowledging the particulars along the way and successfully moving our interests forward. It is important that we not stand in our own way and not draw merely upon empirical proof. This is a time for us to recognize the importance of our inner knowing, that subtle quality within us that tells us what feels right and what feels inappropriate. It is time for us to trust our instincts.

If we fail to stop our frenetic activity in order to reflect on our process and procedures, we could run ourselves ragged as indicated by the Mars opposed Saturn on the 29th of May. With everything that we have taken on, we could feel on overwhelm, exhausted and depleted. We might also find that in our hurry to get things done, we have created for ourselves a house of cards, whereby our structure and the basics were lacking from the get-go.

Whether certain involvements crash and burn or are found to be shaky rather than strong, we can make repairs to the ways we are doing things and avoid all things falling down.
This latter part of May could prove a roller coaster of ups and downs, and the extremes of either would be aggravated by our rushing things without checking and evaluating as we go along.

The last two days of May allow us to either change direction or fortify what we have begun. While the 29th of May with the Mars opposed Saturn could be exhausting with various impediments placed in our way, the 30th and 31st allow us to try things differently and with a greater concentration than our earlier helter-skelter qualities.

The 30th has Mars sextile Uranus. Even if we have been knocked back a square or two on the previous day, the 30th allows us to be open to streamlined methods and new trajectories that can cut the amount of time and exertion that we might have spent in largely spinning our wheels.

With Mercury trine Pluto on the 31st of May we can devise a plan and means by which to build our projects on rock rather than on sand. Our mind is focused, and we are looking at how we can accomplish our goals by concentrating on the most expeditious means without glossing over essential details. Our mind may be laser-like at this time, able to cut to the core, see the skeleton of our intentions and then build solidly from there. Communications can be direct and to the point without condemning anyone or stepping on someone’s toes. We might seem detached but also committed to what we want to do with recognition of a best practices approach as to how to do it.

We end May on a high note, and we enter June feeling better about what we are doing and more confident in our abilities to achieve positive results.

Early June and much of this latter part of the Spring season can be pleasant with reunions and get-togethers and some surprising encounters.

We start June with Venus trine Saturn on the 1st. Reconnecting with people and planning for reunions during the month can be the topic as we begin the month. We are looking for a blend of old and new, encompassing those significant people we have known with some fascinating, even quirky people we might meet.

This first week of June can have us doing a personal makeover in preparation for planned social occasions. We want to look good, feel good and give off a good impression.

We may be feeling at the top of our game on the 3rd of June as the Sun trines Jupiter and Venus conjuncts Uranus. No matter what we are doing on this weekend, we might feel that we are in the right place at the right time. Similar to participating in a Mutual Admiration Society, our interactions with other people can be affirming, uplifting and just downright good fun. There can be some interesting meetings, serendipitous encounters as we are introduced to a person who engages us, embraces our uniqueness and puts our heart aflutter.

Sunday the 4th of June can have us feeling betwixt and between. The Sun squares Neptune and Mars exits Gemini to enter Cancer. We could have the sense that some of the past week has provided opportunities that seem just too good to be true. We might feel as though we have stepped out of our mundane reality to cavort on Mount Olympus with the various gods and goddesses. We may not want our ‘feel good’ attitude to end but we might also not trust its true reality. We could use this Sunday to hunker down in home base, wonder who we are and whether we had stepped out of our world into some Twilight Zone or Disney World. Perhaps we feel undeserving or believe that all the bumps along the way and the rocks in the road that we have traversed are the tenor of our life journey. Why believe it? Some times the upsets in our lives help us to change direction, shift our focus or provide a tweaking. As the slogan states: ‘Life is good’.

The sense of goodness in our living can certainly be felt during the end of May through the rest of this Spring season.

The 6th of June has Venus exiting Aries, a Sign of its Detriment where Venus is not comfortable, to enter Taurus, a Sign Venus rules. On the same day, Mercury exits Taurus to enter its own Sign of Gemini. With Venus and Mercury in their own Signs there is a reinforcement of these particular energies. Our mind can consider all sorts of ideas with far more communication going on. We are also likely to focus on how we present ourselves with a desire to looking our best and enjoying all the good things in life.

The Sagittarius Full Moon on the 9th also has Jupiter turning direct and Venus sextile Mars. Much of our focus can revolve around our significant relationships. We are looking for win-win situations and wishing to spend time with those people we love and adore. There can be fun get-togethers, even to far away places but all with a sense of enjoyment and getting the most out of our engagements.

While much of this time can be all fun and games, we do have to be careful not to overdo. With the planets transiting Gemini, a Mutable Sign T-Square is triggered with the Gemini-transiting planets square Neptune in Pisces and opposed Saturn in Sagittarius. During this June period we can be all over the place and we might emulate the sentiments of the classic song That Old Black Magic:

“Down and down I go
Round and round I go
In a spin, lovin’ the spin I’m in
Under the old black magic called love”

The 13th of June has Mercury trine Jupiter and Mercury square Neptune. We may be enjoying the camaraderie of someone and might want to participate in everything and more. Let’s avoid engaging so much that we take on a dazed and confused perspective. Fun is fun, but enough is also enough.

Excess could have its costs, and we might experience the costs on the 15th when the Sun opposes Saturn, the 16th as Neptune turns retrograde and on the 18th when Mercury opposes Saturn and the Sun sextiles Uranus.

We could be wiped out and feeling out of sorts. The tried and true ways may no longer work for us, and we might be called upon doing things differently or else trekking off in new directions.

Old situations and old obligations and our responsibilities could put a damper on how we feel and what we think during this 15th – 18th of June.

Fortunately, any down feelings can be dispelled as we end the Spring season. The last day of Spring, June 20th, gives us Venus sextile Neptune and Mercury sextile Uranus. Venus is in its own Sign of Taurus and Neptune is considered the higher octave of Venus. Mercury is in its own Sign and Uranus is considered the higher octave of Mercury.

We end the Spring season on a high note. Our mind is sharp, clear and open for insights and startling revelations. We may be aware of the changes in our thinking during this season and also aware of some of the technological advances that could have occurred. We are also likely to be highly appreciative of the people in our lives, recognizing their support, their spiritual connection, and an idyllic rapport with them, as though our lives are sprinkled with soul mate connections.

What a wonderful way to end a season. What a wonderful world in which we live. What a wonder-filled life we have.

Spring 2017… into the light