August 15th – 21st, 2022

The astrology for this week of August 15th through the 21st of 2022 provides us some of the finest energies in the past several weeks.

Not that there won’t be hiccups along the way this week, but overall the week is an upbeat week to have some fun, enjoy oneself and look on the bright side of life. Even if we are back in harness of our regular routine, everything seems to be on greased wheels, sliding pleasantly along until we come to Sunday.

The week begins with us feeling pumped and looking towards those projects and activities that truly speak to us and allow us to put our personal mark upon them. We may feel that everything is falling neatly into place early in the week with some surprising developments to our benefit and possibly with little effort on our part.

As long as we don’t push the envelope and get too full of ourselves, things can unfold in some interesting, almost magical, ways. Let’s keep in mind that we are co-creators with the universe unfolding. We just need to have our antennae up, work with peripheral vision, and be open to receive some of the magical moments of these times.

Two favorite energy configurations of mine occur this week. Mercury trines Uranus on Tuesday, and Venus trines Jupiter on Thursday.

Not only can we think outside the box, streamline our operations and be highly productive early in the week. Fun times and exciting events could revive our spirits later in the week.

We do have to keep watch on our expenses. The powers-that-be might tout the assertion that inflation has been tamed, but that bite in one’s wallet is no mythical dragon but rather the increased costs of virtually everything compared to a year ago, two years ago.

Perhaps feeling energized, we may also feel justified in spending more, doing more and with little regard of the later consequences to our present actions.

The end of the week and the weekend could have us all over the place, as if at a smorgasbord, sampling this, sampling that, and with little lengthy engagement, just a vast variety of this and that.

Saturday has Mars exiting Taurus to enter Gemini. Let the whirlwind begin with a liability of shooting from the lip. Let’s think before we speak and remember, as I always advise, to ‘check the source and check their agenda’.

What we have to be wary of is ending the weekend on Sunday in a dither, confused, spinning our wheels and going round in circles.

Nonetheless, this week is a highly pleasant one, and one to fully enjoy whether we are whistling while we work or are having good times with good friends.

Monday, August 15th – Glorious Me – Jupiter. Monday starts this week with the Moon in Aries and the Moon conjunct Jupiter. How can we be down when we are so up? Whether we are back on track with our regular routine or not, we are likely feeling good about ourselves, about our life, and about our future prospects. No matter the crazy antics of the powers-that-be, we may have the sense that there are brighter days ahead if we engage better ways of doing things. The fear porn constantly generated has probably gotten tiresome for most of us. The various horsemen of the apocalypse may seem now more like mythical specters perpetrated against the general populace by the powers-that-be and their minions to control and force compliance to edicts handed down and compel acceptance to the narrative being pronounced. We could feel that we’ve had enough already, far more interested in doing our own thing, and greatly appreciate the opportunities and beauties that our life offers us. This is a day to embrace the sense of ‘glorious me’ and do whatever catches our fancy with a broad smile on our face and a song in our heart.

Tuesday, August 16th – Magic Moments – Saturn, Sun, Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Uranus. Tuesday continues with the Moon in Aries with the Aries Moon today sextile Saturn, the Moon trine the Sun, and the Moon square Pluto. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for six hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Aries and before the Moon enters Taurus late in the day. Mercury trines Uranus. Much can be accomplished on this Tuesday if we are willing to plan in pencil with a large eraser. Surprising developments can put a positive spin on our activities. It’s important we engage the key characteristics of this paradigm shift: flexibility and adaptability. We might have our schedule set for the day, but it would be wise for us to alter our plans if opportunities arise that we had not anticipated. One of the essential aspects of these times is for us not to get stuck or fixated in the ways we believe things should be. Situations can evolve far more easily if we heed the signs and make the necessary changes to our trajectory when circumstances warrant. This Tuesday could be a day of magic moments, which would allow us to advance our interests quickly and effectively, even if the course of action is not the way we had planned it. Let’s keep our antennae up, for we might be privy to some ‘ah-ha’ moments, interesting revelations that indicate our ‘right’ course of action.

Wednesday, August 17th – Makeover – Venus. Wednesday has the Moon in Venus-ruled Taurus with the Taurus Moon square Venus today. With the autumn season fast approaching, we might feel enticed for a personal makeover. Whether we decide to have a spa day, go shopping for our autumn wardrobe, consider purchases to add flair to our environment, or other expenditures, this Wednesday is likely to be all about fixing up our personal self. Perhaps certain things came too easily and unexpectedly yesterday, and today we feel that we should luxuriate in the lap of luxury and pamper oneself. If we are doing routine work and stuck in the familiar, we might imagine ourselves like Cinderella waiting for the prince, princess, non-binary, whomever, to come and whisk us away or, at the very least, peel us a grape. There may not be a great deal of energy today and certainly not energy to move mountains. On the contrary, the most energy we are likely to exert is leisurely getting up and doing something that we want. We do need to be aware of financial expenditures. We could be so enamored in being good to ourselves that we dismiss the amount of the cost and just go for the gold. Today and tomorrow are liable for excess so it would be wise to stay alert at the costs involved with all of our activities.

