Spring 2022

The spring season begins on the 20th of March at the Vernal Equinox as the Sun exits Pisces to enter Aries [11:33 AM EDT] and begins a new astrological year. Happy New Year!

Spring is the season of the renaissance, rebirth, renewal and new beginnings. Like a pioneer venturing forward in new terrain, we become more insistent on an exploration of new possibilities.

With the Stelliums of three planets in both Aquarius and Pisces, our adventurous spirit might concentrate more on characteristics far beyond mundane realities as we seek a greater connection to the cosmic rather than the mere earthly. With everything we have been through and with what we are witnessing, we could be shaking our head at the craziness we see in the so-called daily realities and mutter the sentiment: “Stop the world – I want to get off.”

It is at such times that we need to draw upon our inner strength and our faith and believe that despite all the horrors and tragedies in the world that ‘life is good’.

The 21st of March has Mercury conjunct Jupiter. Even if our thinking is diffuse and our anxieties heightened, this is a time for us to create the sanctuary for ourselves — both an external sanctuary in our home and personal environments and an inner sanctuary in whatever life-affirming philosophies we can accept.

It is important that we bolster our spiritual warrior in order to meet the challenges and especially the intense energies associated with the Mars Uranus square on the 22nd. People can seem increasingly unhinged with liabilities of people acting out, acting irrationally, aggressively and prone to accidents due to impetuous behavior. At this time, it is essential that we act with great caution, maintain our awareness, be ever vigilant, and recognize that unexpected situations could prove daunting, even threatening. Our sense of stability may be shaken, but then these past two disruptive and tumultuous years could have provided us the ability to withstand whatever comes our way.

As the wise and true saying suggests: “We never get more than we can handle.”

We might question the sentiment, especially by those who have given up, accepted a role of being victim and pawn to the powerbrokers. The differentiation between hero and victim was evident during the lockdowns where some people chose to use the restrictions as a time of spiritual retreat, working on their inner lives and developing avenues for their creative expressions; other people anxious and frightened, only pacing the floor and wringing their hands. Choice, always our choice.

With Mercury conjunct Neptune on the 23rd, we can either soar with the eagles or plummet to fathomless depths of despair. Our choice, always our choice. If we don’t believe in some FORCE greater than ourselves, apart from a secular belief in the state which seems to be teetering and tottering at best, we are more likely to plummet than to soar. But if we believe in the perfection of divine design, then we might realize, despite the empirical evidence to the contrary, that things are working out in perfect accord with their own natural unfolding, in their own rhythm and at their own pace. This is a time when we are called upon to embrace the slogan: ‘Ya gotta believe’.

If we choose to accept that things are working out the way that they are, even if in contradiction to everything we would prefer, then the 26th of March when Mercury sextiles Pluto allows us to put our spirit into action. Prodded by faith, even our blind faith, we can visualize a best practices approach to accomplishing our goals, advancing our primary interests. Combining our intuitive sense and our foresight with determination and attention to detail, we can virtually move mountains and get more done effectively and productively as if guided in our actions.

The 27th of March has another shift in energy, more fuel to our fire, as Mercury exits Pisces to enter Aries [3:44 AM EDT]. The Stellium in Pisces ends as Mercury comes out of the Mutable Water Sign where Mercury is in detriment and our thinking has been determined by our emotions rather than rational analysis. Mercury in Aries may have us focus on our personal interests and a greater voice for our self-expression. We are less liable to be fooled or manipulated by the images, hype or spin of the powers-that-be and their cohorts. Increasingly, we might realize that each of us has to engage and express the powers of our individuality, the quality of our being ME.

On the 28th of March, Venus conjuncts Saturn. We are all aware of the intense divisiveness occurring in our society. It’s as if we have all been operating a civil war where we have negated people’s choice unless it concurs with our own and we have shunned people who differ from us and aligned ourselves with those agreeable. Although the Stellium in Aquarius would seek to celebrate individuality, uniqueness and personal freedoms, we may find ourselves seeking support and encouragement from those people who are on our same page.

