June 20th – 26th, 2022

The astrology for this week of June 20th through the 26th of 2022 brings us into the summer season with the planetary energy configurations and our own intentions fully engaging summertime fun events.

The week begins with us feeling upbeat and confident that ‘the best is yet to come’. Such an attitude might run contrary to the various negative influences occurring in the world-at-large. But we may have gotten used to the dysfunctionality of the powers-that-be, and we could have developed a skill set to cope with the inflationary rising costs of virtually everything and the supply availability disruptions. With the summer upon us, we are unlikely to allow anyone or anything to rain on our parade.

By changing our habit patterns and embracing a ‘can do’ positive attitude, we could not merely survive these tumultuous, disruptive times but might even thrive from them. Over the past two years during lockdowns and the constant blaring of fear porn, we may have developed the ability to adapt to rapidly changing conditions. Although many people play the victim card, these times call for the spiritual warrior who is able to take machete in hand and carve their own path with a confidence and belief that they can successfully handle whatever comes their way. Let each of us embrace our spiritual warrior.

The week begins with the last day of the spring season. This season has provided us the opportunity to see the renewal and rebirth in nature that comes with the blooms and blossoms on the landscape and the birthing of various animals. Perhaps from what has unfolded in nature, we have restored our faith in the natural unfolding and gained an impetus to do our very best no matter what we encounter.

The summer season begins on Tuesday at the summer solstice, when the sun is at the greatest amount of daylight in the northern hemisphere. As if instilling us with an infusion of energy, we might bask in the light and shine our own light. Light dispels darkness.

Much of this week provides a thrust to our individual initiations, new beginnings. We may be looking at stretching our wings, coming out of our own shell of familiarity, and travel whether literally or figuratively to far distant regions. Our emphasis could be on our individual projects and our interactions with other people. We are interested in variety, trying this and then trying that, without the need to make any firm commitments. Perhaps we have learned that it is best to put our toes in the water before diving into the deep end to gauge whether certain involvements are what we want to engage or what we need to step away from.

Accepting that ‘life is good’, we can better enjoy the company of other people. We may more fully appreciate each person’s uniqueness without feeling the need for anyone to conform to our own beliefs or our personal biases, an attitude contrary to present day consensus opinion where the narrative holds sway with little, if any, divergence.

This week of June 20th through the 26th is a time to en joy.

Monday, June 20th – Infused with Optimism and Propelled by Spirit – Uranus, Neptune, Venus, Pluto, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter. Monday starts this week off with the Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune, the Moon sextile both Venus and Uranus both in Taurus, the Moon sextile Pluto in Capricorn, and the Moon square the Sun on the last day of the Sun’s transit through Gemini. At the end of the day, the Moon slips into Aries. Mercury sextiles Jupiter. Although this day might seem to have a feel for endings with this being the last day of the spring season and with the Moon ending its monthly transit through the Zodiac, a sense of better things ahead can permeate our attitude and our actions. With confidence in our future and perhaps even feeling guided by divine intervention, we can complete certain projects and prepare our slate for new summertime adventures. Although we could be champing at the bit and wanting to get on with things, this is a day for us not to rush the river. Things will unfold in their own manner, whether we try to force things to our will or accept our being co-creators with the natural unfolding. With our faith restored, we could be more appreciative of our individual journey and recognize that things are developing as they will. Various matters can fall neatly into place today. We do have to keep a rein on our imagination and not fall prey to the fear porn, which broadcasts that everything is crashing down around us and the apocalypse is upon us. Time to tune out the naysayers and turn on to our confidence restored and our spirit renewed.

Tuesday, June 21st – Here is the Sun – Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Pluto, Summer Solstice, Sun Cancer. Tuesday continues with the upbeat attitude we might have felt yesterday. The Aries Moon conjuncts Jupiter, and the Moon sextiles Mercury. Venus trines Pluto, and the Sun enters Cancer [5:14 AM EDT] at the Summer Solstice to officially begin the summer season. The chart for the Summer Solstice gives the imprint for the next three months of the summer season. This day also celebrates the sun at its greatest light with this being the longest day of sunlight in the northern latitudes. Not only can we bask in the light of our sun. We may begin projects, initiate plans, all with a resonance of our individuality and our personal talents. We could feel at the top of our game, especially with this summer chart having four planets in their own Signs, accentuating their influence and further empowering the chart itself — Mercury in Gemini, Venus in Taurus, Mars in Aries, and Saturn in Aquarius [co-ruler with Uranus]. This week is not a week to be wasted but rather a week for us to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and start all over again. This is a time for us to embrace the new, no matter where we engage the newness. It could be our home with cleanups, clear outs and new additions. It can take the form of new projects and new activities. It might include travel to nearby spots, unfamiliar locales, or distant realms. The key to this week is embracing our personal interests with the recognition that every journey begins with a first step and that the force is with us.

