Autumn 2016

The astrology for this Autumn season has an accentuation of a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the implications of start-ups, initiations and sudden situations demanding shifts and switches as time goes on.

Things begun this Autumn, and there can be many such initiations, may go through a strong filtration process where the superfluous drop away and only the truly meaningful remain but with a tendency for the project in concept to be quite different in its execution and eventual manifestation.

From the late summer of 2015 through the late summer of 2016 we experienced the astrology of a Mutable Sign T-Square with Jupiter going through Virgo and Jupiter square Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter square Neptune in Pisces.

Jupiter entered Libra on the 9th of September and set off a year-long Cardinal Sign T-Square by Sign as Jupiter in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter opposes Uranus in Aries. This Cardinal Sign T-Square is reinforced as we start the autumn season with a Stellium of three planets in the Cardinal Air Sign with the Sun joining Jupiter and Venus in Libra.

Autumn begins on September 22nd with the Autumn Equinox and the astrology chart for the moment that the Sun enters Libra imprints the season. Apart from the Cardinal Sign T-Square and the Stellium in Libra, there is a Mutable Sign Grand Cross as we start the season with the Moon in Gemini, Mercury in Virgo, Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius, and Neptune in Pisces. There are NO planets in Fixed Signs to begin the autumn.

While initiation is favored this autumn season, there may be little follow through. The switches and changes could keep us on our toes, as we tend to go from one thing to another to yet another, but possibly without any resolution or completion.

Not quite nine hours before the Autumn Equinox, Mercury will have turned direct ending its three-week retrograde cycle through its own Sign of Virgo. Whenever Mercury changes direction, whether from direct to retrograde or from retrograde to direct motion, things can get squirrely with miscommunications, misunderstandings, travel delays and issues with transmissions and receptions.

We may start off the autumn season trying to find our footing but our footing might be shaky at best as we enter into autumn.

At the Autumn Equinox, Mercury is in its own Sign of Virgo and Venus in its own Sign of Libra. These two planets and their characteristics are emphasized to begin the season. Our mind can be far more analytical, able to focus on the specifics with a critical bent to our evaluations. We can also be highly sociable looking to spend time with that special someone or those special people in our lives.

Although we start off the autumn with no Fixed Signs and consequently little influence for follow through, Venus exits its own Sign of Libra on the 23rd of September and enters Scorpio, a Sign of Detriment for Venus where Venus is not at all comfortable. While relationships can be highlighted in this early autumn and over the year with Jupiter transiting Libra, the Sign of partnership, we have to be wary of jealousy and placing too many expectations on other people, as though our happiness is determined by anyone other than our individual self.

The 23rd also has Mercury trine Pluto. We can gain greater clarity regarding what is really going on. Even though the deceptions and illusions can still hold sway, we may have greater clarity and a laser-like focus to get to the heart of any matter. Our conversations can be direct and to the point.

While relationships are accentuated at this end of September and on into October, we might also find that we are more interested in those significant connections and meaningful ties than superficial interactions. We do have to be careful regarding our finances. While the hype has been of an economic recovery and heralding equity markets that have reached for the sky, some of the bloom of economic optimism can come off the rose and we might see things more in their stark reality than through rose-colored glasses.

For those of us in the US, it would be wise to take a protective stance regarding our finances with the recognition that no matter the outcome of the US presidential election, the equity markets could be shaky now and towards the end of the year.

There can be renewed buoyancy, a stronger sense of optimism and confidence around the 26th, the day the Sun conjuncts Jupiter and Pluto turns direct. Whenever Pluto changes direction there is a liability to explosions, blasts and actings out. If such events occur, we might be too blinded by our enthusiasm to take them into account, or if accounting for them at all, we need to watch that we don’t overreact or assume that irrational exuberance can win the day. This is a time when balance is called for and a time to mitigate any of the multitude of ‘overs’.

The 27th of September has Mars exiting Sagittarius to enter Capricorn. With Pluto having turned direct in Capricorn the day before, we may have increased energy to focus on our goals and our ambitions. Our passion and determination may be directed toward taking a practical approach in achieving our plans.

The Libra New Moon on the 30th of September provides a greater trigger point for the autumn season. New Moons give the imprint for the next fortnight, and the first New Moon after a seasonal change seems to reinforce the qualities of the season as if opening the starting gate for the season. This New Moon accentuates relationships and possibly otherworldly experiences as the New Moon is also impacted by the Venus Neptune trine on the 1st of October. We could easily be in love with love but not necessarily seeing clearly. Our romp in idyllic mind meadows with sparkling brilliance can be tantalizing but with a liability of our being blinded by the light. It would be wise for us to stay grounded and consider the ramifications of our actions and decisions, although oblivious to unintended consequences. This is a time when the splendor we see might merely mask a rather dystopian reality. What we see may not be what we get.

