Autumn 2021

The autumn season begins with the autumn equinox as the Sun moves into Libra [3:21 PM EDT] on the 22nd of September. The signature for this autumn season highlights the concept of choice in our attitude. Are we going to focus on the positive, the blessings, the opportunities in our lives? Or will our disposition be one of negativity, seeing only the bad, the challenges, and a sense of being mere victims to the vagaries of these times?

Life is about choice, the utilization of free will to determine how we see things, how we respond to conditions, and how we engage the circumstances in our life. People may rail on about equity and the ‘same’ outcome, but such an assumption is but a fiction that true reality squelches with individual karma indicative of the personal unique journey each one of us takes through this life experience.

With the transiting Mercury in Libra in orb of a trine to Jupiter in Aquarius and Mercury square Pluto, much of the autumn season can have our thoughts and opinions whipsawing between the highs and lows as if we are all going through a manic – depressive phase. There can be times when we see the brilliant prospects of our future, other times when we might feel weighed down by the restrictions of our past. A true roller coaster, and one that could give even the staunchest a case of motion sickness.

Venus opposes Uranus on the 23rd. We might not be able to put our finger on exactly what it is, but we can have the sense that something is just not right. Relationships may be dicey as we see characteristics in people of which we were not aware and come as quite a surprise. Jealousy and possessiveness are liable to push people away and especially those people who are stretching their wings and wanting to explore new terrain. We also have to be cautious about our finances and our investments. This may be a time when the black swans are out in full force. Let’s be wary of unexpected developments and avoid immediate, knee-jerk reactions. It would be wise for us to let the dust settle before arriving at any definitive judgment.

Drawing upon a trusted confidante on the 25th when Mars trines Saturn might help us gain greater clarity both in regard to what is going on and also provide sound input regarding some of our plans. There are times when other people can provide sound advice and grounding rods to our ideas. They provide a detached perspective, a viewpoint not tied into the hopes, wishes and emotions that we might have regarding our own intentions. This is a time with a little help from a friend when we can develop a best practices approach regarding our future endeavors. It may not always take a village, but a reliable associate often offers wise suggestions, alternate ways of doing things, and encouragement that we can accomplish our greatest dreams. This Saturday we may find that support.

On Monday the 27th of September, Mercury turns retrograde [1:10 AM EDT] for its three-week retrograde cycle until October 18th when Mercury turns direct. This is the third and final Mercury retrograde cycle of the year, all of them having been in Air Signs with Mercury retrograde Aquarius back at the end of January through the third week of February, Mercury retrograde Gemini at the end of May through the third week of June, and now Mercury retrograde Libra into the third week of October. The Air Signs relate to our thoughts, and our ideas, and our interactions with other people. This retrograde cycle will highlight relationships with those significant people in our life and the balance between our personal interests and those of someone else.

Let’s keep in mind that the Mercury retrograde enlists Murphy’s Law of ‘whatever could go wrong can go wrong’. It is suggested that we postpone important decisions and major purchases, since things do not always go as planned under a Mercury retrograde and our intentions often come to naught.

As indicative of this Mercury retrograde through Libra, we end the month of September with a focus on relationships.

The 29th of September gives us Venus trine Neptune and the Libra Sun trine Saturn, followed on the 30th to close out the month with Venus square Jupiter.

We can easily buy into the images and appearances of someone or some things presented to us. We would like to believe in our fantasies, what we want to see and with very little due diligence. Let’s realize that we are the generations weaned and conditioned by the flickering images on our televisions and computer screens. As if hypnotized into some passive state, we have largely become observers rather than participants in the game of life.

This end of September invites us to see what we want to see, believe what we want to believe, and embrace the subjective of post-modernism rather than the objective reality of truly what is.
But every now and then we get glimmers of reality check, those times when we can pull back the curtain of images and appearances to view what is really going on.

We come into October looking to put our personal mark on our activities but with a jaded eye and healthy skepticism regarding what is possible and what are merely illusions.

Mercury squares Pluto on the 1st of October. We are unwilling to be fooled again. Perhaps we’ve been down this road before, but increasingly we are likely to trust our instincts and draw upon our due diligence to see what is really going on. We do need to keep in mind that for the first half of October we’re dealing with Mercury retrograde going through Libra.

Although we might choose to be collaborative, we also need to be selective with whom we decide to dance. We might question where people stand. Are they with us or are they against us?

