June 13th – 19th, 2022

The astrology for this week of June 13th through the 19th, the last full week of the spring season, can have us racing around with great intentions but a liability at times of spinning our wheels.

The week begins with Mercury exiting Taurus to come back into its own Sign of Gemini. We are still in the ‘shadow’ of the Mercury retrograde until Saturday when Mercury returns to the degree of Gemini at which it first turned retrograde back on May 10th.

The Full Moon on Tuesday has the Sun Moon opposition square Neptune. We may have a wide assortment of possibilities — past, present and future — but confused by how to interpret and what to engage. We might just decide to keep dancing, break out the booze, and have a summertime ball.

Much of this week feels the Neptune influence. Can we say intuitive foresight? Or do we fall into the illusions of our own beliefs or the sketchy narrative of the powers-that-be, both of which have so often proven wrong?

We could easily get caught up in the frenzy of these times, but it would be wise for us to avoid a rush to judgment. We may have insufficient information to make a rational decision, much less a calculated guess. Various people will throw caution to the wind and pontificate based upon their personal bias.

Perhaps one good course of action this week would be to tune out, take a vacation or a staycation, and not be bothered by the crazies hogging center stage with their inane antics.

This is a week for us to be astute as to what we do and with whom we do the dance. We’re not interested in controversy or any lines drawn in the sand.

Let’s keep in mind that curveballs are being thrown at us, one after another, sometimes two or more at a time. We have been buffeted by:

• virus infections, with all assortments of variants, with more liable to come
• supply shortages and unavailability, rationing ahead?
• inflation at its highest level in over forty years, not temporary, it’s only just begun
• threats of nuclear war, being played in a corrupt geopolitical chess game
• rehashing matters of the past, exacerbating the divisiveness in the country [either with me or against me]
• increased mental health issues from the stresses of the past few years
etc., etc., etc…

Is it any wonder that many of us think or cry out: “Stop the world! I want to get off.”

This week may be a week for us to take a ‘time out’ or, at least, ‘take five’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmDDOFXSgAs

Monday, June 13th – All This & More – Jupiter, Mars, Mercury Gemini. Monday has the Sagittarius Moon trine the two Aries-transiting planets, Jupiter to begin the day and Mars to end the day. Mercury exits Taurus and re-enters its own Sign of Gemini [11:27 AM EDT]. We could be feeling upbeat as we start this week. Whether we stretch our wings and fly out of town or stay around the home front, we are likely broadening our reach and looking to expand our activities. We might feel as though nothing is too much for us. We could pile on our ‘to do’ list with much of our attention going towards fun and lively involvements. Although feeling good about things and looking more at the distant horizon rather than what is right in front of us, we are liable to get a little too full of ourselves. Not only may we think that we can virtually move mountains, but we are not interested in any naysayers who might try and burst our bubble. This is a day when we could push the envelope, go far out on the ledge, and set ourselves up for a subsequent fall. ‘Moderation in all things’ is a wise cautionary suggestion, and more so today, but likely unheeded. Everyone this week might just be a little too self-involved to read the warning signs, all the while traipsing through la-la-land.

Tuesday, June 14th – Dizzying Whirlwind – Sagittarius Full Moon, Sun, Saturn, Neptune, Moon Void-of-Course. Tuesday begins the day with the Sagittarius Full Moon as the Sagittarius Moon opposes the Sun, the Moon sextiles Saturn, and the Moon squares Neptune. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for over seven hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Sagittarius and before the Moon enters Capricorn later in the day. Full Moons always ratchet up the energy and this one especially since this Full Moon triggers a Mutable Sign T-Square with the Sun Moon opposition square Neptune. The saving grace, and a minimal one at that, is the Moon sextile Saturn. After yesterday’s thrust of energy when we might have assumed that we could do no wrong blithely forging ahead, this Tuesday can have us feeling like we are on an ever-accelerating carousel with a semblance of stability if we could ever step off but with the increasing speed keeping us caught in the frenzied movement. This is a day, and a week, when it would be wise to avoid significant commitments or serious decisions. We might be impacted more by our emotions and by appearances than the true reality of the situation. Our anxieties may be provoked, and we have to be wary of knee-jerk reactions or snap judgments. Although the energy is ratcheted up significantly, we need not feel like victims or pawns in a chess game. We just have to slow things down and recognize that we do not have full information. It’s easy to play on people’s emotions and threaten them with fear porn, but we can step away from the drama and not get entangled in the craziness by tapping into the sanctity of the natural world by walking in a park, going to the seashore, meditating and appreciating the beauty and bounty in life itself.

Wednesday, June 15th – Within the Parameters – Jupiter, Mars, Uranus. Monday gave us the Sagittarius Moon trine both Jupiter and Mars both in Aries. We started the week with a sense of ‘off to the races’, fast out of the starting gate with the belief that we could achieve whatever we desired. We may have hit a bump in the road with yesterday’s Full Moon with a deflation to our enthusiasm due to fear and anxiety creeping in. Either yesterday had us launching into la-la-land or having us thrown back on our haunches. Either way, this Wednesday has Jupiter and Mars again engaged, today by the Capricorn Moon square Jupiter to begin the day, the Moon square Mars late in the day. The day ends with the Capricorn Moon trine Uranus. We might feel blocked today if we are trying to do things our way with little regard to the conditions in which we are operating. A liability of pushing the envelope can trigger a pushback. This is not a day to draw outside the lines but rather to stay within the confines of circumstance. The test for each of us is our personal willfulness either in league with the universal unfolding or in conflict with the parameters in which we are operating. If the latter, this Wednesday could be one of those head-banging experiences where our attempts to master conditions, rather than working with them, leads to constant blockages and various obstacles. Whether we wear ourselves out by trying to bend conditions to our will or we cry ‘uncle’ and accept the indomitable force of circumstance, late in the day we might find that things are operating more smoothly with the realization that by means of awareness and mindfulness as to what is really going on, we can in deed work smarter rather than harder. The end of the day might have us experience a surprising development that greases the wheels that we have been struggling with earlier in the day.