October begins with us in this la-de-da attitude. We would far prefer to engage an attitude of blissful ignorance, step out of our mundane realities and into Elysian Fields.

Venus trines Neptune on the 1st, followed during the first week of October with the Sun sextile Saturn on the 4th, Venus sextile Pluto and Mars square Jupiter on the 5th, and the Sun square Pluto and Mercury exiting Virgo to enter Libra on the 7th.

This early October can have us looking at the half glass of water as half full with water being constantly replenished. We may have few concerns but rather a desire to see perfection in all things.

“Everything is beautiful” might be our mantram, and a mantram we repeat even if doubts sometimes arise as we mouth the words.

We may feel as though our lives are influenced more by other people than by our own actions. Although someone could be of great assist to us during this time, we have to be wary of becoming overly dependent upon that person, or persons, to make things right for us. Let’s draw upon wise counsel and helpful assistance but maintain our accountability and our responsibility for our choices and our actions. If we give someone too much authority in regard to our matters, their due diligence might prove less than our own would be. People can be of assistance as far as suggestions and clarifications, but we are the ones who need to address and deal with our own personal issues.

Discernment and selectivity in regard to our associations could be the crux of the matter during this first week of October. As the parable cautions: ‘Cast ye not pearls before swine.’

The Mars square Jupiter on the 5th and the Sun square Pluto on the 7th raise issues regarding our interactions with other people and whether they are of benefit to us or are detrimental to our goals. Excess and belligerence could be at play during this time. We might hit some obstacles in our way but brute force would be ill-advised. There are times when we just need to let the energy die down, shift and change. The 5th – 7th of October could be one of those times to let things pass before immediately reacting.

October can be a bit of a roller coaster with some significant ups and some intense downs.

The 11th has Mercury conjunct Jupiter and Mars sextile Neptune. We could be feeling upbeat and inspired and feeling as though everything is going right in our world. While feeling spirited is always a good thing, we need to avoid pushing the envelope or assuming that we can move mountains. This is a day when instead of trying to force things, we can draw upon our intuitive sense and develop an effective means for things to progress smoothly.

Our old conditioning had us making things happen, having total control of circumstance and being the master of our conditions. The paradigm shift, of which we are on the threshold, asks us, even demands, that we accept the reality that we are NOT totally in control. Rather, in the asequential reality of this new paradigm we are co-creators with the universe unfolding. We have choice and free will as to how we wish to address circumstance, but conditions can arise in a most unexpected manner and without us being the precipitating factor. Things can be easier so long as we don’t make them harder.

Since we are still on the threshold of this paradigm shift, there are times when things flow naturally and easily, other times when we engage our learned response and try to force issues.

This second week of October may provide us incidents of both facets — the ease of movements on the 11th and 14th, and us pushing and pulling and banging and crashing on the 13th and 15th.

The 13th of October has Mercury square Mars. Coming off a sense of exuberance and confidence, we might feel that people are not necessarily accommodating our desires or capitulating to our needs. Discussions can devolve into arguments, as people are likely to take on a belligerent attitude with the assumption that being forceful in expression will win people to their cause.

Whatever dustups occur on the 13th can be resolved on the 14th when Mercury sextiles Saturn. Clarifying situations and seeing the larger picture might resolve some of the niggling details that people might have hung on to in order to make their point or try and win their case. There can be a meeting of the minds when looking at the big picture rather than obsessing over the slightest detail.

But we can be back at it on the 15th – 16th when the Sun opposes Uranus, Mercury squares Pluto and we have the Aries Full Moon. We could also be feeling the impact of the Mars Pluto conjunction exact on the 19th.

This mid-October could prove quite intense. There may be moments of camaraderie, but the liability is towards impetuousness, acting without thinking and being overly belligerent in speech and in action.

We may want to do our own thing and break free of our restrictions and limitations. Unfortunately, what we consider to be our restraints could also be the support systems that we have established for ourselves. This mid-October period can have us being quick to respond both in word and deed. It would be wise for us to build in escape hatches, those times when we step away from our regular routine and find a safe happy place where we can recharge and reinvigorate ourselves.

This mid-October period could prove rather explosive, especially with the Mars Pluto conjunction on the 19th. On the 18th Venus exits Scorpio to enter Sagittarius. We may take on a more philosophical approach as to how we do things, and it would be wise for us to engage such an attitude. For otherwise, we could easily get caught up in our goals and our ambitions and fall back into the trap of believing that we are the sole masters of our destiny.