Our suspicions can be raised, and who could blame us? After all the lies, deceit, and false promises we might feel as though we can ‘trust no one, believe nothing’.

The 2nd of October has Venus sextile Pluto. Although we might question some people’s intentions, we could also rely on the trusted and true who can give us an honest critique of what is going on. Having a dispassionate, objective observer may provide us with a solid sounding board, allowing us to hone our perspective, prioritize our activities, and offering us credible suggestions as to how we can best proceed.

We do have to be wary of getting carried away by our own enthusiasm and someone else’s encouragement. Mercury trines Jupiter on the 3rd, and we could easily assume that having strategized our approach everything will go right, nothing can go wrong. Nice concept, but one that might lead us down the rabbit hole of wishful thinking.

During this paradigm shift, it is essential that we recognize the wide swings in our emotions, in our energy, and in our activity. We all might feel as if we are going through manic – depressive phases, at times seeing the golden light in front of us, other times nothing but a dystopia ahead. Welcome to the tumultuous, turbulent times of the paradigm shift from linear, sequential reality into asequential reality where random happenings and unexpected developments impact our intended trajectory.

October 6th is a powerful time with the Libra New Moon [7:05 AM EDT] impacting the next fortnight up to the Full Moon on the 20th AND Pluto turning direct [2:29 PM EDT]. The New Moon is further empowered by the Sun Moon conjunction also conjunct Mars.

Often when Pluto changes direction whether from direct to retrograde or retrograde to direct motion, there is a dramatic release of energy. Explosions, blasts, bombings, geophysical phenomena of earthquake and volcanic activity, and intense atmospheric storm systems can occur when Pluto changes direction.

With all this intense energy at the time of the New Moon and its influence up to the Full Moon and with Mercury retrograde, these next two weeks could prove a bumpy ride and times when we need to apply the brakes in order to avoid running away with ourselves or getting run over by the circumstances we encounter.

On October 7th, Venus exits Scorpio, a Sign of Detriment for Venus where Venus is uncomfortable, and Venus enters Sagittarius [7:21 AM EDT]. Our relationships can be more upbeat, scintillating with a strong interest in those people whose experiences are far different, even foreign, to our own.

While Venus was transiting Scorpio from the 10th of September until the 7th of October, our relationships may have been dicey with us or other people being possessive, jealous, secretive — all the characteristics that make relationships sketchy at best.

We can sigh a breath of relief with Venus entering Sagittarius.

The latter part of this week in October, the 8th through the 10th, can be productive and highly effective. The Sun conjuncts Mars on the 8th, followed on the 9th by the Sun conjunct Mercury and Mercury conjunct Mars, and finishing off the weekend on Sunday the 10th with Saturn turning direct [10:17 PM EDT], ending its four and a half months retrograde cycle.

If we would focus on our priorities, consider our most significant ambitions, all the while not losing sight of the specifics of our daily responsibilities, this would be a time for us to plan and strategize how to employ our greatest hopes and wishes once Mercury turns direct on the 18th. We can combine brain and brawn together in order to develop a best practices approach to engage our future goals.

Whenever Saturn is retrograde, things often take longer than we like. There can be delays and frustrations and especially with our year’s nemesis of the Saturn Uranus square heaving curveballs at us every now and again. With Saturn direct and increasingly so when both Mercury and Jupiter turn direct on October 18th, things may operate more easily, perhaps not running on greased wheels but with fewer obstacles and impediments in our way.

Of course, we do have to

BEWARE the Saturn Uranus square!

The 13th of October has Venus sextile Saturn. We may feel far more inviting of social interactions with a tendency to reach out to those people with whom we have not been in contact for a while. The lockdowns and imposed restrictions may have created not only a sense of isolation but also had us more focused on our own internal processing. With much of our movements having been limited over the past year plus due to this virus contagion, our lives have been more compressed with less involvements to share or discuss. Increasingly, we may feel as though we are getting used to the regulations and can now reconnect with various people and get back with some semblance of normalcy to our lives.

This mid-week period of October could have us feeling as if the sun is finally shining upon us. Not only do we have Venus sextile Saturn on the 13th. During this mid-month period we also have the Sun trine Jupiter on the 15th and Mercury sextile Venus on the 16th.

We may feel more optimistic and confident that no matter whatever hand we are being dealt we can play our hand confidently, with a sense of enthusiasm and with us looking at the opportunities even within the various challenges.

