April 4th – 10th, 2022

The astrology for this week of April 4th through the 10th of 2022 can have us stalled out before flipping into hyperdrive.

The week begins with us liable to feeling stuck as though plodding through wet cement, unable to advance our interests or promote our plans. Our energy can flag at the start of the week. It would be wise for us to concentrate solely on what is right in front of us, deal with our obligations and put our future goals on a back burner for the moment.

We could discover that plans are far easier to accomplish in our mind than achieving in practical reality.

Tuesday has a significant shift in energy as Venus exits Aquarius to enter Pisces, a Sign of Exaltation for Venus. With Venus exiting Aquarius, the Aquarius Stellium ends. With Venus entering Pisces, a Stellium in Pisces is created as Venus joins Jupiter and Neptune in the Mutable Water Sign.

Our compassion and empathy are likely engaged. We just have to be wary of employing a Statue of Liberty play where we seek to help the walking wounded and take on the karma of other people unable or unwilling to play the hand they’re dealt.

The mid-week period can have us taking on too much, perhaps even our being played by other people’s needs. Although we are aware of our own personal interests and activities, we could feel competent to also solve the problems of the world or, at least, problems other people are having.

A little narcissism goes a long way, but fortunately another Sign change to end the weekend may have us thinking in more realistic terms as Mercury exits Aries to enter Taurus.

Monday, April 4th – Revving the Engine, Getting Nowhere – Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Mars, Saturn, Venus. Monday begins the week with the Taurus Moon with the Moon today trine Pluto, the Moon sextile both Jupiter and Neptune both in Pisces, and the Moon square the three Aquarius transiting planets of Mars, Saturn and Venus. The Moon then exits Taurus to enter Gemini. Mars conjuncts Saturn. This is a day for us to keep our head down, focus on what needs to get done, and attend to present responsibilities rather than future projects. We might easily imagine that we can do more than we could possibly do. Things always seem so easy in concept but more difficult to achieve in reality. Either we are liable to get lost in possibilities and our prospects, or we can attend to what is right in front of us and take care of our tasks at hand. If we try to do too much or try and go off on a new trajectory, we could run into a buzz saw with ill consequences and exhaust ourselves in the process. It’s far better for us to restrain our impulses to start new projects and just take care of necessary business.

Tuesday, April 5th – Heart Strings – Venus Pisces. Tuesday has the Moon in Gemini, but the Moon today makes no aspects to the planets. What we do have on this Tuesday is Venus exiting Aquarius to enter Pisces [11:18 AM EDT]. The Aquarius Stellium of three planets ends, but Venus triggers a Stellium in Pisces as Venus joins Jupiter and Neptune in the Mutable Water Sign. Venus is exalted in Pisces and both Jupiter and Neptune rule Pisces. We’ve got an awful lot of Pisces going on. We have a lot of water through May that can come down in heavy precipitation with massive emotions. And how are we likely to respond? With the huge dose of sentimentality and emotion, our moods can be easily swayed by the images and presentations, all intended to be heart wrenching. We could grow anxious, feel like impotent pawns in some grand game that involve power players far beyond our direct engagement. And what might make us anxious or raise our concern? A whole litany of problems with each an apocalyptic outcome may have us shaking in our boots. If a dystopian future is our focus, we could be sorely pressed to acknowledge a force greater than ourselves and invoke through prayer or meditation beseechment for love, peace and harmony in humankind’s matters. On a more positive level, we can use this energy either to engage in creative pursuits or enjoy the creative talents of other people. Either we could play to taking care of the wounded ones amongst us, or we might exhibit love and happiness through our individual soulful expressions.

Wednesday, April 6th – Just Keep Dancing – Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Mars, Moon Void-of-Course. Yesterday might have had us stunned into a quiet, reflective mode. We could have seen all the possibilities of life being a wondrous paradise. Or we might have felt on emotional overwhelm from all the sadness, tragedies and conflicts occurring in the world. Wednesday picks up the pace significantly. We continue with the Gemini Moon with the Moon today sextile both the Sun and Mercury both in Aries, the Moon square both Jupiter and Neptune both in Pisces, and the Moon trine both Saturn and Mars both in Aquarius. Quite a Noah’s Ark we’ve got going on this Wednesday. Late in the day, the Moon goes Void-of-Course for twelve hours with the Moon making no further connections to the planets as the Moon finishes its transit of Gemini and before the Moon enters Cancer around midday EDT on Thursday. From the still to the hectic, this Wednesday could have us all over the place. We may have a better sense of a ‘can do’ attitude, looking to explore our options and all with a desire to put our personal mark upon things. If we don’t get frazzled by considering so many possibilities or allowing our moods to get the better of us, this Wednesday can be a highly productive day when we are able to advance our interests, enjoy social interactions, and focus on our future rather than being weighed down by the past or the machinations of the powers-that-be. Let’s focus on the positive, have a good time, and just keep dancing.

