June 2007

June… traipsing along, hardly touching the ground…

As we come into June, we may heave a sigh of relief. At least, I know I shall. This past month of May has been one of the most bizarre I’ve experienced. Replete with murder and mayhem, May for me was a month that truly typified the Saturn Neptune opposition that we’re dealing with.

Even when we feel that our plans are well considered, our intentions clear and our direction and itinerary direct and straight, we may find ourselves moving sideways, off to a tangent, backwards or moving forward only to fall back.

My intention and my plan for this past month of May was to make my semi-annual trip back East, go to Vermont, return to Connecticut, see clients, give my talk in Greenwich and to have a meeting with the President of a company I work with in New York. To paraphrase eighteenth century Scottish poet Robert Burns: ‘the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry’.

And so it was for my intended trip back East. I flew from Monterey to Denver and on to Chicago, only to be forced to end my trip East due to an emergency situation.

My apologies to those who I had planned and intended to see back East. My apologies also to those who have emailed me or phoned me in the past two weeks without my being able to respond. I shall respond but pressing matters have been demanding my attention.

With May behind us, and with a furtive look back, we can now look forward to June.

June starts with five planets in Fire Signs, no planets in an Earth Sign, two planets in Air Signs and three planets in Water Signs.
Three planets are in Cardinal Signs, two planets are in Fixed Signs and five planets are in Mutable Signs. Seven planets are in Positive Signs, three planets are in Negative Signs.

By Sign, there is a Grand Trine in the Fire Signs and a T-Square in the Mutable Signs.

The Fire Grand Trine has Mars in its own Sign of Aries trine Saturn in its Detriment Sign of Leo and trine the Stellium of three or more planets with the Moon and Pluto in Sagittarius and Jupiter also there in its own Sign.

We are likely to start June in high gear. We are looking at moving full speed ahead, expanding our involvements, taking on as much as we can possibly handle. And maybe even more. We are feeling optimistic, confident and ready to put our imprint on everything we do. We are on fire, focused on what we want to do and concerned with our own self-interests. With the emphasis on Sagittarius, we may be looking far afield, considering travel plans and interested in getting out of Dodge, stretching our wings and expanding our scope. We may feel energized, optimistic and brooking no interference to our plans. The only opinions we are interested in are those that confirm our beliefs. ‘Yes’ people are all well and good but it would be wise for us to also solicit the opinions of the devil’s advocate, someone who could point out possible liabilities and shortfalls in our thinking.

While our confidence might be strong, with the lack of Earth to begin the month, we could be stronger on bravado than competence. We may talk the talk but have difficulty walking the walk. Our focus on practicality and realistic evaluations can be lacking as we begin June.
We do need to watch for putting the cart before the horse. We could be feeling our oats and so energized that we don’t take into account possible variables. We might easily skim over details and specifics that may then trip us up.

We also begin the month with the T-Square by Sign in Mutable Signs with the Sun in Gemini square Uranus in Pisces and opposed the three planets in Sagittarius of the Moon, Jupiter and Pluto. With a T-Square needing the Fourth Element of that particular Quadruplicity to balance it off, our need for Virgo reinforces a sense that we might not be dotting the i’s or crossing the t’s. We could easily skip over details, gloss over the particulars and find ourselves caught up in a frenzy of activity without taking the time to plan, consider and define.

June also feels the influence of the Saturn Neptune opposition, exact toward the end of the month on the 25th. Separating fact from fiction might prove perplexing. We could easily misconstrue situations. Either we might fall into wish fulfillment to believe that all things are possible and take a quixotic journey without checking reality and the facts before we move ahead. Or we might feel ourselves in a catatonic state, assuming that we can only react to the shifting conditions and changing circumstances that seem to keep us hopping. With the Grand Trine in Fire and the Mutable Sign T-Square we could easily find ourselves flipping from one to the other — up one moment, feeling at the top of the game and overwhelmed the next, struggling to keep it all together.

If we will go cautiously, judiciously and with a willingness to adjust our perspective and change our direction all the while evaluating our position, circumstances and conditions; then we are less likely to fall into some of the pitfalls of this month — overconfidence, moving too fast and skipping over the details. While we have the enthusiasm to move mountains, let’s slow it down a bit and make sure that we’re taking care of the particulars. If we harness our energies, we can use our forcefulness in a structured and methodical manner to make quantum leaps in realizing our goals.

June is a month when we have to be extremely careful not to be seduced by the sirens of irrational exuberance. Let’s keep in mind the importance of healthy skepticism, maintain a constant objective observer stance and take everything, even our own enthusiasms, with a grain of salt.

On the 4th, Mars trines Jupiter followed on the 5th by the Sun opposed Jupiter and Venus moving into Leo. We may feel egged on to do more, adding further projects to our activities lists and convinced that we are invincible. People might become rather self-inflated now. We may find that our relationships are serving as a stage on which we can perform as we seek to be in the spotlight. Grandiose extremes could be in style, as people seek to put their best foot forward and one-up each other. While the uniqueness of individuality might be the flavor of the times, it could become nothing more than a sense of a maddening crowd with everyone elbowing to be in the center ring.
With the Jupiter influences, we might be on cloud nine, enjoying ourselves and having a good time. If we don’t budget our time and our finances, we could go into overwhelm and rack up significant expenses. ‘Moderation in all things’ would be a wise mantram to keep in mind but could prove an attitude that is swimming against the tide. Let’s focus on our personal best, maintain diplomatic decorum and pace ourselves.