This Mars Pluto conjunction could also shake things up. There can be earth movements such as earthquakes and volcanic activity. There can be intense geopolitical actions as governments come under increasing scrutiny and possible demonstrations. There can be bombings and explosive accidents. There can be corporations taking over other corporations, and some corporations seeming to be on shaky financial ground. This configuration is an intense one, ratchets up the energy and could result in ‘all fall down’.

The Mars Pluto conjunct on the 19th is followed by Mercury opposed Uranus on the 20th. Communications can be off, computer problems rampant, and the adverse aspects of Mercury Uranus are my least favorite for air travel. This October period is a time for us to avoid impulsive actions, to count to ten before reacting to situations and to make sure that we take healthy ‘time outs’ for ourselves.

The Sun enters Scorpio on the 22nd of October, followed by Mercury entering Scorpio on the 24th. With the co-rulers of Scorpio, Mars and Pluto, having been conjunct on the 19th and still in close orb, the mid to latter part of October could prove rather intense. People may have an edge on, somewhat secretive in their actions and vowing to take no prisoners in any confrontational situations. This is the time in nature when in the northern latitudes the trees are bare of leaves and naked to their skeleton. It is also a time when we tend to turn inward, reveal less but have greater inner nature.

Things can percolate below the surface and rise up quickly and without warning. We might want to tread lightly during the mid to latter part of October, but we may also want to be astute to what is going on. Let’s keep in mind that two of the keywords during these times are awareness and mindfulness.

We might not communicate everything that seems to be going on but we are likely to have a watchful eye with a cynical attitude but unrevealing as to what we perceive.

Venus squares Neptune on the 25th. Relationships may not be what they seem but we also have to avoid jumping to conclusions. First impressions might not reveal the true characteristic of someone. As we might be judgmental and tending to look for the warts rather than see the beauty marks, it would be wise to suspend judgment and take the time to get to know someone or to be more aware of the characteristics of the people we encounter.

The Venus Jupiter sextile on the 26th is a Mutual Reception with Venus in the Sign ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter in the Sign ruled by Venus. The two ‘good guys’ of the planetary energies can make this a rather happy time for social occasions and might bring us out of ourselves. We may be looking for new engagements. We might seek out people who may be foreign to us and to our experience but who present the exotic and the unfamiliar and may be at a distance to make the connection plausible but not interminable.

This latter part of October can be quite a roller coaster with our connections. We may be enchanted, dazzled but also liable to fall for the ‘trickster’, someone who appears one way in a perfect light but the reality being quite a different story, an illusion if not a deception in clearer light.

The Venus aspects continue with Venus conjunct Saturn on the 29th, a day when Mars squares Uranus and when we are in the dark side of the Moon prior to the New Moon on the 30th. If interactions with other people have left us stunned and dismayed, we might retreat into ourselves or act in a most unexpected manner. This is a time when we have to be especially careful in regard to what we do and how we do it, for the liability towards impetuousness and consequent accidents cannot be discounted.

The Scorpio New Moon on the 30th has the Sun, Moon and Mercury trine to Neptune. We could be enchanted by presentations, seduced into believing the hype and fully accepting of the spin. Unless we draw upon our intuitive sense with no rush to judgment but take the time to see what is really going on, we could fall prey to the snake oil sales people.

This Scorpio New Moon impacts the next fortnight up to the Taurus Full Moon on the 14th. This two-week period incorporates in the US the presidential election and may render the results as being determined by the images and the Hollywood-style glitz, and liable to render the results as all appearance but little substance.

The Neptune influence continues through this first week of November with the Sun trine Neptune on the 1st, and the Sun transiting the second decanate of Scorpio with its Pisces influence from the 1st into the 11th, and Mercury transiting the Pisces second decanate of Scorpio from October 30th into the 5th of November.

There can be a great deal of feeling, moods and emotions accentuated and so it would be wise for us to recognize our sensitivity and our vulnerability to the influences around us. We could be like dry sponges taking to water, soaking up the feelings all around us.

Fortunately, Mercury sextiles Pluto on the 3rd. If we are not swayed by our emotions, we may have a laser-like focus to cut through some of the fog we might have had to contend with. Our thinking can be clear, our discussions to the point. Even if the tricksters have been out and about inveigling us, we can cut through the pretense and pull back the curtain to the Wizard of Oz screen to see the reality of the little person pulling the strings. Not only can we step away from situations that might have enticed us with little substance but we could also use this time for astute planning and strategizing our plans and the most expeditious ways to accomplish our goals.

