Changes & Charges 2022


I am always touched and appreciative learning from clients how my session with them has helped them, offering insight and support during these transformative times.

One such email came to me this past autumn:

You are amazing. You are my hero. Your heightened intuitive abilities and astrology prowess has given me back my life. Sounds overdramatic but it’s true.
During our last reading you highly encouraged me to go to a research center to address my severe back pain in order to prevent me from being in a wheelchair in eighteen months. You were so concerned you even looked up a research center that I could go to. (This act tremendously moved me.)
I went to that research center and found out that my condition had been misdiagnosed for fifteen years. Because of this misdiagnosis my condition progressively got worse until in 2018 when I ended up in such severe pain I was disabled and largely restricted to bed. Even in the twelve years leading up to 2018 I was in so much pain I received two to four steroid
injections a year and periodically was on heavy meds. This prevented me from working full-time and limited the amount of time I could do almost anything.
Bottom line, my symptoms were being treated, not the cause.
With my new/correct diagnosis, medical treatments are leaving me pain free for hours each day, allowing me to do things I never thought I’d be able to do again. This includes driving, taking daily walks and many other activities. I’m beginning to work on getting back to a “normal” life.
If you want, I will go into detail later about how I was misdiagnosed and my current diagnosis. It’s upsetting that had I been correctly diagnosed to begin with, physical therapy and daily exercises would have been all that was necessary to reverse the damage. Because it had been misdiagnosed for so many years the damage cannot be reversed. I will need medical treatment for the rest of my life. Small price to pay. Plus, I believe everything is meant to be. Although I don’t understand how that is connected to free will.
A little bit of my intuition kicked in. As I’ve been writing this to contact you, you were contacting me with your August 2021 email.
Frank, I can never thank you enough for what you’ve given me…

This past Christmas, I was touched by another appreciation for my work:

You have been so influential in my life for so many years, and in this last year particularly. You have such keen intuition and import so much wisdom and knowledge in all that you do and say. You give me hope and reason to believe in the stars and the magic of the universe…

Another written appreciation of my work I have shared before:

Dear Frank Don,
I must admit I went to you as a sceptic, thinking
that a reading would be an hours diversion and an entertainment.
After about twenty minutes you proved it to be otherwise. Very quickly you tied in elements of my past that you could not possibly have known about and helped me to see them as a pattern. This pattern gave me a picture of myself that cleared up a couple of issues that have baffled me for much of my life. And if that wasn’t enough, you spoke of a future for me that was clearer and more specific than my own vision for myself. Also you gave me the sense that where I was heading was a good place to be. Much of what you have projected has come to pass, including some things that could not possibly have come to pass! I don’t know what you’re on to, but for God’s sake, keep it up! Your fan…


At the beginning of the new astrological year, March 20th, 2022,
I shall be changing my rate structure and fees.

The last time I changed my rates was back on April 10th, 2007 — 15 years ago

At that time, I actually reduced my rate from $195.00 for an initial consultation to the $150.00 an hour rate. Astrology computer programs had been introduced that were accurate and allowed me to draw up astrology charts by computer rather than the hand drawing of charts I had done previously. Certainly, time saving.

Although I now work with a time charge, these charges do not include the preparation time and study of the relevant personal charts, for which I do not charge.

My new charges will be the following:

• $175.00 for an hour session
• $115.00 for a half hour session
• $25.00 per five minutes for brief email questions. After 20 minutes, the charge goes to the half hour rate of $115.00, and after 40 minutes, the charge goes to the hour rate of $175.00

While I have been emailing mp3 file recordings of the session to the client, few people seem to download the recording. And with virtually everyone able to record the session on their end, it seems unnecessary for me to continue to provide this service free of charge. Consequently, recordings of the session will now be charged at:
• $15.00 for the Zoom and / or audio recordings or
• $25.00 for a CD and mailing.
I archive the sessions in case the client chooses to request the recording of their session at a later date.

Computerized Reports:

Solar Return Interpretation — $34.95
[necessitates information as to where the client will be on their birthday and the day before, the day after]

Lunar Return Interpretations — $20.95 per lunar return
$225.00 for a year’s lunar returns
[necessitates information as to home base and any travel locales over the year]


Payments for my services can be made by:

American Express
Cryptocurrencies of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin

Gift Certificates are available