We are not interested in the Debbie Downers or the Eeyores. They may wring their hands, see only the negatives and whine about the state of affairs. We are more focused on the good things and the blessings in our lives.

With life now being a real whipsaw, almost an extreme manic-depressive disposition, we do have to be wary of the extremes in our emotions. One day we may be feeling that we’re sitting on top of the world, only to feel the next day as though our world is falling apart.

These turbulent, tumultuous and disruptive times demand a semblance of balance, maintaining an equilibrium despite the wild swings. It would be wise for us to engage the sentiment: “moderation in all things”, a sentiment that we may find hard to embrace.

The whipsaw of emotions and actions can be no more evident than in this mid-October period. With all the goodies of the pleasant aspects between the 13th and 16th of October, we could easily assume that ‘all is right in the world’. With flags flying, we might even overextend ourselves only to find ourselves crashing into a wall on the 17th when the Sun squares Pluto, and later on the 22nd when Mars squares Pluto.

Extremes of emotion and extremes of action could be evident during this mid-October period. Despite our exuberance and our desires to entertain a smorgasbord of ideas, projects and social occasions, the Sun square Pluto on the 17th could have our high-flying intentions hitting a buzz saw with restrictions or ill-conceived plans imposing a dose of reality that blocks our forward movement.

Not that any obstacles are likely to diminish our optimism. They may forestall our advance, delay our progress, but we are likely to cast any obstructions as effects of the Mercury retrograde and necessary braking actions in order for us to tweak and rework without our hurtling towards our goals without fully considering the means or attending to the essential specifics.

Despite any bumps in the road on the 17th when we might feel as though the wind has been knocked out of our sails, the extreme whipsaw is engaged on the 18th when we might feel as though we are advancing assertively ahead with all flags flying.

The 18th of October has Mercury endings its three-week retrograde cycle and turning direct [11:17 AM EDT]. Jupiter ends its four-month retrograde cycle and turns direct [1:30 AM EDT]. And Mars trines Jupiter.

Like a racehorse galloping out of the starting gate, we could find ourselves in turbodrive. Our energy may know no bounds with much of our attention focused on our future goals, all with the support and encouragement of someone or from other people.

A liability of overreach, again the extremes of the whipsaw, might occur during this third week of October. Although we might feel as though we have been unleashed, we have to avoid trying to go too far too fast.

The 20th of October has the Aries Full Moon [10:57 AM EDT] with the Libra Sun – Aries Moon opposition triggering a Cardinal Sign T-Square as both the Sun and Moon by orb square Pluto in Capricorn. We may have the pedal to the metal but with a liability of hitting a wall. Caution is called for, brakes suggested to be applied, but the acceleration might be stuck leading to an ever-quickening pace with a likely kaleidoscope of people, situations and events. Although it would be suggested that we slow things down, we could find that things are speeding up and beyond our control.

One of my least favorite energies, the Mars Pluto square, was also in orb at the time of the Full Moon on the 20th and is exact on the 22nd of October. An explosive energy and one that speaks to intense releases of energy, we have to be careful in our actions and in our responses to situations. People can become belligerent. There are liable to be incidents of road rage and other rages occurring. Even nature itself could be in an uproar with earthquake and volcanic activity and intense atmospheric storm systems with heavy precipitation and severe winds.

On the 23rd the Sun exits Libra to enter Scorpio [12:51 AM EDT]. We may turn inward with a liability of becoming secretive, jealous and possessive. While we can use the Scorpionic energy to rid ourselves of the extraneous and focus on the true meaning and purpose of our life, much of our soul searching may seem like a caroming quality as the Sun in Scorpio triggers by Sign the Saturn Uranus square and a Fixed Sign T-Square with the Sun in Scorpio, Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus.

What is old and what is new might perplex us as we tend to strip away in order to find the true essence of our being. There can be a constipated quality during these next four weeks with push pulls between where we have been and where we wish to go, all with various stress and strains in the process.

The Venus square Neptune on the 26th warns us to be vigilant with a healthy skepticism, for this energy contributes to a sense of our seeing what we want to see and believing what we want to believe. As if having blinders on and seeing through rose-colored glasses, we have to be careful of tricksters, people or situations that appear one way with the reality being different. This is a time when we could be played with people making appealing presentations but the image far stronger than the content.

