Monthly Archives: September, 2016

  • October 2016

    October begins with us in a la-de-da kind of attitude. We would far prefer to engage an attitude of blissful ignorance, step out of our mundane realities and traipse merrily into Elysian Fields rather than deal with the so-called realities that appear to be happening in the world-at-large.

  • Autumn 2016

    The astrology for this Autumn season has an accentuation of a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the implications of start-ups, initiations and sudden situations demanding shifts and switches as time goes on.

  • Jupiter in Libra

    Jupiter takes a yearlong transit through each of the twelve Zodiac Signs, twelve years to make an entire circuit of the Zodiac wheel. On September 9th, Jupiter ends its yearlong transit of Virgo to enter Libra for a yearlong transit. Jupiter is in Detriment in Virgo, an uncomfortable Sign for Jupiter, and the transit of »more