Let’s cut everybody, including ourselves, an awful lot of slack during these times that try men’s [women’s, nonbinary, and whatever] souls.

We come into April with the Aries New Moon on the 1st [2:24 AM EDT] with the Moon conjunct the Sun and both in orb of a conjunction with Mercury. We have greater impetus to the spring season putting a fire under us to find outlets for our own creative self-expression. We are far more interested in moving forward rather than looking in the rearview mirror of our past.

There may be restraints imposed upon us, whether they be associated with our need to budget during these inflationary times or restrictions in response to the next virus incursion or whatever curveball is thrown at us. But we might have none of it. Through the ups and downs [when were the ups?] of recent times, we may have grown a thicker skin, become more aware and hopefully more mindful of our own actions and the machinations of the powers-that-be.

Some of us might even take up mantram-like The Who’s lyrics to Won’t Get Fooled Again:


Spring is the season of promise of new beginnings, rebirth, renewal, the renaissance. It is the beginning of the astrological new year with the Sun’s transit through Aries. We are not as interested in the old or the outmoded. On the contrary, each pf us, in our own way, can be pioneers, spiritual warriors, in advancing new trajectories and new interests that speak to the transformative I.

For those of us in the US, this sense of transformation is encouraged by the US Pluto Return. As I’ve written before about the US Pluto return:

The US is going through its first Pluto return as Pluto returns to its position back in 1776 — a time of revolution and the confirmed independence from Great Britain. As a result, the US is likely to go through a second revolution, but this time with

[1] the overthrow of the elite power structure of corrupt capitalism, the pharmaceutical industry and the bureaucratic governmental overlords


[2] the US becoming more of a banana republic with the individual freedoms of the people quashed and legislation by edict rather than legislation

[3] US hegemony dissolving as we enter into a more multi-polar world with the ascent of other countries, other global regions — with a shift from the US – Europe region to the Asian countries

This Aries New Moon influence impacts us for the next fortnight up to the Libra Full Moon on the 16th.

We may not be putting down solid foundation stones yet, or even planting the seeds, but we are certainly considering our springtime projects that will focus on creative venues for our own self-expressions with an emphasis on regaining the joy in living. No matter what is occurring in the outside world, we are more primed to engage life and to do so heartily and fully.

The 2nd of April has the Sun conjunct Mercury, a configuration that was in orb at the time of the New Moon on the 1st. Our thoughts may revolve around our initiations of springtime projects, areas where we can exhibit our talents and capabilities, and events that will elicit the most fun for ourselves.

While we may have obligations to address, we are more interested in what we might pursue in the days ahead rather than the tasks right in front of us. Time spent with good friends could encourage us to go for the gusto.

We could be gliding along, assuming smooth sailing until we come to the 4th of April when Mars conjuncts Saturn. Suddenly, we are liable to have the sense of blockages, that our impetus is waning and that something or someone may be standing in our way. Perhaps we might have been too impetuous, felt that our ‘feel good’ attitude would win the day and that our enthusiasm could carry us through. But like the snapback of a bungee cord jump, we may discover that there are bumps in the road on our journey to developing new projects, taking new trajectories. The wind might be knocked out of our sails, but any delay, frustrations or disappointments could also serve as a momentary stop and reflect to tweak or rework our advances.

On the 5th, Venus exits Aquarius to enter Pisces [11:18 AM EDT]. This Sign change ends the Stellium in Aquarius but creates a Stellium in Pisces as Venus joins Jupiter and Neptune in the Mutable Water Sign. With Venus exalted in Pisces and both Jupiter and Neptune ruling the Mutable Water Sign, when it rains it pours. Atmospheric storm systems between now and the 2nd of May, when Venus enters Aries, can be intense with extreme precipitation leading to flash floods. Our sensitivity, empathy and compassion are likely to be ratcheted up severalfold. We might become more aware of mankind’s inhumanity to mankind in any number of areas of the world, in our own country, even in our own neighborhood. We could feel powerless to effect any change to the tragedies of life, but by our own example and our own life choices we can be like a pebble in a pond where the ripple effects of love, happiness, and blessings appreciated go out far and wide, even to the furthest reaches where hardly noticeable but still impactful.