On the 9th, the Sun squares Uranus. Unexpected situations can create twists and turns that demand we be nimble and quick by being in the moment and dealing with the spontaneous as things come up. We may find that we’ve pushed the envelope a little too far. Either we, or the universe, could demand corrective action to any excess in which we’ve engaged.

While we may feel pushed and pulled in different directions, around the 11th we can take a breather and give ourselves the time to critique and restructure our involvements. After several days of getting carried away by our enthusiasm, our feet can touch the ground. From the emphasis on Jupiter’s expansiveness, we now have Saturn’s structure and discipline to help us sort things out as the Sun sextiles Saturn, Mars trines Saturn and the Sun sextiles Mars, all on the 11th.
We can create solid foundations to our projects and practical means to achieve our desired results. We have the drive and the focus to accomplish a lot and do so with a pragmatic approach.

It would be nice to assume that once we get a handle on things, feel that they are measured and well thought out, we could go easily forward. But life is not always like that. We could find that our breather provides us a sense of foundation stones from which we can reach for our dreams. The only problem is that Neptune steps in on the 13th, both by means of the Sun trine Neptune and Mars sextile Neptune. Suddenly, our plans can go from realistic concepts to hoped-for fantasies by embellishing and adding on to them. We could get swept up in possibilities and prospects. We might leap ahead envisioning what could be and leaving behind what really is.

The potential for confusion can ratchet up as the Gemini New Moon on the 14th – 15th offers a broad spectrum of options. This New Moon reinforces the Mutable Sign T-Square with which we entered June, with the missing Element still being the Mutable Earth Sign of Virgo with its ability to analyze, focus and account for the specifics. We could find some alternatives under consideration might merely be seeking change for the sake of change.

Instead of adding on more activities, we might consider those involvements that truly interest us contrasted to those situations that are merely distractions. A spring cleaning to rid ourselves of the superfluous could be called for.

On the 15th, we have our second of this year’s three Mercury retrogrades. The first Mercury retrograde in mid-February through early March offered typical Mercury problems and issues with travelers stuck on an Interstate in Pennsylvania for over twenty-four hours and air passengers stuck in Jet Blue aircraft on the tarmac at JFK for over ten hours. This Mercury retrograde runs from the 15th through all of June, turning direct finally on July 9th. Our thoughts and communications can get a little fuzzy. Before we make any significant decisions, let’s check the details, review the matter and be certain before committing. With Mercury retrograding through Cancer, we might find confusion and issues associated with home, family, real estate and outstanding issues.

On the 19th, Venus trines Jupiter as the Sun opposes Pluto. We may feel as though our soul has been laid bare, and in compensation we may look to live for the day. Any discomfort within ourselves is likely to find expression in extravagance. We could spend too much, eat too much, even enjoy ourselves too much. We are being asked to engage our transformation, the shapeshifting of transitioning from the caterpillar into the butterfly. The process may not always seem comfortable and we could mask it by focusing on having a good time, no matter the expense.

Sobriety steps in as we enter Summer on the 21st with the Sun moving into Cancer at the time that Mars trines Pluto. Plans for the Summer include having a special time, vacation or activities, that will have real meaning and be remembered for all time. We don’t want to skim through life. We want the depth and passion of living that will make our heart sing. Although challenged by the Saturn Neptune opposition of fact versus fiction, we are better able to discern between the essence and the superfluous fluff.

Uranus turns retrograde on the 23rd followed by Mars leaving its own Sign of Aries and entering Taurus on the 24th. Much of our fiery energy can move from an impulsive self-assertiveness to a reliable and focused intent. We may do a certain amount of soul-searching, trying to find our true meaning in life and our purpose.

The end of the month ramps up the confusion level. We have a strong Neptunian influence at the end of the month. On the 25th, we have the third and final Saturn opposition Neptune that has dogged us since last Autumn. This configuration has created a questioning of our ability all the while being enticed by possibilities for our future. Old issues that have yet to be completed may pop up again, and we could find ourselves doing a walk down Memory Lane. We do have to watch for any element of revisionism where we view our experiences from an emotional perspective rather than true reality.

The potential for confusion at the end of June can be strong. We might question every step we take, even to the point of repeatedly changing our mind. If we will get out of our own way and stop evaluating ourselves, we could use the energy to formulate the means to achieve our objectives. The key is to maintain detachment and not personalize everything going on around us.

At the time of the Capricorn Full Moon on the 30th, Venus opposes Neptune. We may question our relationships. We could be seduced by appearance and might wind up looking for love in all the wrong places.

Under the influence of the Mercury retrograde and Neptune aspects, the end of June is not a time to have knee-jerk reactions but to count to ten before taking action. It would be best not to reach any definitive conclusions.

With little Earth providing practicality this month, the influence of the Saturn Neptune configuration throughout the month, and the Mercury retrograde for the second half of the month and into July, this month of June is a time not to be swept away in grand pursuits or assume that our projects and plans are going to easily work out. Maintaining caution and checking and rechecking this month are essential to keep us from stepping into situations that seem oh so good from the outside but could prove dangerous enticements and problematic illusions once the commitments are given.

June is a time to explore and test the waters, to take our walks done Memory Lane and reconnect in reunions and social gatherings, and to allow ourselves time of reflection and consideration before determinedly moving forward.

June… traipsing along, hardly touching the ground…