Monthly Archives: August, 2013

  • September 2013

    September can be a most productive month, a time when we can employ our energy and strength to bring about fundamental changes to our planned ambitions and to the ways we do things. We are considering both the big picture of the gestalt of our lives and the smaller perspective of the specifics and the »more

  • August 26th – September 1st, 2013

    Twists and turns may be a large part of this week as we gain a second wind and look to get back on track for the autumn. The calendar reads summer, but our energies are focusing more on autumn and our normal daily involvements.

  • August 19th – 25th, 2013

    This week has us increasingly shifting our focus towards getting back on track. Whether we stepped off the track or not during this summer, the energies this week are turning our attention back to our responsibilities, our daily routine and the many details of our lives.

  • Connecticut Visit September 13th – 18th

    I shall be back in Connecticut and available for in-person sessions in Stamford from Friday, September 13th, through Wednesday, September 18th. Stamford is less than an hour train ride from Grand Central Station in New York City. If you know someone who would like to meet with me while I am in Connecticut, please have »more

  • August 12th – 18th, 2013

    This week can be a week when we are in preparation mode of getting back on track with our normal daily affairs. We might still have one foot in summertime escapes, but increasingly we may be feeling that it’s time to ready ourselves for the autumn ahead. Even in my travels to Canada two weeks »more

  • The Prince Known as George Alexander Louis [G.A.L.]

    Last month, on July 22nd, Prince William and his wife, the former Kate Middleton, had their first born, a son whom they named George Alexander Louis. The young prince was born with an incredibly powerful chart.

  • August 5th – 11th, 2013

    With Back to School Sales, Sales Tax Free Days and hucksters proclaiming the approach of the school year with all of us getting back on track, we might assume that summer is coming to a close. Not so fast!

  • August 2013

    August seems generally pleasant and can provide a nice reprieve from the build-up and possible explosions that occurred at the end of July and over the past few months.