Although we may have been impetuous as we began this spring season, our reasoning mind can take effect on the 7th and 8th of April when first Mercury sextiles Saturn on the 7th, followed by Mercury sextile Mars on the 8th. We can have a sense of enlisting our spirit in action and doing so in a logical, strategized methodology. First, the planning as to how best to approach our plans, and then the determination and perseverance to successfully achieve our desired results.

We could also find at this time that we are engaging in social get-togethers with the desired effect of utilizing friends to brainstorm and bounce our ideas off trusted confidantes.

While we can make headway in a structured and orderly manner on the 7th and 8th, we might hit some bumps in the road as Mercury squares Pluto on the 10th. If we have moved too far too fast, we are liable to feel reined in by our commitments and our responsibilities. We may have neglected certain variables that affect our operations. It would be wise for us to be open to adjustments and alterations and not dig in our heels with a petulance that our intended way is the only way. No need for banging our head against the wall. These times of paradigm shift call for adaptability and flexibility, neither being stringent nor rigid in how we perceive things should develop.

The 10th also has Mercury exiting Aries to enter Taurus [10:09 PM EDT]. Our thinking can become more methodical, less impetuous, and more willing to take things step by step.

April 12th has Jupiter conjunct Neptune and the Sun sextile Saturn. On a higher level, the lockdowns in response to the virus over the past two years offered a spiritual retreat, an opportunity to focus on our inner development without our usual diversions and distractions. Some people chose to do the inner work, concentrate on their personal growth and explore creative venues for their self-expression. Such people may have had an awakening, an ascension in consciousness. They can now realize that much of what occurs on the earth plane is a form of theatrics, the proverbial bread and circuses of mundane reality.

These energy configurations on the 12th of April allow us to raise our eyes and our consciousness to higher realms than seeing merely what seems to be happening in the temporal spatial coordinates of earth plane reality. Whether through faith, prayer, reflection, meditation or contemplation, we could raise our awareness to a greater expression of our spirit and our soul. In so doing, we might also focus on the true meaning of our life’s activities, make plans to align our earthly activities with our higher awareness, and engage our personal destiny on our individual life journey.

On the 14th of April, Mars exits Aquarius and enters Pisces [11:06 PM EDT]. Mars adds to the Stellium in the Mutable Water Sign as Mars joins Venus, Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces. With all this water, we may experience flash floods from storm systems in various parts of the world.

With clarity liable to be lacking, we could be played by the presentations from ‘officials’, the media and the consensus opinion. More so than ever, here we go again.

One has to wonder what the focal point could be. Or will there be a crescendo of focal points?

We might see the WW III card played with threats of a global nuclear holocaust… Russia and Ukraine… China and Taiwan… perhaps another virus variant unaffected by the present vaccines and boosters… evidence of adverse effects from the vaccines and boosters… inflation continuing its upward trajectory with skyrocketing costs of virtually everything… equity markets volatile at best, crashing at worst… refugees here, there and everywhere from here, there and everywhere… etc…

Whatever the trigger points could be, people’s anxiety level can ratchet up even further. Each of us may be challenged by the appearances of reality. And each of us must engage our free will of choice, whether we are going to despair and feel solely as a victim of circumstance or we are drawing upon our inner strength, our soul, and recognize that we can effectively handle anything that comes our way.

It would be wise during these times to remind ourselves of the wise and true saying that ‘we never get more than we can handle’.

