July 2022

We come into July on the 1st with Mars square Pluto, an unfavorable influence liable to provoke aggressive actions, violent behavior. As if a great deal of energy has been suppressed, kept under wraps, this energy configuration could trigger intense releases. We have to be wary that we don’t push the envelope or aggressively forge ahead with a tendency to act out the sentiment: “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”

Although we might be prone to knee-jerk reactions, impulsive actions, as we start July, it would be wise for to remind ourselves of Newton’s Third Law of Motion where in physics “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

If we push too hard, the pushback may be severe.

We might not be operating with great clarity at the beginning of the month, for the 2nd of July has Mercury square Neptune. We may have so many options that our consideration of them leaves us dazed and confused.

Both with the Mars square Pluto on the 1st and Mercury square Neptune on the 2nd, it would be wise for us to take things down a notch or two, not jump to any conclusions or act reactively and rashly.

Tuesday the 5th of July has two major shifts in energy as Mars exits its own Sign of Aries to enter Taurus [2:04 AM EDT], and Mercury exits its own Sign of Gemini to enter Cancer [2:25 AM EDT]. Not only are these two planetary energies diminished by coming out of their own Sign, both planets are also moving out of positive Signs into negative Signs. Instead of geared to being proactive, we are likely to be more receptive and willing to consider what is going on before leaping ahead impetuously. With Mars entering Taurus, Mars enters a Sign in which Mars is in Detriment, adding to the toning down of its forceful, assertive energy.

Perhaps we shall see less hysteria from the authorities and their mouthpieces. Even if the static continues to be heightened, we are less likely to pay it much mind. We may be far more interested in adeptly dealing with the hand we’re dealt.

Instead of grousing about the costs of everything increasing, sometimes exponentially, we might decide to budget our finances, cut back on our costs, and even consider embracing the concept that ‘living simply is not simply living’.

We have been thrown curveballs over the past two years, sometimes several at a time, and we have become hardened, or better conditioned, to dealing with whatever is being thrown at us.

The weekend of the 9th – 10th of July could be one when we are feathering our nest, making certain that we have all the comforts of home. Even if we have given thought to budgeting our finances and reining in our expenses, we might feel as though enough is enough. The liability to justifying making changes to our home and providing additional comforts to our man cave / she shed / or them sanctuary can be strong enough to bust our budget and bring out the charge card.

Over the past two years during the lockdown and with the new ‘normal’ that has emerged from our stay-at-home; our work, social engagements and personal recreation have all taken a dramatic change in course. Our home has become ever more a base of our operations.

With Mercury square Jupiter on the 9th and the Sun sextile Uranus on the 10th, we might decide to make adjustments to our environment and give it an even greater feel of sanctuary. Whether we have become accustomed and more comfortable in utilizing our home environment for most of our activities, this weekend could have us making changes by our throwing out certain things but adding other things, all with the intention of reflecting our altered style of living and whom we now have become.

We are not who we have been. Even if we are not fully aware of whom we have become, we are likely to sense that we have gone through a major transformation and will never be the same as we once were.

The Capricorn Full Moon on the 13th of July [2:38 PM EDT], as the Moon opposes the Sun, is influenced by Venus trine Saturn and Mercury sextile Uranus also on the 13th. Insights can prove startling, and unexpected developments could upset our plans. There can be reconnections, reunions with the most surprising incidents occurring. Variety is the spice of life, and this Wednesday may be highly spicy. Our emotions might be ratcheted up, and this is a day for us to suspend judgment, be open to the wonders of these times, and accept the twists and turns of life’s unfolding. Let’s keep in mind that during this paradigm shift things occur not in a sequential manner but in a most random manner sometimes with no apparent rhyme or reason. It would be wise to avoid snap decisions, since we are unlikely to have full information. Far better for us to take a wait and see attitude, hold tight to the changing tides, and enjoy the ride. If we try to control situations, or even try to make sense of what is happening, we could fall into victim mode, feeling out of control and powerless to affect the direction, much less the outcome, of our actions. It’s a marvelous world when we remove our blinders, open to receive the magic of these times, and accept that things do in deed work out.

While the 13th of July could have left our head spinning or our emotions frazzled, the 14th cautions us to guard our heart and our feelings for someone. With Venus square Neptune on the 14th we have to be wary in our relationships with the liability of our engaging a trickster, someone appearing one way, the reality being quite different. What we see may not be what we get. We might be looking for the idyllic in our relationships with the liability of seeing potential in someone without considering whether that person is interested in realizing their potential or presenting just a caricature of how we wish them to be. Let’s not get entangled in the emotional baggage of someone, for we could find ourselves embroiled in a high maintenance involvement that may prove draining and exhausting. We can help someone lift their burden, but we cannot carry it for them.

