May 2013

May is a contrast of two very different types of energies. Early in the month we may be looking at planting seeds of new projects, refurbishing situations that need a spruce up, and being tripped up by outstanding matters that demand our attention. Our energy level can wane, and we might find ourselves incorporating the old Hollywood cliché expression of ‘hurry up and wait.’

We start the month with a Stellium of three or more planets in Taurus with the Stellium reinforced on the 1st by Mercury moving out of Aries and entering Taurus to join the Sun, Venus and Mars in the Fixed Earth Sign. These transiting Taurus planets either have or will oppose Saturn and have or will trine Pluto. We experience this to begin the month on the 1st with not only Mercury moving into Taurus but by Mars opposed Saturn and the Sun trine Pluto.

Even if we have to plod along during this early part of May, let’s keep in mind that such a slowed down approach allows us to focus on the truly meaningful and to hone the particulars of any situation. Our energy can flag at times, and we might find ourselves fighting off exhaustion or, even better, taking some ‘time outs’ for power naps and chipping away at our society’s characteristic of sleep deprivation. It would be wise for us to accept delays and constraints as part of the process and advising us ‘not to rush the river’.

If we avoid putting on blinders and being solely focused on what we feel we need to do or want to do, then we could also draw upon our intuitive sense, which has been triggered during the latter part of last month with the Taurus transiting planets sextiling Neptune. On the 3rd – 4th of May, Mercury sextiles Neptune. Often we know without knowing, and this energy configuration allows our intuition to be strong, our inner voice of knowing to gently guide us in the right direction. We may feel that we are aware, and by being mindful of more than the empirical, reasoning mind, we can gain some true and wise understandings. Will we heed our feelings and our senses, our intuition, our knowing without knowing? Possibly not, for on the 5th Mercury opposes Saturn and we might seek to ‘prove’ it, even though empirical proof could be lacking. An interesting test and an interesting opportunity could be provided us. Especially in light of the fact that we are navigating through currents of time when appearance is not always matched by reality, where full disclosure is lacking even to the point of people saying the most outrageous and untruthful things with a straight face, persuasive determination and an intent to win their case no matter the facts or the consequences of their intentions.

If we don’t lose ourselves to consensus opinion and accepted standards of belief, we could find the 5th, 6th and 7th, to be a most powerful time, in which we can accomplish a great deal. While we might question how some things were accomplished, such as the Pyramids at Giza, this early part of the second week of May could provide us the insight and power to virtually move mountains or to build pyramids. Mars trines Pluto and Mercury trines Pluto at this time. These are not energy configurations to waste, for we could be far more productive in the most expeditious of ways at this time than most other times. We just need to focus on our truly important goals with the realization that we have both the ingenuity and the physical force to approach super-human efforts. Brain and brawn are engaged and easily move things forward.

May has two eclipses this month, the first one the Solar Eclipse on the 9th, the second one a Lunar Eclipse on the 24th – 25th.

The Solar Eclipse on the 9th at the time of the New Moon raises issues about what we want and what we need. Our desire for more can be balanced by the recognition that more often entails high maintenance in the support and care of the more we have. We may find ourselves focused on the details, specifics and particulars of any situation. We are less likely to be seduced by the images, even the appearance of the Wizard of Oz, until we have done our due diligence, pulled back the curtain to see what is truly going on and with whom we are actually dealing. Slowing things down may seem plodding, but it is through plodding that we can take the time to see how things develop and the ways that situations are unfolding. We could discover that in our lives less is truly more.

The 9th also has Venus exiting its own Sign of Taurus to enter Gemini, the Sign ruled by Mercury. With Mercury in Taurus, ruled by Venus, and Venus in Gemini, ruled by Mercury, we have a Mutual Reception, which accentuates the two planets involved.

With Venus entering Gemini at the time of the New Moon, we start the procession of planets into the Mutable Air Sign. Venus joins Jupiter in Gemini to be followed by Mercury on the 15th, ending the Stellium in Taurus and creating a Stellium in Gemini. On the 20th, the Sun moves into Gemini and Mars enters Gemini at the end of the month, on the 30th – 31st, the same day that Mercury exits Gemini to enter Cancer. With the planets moving into Gemini, there is likely to be a more airy time than earlier in the month.

During the first half of the month we may have our feet on the ground, focused on what needs to be done and concerned primarily about mundane matters. We can achieve a great deal so long as we are willing to recognize that there will be times of delays, blockages and frustrations that may slow us down but can also hone our methods and concentrate our attention. As we move through the month, we may continue to have our feet on the ground but now looking up, looking all around and engaging people in discussions and social involvements.

As we progress through May, we may be far more interested in the broad palette of activities and prospects than a singular focus. Our energy can ramp up with adrenaline rushing, contributing to our going from one thing to another to another. Our due diligence can be lost, especially as the Gemini transiting planets square Neptune — Venus square Neptune on the 13th, Mercury square Neptune on the 18th and the Sun square Neptune on the 26th. These are times when we have to be wary of being enticed by images, presentations, things that seem real but could turn out to be too good to be true. The dance with the trickster can be engaged, and we have to avoid being swayed by our desires, our hopes and our wishes without the effectiveness of jaded skepticism and sharp evaluation.

The Gemini-transiting planets will also sextile Uranus and conjunct Jupiter. Venus sextiles Uranus on the 18th, and Mercury sextiles Uranus on the 20th. Serendipity and synchronicity can be at play, as we meet new and interesting people, hear about exciting developments. These are times when magic and miracles may be apparent. New doors open unexpectedly, new connections are made and insights come suddenly to us.

The conjunctions to Jupiter in May are Mercury conjunct Jupiter on the 27th and Venus conjunct Jupiter on the 28th. We are thinking big plans, feeling upbeat about our possibilities and enjoying social interactions with other people. We are feeling good, even if we believe the hype and the spin. The more, the merrier around this time and a good way to wind down the merrie month of May.

The month ends on the 31st with Mercury moving into Cancer and Mars moving into Gemini. We may be all over the place like a butterfly, flying around only to alight briefly before taking off again. We may want to spread ourselves thin, merely gloss over matters and always look on the bright side of life… and for a visual:
Or more recently:

May 2013… like an accordion, compressed then expanding…