Whether we get snookered or not, the 28th of October brings the two ‘good guys’ of the planetary realm, Venus and Jupiter, together in a harmonious connection of a sextile. Venus going through Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter going through the Venus-ruled decanate of Libra in Aquarius gives greater force to this energy configuration. We might be making play dates with good friends or certainly looking to have a good time. Even if we were fooled earlier in the week, we don’t intend to be fooled again. As if in justification of any mishaps we have experienced, we could use this time to fully enjoy ourselves even to excess.

The 30th of October, often referred to as ‘devil’s night’ or ‘mischief night’, has the Sun square Saturn and Mars exiting Libra to enter Scorpio [10:21 AM EDT], a Sign that Mars co-rules with Pluto. Intensity can ratchet up as we take into account the difference between our income and our expenses and realize that inflation and shrinkflation is putting us ever further behind the eight ball. Anger and resentment could be heightened, and we will need to find healthy outlets to release our pent-up frustration. It would be wise for us to take the time to pare down our expenses, maintain a sound budget, and not feel overwhelmed by the conditions and circumstances that are happening to us. We may feel that we have been tricked with few if any treats as we close out October.

As if turning a page, we come into November with a sense that no matter what is going on in the world and how conditions might be impacting us that ‘we can do this’. We may realize that we are able to play the hands dealt us and be effective, productive and successful in our endeavors.

Mercury trines Jupiter on the 1st of November. It may not take a village, but the encouragement and advocacy of a special connection or of several people could give us the impetus to strategize, budget and prepare for moving forward with our plans and with our intention of achieving our desired results. No grousing or whining for us, for we have the confidence and the support to carry on.

Life is a participatory sport, not merely being a passive observer.

Despite the optimism and confidence with which we begin the month of November, due diligence and attention to detail are essential components for rewarding efforts.

The 2nd of November may raise issues as to whether we have advanced forward with blind faith and glossed over specifics or if we have been fully attentive to the vagaries of these times. Mercury squares Pluto on the 2nd. Lack of focus and glibness could bring our efforts to naught. We might even find ourselves running into a wall of regulations and restrictions of which we were either not aware, just recently enforced, or felt we could skirt. We have to be wary of our reactions and responses to situations presented to us. It is important we keep in mind that much of this autumn energy is under the influence of the Mercury Pluto square that occurred at the time of the Autumn Equinox, and here we have it again. Communications may devolve from discussions into heated arguments, as everyone stands their ground in their personal opinions without taking into account any other information than what they choose to believe.

The Scorpio New Moon on the 4th [5:15 PM EDT] has the Sun Moon conjunction exactly opposite Uranus. We may feel as though we are moving the chairs on the Titanic, for we are likely to recognize that our plans and intentions are captive to unexpected shifts and changes. Impacting the next two weeks up to the Full Moon on the 19th, this New Moon cautions us to be vigilant, mindful and aware of unexpected situations arising. Either we play the victim card and be passive to whatever befalls us, or we can accept the challenge and recognize that we are dealing with a dynamic of radical alterations that demand we read the patterns and master the course of events as they unfold. It would be wise, almost mantram-like, to keep reminding ourselves of the true and wise saying: “we never get more than we can handle”.

Even if it feels as though we are on a runaway train with neither engineer nor conductor, we don’t have to accept that we are going off the cliff. A conservative approach to our finances, recognizing that many of the asset classes are highly overvalued, will help prevent us from catastrophe. This is a time for us to keep our ears and eyes wide open and take note of any signals of impending radical changes and massive disruptions.

The 5th and 6th of November allow us to get a grip on what is truly happening. The 5th has Venus exiting Sagittarius to enter Capricorn [6:44 AM EDT], and Mercury exiting Libra to enter Scorpio [6:35 PM EDT]. With Mercury entering Scorpio, we now have a Stellium in Scorpio with Mercury joining Mars and the Sun in the Fixed Water Sign. The enhanced Scorpio energy also adds influence to the Fixed Sign T-Square with the Scorpio Planets opposed Uranus in Taurus and square the Aquarius transiting planets of Saturn and Jupiter. We may be putting up with trying conditions, whipsaws of booms and busts, and engaging Einstein’s definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

On the 6th, Mercury sextiles Venus. Our attention can return to our goals with the consideration as to who and what could assist us in realizing our dreams. Our thoughts are also likely to be more incisive with the ability to strip away the hype and images to get to the core of a situation. We are taking a far more serious approach to life, which is wise, since life right now can be a mixed bag of hype and presentations with transparency lacking and attempts to divert attention into the most insipid.