While the previous week, the last week of October, could have had relationships in a tricky whirlwind with various characteristics acting out, the 5th of November has Venus trine Uranus. Whether a Mutual Admiration Society or not, we can better appreciate the individual qualities of those special people in our lives. We are not interested in cookie cutter folk. On the contrary, we wish to engage those people who are on their path, marching to their own drummer, and who find this life journey to be a wonder-filled romp, albeit bizarre at times, of investigations and explorations. Serendipity is afoot, and we might find ourselves in the right place at the right time to bump into someone exciting or to find fascinating aspects in our familiar companions.

The second week of November has all sorts of shifts and changes as three planets change Signs.

The week begins on the 7th of November with the Sun sextile Pluto. We might be more focused on what is truly important in our lives, willing to cut away the dross and concentrate on the truly meaningful. We can be expeditious in our approach drawing upon the essentials without overly flavoring or decorating what we are getting involved with.

Mars exits Capricorn to enter Aquarius on the 9th. Our passion and our energy can be directed to our future plans and alternative goals. We may be more interested in our possibilities than our present reality.

On the 11th, Venus exits Sagittarius to enter Capricorn. We might choose to spend time with those people who add something to our life, those people who can help us advance our ambitions. The sense of ‘what have you done for me lately’ could be the determining factor in regard to our personal connections. We may want something, even expect something, from those with whom we do the dance.

Mercury exits Scorpio to enter Sagittarius on the 12th of November. While we might be more buoyant and exuberant with some people talking a blue streak, our thought processes may be so broad and general that it seems like our communications are a broad abstract paintbrush. Mercury is in Detriment in Sagittarius, not a comfortable space for Mercury, for the tendency is to generalize to the point of diffusion.

The Taurus Full Moon on the 14th of November accentuates the ‘out with the old, in with the new’ all done with things presented in an appealing package. Whatever we might rid ourselves of we are likely to find replacements that speak to our style and quality of life.

November 15th has Mercury sextile Mars. Our thoughts and conversations may revolve around expanding into new directions and all with a great sense of confidence and optimism. We do have to be wary of getting carried away by our passion and our intentions without taking the time to do our due diligence. Forging ahead with direction in mind but little itinerary in hand can throw us into confusion as we approach the 18th when Mercury squares Neptune. We could continue to buy into irrational exuberance, but we might also question whether there are certain issues, unintended consequences, lurking on the pathway as we proceed. Some of the bloom of our enthusiasm might be dampened by anxieties and fears of the unknown. Let’s keep in mind the acronym of fear – false evidence appearing real. If we maintain clear-headedness and not get carried away by our hopes and wishes, then we can avoid falling into the pit of our own undoing where we have glossed over specifics and assumed that what we conceive is guaranteed for us to achieve.

Remember this paradigm shift reminds us that we are not in control of circumstance but rather co-creators with the universe unfolding. Our opportunities and our challenges are determined by our free will and use of choice.

The 19th of November has Venus sextile Neptune with Neptune ending its retrograde cycle and turning direct. Someone could prove of great assistance in clearing the way and dissipating the fog in which we might have found ourselves engulfed. Drawing upon a trusted confidante we can use their objective perspective to weigh our options, consider our proposals and help cast a clear light on what we are doing and why we are doing it.

On the 21st of November, the Sun enters Sagittarius and creates a Stellium of three planets in the Mutable Fire Sign as the Sun joins Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius. We may feel as though we have gained a second wind, but it would be wise that we not overly play our hand, which we are liable to do with Mercury sextile Jupiter on the 22nd. While we could be encouraged to take on more than would be appropriate, this third week of November can be something of a whipsaw.

Mercury sextiles Jupiter on the 22nd, followed by Mercury conjunct Saturn on the 23rd. Although we can be feeling upbeat, we might find our balloon being popped as old issues or past restrictions get in our way of our exuberance and lightheartedness.

The 24th of November is Thanksgiving Day in the US and also the day that Jupiter squares Pluto. Suggestions by other people might seem innocuous even encouraging but to borrow the lyrics from the 1970’s Motown Group The Undisputed Truth:

“Smiling faces sometimes pretend to be your friend
Smiling faces show no traces of the evil that lurks within
Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes
They don’t tell the truth uh
Smiling faces, smiling faces
Tell lies and I got proof”

This Thanksgiving weekend asks us to keep an eye open to what is really going on and not get hoodwinked by specious promises or insincere flattery.

