April begins with four planets in Fire Signs, two planets in Earth Signs, two planets in an Air Sign and two planets in a Water Sign.
One planet is in a Cardinal Sign, four planets are in Fixed Signs and five planets are in Mutable Signs. Six planets are in Positive Signs, four planets are in Negative Signs.

We have a Grand Trine by Sign in the Fire Signs with the Sun in Aries, Saturn in Leo and Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius. We also have by Sign two T-Squares; one in the Fixed Signs and the other in the Mutable Signs. The Fixed Sign T-Square has the Saturn Neptune opposition that keeps on keeping on with both now squared by Venus in Taurus. The Mutable Sign T-Square has the Moon in Virgo opposed Mercury and Uranus in Pisces with both Signs squared by the Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius.

We may start the month with a sense of ‘hurry up and wait’. A waiting attitude could also prove a blessing in disguise, for we begin the month with Mercury conjunct Uranus. If we can get out of our own way and be open to receive, we may gain some valuable insights, become aware of surprising opportunities and be able to take advantage of the magic of the moment. The key element is getting out of our own way. Habit patterns and the definitions of ‘who’ we have been could trip us up. We need to keep in mind the truth to the wise saying that god, the universe, our destiny have a far greater plan for us than we could ever imagine for ourselves.

We start the month open to the magic of the unexpected, those synchronistic happenings when we suspend our normal daily reality and are privy to mysterious, magical, unexpected occurrences. If we will let go of our opinions, our expectations and our judgments regarding how reality works, then we can cross the threshold into a dimension of wonderful possibilities. If we will look, we will see. If we will listen, we will hear. If we will be open, we will receive.

We do have to watch that our mind isn’t racing a mile a minute and that the realm of possibilities doesn’t dive us into a nightmarish fantasy of delusions. Either we can soar with the eagles, or plummet to the depths. Our visionary sense may be strong, but we also have to realize that bringing the revelations down to this earth plane may be a little more difficult. We could experience computer glitches, travel problems and miscommunications.

We could go off into a world of our own, a situation that could aggravate our relationships especially with the Libra Full Moon on the 2nd at a time when Venus squares Saturn. People may not ‘get’ us. Everyone may be seeking to balance their personal interests with the demands of their circle of special friends. Past issues could resurface like a sticking point that prevents us from moving forward. This sense of confusion in our interactions could continue during much of this early April period.

On one hand, we want to do our own thing, express our uniqueness and not be limited or restricted by other people’s opinions. Yet, no one can truly be an island unto themselves and the balancing act between our personal needs and the needs of others may be engaged.

The mid-part of the first week of April has Venus square Saturn, Mercury square Jupiter and Mars sextile Pluto. Jupiter also turns retrograde for the next four months. We could feel a push-pull between expanding our own scope, driven by those situations that impassion us, yet enticed and perplexed by appearances that may not be realities. The likelihood of our desires leading us down a garden path in early April cannot be discounted. Even if we start on a quixotic journey, and even to the point of tilting at windmills, we are determined and committed to realizing our dreams.

On the 6th, Mars leaves Aquarius to enter Pisces, briefly creating a stellium of three or more planets in Pisces as Mars joins Uranus and Mercury in the Mutable Water Sign before Mercury leaves Pisces ending the stellium and enters Aries on the 10th. The concept of ‘April showers bring May flowers’ might be pronounced toward the end of the month when Mars conjuncts Uranus on the 29th.

Although emotional issues may hold sway and storm systems pack a wallop of winds and rain, relationships and our self-determination seem better balanced as Mercury sextiles Venus on the 7th and the Fire Grand Trine is engaged by the Sun in Aries trining Saturn in Leo on the 8th and trining Jupiter in Sagittarius on the 9th. We can talk things out, offer heart to heart communications, and express our deepest needs.

This Grand Trine occurs at the time of Christianity’s sacred holy day of Easter, a day celebrating the resurrection and ascension of Jesus who was the Christ. This sacred Christian symbology is also seen in mythology with the bird known as the Phoenix on its funereal pyre rising from its ashes to soar ever higher.

With this Fire Grand Trine, we may find ourselves going through our own resurrection and ascension. We can engage our true vitality, our soulful energy. With drive and passion we can embrace both our dreams and our inner being to create the necessary garden in which to plant our seed. We can create the base from which we too can fly and soar and realize our greatest goals.