Thursday, April 7th – Expanding Methodically – Moon Void-of-Course, Venus, Mercury, Saturn. Thursday and Friday could prove the most productive days of this week. If we consider our moves forward and devise a best practices approach on Thursday, then on Friday we can effectively implement a successful course of action for the realization of our dreams. Thursday begins with the Gemini Moon Void-of-Course. The Moon moves into Cancer where later in the day the Moon trines Venus. Mercury sextiles Saturn followed tomorrow by Mercury sextile Mars. Much of our thought today may concentrate on where we want to go rather than where we have been. We’re not as interested in being tied down by past situations, neither past successes nor past mistakes. Our eyes are set on the far horizon and the best way to make the journey to the far reaches. We could feel as if we have gotten a second wind, exhibiting greater optimism and confidence in our making our way forward. Although we may be largely consumed with our ideas and thoughts and strategizing, conversations with other people can shed light on the nuances of our plans. Objective observers often offer helpful suggestions to our tweaking our best practices approach. Evening hours spent with that special someone may be comforting and a pleasant interlude from putting our spirit into action.

Friday, April 8th – Pedal to the Metal – Uranus, Mercury, Mars. Friday has the Cancer Moon sextile Uranus, and Mercury sextile Mars. Yesterday and today can help us advance our interests, extend our reach, and devote ourselves to our creative talents. No matter the apparent limitations to our forward movement, we are likely feeling determined and persistent to accomplish our intended goals. As the saying goes: “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” And we may well have the will today to push ahead with our plans and ambitions. The interesting characteristic of this paradigm shift in which we find ourselves, despite the tumultuous and disruptive nature of this great ‘reset’, is the fact that the universe steps in to either assist us or to deflect us. Although we are no longer masters of our universe [as though we ever truly were], we can be co-creators with the universe unfolding. This can be one of those days when the universe through unexpected developments or surprising incidents paves the way and eases our efforts. If we would be open to alterations and adjustments and not get in our own way, we could find that our operations today are streamlined and more easily achieved with a little help from the universe. Thursday and Friday of this week may prove the most productive, if we used Thursday to devise and strategize and then put the pedal to the metal on Friday with a willingness to shift and change in order to be more effective in accomplishing successful results.

Saturday, April 9th – Camaraderie, Not Narcissism – Jupiter, Neptune, Lunar T-Square, Sun, Mercury, Pluto, Moon Void-of-Course. Saturday has the Cancer Moon trine both Jupiter and Neptune both in Pisces. The Moon also triggers a Cardinal Sign T-Square with the Cancer Moon square both the Sun and Mercury in Aries and the Moon opposed Pluto in Capricorn. The Moon then goes Void-of-Course for three hours as the Moon finishes its transit of Cancer without making any further connections to the planets and before the Moon enters Leo early on Sunday morning. Saturday can be a case of Me or Thee. Collaboration today would be far more effective than trying to go it alone. Whether it’s a case of looking to prove our abilities or an unwillingness to give up control, we might have a tendency to push the envelope and liable to our own detriment. If we would come from a more collaborative and spiritual approach, we may discover that things are fitting neatly into place with assistance from a good friend. Today is not a day to go it alone but rather to have a navigator onboard to make us aware of the pitfalls along our way.

Sunday, April 10th – Keep it Mellow – Mercury, Pluto, Mercury Taurus. Sunday has the Moon moving into Leo. We are up for fun today, but we do have to watch for going to excess. While the Leo Moon makes no connections to the planets today, we do have Mercury square Pluto. We need to watch our driving and be a defensive driver, realizing that there are any number of bozos on the road. I always find it challenging when someone is coming the wrong way down the road. I wish it were a rarity but both driving the wrong way and stop signs, stop lights as apparently optional are frequent occurrences in driving in Florida. Late in the day, Mercury finishes its transit of Aries and moves into Taurus [10:09 PM EDT]. We could be a little too much for someone today, unless we get our own way. We do have to watch our tongue since we or someone else could be pontificating and critical of anyone who does not agree with strongly held opinions. With the divisiveness in this country occurring on any number of subjects, it’s hard not to offend someone about even the slightest aggravation. Diplomacy, charm and even demurring from controversial subjects may be the best approach to avoid heated exchanges. We still might find ourselves in a maelstrom of arguments, but the more that we can keep things mellow today, the better it would be. We get some relief from thoughts impetuously expressed as Mercury exits Aries to enter Taurus.