Thursday, June 16th – Reliance on Experience – Venus, Neptune, Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course, Mercury, Sun, Saturn. The Moon continues its transit of Capricorn with the Moon today trine Venus, the Moon sextile Neptune, and the Moon conjunct Pluto. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for three hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes is transit of Capricorn and before the Moon enters Aquarius late in the day with the Aquarius Moon trine Mercury to end the day. The Sun trines Saturn, and the Sun squares Neptune. Earlier this week and certainly at the time of the Full Moon on Tuesday, the Neptune influence has been accentuated offering us a world of confusion. The confusion, thanks to Neptune, is part of the tenor of this week. If we would keep our head down and deal with our responsibilities, this Thursday could be a highly productive day. We can blend both creative visualization as to the best methods to get things done and dogged determination to accomplish what needs to get done. We could draw upon suggestions from a trusted confidante if we are questioning our own discernment. This is a day when we may draw upon our experience and our developed expertise to accomplish productive results. We do have to be wary that we’re not overly judging or critiquing our actions, plans or intentions. It is far better for us to devise a best practices approach and then implement our strategy. Second guessing ourselves might only lead down a bramble path of self-doubt and a victim mentality. Late in the day, we’re in the mood for enlightening conversations and giving thought to our future directions. First, let’s take care of business without being diverted from our intentions, and then late today and tomorrow we can relish our relationships and give greater thought to our future goals.

Friday, June 17th – My Way – Jupiter, Uranus, Mars. Friday has the Aquarius Moon sextile Jupiter to begin the day, and the Moon sextile Mars to end the day. In between, the Moon squares Uranus. This week has had the Moon doing various interplays with the Jupiter and Mars both transiting Aries. On Monday, the Sagittarius Moon was trine them both, on Wednesday the Capricorn Moon squared them both, and today the Aquarius Moon sextiles them both. We may have felt as if we weren’t fully aware as to whether we were coming or going. There were times when many of our personal interests were accented, other times when they might have seemed quashed. With such a whipsaw this week and with elements of confusion thrown in, this Friday would be a good day to take a breather, start the weekend early by either getting together with a good friend[s] or doing whatever we please. This weekend can be something less than a walk in the park, so this Friday could prove a better day to enjoy ourselves and re-create. We do have to be on the lookout for unexpected expenses and unanticipated situations that might crop up as we seek to have a good time.

Saturday, June 18th – Get off of My Cloud – Venus, Saturn, Sun, Moon Void-of-Course. While our social interactions yesterday may have been especially pleasant, this Saturday could prove dicey for our relationships. The Aquarius Moon squares Venus, the Moon conjuncts Saturn, and the Moon trines the Sun before the Moon goes Void-of-Course for four hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Aquarius and before the Moon enters Pisces. Venus squares Saturn. We might awaken out of sorts, even a little irritated. Perhaps we have certain obligations today that we have to fulfill that we would prefer to forego. Our freedom of movement can be restricted by commitments made previously or by errands to which we have to attend. We could also feel the pinch [pinch? What about a massive bite?] to our finances as we realize the cost of everything is spiraling ever upwards. Even if we feel that we are on a runaway train with no one at the controls, we do have it in our power to be astute with our finances. Time management skills and being adept at bargain shopping with an emphasis more on needs than wants or desires go a long way in being more capable of stretching our finances and dealing with the present economic reality. Let’s avoid being annoyed by any nuisances and recognize that life is all about cycles. There are times of expansion, and we have certainly experienced a major expansionary period earlier in this twenty-first century, and times of contraction that many of us are experiencing recently and presently. We just have to deal with the conditions and circumstance in which we find ourselves in the best ways possible. It would be wise for us to keep in mind the true saying that ‘we never get more than we can handle’.

Sunday, June 19th – Homage to the Ancestors – Mercury, Venus, Neptune. Sunday has the Pisces Moon square Mercury. Venus sextiles Neptune. In the US, this is Father’s Day and also Juneteenth commemorating the emancipation of enslaved people. Not only is it important for us to honor our ancestors from whence we came. It is also significant for us to accept our own responsibility to emancipate ourselves from an outmoded belief system, an archaic mindset, and the limitations we accept or impose upon ourselves. Although we might feel confused today and may have difficulty putting our thoughts into words, we are also likely to experience the realm of limitless possibilities and the prospect of realizing heaven on earth. We could have a greater appreciation for that special person or significant people in our life. Let’s honor our father and recognize the lessons he provided us in growing up. We are adults now and have a greater ability to make our own choices, determine our own path. No matter where we came from or the various situations we have experienced, we can foresee a better future for ourselves, even if that future is more impressionistic, even hazy, but still an apparition of what can be. All of us are being squeezed by conditions and from the squeeze we have the opportunity of awakening and ascending in consciousness. Up, up and away…