December 2021

December begins on the 1st with Neptune turning direct in its own Sign of Pisces [8:22 AM EST]. We are entering the holiday season, a time when the mystical is more apparent in our lives. We have a tendency and a desire to look beyond the veil of Maya, dispel the illusions of the material plane and connect with the higher forces in the ethers that are always around us, only more evident when we turn our attention to the spirit within the material.

In the world-at-large, it would seem as though Peter and the Wolf is being played out as the powers-that-be and their attack dogs of the media turn up the fear mongering machine with cries of ‘virus’, ‘virus’, ‘virus’. Are we going back to lockdowns and panic running through the streets? Isn’t the old playbook getting just a little bit tiresome?

The New Moon [2:43 AM EST], a Solar Eclipse, on the 4th of December as the Sun conjuncts the Moon in Sagittarius calls for us to believe in our Self. Perhaps our trust in all the various traditional institutions — government, education, media, science — is scraping all-time lows. Maybe, just maybe, we can accept the fact that we have to trust in ourselves and believe that what we perceive and intuit is far more on target than the flip-flopping of the official narrative.

This New Moon on the 4th opens a two-week period up to the Full Moon on the 18th when we might choose to spread our wings, broaden our interests, and expand our horizons. Having the confidence to stretch beyond our comfort zone might be a little frightening but definitely exciting. The New Moon through mid-December calls for us to affirm our abilities, assert our independence, and express our talents. As the inspirational quote reminds us: “If not us, who? If not now, when?”

With a fire in our belly, the 6th of December gives us the determination and unflagging energy to advance our deepest held desires. Mars sextiles Pluto, and we can virtually move mountains. Not that we are going to waste our time on the superfluous or ridiculous. We are likely to be laser-focused on what we wish to achieve, put our all behind our efforts, and may accomplish more by our persistence and concentration and our powerful force than at most other times.

We have to be wary of our perspective and our intentions, for the 7th of December has Mercury square Neptune. If we divert our attention from our priorities or have not taken the time to consider what is essentially important to us, we could be easily misguided with a liability of wasting our efforts on what eventually we realize to be worthless attempts. This is a time for us to take everything we hear and what we ourselves think with a jaded attitude. We do not want to be fooled by our being too grandiose, buying into false flatteries or being snookered by enticing illusions.

Certainly the 7th and 8th of December caution us against wasted efforts. If we go off like Wrong Way Corrigan on the 7th, we could compound our errors on the 8th when Mars squares Jupiter. Chasing illusory pipedreams can prove expensive and a waste of our energy. Unfortunately, once headed in a direction, we are liable to reinforce our decision to the extreme of going down a rabbit hole. Let’s not go there!

Let’s apply braking actions on the 7th and 8th of December to avoid being on the wrong track or on a runaway train.

The 11th of December is in sharp contrast to the 7th and 8th. The 11th has Venus conjunct Pluto and Mercury sextile Jupiter. By paying attention to the details and the specifics, we can accomplish a great deal. We are likely feeling confident and optimistic about our prospects. Everything can seem to be fitting neatly together. Even if we screwed up on the 7th and 8th, the 11th allows us to rectify our mistakes. We may feel that other people are willing to help out, some of whom might be attracted by our upbeat attitude.

With the whipsaw of emotions and actions during these volatile times, the swings between our highs and lows are pronounced. The 7th and 8th may have proven difficult, the 11th a nice antidote to any issues unresolved, but the 12th can have us pushing ahead with a tone of arrogance and our knowing what’s best.

The Sun squares Neptune on the 12th, and our self-focus could get us ahead of ourselves. We might assume that our abilities are unquestionable, our talents unchallenged, and that everything should go according to plan, our plan. Once again, we might get off track, head in the wrong direction and mimic Wrong Way Corrigan heading off for a particular destination but winding up in a totally different terrain.

With our fast-paced lives and with these times of paradigm shift being disruptive and tumultuous, maintaining balance is a gargantuan challenge, but one we need to master.

The 13th of December has two major Sign changes as Mars exits Scorpio to enter Sagittarius [4:53 AM EST], and Mercury exits Sagittarius to enter Capricorn [12:52 PM EST]. We may wish to expand our involvements and doing so in a strategic, well-conceived manner. We do need to be wary of taking on too much too soon. Everything in its own time. On the one hand, we could be looking at expanding our involvements. On the other hand, we can be far more serious and focused about our long-term goals.

The Gemini Full Moon on the 18th of December [11:36 PM EST] with the Sun Moon opposition opens the door to a wide range of possibilities and an assortment of holiday festivities. The powers-that-be may suggest social distance, might intimate a need for forthcoming lockdowns, but many people may have had enough of the craziness in this post-modern world and are looking for social occasions and holiday festivities to put the cheer back in the year. Whether or not we believe there is anything to celebrate, we shall find cause to have good times with good friends.

