May begins with three planets in Fire Signs, two planets in an Earth Sign, three planets in Air Signs and two planets in a Water Sign.

One planet is in a Cardinal Sign, four planets are in Fixed Signs and five planets are in Mutable Signs. Six planets are in Positive Signs, four planets are in Negative Signs.
May starts with a Grand Trine in the Air Element with the Libra Moon trining Venus in Gemini and both trining Neptune in Aquarius. Relationships can be highlighted, even to the point of seeing our interactions with that significant someone as close to idyllic, truly a soulmate connection. If only life allowed us to cavort through pastoral meadows and magical forestlands, life would be paradise.

While that energy is in our lives as we begin May, we have a couple of clinkers we also have to address.

The Saturn Neptune opposition that has been bedeviling us, and continues to bedevil us into the summertime, is triggered by the Sun and Mercury transiting through Taurus. The issue of appearance versus reality, fact or fiction, is on the front burner once again. We may question what is going on, wonder what it’s all about, and all with no definitive resolution able to cast a calm or diminish our level of anxiety. With the Sun and Mercury tossed into the mix and creating a Fixed Sign T-Square, we might find our sense of stability and security to be akin to walking on thin ice. We may not be comfortable with our situation, might even consider that at any moment the rug could be pulled out from under us.

Adding to the potential anxiety, we also have a Mutable Sign T-Square with Venus in Gemini opposing the Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius and all three squaring Mars and Uranus in Pisces.

Our mind could be spinning with just too much information. Not only could we feel ourselves on overload but we might also discover that we’re involved in the telephone game whereby the information passes from one person to another to another and by the time it reaches us we have been given wrong information or information that is enigmatic and indecipherable.

Back to Olympus with our special someone!

This month may clamor for continual mental health days as we attempt to sort out what is going on and what it means to us. The more we can step off the track and enjoy the beauties of life and the special people in our life, the less likely we are to feel overwhelmed and even victimized by the slings and arrows of outrageousness.

The month also begins with three pairs of planetary configurations: the Sun and Mercury in Taurus, Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius, and Mars and Uranus in Pisces. These three Signs are accentuated. We can plant our seeds, consider our financial position and engage in personal makeovers with dressing up our personal style. We can also broaden our reach, widen our perspective and consider ways to expand our activities into truly meaningful venues. We can engage in spiritual activities looking to provide more meaning to our daily circumstances.

May is a month when we can take our energy and begin to establish the ways and means of accomplishing our goals. We are less likely to plunge into things without considering the possible ramifications. We have picked up more Earth than we have had for the past six weeks or so.

We start May with the Scorpio Full Moon on the 2nd. Questions of security are raised. Now is a time for a good spring cleaning, clearing away the debris of the past that no longer works for us. The less tied we are to old patterns and old methods, the better it would be. Akin to the old saying that the cup has to be emptied before it can be filled, this Scorpio Full Moon asks us to complete past issues and outstanding matters, bring to a close elements of our past and then to consider new ways and new directions. Increasingly, we are looking to work smarter rather than harder, to be more productive with less expenditure of energy. We may not enjoy all the releases, eliminations and ‘letting go’, but the more we can strip away the more we can draw from a cleaner palette and a fresh canvas.

During the early part of May, we do need to discern between confusion and clarity and try to determine which is which. On the 5th, Mercury sextiles Uranus but also squares Saturn. Thoughts of how we can do things more expeditiously can keep us from being ensnared in outdated methods. The ‘tried and true’ may have been tried but could no longer be true or effective in our today’s environment.

On the 6th, Jupiter trines Saturn as Venus opposes Pluto. We can devise the ways to broaden our scope and create a format to expand into activities that have greater meaning for us. We do have to watch our relationships. In our eagerness to clean house, we could find ourselves throwing the baby out with the bath water. Extremes need to be avoided for we might get carried away in getting rid of things only to realize that some of the things gotten rid of still have meaning and purpose for us.

The Saturn opposition Neptune is reinforced by Mercury square Neptune on the 7th. We could make judgments based upon past experiences, become fixed in our opinions and consequently lose the opportunity of embracing insight and engaging needed change. We need to take things with a grain of salt and not personally for there may be misunderstandings and miscommunications. The more we can maintain clarity in the turbulence, the less we’ll get entangled in sticky situations. If we would keep our eyes wide open and work with peripheral vision, we might have some startling revelations, some remarkable insights.

We may find ourselves caroming, feeling betwixt and between as the Sun sextiles Uranus on the 8th, then on the 9th the Sun squares Saturn and on the 12th the Sun squares Neptune. While we want to be free to do our own thing, we could find our responsibilities get in the way. In fact, our commitments may provide a necessary braking pattern keeping us from rushing headlong into an abyss.

With Mercury sextile Mars on the 8th and Jupiter square Uranus on the 10th, we might try to fast forward without considering our itinerary, our direction or our means.

Venus exits Gemini and enters Cancer on the 8th. We may want to pamper ourselves, focus on our maternal nature and spend time feathering our nest and relaxing at home.

The dance between old and new, and the measure of our steps between the two, could throw us off balance in this first half of May. We have a slew of contradictory influences seeking to impact us. It would be best to avoid any rush to judgment. Let’s accept that fact that we might not be dealing from full clarity, might not have all the information and may even be questioning in what direction we want to head and with what goal in mind.