April 16th has the Libra Full Moon [2:55 PM EDT]. We might consider our personal interests in relation to someone else’s interests. We could realize the importance of those special people in our life.

The 17th of April has Mercury sextile Venus. With Mercury in the second decanate of Taurus [Virgo influence] we have the rationale of critical thinking with the Venus Pisces faith, even blind faith, that things are working out in accord with the universal unfolding. This is a time when we may have a greater awareness, a sense of ascension in our consciousness and a better understanding of what lies beyond the hype and surface appearance of reality.

‘Ah-ha’ moments and serendipitous encounters might occur on the 18th of April as Mercury conjuncts Uranus and Venus sextiles Uranus. The Sun squares Pluto. This is one of those times when it is essential that we get out of our own way. A day of magic and mini-miracles, we have to be open to receive. If we keep our blinders on, assume that everything that occurs in our life is of our own making, we could be not only sorely disappointed but could also experience some head banging. It is far better for us to be open to the unexpected, wondrous surprises that might change our trajectory and provide us opportunities of which we could hardly be aware.

The 19th has the Sun exiting Aries to enter Taurus [10:24 PM EDT] triggering a Stellium in the Fixed Earth Sign as the Sun joins Mercury and Uranus in Taurus. We now have two Stelliums, the three planets in Taurus and the four planets in Pisces. We have lost our Fire, and we have only one planet in a positive Sign, Saturn in Aquarius.

Being receptive or reactive to whatever is going on is more likely than being proactive. We may be seeking security in a most insecure world. If we are looking outside of ourselves for a safety net, we could be sorely disappointed. Increasingly, trust in our traditional institutions is withering away. A belief that our institutions are looking out for us and benefitting us is falling precipitously. Governmental agencies, religion, healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry, education, economy and financial markets are all sectors in our lives where many of us question whether they are for the people or just for themselves in their individual fiefdoms.

Although we could get despondent about the state of the world and our personal place in it when Mercury squares Saturn on April 24th, faith in a higher power could quell our concerns as Mercury sextiles Neptune that same day. For each of us, our attitude will be determined by the age-old metaphor of whether we see the half glass of water as half empty or half full. Our choice of attitude, always our choice.

A ‘can do’ attitude permeates the end of April and the beginning of May. It might feel as though a switch has been flipped. Even the most dire situations could seem far less threatening than before.

The 27th of April has Mercury sextile Jupiter, and Venus conjunct Neptune. We could be feeling upbeat as if everything is fitting neatly into place. Our communications may be persuasive and heartfelt. With Neptune the higher octave of Venus, this is a time when our relationships can be close to idyllic. Optimistic, confident and with an appreciative audience whether of one or many, we might feel as though we are living the dream.

After a period when everything seemed headed for a dystopia and many things were circling the drain, our attitude and possibly even the appearance of reality are likely to shine.

Even if we believe that we have hallucinated into some beauteous fantasyland, our ability to dissect what seems to be going on, cut to the core and observe the very fundamentals of what is occurring is fostered by Mercury trine Pluto on the 28th. Laser-like vision allows us to get to the essence of anything we consider.

A problem might arise on the 29th of April when Pluto turns retrograde [2:38 PM EDT] virtually on the cusp of Aquarius. But Pluto’s entry into Aquarius will have to wait until next year.
Whenever Pluto changes direction, whether from direct to retrograde or from retrograde to direct motion, there can be explosions, implosions, and major releases of energy. Earthquake and volcanic activity could increase.

The 29th is also the day that Mercury ends the Stellium in Taurus as Mercury exits the Fixed Earth Sign to enter its own Sign of Gemini [6:23 PM EDT]. With Mercury entering Gemini we open wide our mind, take various factors into account and increase our interests but all with more of a superficial tendency rather than in-depth consideration. Glossing over matters can have us with an opinion but nothing to truly back up our opinion.