While we have determined energy on the 10th of November thanks to the Mercury Mars conjunction, we also have both Mercury and Mars square Saturn, which can trigger delays causing frustration and blocking our way forward. This is a time for us to engage both brain and brawn. By strategizing the most effective means to accomplish our goals and combined with the least expenditure of energy, we might be thwarted but not defeated. Our resources, whether time, finances or energy, could be limited but our determination unrelenting.

The Fixed Sign T-Square operating by various planets transiting Scorpio to square Saturn in Aquarius and oppose Uranus in Taurus from mid-September into mid-December is similar to a braking action, slowing things down but also causing opportunities to tweak, fine tune and develop a best practices approach to realize our desired outcome eventually.

In the recent era of entitlement, a period when we expected that what we wanted we should have and with little effort on our part, we might have gotten sloppy, indolent and passive. Similar to the concept of ‘use it or lose it’, we may have lessened the strengthening and conditioning of both our character and our capabilities. This Fixed Sign T-Square this autumn may have the effect of sharpening our abilities and forcing us to realize that our journey is an individual one and the paths we take are those we choose and decide for ourselves. We do need a skill set for us to effectively make our way.

On the 12th of November the Sun trines Neptune. We might experience a spiritual awakening, a time when we have a greater appreciation for the deeper and more meaningful aspects of our being. Quiet time in meditation, reflection and contemplation could strengthen our sense of personal destiny. We may have feelings of affirmation that we are on the right path despite the brambles and pebbles along our way. Taking a ‘time out’ from our fast-paced lives provides relief and reinvigoration to move forward knowing that we are on track of our individual journey.

Adverse aspects of Mercury Uranus, one of which occurs on the 13th of November with Mercury opposed Uranus, can be confusing. Many of our beliefs might be questioned as incidents show contradictions to the empirical. Let’s keep in mind that our perceptions, and those of society, are based upon perspective and consciousness. As our awareness increases, so does our understanding of life and the universal unfolding. This is a day when we might have some remarkable ‘ah-ha’ moments, those glimpses of startling insights. Or we might find ourselves blocked in our communications, in our movements, where everything seems topsy-turvy in a most bizarre world. Either we can try to maintain the blinders on what we see, accepting only what we consider to be the ‘tried and true’, or we can take off the blinders, draw upon peripheral vision and be open to the magic and wonder of a world unfolding in accord with its own natural rhythm at its own generic pace. We do need to be careful around finances, since unexpected expenses might put a dent into our budget.

The mid-month of November can be extreme whipsaws of potent good feelings and strong abilities contrasted by disheartening emotions and discouragements.

On the 15th the Sun squares Jupiter. Although we might feel as if the wind has been knocked out of our sails, many people tend to mask their disappointments and deflations by taking the attitude that ‘a strong offense is the best defense’. Some people may go off, hide out and engage their successes in the fantasies of their perfect world. Other people might choose instead to become more self-assertive, narcissistic, and lauding their imagined successes over any in their periphery.

The elation – deflation liable on the 15th could make us more focused and determined as the Sun sextiles Pluto on the 16th. Whether we have been knocked down by the circumstances unfolding or we have overreached through overconfidence, the 16th allows us to be more focused and determined to prioritize what is truly important to us. As if our inner strength rears up, we may feel greater determination to realize what we consider to be the essentials in our quality of living.

With a new-found courage, we have to keep in mind that during these disruptive, tumultuous times it is important that we maintain balance and avoid the wild swings, many of which can be occurring during this mid-November.

The 17th of November has Mars opposed Uranus. This is a time for us to slow down since we could be moving too fast. Impetuousness can get the better of us with the liability of our becoming accident prone. If we would take the time to plan out our day and take into account contingency plans, then we could be highly effective and able to counter any unexpected developments that we might meet along our way. The tendency is to push the envelope, so it will be important for us to rein in our energy and not do anything without considering the consequences or the implications of our actions. Anger released without forethought can create a catastrophic circumstance.