Although this May period is a seed planting time, let’s also keep in mind that among the plants that develop, there could also be weeds that need to be pulled from our garden. We can go ahead and put our energies towards some of our new projects and new interests. It would also be wise to have no attachment to any one particular situation. We could find that those things we thought were great possibilities turn out to be shams or situations that could throttle the true opportunities.

Let’s go slow, be judicious in our considerations and carefully deliberate in making definite decisions.

While there can be a lack of clarity and also delays operating early in this month, we also have some wonderful surprises coming virtually out of the blue. It is essential that we keep our eyes wide open, work with peripheral vision and consider alternatives both in regard to our purpose and in our ways.

On the 11th, Mercury exits Taurus to enter its own Sign of Gemini. Our thoughts are far more fluid, our ideas coming a mile a minute as we entertain all sorts of possibilities. We can easily think on our feet, put things together in rapid-fire succession and juggle even more than we have been. Oh, goody!

We do have two Pluto aspects we have to be careful about this month. The first one on the 6th is Venus opposed Pluto which could put a crimp on our idyllic concept of relationships. Suddenly, we might find our significant other to have a dark side, drawing a line in the sand and with sharpened machete in hand taunting us to step over it. Or is it we who hold the machete? Again, the question of confusion and of clarity arises. Either way, relationships around the 6th could prove quite intense.

The other Pluto aspect to watch for is the following Sunday on the 13th, Mother’s Day in the US. This time we have Mars about to exit Pisces, not quite ready to enter Aries, square Pluto. This aspect could prove quite severe. Eruptions are likely so it would be best to count to ten before any reaction.

Storm systems could be extreme, whether those storms are emotional tirades from those who choose to be belligerent or weather systems with howling winds and drenching precipitation. Flash floods of emotions or massive water flow might be evident at this time.

On the 15th, Mars does exit Pisces and enter its own Sign of Aries, setting up the Grand Trine in Fire that we experienced last month and the end of February into early March. This time with Mars traveling through Aries the Grand Trine in Fire is by Sign, with the exact aspect of Mars to Jupiter and Mars to Saturn occurring in June. Nonetheless, we do have by Sign the Grand Trine in the Fire Element and with Mars in Aries we’re off and running doing our own thing. We have the drive and self-assertiveness to take the lead in our lives.

We may feel like we’ve come to a screeching halt with the Taurus New Moon on the 16th. The Sun Moon conjunction in Taurus triggers the Saturn Neptune opposition and we have the Fixed Sign T-Square set back into motion. This imprint influences the rest of the month. The question of what’s real and what isn’t, what is possible and what is beyond the realm, is a question that may have us both pondering our course of action and perhaps even squandering our resources. Once again, the clarity, stability and security may be shaky at best. If we take our time, we can begin to create the structure and fashion the means to achieve our aims. We do have to review our methods, adapting to changing variables and fine tuning our procedures as we go along. Our enthusiasm may know no bounds and we need to be careful not to re-create past situations and not to accept things at face value. Checking and testing to be certain that we’re on the right track are key this week. We may be doing a great deal of juggling and we can handle various things, as long as we don’t skip over details. While we might want to go as quickly as possible, haste could make waste and force us to go back over and redo.

The latter part of the month has a great deal of Mercury activity. Mercury creates a Mutable Sign T-Square on the 20th as the Gemini Mercury squares Uranus in Pisces and opposes Jupiter in Sagittarius. On the 21st, Mercury sextiles Saturn, followed by Mercury trine Neptune on the 23rd and concluding with Mercury opposed Pluto on the 27th. Our minds are active, our feet even more so. We may be scurrying around, going from one thing to another, entranced by the new and the different, yet all the while considering our future prospects. Our self-confidence can get the better of us and we may be blindsided by unexpected situations. Let’s harness our energies, concentrate on practical means to manifest our vision and channel our actions into constructive outlets. If we will take our time and not get caught up in a whirlwind of frenzy, we can take into account all of the variables and make a reasoned judgment regarding which ways we want to go and what we want to focus on. We can stabilize our intentions as long as we recognize that we may be lacking a grounding rod especially as we lose the Earth Element as the Sun leaves Taurus on the 21st to enter Gemini.

With a desire to add more things to our daily mix, we could come up with stimulating and creative ways to handle the various activities of our lives. Not only can we address our daily activities, but we can also fantasize about what we want to do and where we want to go. We could add on more and more to our ‘to do’ list. Our practicality may be lacking, and we have to be careful that we’re not being pushed and pulled by the shifting tides of our interests and the changing moods of our emotions.

On the 25th, Venus trines Uranus. Not content to be competent in our routine matters, we could be looking at springtime projects around our home, enlisting redecoration or renovation projects to our living space. We may also find ourselves infatuated by situations and people who are not usually part of our lives. Feeling adept at juggling the activities of our lives, we could add on even more embracing the idea that variety is the spice of life

Mercury moves into Cancer on the 28th, Memorial Day in the US, and the unofficial kickoff of Summer. Our thoughts turn to family gatherings, reunions, graduations and weddings.

The month ends with the Sagittarius Full Moon. We are looking for passion not distraction. We only want those things that serve a purpose in our lives.

This month of May can be a highly energetic one. We may be rushing around, putting our energy here then there, all the while that we’re wondering whether we even have our feet on the ground.

May… taking it all with a grain of salt…