We end April on the 30th with a Solar Eclipse at the Taurus New Moon as the Sun conjuncts the Sun [4:28 PM EDT]. The two ‘good guys’ of the planetary realm, Venus and Jupiter, are conjunct. Focusing on the good life, we might engage excess as a way of avoiding any difficult realities. What’s better than traipsing through la-la-land when much of life as we have known it has disappeared and our new ‘normals’ are abnormal at best?

We come into May on May Day, Beltane, and the celebration of fertility. The Earth is alive with birth, rebirth, renewal. And so it can be for us.

The 1st of May has Venus sextile Pluto. Like a guardian angel, someone could step forward to assist us in advancing our grand ambitions. An ability to blend the practical with the aesthetic can assist us in putting our best foot forward in our endeavors. Even if we are mystified by the process, we are likely able to see the movement towards our successful accomplishments.

This almost magical quality of things moving ahead with us being co-creators with the natural unfolding might surprise us but also impels us to be in the flow of the magic and mini-miracles. We can accept being flexible and adaptable as various unexpected incidents occur during the first week of May.

On the 2nd of May, Venus exits Pisces, a Sign of Exaltation for Venus, to enter Aries [12:10 PM EDT], a Sign of Detriment for Venus. Our compassion, still engaged, may be muted as we look more to our own self-interests rather than the concerns of other people. We might be less involved with the Statue of Liberty play with its inscription of: ”Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.”

While our relationships can now seem to echo the words of ‘what have you done for me lately?’, we are also taking better care of ourselves, less like flotsam on the waves being pushed around by the tides of conditions and circumstance. We are considering what works best for us with a desire to explore and stretch and reach beyond our present limitations.

The 3rd of May has Jupiter sextile Pluto. With optimism and confidence and a sense of personal destiny, we can advance our activities as if divinely guided. Foresight and vision can be applied to our greatest ambitions in a practical, methodical manner without anything falling between the cracks. We are less liable to excess, as we focus on the specifics and our most significant involvements.

We may be willing to put in our time and utilize elbow grease. Seeing us determined to accomplish our goals, the universe steps in on the 4th and 5th of May thanks to the aspects with Uranus. The 4th has Mars sextile Uranus, the 5th the Sun conjunct Uranus.

Drawing upon the concept of working smarter rather than harder, we could utilize streamlined methods, employ technological advances, and virtually leap ahead in achieving successful results. This is a time for us to be open to receive. Unexpected developments, unanticipated variables might grease the wheels for us to be more productive and effective in getting things done.

We just need to be certain that we have changed our conditioned mindset. We were taught that for things to occur we had to make them happen. The paradigm shift in which we are immersed cautions us against arrogance and any sense of total control. On the contrary, these times suggest that like the Taoist saying we ‘bend like a reed or break like an oak’.

Being adaptable and flexible, we can alter our intentions and change our trajectories as conditions warrant. The more we can be open to the magic of these times, the better able we shall be in navigating the currents of these tumultuous, disruptive times.

The 6th of May, as Mercury sextiles Venus, could have us in a chatty mood, chatting up people all about ME. While we might have new adventures we wish to share, or just feel the need to have our voice heard, let’s keep in mind that conversations are two way streets where we not only say what we want to express but we also listen to what someone else wishes to communicate. In our society, there are unfortunately very few receptive listeners.

The Sun sextiles Mars on the 7th of May giving us the impetus to plant our seeds, whether those seeds are literal seeds of plants, vegetables and flowers, or the seeds of our springtime projects with the start of new activities or the renewal of old projects. We are looking at refurbishing our environment, our wardrobe, our self.

Major shifts in energy occur on the 10th of May. Mercury turns retrograde in its own Sign of Gemini [7:47 AM EDT], and Jupiter exits Pisces to enter Aries [7:22 PM EDT] for a brief foray through the Cardinal Fire Sign until the end of October when Jupiter retrogrades back into Pisces for almost eight weeks with Jupiter reentering Aries on December 20th, just before the Winter Solstice on the 21st.