The 16th – 17th of July would be a good time for an escape from our mundane reality. Whether we stay at home and enjoy the comforts of our home or we go off traipsing through the world, the ability to step away from our everyday experience also opens the door to a more contemplative and reflective time.

There is a great deal of Neptune influence on the 16th – 17th, first with the Sun conjunct Mercury in the third decanate [Pisces] of Cancer and with the Moon in Pisces on the 16th, and on the 17th with the Sun and Mercury both in the third decanate [Pisces] of Cancer and both trine Neptune and the Moon continuing its transit of Pisces. Venus also exits Gemini to enter Cancer on the 17th triggering a brief Stellium in the Cardinal Water Sign as Venus joins the Sun and Mercury in Cancer.

Home and family matters are highlighted on the weekend of the 16th – 17th of July with a strong spiritual aspect that allows us to consider what lies behind apparent reality, what is beyond our accepted mindset and what may be the fundamental characteristics of doing life. The wise axiom reminds us: “As above, so below; as below, so above.”

We can also take this in the following correspondence: “As within, so with out; as with out, so within.”

During these disruptive and tumultuous times, when we are being sorely challenged and our soul strength tested, it is essential that we keep in mind that the appearance of reality is often an illusion and that how we encounter our daily experiences is based upon our perception and our depth of character.

The weekend of the 16th – 17th offers us the opportunity of stepping off the track, seeing the beauty and bounty in the natural world, and restoring our faith and strength in the goodness of living.

After a weekend when we may have replenished our spiritual character or at least taken a breather from the hurly-burly of daily existence, the 18th of July can have us back on track. Mercury opposes Pluto to be followed on the 19th by the Sun opposed Pluto.

Perhaps any time spent in reveries over the weekend made us aware of our priorities and what our true purpose is. We can use the 18th – 19th to position ourselves to engage our talents and pursue our creative interests. Focusing on the truly significant and dismissing the truly irrelevant foster our being more effective with less expenditure of energy. We can concentrate on the truly meaningful without being distracted by the shallow or superficial.

The 19th also has Mercury exiting Cancer to enter Leo [8:35 AM EDT] ending the Stellium in Cancer. This entry into Leo is followed by the Sun exiting Cancer on the 22nd to enter Leo [4:07 PM EDT].

No matter the format, we are engaging re-creational activities. Such involvements can take the form of our creative pursuits, journeys out of Dodge, or just fun events. We are truly embracing the fun of summertime.

The 23rd of July has Mercury trine Jupiter. No matter what seems to be going on in the world-at-large, or the crazy antics of the powers-that-be, we are able to see them like mosquitos at a picnic, nothing more than a minor irritation, as we concentrate on enjoying ourselves. We are likely feeling upbeat, confident of our days ahead, and enthused by the wide realm of possibilities that we could explore.

Just as energized as we might have felt a few days before, we could feel deflated and angry on the 25th – 26th.

The two ‘good guys’ of the planetary realm, Venus and Jupiter, square each other on the 25th. Whether we are the culprits or someone else, narcissism with a singular focus on self may trigger slights or hurt feelings. It could trigger a momentary withdrawal from relationships followed on the 26th by verbally lashing out with critical putdowns as Mercury squares Mars. This is a time for us to take everything with a grain of salt with the recognition that everyone has been virtually on their last nerve. Fortunately, at this time we are on the ‘dark side’ of the Moon prior to the Leo New Moon on the 28th.

The Leo New Moon on the 28th [1:56 PM EDT] is in orb of a trine to Jupiter, which turns retrograde today [4:37 PM EDT]. Mercury squares Uranus.

With its influence on the next two weeks up to the Full Moon on the 11th of August, this New Moon could have us looking at ramping up our summertime fun. Whether we travel out of town or stay home, our emphasis is on having good times and using this period to recharge our batteries and regain the joie de vivre [joy of living]. We do have to be wary of the Mercury square Uranus impact, the energy configuration that is my least favorite for air travel and the liability of various disruptions to any travel plans.

This two-week period calls for contingency plans, the ability to be flexible and adaptable to unexpected changes that might arise. Not only could our physical movement be hampered. We are also liable to find that our costs are greater than anticipated with unexpected costs impacting our finances.

We end the month of July on the 31st with Mercury opposed Saturn and the Sun trine Jupiter. Although our plans might go awry, we could discover the truth to the saying that ‘god and the higher forces have far greater plans for us than we could have imagined for ourselves.’

During these topsy-turvy times, it is essential that we maintain a sense of bemusement and maintain child-like awe and wonder as life unfolds. Things may not go according to plan, our plan, but things are unfolding as they will. We just have to be co-creators with the energies operating. We have to be wary of falling prey to the fear porn and falling into a victim mode. Life may be tough and challenging right now, but people have had it far worse both in the past and recent times. It is important that we maintain an attitude of gratitude for the opportunities and blessings in our life.

July 2022… sing in the sunshine…