We have Jupiter square Pluto on the 24th followed by Venus conjunct Pluto and Venus square Jupiter on the 25th. With the 25th also being Black Friday in the US when holiday shoppers are out and about ringing up an avalanche of sales, we have to be careful regarding excess, spending too much, eating too much, buying into whatever is presented to us too much.

November 26th allows clarity to reign and possibly in some surprising ways. Mercury trines Uranus and we can gain remarkable insights. Unexpected news can put a smile on our face. We may be able to see what is going on as the truth is revealed to us.

The Sagittarius New Moon on the 29th of November is in orb of a square to Neptune and with Venus square Uranus. We need to be sharp and on our toes in regard to what we might assume is going on. Things may appear one way but unexpected curveballs could lay ruin to our assumptions and our intentions.

The Sun squares Neptune on the 30th, and we might feel slightly out-of-sorts, feeling victimized by conditions or circumstances over which we have little control. It would be wise to keep in mind that during this paradigm shift we are entering new ground. Although we might have to react to shifting sands, we do not have to play the victim. If we are aware and maintain mindfulness, we can work with the unfolding events and situations to our advantage. It would be wise to commit to the affirmation: ‘Victim no more.’

December begins with us in full throttle. Mars trines Jupiter, and we may feel that we want to pursue new activities with new associates. Everyone may seem on the same page, gung-ho to move things forward with a focus on the future possibilities. Our physical energy is strong but we would prefer to winch the boulder up the mountain rather than to roll the boulder up the mountain Sisyphus-like.

Mercury exits Sagittarius on the 2nd of December to enter Capricorn. This Sign shift ends the Stellium in Sagittarius and creates a brief Stellium [until the 7th] in Capricorn as Mercury joins Venus and Pluto in the Cardinal Earth Sign.

We can be more focused on the right template and the right foundation stones to achieve our goals. We might be far more interested in how we advance our position and realize our goals.

While we gained the physical force and power to move things ahead with Mars trine Jupiter on the 1st, gain a greater sense of the right practical means to achieve our goals on the 2nd with Mercury’s entry into Capricorn, we can use our energy to make all the right moves on the 3rd as Mars sextiles Saturn.

Moving our lives in the right direction can accelerate as we come into the second week of December. While we can create a solid template for expanding our interests in the first week of December, the second week allows us to think outside the box, incorporate some innovative ways to accomplish our goals and gives us the intuitive sense to fine tune our methods. We just have to avoid getting too self-important or falling back on old patterns.

Earlier in the autumn we had the opportunity of clearing away the dross and the debris that no longer served us. This early December allows us to broaden our involvements.

December 6th has Mars sextile Uranus. Whether we know how to do it or need to draw upon someone who does have the ability to do so, now is a time for us to streamline our operations, incorporate new techniques and draw upon the technological tools that daily are lessening our load.

On the 7th, Venus exits Capricorn, ending the Stellium in the Cardinal Earth Sign, as Venus enters Aquarius. We are looking for the new and the different, both in regard to our projects and engagements but also the people we want to draw into our lives. We are looking for the quirky, the unconventional, those people who might be considered characters for doing their own thing. We may have felt tied to those who could provide us steppingstones to our goals, but now we’re looking to those people who can imagine the unimaginable, people who can see beyond the far horizon into prospects and potentials yet unrecognized.

The Sun sextiles Jupiter on the 9th, and we could be feeling like we’re on cloud nine. Things seem to be coming together and if we draw upon a trusted friend for their critique they may ‘yes’ us in affirmation of our efforts. We can have our head in the clouds, but the 10th allows us to get our feet back on the ground. The Sun conjuncts Saturn and Mercury sextiles Neptune.

While we might have felt that everything was going our way, we could have exerted too much energy, had too many irons in the fire and we could feel exhausted as a result. We also have to be wary that we don’t fall back in old patterns.

We are on a paradigm shift, moving away from a sense of being in total control and being the ones to make things happen to a recognition that the universe works and that we are co-creators with the universal unfolding. But old ways die hard, and we might have tried to push things along even when they were gliding easily forward.

Although the 10th can bring up reflections of old ways and past issues, the 12th of December has us acknowledging the changes that have gone on within us. The Sun trines Uranus just prior to the Gemini Full Moon on the 13th. Although we often make our resolutions with the New Year, we may find ourselves committing to future plans and future goals that allow us greater independence, freedom of movement and more autonomy.

The end of the autumn season has Mars exiting Aquarius to enter Pisces on the 19th, the same day that Mercury turns retrograde. Although this autumn may have been a time of stripping away and focusing on the essentials, all the while that we gained something of a spring to our step, we close out the season with a whimper rather than a bang.

Autumn 2016… breath of fresh air…