Wednesday, June 22nd – Pedal to the Metal – Mars, Saturn, Venus Gemini. Wednesday continues with the Aries Moon with the Moon today conjunct Mars, and the Moon sextile Saturn. Venus ends its transit of its own Sign of Taurus and enters Gemini [8:34 PM EDT]. We may be looking at putting our best foot forward today. With a major drive of energy, whatever we put our mind to will be done in full measure. Nothing half-hearted for us today. We are likely to go for the gold and put our entire force behind our actions. Conversations with friends and like-minded people could be stirring and offer us suggestions for our future pursuits of which we might not have been aware. With accepting the belief that variety is the spice of life, we may be interested in spending a little amount of time with a lot of people rather than a lot of time with just one person. If we are intending to travel this summer, today would be a good day for us to plan our trip but with contingency plans in mind due to the conditions of these times — travel disruptions and supply availability issues. This first half of this week may pull out all stops as we move assertively ahead. Although we can be impetuous and interested in more rather than less, in variety rather than consistency, the latter part of the day can apply any necessary braking action so that we don’t go off the rails.

Thursday, June 23rd – Slow Down, Move Too Fast – Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course, Sun. The early morning hours of this Thursday has the Aries Moon square Pluto. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for four hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Aries and before the Moon enters Taurus where today the Taurus Moon sextiles the Sun. Much of this week could have had us rip-roaring until we came to this Thursday with the liability of hitting the wall. Everything may have seemed like it was going our way. Certainly, our energy was spiked with an emphasis on our personal interests and involvements. Thursday can have us hitting the brakes or being stopped in our tracks. Whatever we might want to do, we could experience some pushback. We are likely getting the sign to slow down that we’re moving too fast. Despite a wake-up call or a liable whack to the side of the head to begin the day, this Thursday slows the energy down, and we can tend to home and family interests. We might have been off on a bender earlier this week, doing our thing with little concern or focus on our usual responsibilities, but now we are more willing to slow things down and take things step by step.

Friday, June 24th – First Work, then Play – Uranus. The Taurus Moon conjuncts Uranus later on this Friday. While most of this week had us gung-ho and going a mile a minute, yesterday shifted the energy and today starts off slow and steady. Quite a contrast to earlier this week. This is a day for us to concentrate on the details of our lives, take care of our responsibilities, and complete various matters before we come into the weekend. Since there is not a great deal of energy to move mountains today, this would be a good day for us to consider our finances, our budget, and any cost-cutting that we can do to lower our expenses. Let’s keep in mind that these disruptive, tumultuous times are also times of incredible whipsaws. We have gone from excessive expansions earlier this decade and during the last decade to contractions that might lead to recession. While inflation seems to be ever increasing with spiraling costs, increased carrying costs could also see various price cuts from housing to appliances to clothing. The keywords for these times include awareness, mindfulness, flexibility and adaptability. This is a day for us to consider our plan of action with different options, alternate contingency plans. The more we accept responsibilities for our decisions and actions, the better able we shall be to surf the tsunami-like waves of these times. The Moon conjunct Uranus late in the day might open the door to unexpected developments that reaffirm these times as also being times of magic and mini-miracles during the paradigm shift.

Saturday, June 25th – Course Direction – Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course. Friday night could have made us aware of options and alternatives that we had not been privy to. Saturday continues with the Taurus Moon with the Moon square Saturn before the Moon sextiles Neptune and the Moon trines Pluto. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for four hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Taurus and before the Moon enters Gemini later in the day. Saturday might be slow starting. Some of our plans may fall apart as demands are placed upon us. We could feel as though the wind has been knocked out of our sails, but let’s keep in mind that these times demand adaptability and so it is for us on this Saturday. Even if our intended plans go awry, we might discover that we can use our time and energy to better effect. We just have to have our antennae up, think about what we need to get done, and do it. The early part of the day would be a good time for a cleanup and clear out. Increasingly, we might realize that we have been weighed down by our stuff and that a high maintenance lifestyle is… high maintenance that takes up our time and consumes our finances. By getting rid of the superfluous and the outmoded, we can free up space for the new and more relevant to come forward. The English writer G.K. Chesterton wrote: “Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.” Our ascension is assisted by lightening our load, focusing on the truly essential and en-lightening in the process.

Sunday, June 26th – What a Day for a Daydream – Venus, Jupiter. The Gemini Moon conjuncts Venus, and the Moon sextiles Jupiter on this Sunday. With the two ‘good guys’ of the planetary realm engaged, this Sunday is a day of pleasant interactions with our relationships, a day for gratifying reveries, and a day when life sparkles with fun and games. Conversations with people can be uplifting and reaffirm our connections. Everyone seems to be in an upbeat mood and looking to be on the ‘sunny side of the street’. Without an agenda in mind, we could go from one enjoyable activity to another and yet another. The less pressure placed upon us or that we place upon ourselves, the more enjoyable this day can be. We might see the world in a kaleidoscope of colors, patterns, all sparkling and scintillating. We might choose this day to daydream about our possibilities with possibilities everywhere. Whether we engage prospects in our mind’s eye or engage a broad palette of activities today, this is a day when we might feel refreshed, reinvigorated and renewed. What a day for a daydream.