The question of clarity of method may come up, for we may be driven more by the force of our will than the well-considered specifics of a practical approach. Mercury squares Pluto on the 10th just before Mercury exits Pisces to enter Aries. Our thoughts may be strong and opinionated. Our ideas might be based more upon wish fulfillment and visionary zeal rather than the particulars and the details. It would be wise for us to test the waters before diving headlong into the pool.

On the 11th, the Sun sextiles Neptune. We may feel destiny calling us, even to the point of feeling blessed, invincible and divinely directed. The 11th also has Venus leaving its own sign of Taurus and entering Mercury-ruled Gemini. With Venus leaving Taurus, we’ve lost our connection to the Earth element. Our practicality could prove minimal. Social interactions and connections with those who appreciate us could have us going from place to place.

The mid-part of April continues to add fuel to our fire. The Aries New Moon on the 17th has the Sun Moon conjunction trine Pluto in Sagittarius. The 19th has the Sun trine Pluto and Saturn in Leo ending its four and a half month long retrograde cycle and turning direct. With Saturn direct, we could find that recent delays and obstacles are being removed. We may feel like we can start to make forward progress.

All this added fiery nature is ratcheted up by the Mercury in Aries triggering the Fire Grand Trine as Mercury trines Saturn in Leo and trines Jupiter in Sagittarius on the 21st. We may certainly be feeling energetic and wanting to take the world by storm, putting our imprint on everything we do. We could feel as though there can be no stopping us now. Our desire is to stretch beyond our normal limitations and to realize our personal best. Now is a time when we can engage brain and brawn. We have the ingenuity, the passion and the energy to be highly effective. We’re working smarter not harder. We can get more done with less expenditure of energy.

With our determined sense of self and the strength of our will, we can take our intentions and put them into action. The Sun moves into Taurus on the 20th providing a vessel for our Fire. We pick up some Earth as the Sun enters the Fixed Earth Sign of Taurus. Our passions can now be made manifest, for we’re looking at taking our dreams and bringing them into form. We can find the venues and the formats by which we can make our mark. We can work from our core and put down the base camp from which to achieve our goals.

The latter part of April could prove dicey. We may feel that suddenly the smooth sailing of earlier in the month has turned into variable winds with the need for us to tack back and forth in order to make headway. If we will keep our wits about us, we can maintain an even keel.

Relationships could be part of the whipsaw. With Venus in Gemini, we’re looking for brief encounters that are lively, sparkling but not necessarily consistent. And we are likely to find them with caroming Venus aspects as Venus squares Mars on the 23rd, squares Uranus on the 26th, sextiles Saturn on the 27th, opposes Jupiter on the 28th and finally trines Neptune on the 30th.

Relationships may provide us with ups and downs, strange encounters and a parade of characters before we find what we’re looking for. Whether we are dating or involved in a committed relationship, we may find our partner[s] to provide a broad spectrum of emotions, actions and characterizations. The only constant in our relationships during this end of April may be change.

The best way for us to navigate the swings in relationships is to maintain our head about us. The head must rule the heart, otherwise we could find ourselves being tossed and turned by the vagaries of emotions in our social interactions.

Fortunately, Mercury sextiles Neptune on the 23rd and Mercury trines Pluto on the 26th. Our intuitive sense may be strong and our mind piercing, able to penetrate the image to get to the true substance of any situation, or person. We can present our ideas in an appealing, even seductive manner. We could dispel any arguments against our viewpoint and win adherents to our side both by the force of our presentation and the incisiveness of our case.

Mercury enters Taurus on the 27th, contributing to the Earth element and providing greater practicality. We may be less taken with ourselves and more considerate of other people. Our contacts with others seem to improve, both as a result of a change in our attitude and because we’re more attentive to other people’s needs. By creating win-win situations, we can gain adherents to our cause and impress people with our determination.

The month ends with Mars conjunct Uranus on the 29th and Mars square Jupiter on the 30th. Energetic releases could be swift, intense and staccato-like. The energy could easily get away from us. We need to be careful and avoid rash actions. Accidents could occur and some may push the envelope with crazy-making actions. Like a burst of energy, things can erupt, boil over and blast forth.

This month of April can be an exciting and productive month. We may feel compelled to do our own thing, find new ways of expressing ourselves and begin to put down the roots of new endeavors. If we can decipher the conditions and focus our intentions, this month could prove especially productive when we can accomplish more than we might ever have anticipated.

April… hurry up and wait… for the magic of the moment…