If we were like a bull in a china shop on the 17th, the 18th provides the energy for us to work smarter rather than harder. Mercury trines Neptune on the 18th, and this is an energy configuration that contributes to our ‘knowing without knowing’. Our intuitive sense is heightened, and we can easily come up with the right solutions to any problems. Instead of forcing matters, things can be resolved easily and quickly by our contemplating the issue and almost magically coming up with the right answer.

The 19th of November has Venus trine Uranus and the Taurus Full Moon [3:57 AM EST], a Lunar Eclipse, with the Sun Moon opposition in orb of a square to Jupiter in Aquarius reinforcing the Fixed Sign T-Square that we’ve been under since mid-September. This would be a time for us to reorder various matters, rid ourselves of the extraneous and keep our eye on the ball of future projects we may wish to pursue. Despite the fact that many of us tend to be acquisitive even to the point of being pack rats, more is sometimes only more with the consequent effect of weighing us down and keeping us from engaging other pursuits. This weekend would be a good time for a good autumn cleanout. We might find some unusual bargains to take the place of any items removed. Changing things up is a good way of acknowledging the changes within ourselves and with an impetus of not being stuck but rather moving forward into new terrain.

Mercury squares Jupiter on the 20th of November, and we could fall prey to the Goldilocks Syndrome of this not being quite right, that not being right, until we finally find what we consider to be just right. In the process, we could expend a great deal of energy and also a lot of our finances. We may want to prepare our home for Thanksgiving festivities next week and / or for the winter ahead, but it would be suggested that we start out with a plan in mind and a strict budget to adhere to. Sparkly things are enticing at the point of purchase, but we could easily overspend on impulse purchases.

Even if we got overzealous early on this third weekend of November, we can get a grip on the 21st when Mercury sextiles Pluto. Our mind is sharp. We can dissect whatever is going on, get to the core of any situation, and focus on the essentials without losing track of any particulars.

The 21st of November also has the Sun exiting Scorpio to enter Sagittarius [9:34 PM EST]. This Sign change by the Sun ends the Stellium in Scorpio and adds some Fire to the mix. This year has had a lack of the Fire Element, but with the Sun entering the Mutable Fire Sign followed on the 24th by Mercury entering Sagittarius [10:36 AM EST], we gain some Fire and our disposition can be more upbeat, optimistic and confident of better days ahead. The Sun conjuncts Mercury on the 28th. We might take a more philosophical attitude towards what is going on in the world and seek greater purpose in our own lives. Many of us may be looking at taking off and getting out of Dodge. We have suffered lockdowns and restrictions long enough, and we are more interested in spreading our wings rather than getting them clipped.

November 29th has Mars trine Neptune. We are able to put our spirit into action. Whatever calls us, we are likely to put our muscle behind it. We might feel as though we are being called, that there is something that impels us to action. This Mars Neptune configuration is an interesting combination of the material and spiritual, similar to the symbol of Pisces with one fish swimming upstream into the spiritual realm, the other fish swimming downstream into the physical. For each of us, our journey is to integrate our spiritual essence with our physical being. Our awakening allows us an ascension in consciousness and the ability to move from the fourth dimension of space-time reality into the fifth dimension of the NOW where past, present, future are all ONE.

The 30th of November continues with our spiritual awareness as Mercury sextiles Saturn, Venus sextiles Neptune, and the Sun sextiles Saturn. Feeling upbeat and inspired, our creative juices may be flowing. We can put our heart into everything and anything. Our relationships might seem almost idyllic. We are likely to see the good in everything and everyone. Not that we are spacey and ungrounded. On the contrary, this is a day when we could have our head in the clouds and our feet firmly planted on the ground. Does it get better than this? Hardly.

The 1st of December has Neptune turning direct in its own Sign of Pisces [8:22 AM EST]. We are entering the holiday season, a time when the mystical is more apparent in our lives. We have a tendency and a desire to look beyond the veil of Maya, dispel the illusions of the material plane and connect with the higher forces in the ethers that are always around us, only more evident when we turn our attention to the spirit within the material.

The New Moon [2:43 AM EST], a Solar Eclipse, on the 4th of December as the Sun conjuncts the Moon in Sagittarius calls for us to believe in our Self. This opens a two-week period up to the Full Moon on the 18th when we might choose to spread our wings, broaden our interests, and expand our horizons. Having the confidence to stretch beyond our comfort zone might be a little frightening but definitely exciting. This time through mid-December calls for us to affirm our abilities, assert our independence, and express our talents. As the inspirational quote reminds us: “If not us, who? If not now, when?”