Although confusions might be strong with the Mercury retrograde and variations on the Keystone Kops played out [a reality that seems played out nowadays whether Mercury is retrograde or not], the Jupiter Aries influence gives us a thrust of nothing stopping us now.

It will be interesting to see how this accentuation of the individual spurred on by the Jupiter Aries intertwines with any attempts by the powers-that-be to restrict, regulate, even lockdown, under whatever guise they may come up with. We might all discover that the horse is already out of the barn.

Much of this mid to latter part of the spring season could see each of us getting a second wind. We might emphasize our own individual choices rather than dictates from the powers-that-be.

Even if it would seem like a David and Goliath scenario, with the Goliath of the authorities holding virtually all the power, the individual and the power of the people can certainly outwit the dimwitted with their flip-flops or irrational rationality. In deed, fooled once, people may not be fooled again.

The 15th of May has the Sun square Saturn, and the Sun sextile Neptune. Increasingly during our awakening of the past two years, we may have come to realize that what is presented to us is not always valid, not really the objective truth, but rather an opinion masked as reality. Although the hype, spin, appearances may seem beguiling and we might wonder why anyone would lie to us, our ability to pull back the Wizard of Oz curtain to see the little guy pulling the strings has increased dramatically. Our intuition and our awareness have sharpened. As a result, we are better able to read between the lines, look past the images presented, question the storyline, and dissect fact from fiction.

The Scorpio Full on the 16th of May, when the Moon opposes the Sun [12:14 AM EDT] is a Lunar Eclipse. Our emotions can be heightened with a liability of seeing the half glass of water as half empty and emptying. A sense of dystopia might be en vogue. Global affairs could raise concerns. Atmospheric storm systems may be intense with tornadoes, cyclones and sheets of rain. Financial markets might be shaky, and everyone may wonder what needs to be rid of before we begin a rebuilding process. Some people could even reference the nursery rhyme of Humpty Dumpty, anticipating a great fall.

It would be wise for those of us in the US to bear in mind that this year is the year of our country’s first Pluto return with Pluto returning to its position in 1776. Transformation is certainly likely, even in the form of revolution.

May 18th has Mars conjunct Neptune. When it rains, it pours. Any storm systems now are likely to produce a deluge of precipitation with the potential of flash floods. Even geophysical activity could trigger tsunami-like conditions. And boaters need to be extra cautious on the oceans, lakes and waterways. Our emotions could be fraught with anxiety, and we need to get a grip. Fear is a great magnet to draw some nasty incidents our way. We may need to draw upon our inner strength, and we could be surprised by the reservoir of internal power each of us has.

After the intensity of the previous three days, the 19th of May allows for a reconstruction phase. The Sun trines Pluto, and Mercury sextiles Jupiter. Similar to the story in Greek mythology of the phoenix rising from its ashes to soar ever higher, whatever hiccups we might have experienced, we now have the impetus and confidence to engage better ways for brighter days. Sometimes the dross needs to be wiped away in order to draw upon a blank slate a better and brighter future for ourselves.

The 20th of May has the Sun exiting Taurus to enter Gemini [9:23 PM EDT], followed on the 21st by the Sun conjunct Mercury. We could feel as if the world is our oyster with a wide range of possibilities. We are likely to be interested in distractions and diversions rather than giving too much thought to the serious or the anxiety-provoking. Even if concerns of safety, security, health, financial, et al., seem knocking at the door, we are more likely oblivious and engage instead our springtime frolics. Sampling this and trying that are good ways of keeping our focus on anything other than the fearful.

If we take the weekend of May 20th through the 22nd as a time to relax, reinvigorate and try exciting, new activities, we may have gained for ourselves a second wind as we prepare for the week ahead.

