September 2021

Early September could prove rocky, and we have to be careful regarding our personal safety and interactions with those people with whom we might disagree.

The 2nd of September has Mars opposed Neptune. Distractions and carelessness can have us liable to accidents or miscues. Our energy may be flagging, and self-esteem issues are liable to have us falling into victim mode with a sense that whatever we do never turns out right. We might be in too much of a hurry to get things done, gloss over significant particulars, thereby affirming the proverb that ‘haste makes waste.’

The long Labor Day weekend in the US, this year September 4th through the 6th, is the unofficial end to the summer season. We may already be back on track, dealing with our regular routine under transformed conditions.

The 4th of September has Mercury trine Saturn. With a long holiday weekend, we may either get together with friends and family or contact them by text, phone or social media. With the waning of the summer season, a reach out to various people could be in our plans for this day. With each of us having only recently come out from our imposed solitary confinement, we might use our interactions with other people as a mirror for us to compare who and where we had been pre-pandemic and where we are now. No matter what we did during the lockdowns, we are likely to have grown and transformed in some way or another. This weekend allows us to reflect on our individual selves and those various people in our life.

Venus squares Pluto on the 5th. With a sense of ‘that was then, this is now’, we might determine that some of our connections are better in our past and for our memories rather than our present or future engagements. Certain relationships may go by the boards, especially under our present divisive climate where we tend to involve ourselves only with those who agree with us and see those who do not share our opinions as being against us. Evidently in our society now, we prefer the echo chamber that affirms and reinforces our own personal view of the world with anything contrary to our opinion threatening and to be dismissed out of hand.

September 6th is one of those times that rarely comes along. Wow! WOW! All flags may be flying on this Labor Day holiday in the US. Unofficially, this long holiday weekend closes out the summer season and heralds the autumn. Energetically, the astrology for this day is hard to match. There is the Virgo New Moon [8:52 PM EDT] with the Sun Moon conjunction and both trine Uranus. Mars trines Pluto, and Venus trines Jupiter. This is a day for us to get our motor running in anticipation of moving forward with our professional goals and our social desires. The New Moon impacts the two weeks up to the Full Moon on the 20th. The combination of energies as the signature of this New Moon allows us to be highly productive and fully appreciative of our personal relationships. The Mars trine Pluto with Pluto being the higher octave of Mars and both in the Earth Element gives us the persistence and determination to virtually move mountains. Our physical energy is ramped up, our passion engaged, and we can advance our plans and their implementation as if operating on greased wheels. The two ‘good guys’ of the planetary realm, Venus and Jupiter, being in trine and both in the Air Element creates ease of interaction and mutual admiration in our personal relationships. And with the New Moon trine Uranus we have the ability to determine streamlined methods by which we can be more effective and highly productive in our endeavors. Did I write Wow? WOW in deed. It doesn’t get better than this, and it gives us a great start to the ‘autumn’ season.

The 10th of September has Venus exiting its own Sign of Libra and moving into a Sign of its Detriment, Scorpio [4:39 PM EDT]. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote in a poem:

When she was good
She was very, very good
And when she was bad she was horrid

Certainly, the New Moon signature on the 6th was very, very good, and it does impact us up to the Full Moon on the 20th. And not that the Venus entry into Scorpio is necessarily horrid. It’s just that our personal relationships may not be as pleasant and mutually appreciative as when Venus was transiting Libra. With Venus in Scorpio, people can become more possessive, jealous and envious with relationships liable to be mired in secretiveness and passionate intensity, even to the point of being ‘too hot to handle’. Time for us to tread carefully with each other.

With everything during this paradigm shift seeming topsy-turvy and where the subjective becomes the objective and fiction overrides fact, it’s not surprising that many people are adopting the attitude ‘trust no one, believe nothing’. The craziness in the world instills confusions and even leads to a question on an individual level as to: Why are we here? What is our true purpose? What is the meaning? What’s it all about?

This anxiety about our purpose and worth in doing our living could be profound on the 14th when the Sun opposes Neptune. Everything might just seem so blah. We have to be wary that we don’t fall into the savior – martyr syndrome, either feeling like we are a stranger in a strange land bearing the light that is continually threatened of being doused, or we play the victim card where we accept being nothing more than a pawn or a minion to the powers-that-be. Through self-reflection and meditation, we might build up our spiritual strength and appreciate that we are an integral factor to life and in the world now. Remember, our attitude, our perspective and our actions are our choice, always our choice.

The 14th also has Mars exiting Virgo to enter Libra [8:14 PM EDT]. Whether acknowledging the importance of collaboration or we look to engage others out of sheer desperation, we are likely to recognize that we cannot do it alone or go it alone. Other people provide an objective perspective and can provide valuable assistance in realizing our goals. Similar to Venus presently in Scorpio, Mars in Libra is in Detriment and tones down our self-assertiveness as we also take into account someone else’s needs or input.

September 16th has the Sun trine Pluto. If we used our confused state earlier in the week for some serious self-evaluation, then this energy would allow us to plow forward and accomplish a great deal. Whatever we put our mind to, we can prioritize our activities and focus on the truly meaningful. Each of us is looking for quality of life, quality in our living, and that quest may be different for each one of us. With this indefatigable energy, we can successfully put our intentions into action.