With a fire in our belly, the 6th of December gives us the determination and unflagging energy to advance our deepest held desires. Mars sextiles Pluto, and we can virtually move mountains. Not that we are going to waste our time on the superfluous or ridiculous. We are likely to be laser-focused on what we wish to achieve, put our all behind our efforts, and may accomplish more by our persistence and concentration and our powerful force than at most other times.

We have to be wary of our perspective and our intentions, for the 7th of December has Mercury square Neptune. If we divert our attention from our priorities or have not taken the time to consider what is essentially important to us, we could be easily misguided with a liability of wasting our efforts on what eventually we realize to be worthless attempts. This is a time for us to take everything we hear and what we ourselves think with a jaded attitude. We do not want to be fooled by our being too grandiose, buying into false flatteries or being snookered by enticing illusions.

Certainly the 7th and 8th of December caution us against wasted efforts. If we go off like Wrong Way Corrigan on the 7th, we could compound our errors on the 8th when Mars squares Jupiter. Chasing illusory pipedreams can prove expensive, and a waste of our energy. Unfortunately, once headed in a direction, we are liable to reinforce our decision to the extreme of going down a rabbit hole. Let’s not go there!

Let’s apply braking actions on the 7th and 8th of December to avoid being on the wrong track or on a runaway train.

The 11th of December is in sharp contract to the 7th and 8th. The 11th has Venus conjunct Pluto and Mercury sextile Jupiter. By paying attention to the details and the specifics, we can accomplish a great deal. We are likely feeling confident and optimistic about our prospects. Everything can seem to be fitting neatly together. Even if we screwed up on the 7th and 8th, the 11th allows us to rectify our mistakes. We may feel that other people are willing to help out, some of whom might be attracted by our upbeat attitude.

With the whipsaw of emotions and actions during these volatile times, the swings between our highs and lows are pronounced. The 7th and 8th may have proven difficult, the 11th a nice antidote to any issues unresolved, but the 12th can have us pushing ahead with a tone of arrogance and knowing what’s best.

The Sun squares Neptune on the 12th, and our self-focus could get us ahead of ourselves. We might assume that our abilities are unquestionable, our talents unchallenged, and that everything should go according to plan, our plan. Once again, we might get off track, head in the wrong direction and mimic Wong Way Corrigan heading off for a particular destination but winding up in a totally different terrain.

With our fast-paced lives and with these times of paradigm shift being disruptive and tumultuous, maintaining balance is a gargantuan challenge, but one we need to master.

The 13th of December has two major Sign changes as Mars exits Scorpio to enter Sagittarius [4:53 AM EST], and Mercury exits Sagittarius to enter Capricorn [12:52 PM EST]. We may look at expanding our involvements and doing so in a strategic, well-conceived manner. We do need to be wary of taking on too much too soon. Everything in its own time. On the one hand, we could be looking at expanding our involvements. On the other hand, we can be far more serious and focused on our long-term goals.

The Gemini Full Moon on the 18th of December [11:36 PM EST] with the Sun Moon opposition opens the door to a wide range of possibilities and an assortment of holiday festivities. The powers-that-be may suggest social distance, but many people may have had enough and are looking for social occasions and holiday festivities to put the cheer back in the year. Whether or not we believe there is anything to celebrate, we shall find cause to have good times with good friends.

The 19th continues a weekend of good times as the Sun sextiles Jupiter on the 19th. Venus also turns retrograde [5:36 AM EST] on the 19th. We want to enjoy ourselves, even if only a party of one, our self. With Venus retrograding we have to be wary that we don’t turn a critical eye to our relationships, looking at the flaws and faults rather than the qualities and attributes, and become harsh in our evaluation of other people. If we are going out holiday shopping, we might be more interested in buying for oneself than for other people. It’s the holidays, so let’s avoid being Scrooge-like.

We end the autumn season on the 20th of December with the possibility of magic afoot. Mercury trines Uranus, and we may be privy to the mini-miracles that often occur around this holiday period. Surprising news and exciting developments can give us a sense of awe and wonder that we often associate with children who see something for the first time. Child-like, we can close out the autumn season with a sense that things occur in accord with a universal unfolding and that despite all the craziness in the world and the seeming tragedies that happen, life is good and filled with magic and wonder.

Autumn 2021… choices in our free will…