Thursday, August 18th – Smarter not Harder – Uranus, Lunar Grand Trine, Mercury, Lunar T-Square, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter. Thursday and Friday morning may seem reminiscent of Charles Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities with the sense that “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. Thursday has the Taurus Moon triggering both an Earth Grand Trine and a Fixed Sign T-Square, both of which start today and are completed Friday morning. The Taurus Moon today conjuncts Uranus and trines Mercury in Virgo, followed on Friday morning with the Taurus Moon trine Pluto in Capricorn for the Earth Grand Trine. The Taurus Moon today conjuncts Uranus and squares Saturn in Aquarius, followed on Friday morning with the Taurus Moon square the Sun in Leo for the Fixed Sign T-Square. Venus trines Jupiter. Although we may be whipsawed between highly effective involvements and frustrating delays of blockages on Thursday and early Friday, if we could be oblivious to it all and just enjoy the dying embers of summertime, that would likely be our preference. With the two ‘good guys’ of the planetary realm, Venus and Jupiter, harmoniously connected, this is a day when we might choose to concentrate on good times without considering the costs. If we do keep aware of our daily regular engagements, then it would be wise for us to work smarter and not harder. Things can be streamlined through time management practices and by pursuing those matters that are being easily resolved instead of those situations that would only flummox us. This is a day for us to pick and choose wisely what we wish to engage, or just check off the day as a la-di-da adventure into fun events and re-creational activities. We just have to be wary of the costs of any excursions into our fantasyland.

Friday, August 19th – One and Done – Sun, Pluto, Mars, Jupiter. Yesterday started both a Lunar Earth Grand Trine and a Lunar Fixed Sign T-Square, and this Friday morning finishes up these two energy configurations. The Taurus Moon squares the Sun in Leo, the final component to this Fixed Sign T-Square. The Taurus Moon trines Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon conjuncts Mars, completing this Earth Grand Trine. The Moon then moves into Gemini with the Moon sextile Jupiter to end the day. The more we can bring closure to outstanding matters, even if we are experiencing starts and stops or delays and frustrations as we move ahead, the better able we shall be to start our weekend early with the idea of throwing open wide our list of possibilities with the desire to do a variety of activities and involvements. Despite any hiccups we might have experienced early today and yesterday, we could have also realized how we could be more productive with less expenditure of energy. If we were able to push through with perseverance and determination and ‘right’ action, we can clear the decks early on this Friday and enjoy a weekend unencumbered by duties and responsibilities. Let’s try to clean up and clear out outstanding matters on this Friday morning in order to have a clear slate for our weekend. Friday evening can be pleasant get-togethers to start the weekend on an upbeat vibe.

Saturday, August 20th – Anything and Everything – Venus, Mars Gemini. The Gemini Moon sextiles Venus today, and Mars exits Taurus to enter Gemini [3:56 AM EDT]. With summer drawing to a close, this weekend may be a time when we want to have a summertime blow out. Fun is foremost in our mind with the recognition that variety is the spice of life. Mars coming out of Taurus and into Gemini shifts the energy dramatically. We may be less plodding, less feeling behind the eight ball, and more interested in doing anything and everything. What we have to be wary of is shooting from the lip, saying anything we damn well please without gauging our audience. It is important that we recognize the divisiveness in the country and remember the words to Buffalo Springfield’s song For What It’s Worth: “Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong”. It is impossible not to see all the various ironies being played out, the flip-flops, the mind games, fictions reported as truths. It’s enough to drive a sane person mad. If we would appreciate that we do not have full information and avoid jumping to conclusions, we could save ourselves a great deal of grief and prevent ourselves from having to eat a lot of crow. With Mars in Gemini there can be a tendency for people to pontificate, often more from opinion than factual reality, and with people having the loudest megaphone bullying people into accepting their opinion as gospel. Whatever happened to the belief in the proverbial saying “silence is golden”? It would be far better to use this Saturday to enjoy oneself, regenerate through re-creational activities, and look on the bright side of life. Growing up, I was told there were two subjects not to discuss in proper company: religion and politics. However, for many of us, we tend to go to subjects that poke the bear and embrace the sentiment that “fools rush in where angels fear to tread”.

Sunday, August 21st – Wired – Saturn, Sun, Lunar T-Square, Neptune, Mercury. Sunday continues with the Moon in Gemini with the Gemini Moon today trine Saturn and the Moon triggering a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Gemini Moon square Neptune in Pisces and the Moon square Mercury in Virgo. The Moon sextiles the Sun later in the day before the Moon exits Gemini to enter Cancer. Mercury opposes Neptune. We could be all over the place on this Sunday unless we have a plan in mind for the day and stick to the course of action as planned. We are unlikely to do so however, for we are liable to be wired wanting to do any number of things but possibly with little regard to time management or real purpose. Whatever draws our interest can grab our attention, and the likelihood of going from one thing to another to yet another is more probable. Let’s be careful about excess, whether that excess is impulse buying or speaking off the top of one’s head. Things may not be well considered, and we could rush to judgment regarding virtually anything and everything. If we do not get carried away by a high level of nervous energy with the tendency to jump to conclusions, we could actually use today for proper planning and reflecting a best practices approach to accomplish our aims. Unfortunately, the intensity of this day is more likely to get the better of us with a liability of our being like a dog chasing its tail, just going round and round in circles.