From the transitions of these times and the transformations we have been through, we have changed, grown and shifted. In the process what has worked for us previously may no longer work for us now and much less in our future. This may be evident on the 17th of September when Venus squares Saturn. The bridge between where we have been and where we choose to go could come with some significant costs. Our finances can be depleted as we seek to branch out and expand our interests into future projects. Friends to whom we have become accustomed might seem no longer on our same page. We are liable to feel frustrated wanting to put ourselves in drive while feeling stuck in neutral and racing our engine.

In nature, and often in life itself, it seems as if it’s darkest before the dawn, and so it may be with the contrast between the 17th and the 20th. Our social interactions can be tense on the 17th with Venus square Saturn but like the sun breaking out from behind dark clouds, the 20th provides us Mercury trine Jupiter and the Pisces Full Moon [7:55 PM EDT]. Someone could point out the light and provide us with uplift and encouragement. We might realize what has been does not have to be the final determiner of what can be. We are likely to feel more upbeat, see the half glass of water as half full rather than half empty, and appreciate that we may need to accomplish some resolutions and endings before we open the door to the new and the beginnings.

We close out the summer season on the 22nd. Just before the autumn equinox, Mercury squares Pluto on the 22nd. Although we may have felt pumped up, confident and enthusiastic about our prospects from the influence of the Mercury trine Jupiter on the 20th, a more realistic perspective on the 22nd could make us aware of loose ends and outstanding matters that need to be completed before we are free to engage our future plans. Mindful of the parameters in which we are operating can narrow our options but certainly need not squelch our dreams.

On to the autumn, doesn’t have to be a fall.

The autumn season begins with the autumn equinox as the Sun moves into Libra [3:21 PM EDT] on the 22nd. The signature for this autumn season highlights the concept of choice in our attitude. Are we going to focus on the positive, the blessings, the opportunities in our lives? Or will our disposition be one of negativity, seeing only the bad, the challenges, and a sense of being mere victims to the vagaries of these times?

Life is about choice, the utilization of free will to determine how we see things, how we respond to conditions, and how we engage the circumstances in our life. People may rail on about equity and the ‘same’ outcome, but such an assumption is but a fiction that true reality squelches with individual karma indicative of the personal unique journey each one of us takes through this life experience.

With the transiting Mercury in Libra in orb of a trine to Jupiter in Aquarius and Mercury square Pluto, much of the autumn season can have our thoughts and opinions whipsawing between the highs and lows as if we are all going through a manic – depressive phase. There can be times when we see the brilliant prospects of our future, other times when we might feel weighed down by the restrictions of our past. A true roller coaster, and one that could give even the staunchest a case of motion sickness.

Venus opposes Uranus on the 23rd. We might not be able to put our finger on exactly what it is, but we can have the sense that something is just not right. Relationships may be dicey as we see characteristics in people of which we were not aware and come as quite a surprise. Jealousy and possessiveness are liable to push people away and especially those people who are stretching their wings and wanting to explore new terrain. We also have to be cautious about our finances and our investments. This may be a time when the black swans are out in full force. Let’s be wary of unexpected developments and avoid immediate, knee-jerk reactions. It would be wise for us to let the dust settle before arriving at any definitive judgment.

Drawing upon a trusted confidante on the 25th when Mars trines Saturn might help us gain greater clarity both in regard to what is going on and also provide sound input regarding some of our plans. There are times when other people can provide sound advice and grounding rods to our ideas. They provide a detached perspective, a viewpoint not tied into the hopes, wishes and emotions that we might have regarding our own intentions. This is a time with a little help from a friend when we can develop a best practices approach regarding our future endeavors. It may not always take a village, but a reliable associate often offers wise suggestions, alternate ways of doing things, and encouragement that we can accomplish our greatest dreams. This Saturday we may find that support.

On Monday the 27th, Mercury turns retrograde [1:10 AM EDT] for its three-week retrograde cycle until October 18th when Mercury turns direct. This is the third and final Mercury retrograde cycle of the year, all of them having been in Air Signs with Mercury retrograde Aquarius back at the end of January through the third week of February, Mercury retrograde Gemini at the end of May through the third week of June, and now Mercury retrograde Libra into the third week of October. The Air Signs relate to our thoughts, and our ideas, and our interactions with other people. This retrograde cycle will highlight relationships with those significant people in our life and the balance between our personal interests and those of someone else.

Let’s keep in mind that the Mercury retrograde enlists Murphy’s Law of ‘whatever could go wrong can go wrong’. It is suggested that we postpone important decisions and major purchases, since things do not always go as planned under a Mercury retrograde and our intentions often come to naught.

As indicative of this Mercury retrograde through Libra, we end the month of September with a focus on relationships.

The 29th of September gives us Venus trine Neptune and the Libra Sun trine Saturn, followed on the 30th to close out the month with Venus square Jupiter.

We can easily buy into the images and appearances of someone or some things presented to us. We would like to believe in our fantasies, what we want to see and with very little due diligence. Let’s realize that we are the generations weaned and conditioned by the flickering images on our televisions and computer screens. As if hypnotized into some passive state, we have largely become observers rather than participants in the game of life.

This end of September invites us to see what we want to see, believe what we want to believe, and embrace the subjective of post-modernism rather than the objective reality of truly what is.
But every now and then we get glimmers of reality check, those times when we can pull back the curtain of images and appearances to view what is really going on.

September 2021… wary of an entry into la-la-land…