Mercury Retrograde to Remember

Here we are in the midst of Mercury retrograde. Like Murphy’s Law where ‘whatever can go wrong could go wrong’, this Mercury retrograde has been perplexing at best, frustrating at the very least. It has been for me if not for you.

I have dealt with a number of Mercury retrograde issues during this Mercury retrograde. Driving from South Carolina to Jacksonville several nights ago, I spent over two hours to go ten miles on I-95 southbound due to construction delays.

Travel and traffic issues are often part of a Mercury retrograde cycle. I remember a client calling me up a few years ago to tell me that on the local Chicago television news the traffic reporter was saying that there must be a Mercury retrograde since he had never seen the traffic so tied up in Cook County as was occurring at the time. It was the time of Mercury retrograde.

Traffic delays can be annoying, but added to my recent frustration under this Mercury retrograde have been two screw-ups in process of being resolved. Why they happened? I’ll blame it on the Mercury retrograde.

One was checking my bank account online and seeing under recent transactions a check payable for $135.00 having cleared at $235.00. Viewing the check in the account online, the amount I had written was $135.00.

The second was double billing by ATT. I had paid by credit card both my wireless account and my landline account and had done so in one payment online. A few days later another sizable charge by ATT appeared in the transactions of my credit card online account. Checking online my ATT accounts, I could see no evidence of such a payment and yet the payment was recorded on my credit card account. I called the credit card company to dispute the charge and they called ATT while I stayed on the phone line.

If you have ever dealt with ATT, you may know the ordeal that it presents under even the best of circumstances.

While you can pay the two different accounts of one wireless the other landline in one charge, you cannot resolve the problem without having to deal with the two separate departments.

Talk about the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing!

The landline people couldn’t help us and transferred us to the wireless account people who were on pacific time with a recorded message of calling back during business hours or the next day. The credit card company said they would file my dispute of charge, but they would have to lock my account and issue me a new card and account number while they further investigated the situation.

Mercury retrograde!

You may also have heard about the massive power outages in San Francisco, Los Angeles and midtown Manhattan on the morning of Friday the 21st. Mercury retrograde?

Mercury turns direct on May 3rd but until then we have Mercury retrograde, when the going often gets tough!