The latter part of the 22nd of May has Mars sextile Pluto and Mercury retrograding back into Taurus [9:15 PM EDT]. We may be more attuned to pushing through any impediments with determination and perseverance. We are better able to see the specifics that make up the whole and can focus, taking things step-by-step, even if it feels at times as though we are rolling a boulder up the mountain. Strengthening our resolve of a ‘can do’ attitude on that Sunday evening of the 22nd sets up a most productive week ahead, a week when the FORCE may well be with us.

The week of the 23rd through the 29th of May can be a highly powerful week. We have two Sign changes as Mars enters its own Sign, and Venus enters its own Sign.

The week begins on the 23rd of May with the Sun sextile Jupiter, and Mercury sextile Mars. We could feel as though we are operating on all cylinders. Not only are we upbeat and confident of our abilities, but we are able to work smarter rather than harder. It might seem as though we are gliding along with everything coming neatly together.

The 24th of May has Venus sextile Saturn, and Mars entering its own Sign of Aries [7:17 PM EDT]. Someone could prove quite helpful in assisting our plans. There could be a reconnection with someone from our past. Are we making plans for school reunions, graduations, weddings, family get-togethers? The entry of Mars into Aries gives us more ME impetus. We have a fire in our belly, and we have a brief Stellium in the Cardinal Air sign as Mars joins Jupiter and Venus in Aries before Venus exits Aries to enter Taurus on Saturday the 28th.

This latter part of May can have us in a pioneering spirit, encouraging our individuality and less likely to heed any recommendations from the powers-that-be which might run counter to our own personal interests.

As it did back in April, on the 28th of April, Mercury trines Pluto on the 25th. This time, Mercury is retrograde. With an ability to cut to the core and with an engineering quality, we can go back over some of our projects, tweak them if need be, and be certain that they are solid with all the particulars taken care of. With the Law of Three operational in life and in astrology, the third time over of this Mercury trine Pluto configuration will come on the 10th of June, after Mercury has turned direct. The finishing touches to our strategizing our projects can come at that time. For now, we can work out any of the kinks that might be evident in our planning stages.

The only problem at the end of May could come around the 27th when Venus squares Pluto. Venus is still in Aries about to move into Taurus the next day, but we might find restrictions are hampering our intended plans. Regulations could impact our movements, and it would be wise for us to have contingency plans, especially if we are considering traveling or making plans for summer travel. It’s hard to know, much less anticipate, what sorts of curveballs could be thrown at us, only knowing that curveballs are likely to be coming and that our forward movement can be delayed.

The 28th of May has Venus moving into Taurus [10:46 AM EDT]. Venus has exited a Sign of its Detriment, Aries, and entered a Sign that Venus rules, Taurus. With Venus moving into Taurus, we have a Stellium in Taurus again as Venus joins Mercury and Uranus in the Fixed Earth Sign. Less assertive in our manners and our engagements, we are now more considerate of other people and invested in our style. Decorum and having the pleasant things in life become more pronounced.

On the 29th of May, Mars conjunct Jupiter. Talk about overdrive! This is a time when we are likely to go for the gold, put our pedal to the metal, and exhibit a great deal of energy. We do have to be wary of impetuousness. Whatever grabs our interest, we may go all out in pursuing it. Hopefully, we can harness this energy and put it towards initiations of new projects, engagement of new activities. We are operating on high octane, but we shall have to watch that we don’t burn ourselves out.

The month of May closes out with the Gemini New Moon on the 30th [7:30 AM EDT] when the Moon conjuncts the Sun. This next fortnight, up to the Full Moon on the 14th of June can have us here, there and everywhere. We are likely more interested in juggling any number of things than concentrating on any one thing in depth. Dealing from a high level of nervous energy, it would be wise for us to work with time in a qualitative manner than as a quantitative measure. We could feel as though we have ADHD with us focused on one thing until our interest wanes, then going on to something else, and then so on and so on.