The 19th continues a weekend of good times as the Sun sextiles Jupiter on the 19th. Venus also turns retrograde [5:36 AM EST] on the 19th. We want to enjoy ourselves, even if only a party of one, our self. With Venus retrograding we have to be wary that we don’t turn a critical eye to our relationships, looking at the flaws and faults rather than the qualities and attributes, and as a consequence become harsh in our evaluation of other people. If we are going out holiday shopping, we might be more interested in buying for oneself than for other people. It’s the holidays, so let’s avoid being Scrooge-like.

We end the autumn season on the 20th of December with the possibility of magic afoot. Mercury trines Uranus, and we may be privy to the mini-miracles that often occur around this holiday period. Surprising news and exciting developments can give us a sense of awe and wonder that we often associate with children who see something for the first time. Child-like, we can close out the autumn season with a sense that things occur in accord with a universal unfolding and that despite all the craziness in the world and the seeming tragedies that happen, life is good and filled with magic and wonder.

We enter the winter season on the 21st at the Winter Solstice as the Sun exits Sagittarius to enter Capricorn [10:59 AM EST]. The winter season begins with a Stellium of four planets in the Cardinal Earth Sign as the Sun joins Mercury, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn.

Even if the news and societal conditions try to put a damper on our holiday spirits, we are likely to have none of it. The Eeyores and Debbie Downers may have held sway with all that’s wrong in the world and all the problems in their personal lives, but all their whining and incessant complaining may be drowned out by the spirit of the season with its gentle encouragement of love, peace and happiness.

The narrative may be one thing, but the universal energies can be something else.

We might approach this winter with a serious disposition, but our faith and sense of something beyond the mere mundane could give us a sense that everything is beautiful in its own way.

Our year’s nemesis of the Saturn Uranus square is exact on Christmas Eve on the 24th. This is the third and final exact square of Saturn Uranus. We may feel the influence of the Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus in 2022 and through the early part of 2023, but the intensity is likely lessened.

Curveballs might try to disrupt our Christmas plans, but we have come a long way over the past two years. We have grown through our own personal transformations, may have gained greater inner strength and can better appreciate that while we might have to deal with disruptive conditions, we have also become more aware, mindful, and adept at being flexible and adaptable to changing circumstance.

The end of December and the end of 2021 employs our abilities, our faith and our determination to journey forward in the manifestation of our dreams come true. We can bring solid closure to the ending year and prepare our template for the year ahead.

The 25th is Christmas Day and has Venus conjunct Pluto. Even if we are obliged to carry out holiday get-togethers where we would prefer to be a no-show, this day allows interactions with people who might prove highly beneficial with ideas and suggestions as to how we can best accomplish our goals. Discussions can lead to a greater understanding of our situation and provide us the encouragement to carry on with projects we intend to develop in the year ahead.

Mercury sextiles Neptune on the 26th. We can blend our intuitive sense of what could be with a focused rational sense of what is. Combining foresight with critical analysis allows us to determine all the likely steps along the way from conception through implementation to manifestation. We also have the ability to cut through the mishigas, all the craziness that has been and continues to be perpetrated on us by the powers-that-be. This is a time when we have the opportunity to pull back the curtain of the Wizard of Oz screen to see the little guy punching the buttons.

There is an awakening.

Many of us may have been fooled once, perhaps even twice or thrice, but we are unlikely under these energy configurations to be fooled again. The last hurrah.

Late on the 28th [11:09 PM EST], Jupiter exits Aquarius to enter Pisces, a Sign that traditionally Jupiter ruled and now shares co-rulership with Neptune. These two planets in their ruling Sign accentuate the energy of Pisces. Many of us can regain our spiritual strength, others may draw upon falling into line with their ‘religious’ beliefs, even if their religion is more a secular belief system than a spiritual or philosophical one. Our sense of compassion may well be heightened during this journey of Jupiter through Pisces into early May of 2022 and again in the mid-autumn of 2022. With the Water Sign of Pisces intensified, we might also experience exponentially increased precipitation during localized storm fronts triggering flash floods or major snow accumulations. We do have to be wary of phantoms and specters and other things that go bump in the night or disruptive forces during the day.

We close out the month with three of the Capricorn-transiting planets conjunct. Mercury conjuncts Venus on the 29th, and Mercury conjuncts Pluto on the 29th. The 29th also has Mars sextile Saturn.

We end December able to wrap up loose ends of the year that we do not want to bring into 2022 and also prepare for the year ahead. Our resolutions may be both conclusions of 2021 and intentions for 2022.

We are serious about our goals and intentions, and no matter what the powers-that-be might throw at us, we are committed that there’s no stopping us now.

December 2021… ready, willing, and able…