Early June has two significant energy shifts. Mercury ends its three-week retrograde cycle on the 3rd [4:00 AM EDT], followed by Saturn turning retrograde on the 4th [5:47 PM EDT].

We may feel whipsawed with these turns of energies. We could have a sense of coming out of a haze where for the past three weeks there were liabilities of confusions, misunderstandings and things unresolved. We can also have a sense of things slowing down, taking longer than we like, and our future goals receding in our view.

The 10th of June revisits Mercury trine Pluto, the third time connected, the two previous being back on May 25th as Mercury was retrograding and the first being on April 28th. Whatever we have been strategizing, engineering, dissecting and rebuilding over the past six weeks can be finalized with this third go-round of the Mercury Pluto trine. Our mind is sharp, laser-like, and able to see the big picture without losing sight of any of the necessary details. We are thinking at our best.

Unexpected interactions and serendipitous encounters might occur on the 11th of June as Venus conjuncts Uranus. Shopping excursions could reveal some startling bargains. And we might choose to spruce up our appearance, our wardrobe, adding a little edge to our style.

Mercury comes back into its own Sign of Gemini on the 13th of June [11:27 AM EDT]. Although our thought processes recently have been more concentrative, we may feel as though we are taking off our blinders, no longer limited to what is right in front of us, better able to engage peripheral vision. Our mind could be awash with all sorts of ideas, engaging the most diverse thoughts, and all with only a splattering of depth, far preferring the broad spectrum rather than a narrowed perspective.

June 14th has the Sagittarius Full Moon as the Moon opposes the Sun [7:52 AM EDT]. Travel may be on our mind, as children come into their summer vacation, and many of us consider getting out of town, perhaps for the first time in the past two years. Those people who choose to stay put are still likely looking for good times with good friends. We may not be officially in summer, but we’re feeling for the summertime fun time. In the light of the silvery Moon.

Reality versus Fantasy is an ongoing theatric, and one that might challenge us on the 16th of June when the Sun trines Saturn and the Sun squares Neptune. We have been victim to the post-modern era with its emphasis upon the subjective being the objective. We imagine that we can create our own reality. No matter empirical proof or scientific fact, if we don’t like what we see or what we hear, we can change it and make our reality what we want it to be. Nice concept and one that works in today’s reality but in previous times might have called for a mental evaluation. This Thursday, the 16th of June, can have us wondering what’s real and what’s computer generated images, what’s truth and what’s a seductive fiction. If we draw upon a trusted confidante today, we may be able to cut through the daze and craze and get to some semblance of practical reality.

The weekend of June 18th – 19th, the last weekend before we officially enter the summer season, is Father’s Day on the Sunday but also a weekend when graduations, weddings, reunions, and other get-togethers are likely to occur. The 18th has Venus square Saturn, the 19th Venus sextile Neptune. There can be reconnections over this weekend, some of which might be useful as mirrors to indicate who we once were compared to who we are now. This reflection could make us aware that some contacts are better left in the past as memories rather than engaging in the future. There are also likely to be those people with whom we have a karmic tie, a soulmate connection, where the coming together is almost akin to a twin flame. We might realize that over the past two years we have gone through a transformation whereby we are far more selective as to the activities we engage, and the people with whom we do the dance. Selectivity allows for a filtration process where we distill the very essence of being and fully embrace quality in our living.

As we come to the end of the spring season, we could be feeling upbeat, fully engaging joie de vivre [joy of living]. Mercury sextiles Jupiter on the 20th. After a couple of years when we might have felt squeezed by life, by our conditions and by the powers-that-be, we may choose to look on the bright side of life and radiate our own renewal and rebirth.

We close out the spring season on the 21st with Venus trine Pluto. Through the selectivity of what is truly important in our lives, we may be able to make greater commitment to a loved one and to our friends. We might better realize that we are not an island unto our self, but rather a social animal that thrives on contacts with those special people in our lives.

On to summer!

Spring 2022… the promise of rebirth realized…