June 2021

We come into June with a thrust of energy and our eyes focused on the distant horizon. We are more interested in what we could do rather than what we are doing. Our future is ahead of us, and it is hard to imagine anything other than the results we wish to achieve.

June 2nd has Venus exiting Gemini to enter Cancer [9:19 AM EDT] and ending the Stellium in Gemini. We may be far more interested in spending time at home and with family rather than racing around like a social butterfly. We could be making plans for family celebrations, whether they are graduations, marriages, or reunions. The past year might have had us in lockdown, unable to participate in planned celebrations, with some events postponed until we could gather together. Now, we are ready to get together with family and friends, more likely to attend public events and social gatherings. As if by some magical wand, the vaccine distribution and injections seem to alleviate the fears and anxieties and could even make us assume that we are invincible to virus or disease.

Thursday, June 3rd, can be an especially pleasant time as the Sun trines Saturn, and the two “good guys” of the planetary realm, Venus and Jupiter, are in trine. No conflicts or adversarial interactions for us. We are far more interested in good times with good friends. We can easily show our love and appreciation for that special someone, those special people, in our life. This is a time to embrace all the blessings of living and fully understand that life is good.

We may go from the sublime on the 3rd to the ridiculous on the 5th. Just as it is hard to imagine anything more idyllic than what we could experience on the 3rd, it is hard to imagine anything more horrific that what we might witness on the 5th.

The 5th of June has retrograde Mercury square Neptune, and Mars opposed Pluto. Confusion is liable to be rampant with misunderstandings, misinformation, miscues and misdirection. Acting possibly on wrong input, we have to be wary of knee-jerk reactions, responding to a situation we could easily misinterpret, and respond with all guns blazing. This is a day that suggests we keep off the track, keep our thoughts to ourselves, and avoid explosive and belligerent actions. This is a time for us to be careful, very careful, out there.

The Gemini New Moon on the 10th of June [9:13 PM EDT], a Solar Eclipse, has the Sun conjunct the Moon with both conjunct Mercury and all three in orb of a square to Neptune. This Gemini New Moon impacts the next two weeks with the ruler of Gemini, Mercury, in retrograde adding to the liability of confusion with everything tentative and with little solid grounding. Relationships might be accentuated but with a tendency to see all sides — the good, the bad, and the ugly — in each of our personal connections. Since we may question how various relationships serve us, it would be best to postpone any final determination until this New Moon’s influence subsides in two weeks. We shall need to cut everyone, including ourselves, a great deal of slack. No jumping to conclusions, since what we see may not be the true characteristics of the people we encounter.

The 11th of June has Mars exiting Cancer to enter Leo [9:34 AM EDT]. Similar to the winter period of this year, we have been without the Fire element since the third week of April, except for the Moon’s transits of Fire Signs. Mars coming into the Fixed Fire Sign fires up our physical energy with a push for us to present ourselves dramatically and in top physical form. We may look to participate in sports activities, seek re-creational outlets, and allow our creative juices to flow in whatever forms are to our liking. We might feel more the heat of the sun with the impending summer season soon upon us.

The 13th has Venus sextile Uranus and the Sun square Neptune. The magic of these times opens up some fascinating doors for us, but once opened we might wonder what we should do in regard to what is being presented to us. Serendipitous encounters may offer us interesting opportunities. Are we ready to engage the new and the different? And what are the liabilities to us for stepping out of our regular routine? Questions such as these can vex us, as we consider what our future holds and whether certain unexpected trajectories are for the long term or just a passing fancy.

The push – pull of old and new that challenges us through the year with the Aquarius Taurus square is highlighted on the 14th of June as we encounter the Saturn square Uranus, the second of three this year. The first Saturn Uranus square occurred on February 17th, and the third and last Saturn Uranus square occurs on December 24th. This aspect finds us on the threshold between paradigms — the old ways of doing things expressed by linear, sequential reality and the new ways of asequential reality where things occur in the most inexplicable manner as if indicative of magic and miracles.

Where we have been and where we are going could have us flummoxed… but only if we try to leap across the chasm between the two in one bold leap. A wiser approach would be to lay down a suspension bridge slat-by-slat, moving forward, sometimes stepping back, but continually advancing towards the other side where once solidly in our future we can cut the ties that bind. It’s a process perhaps of back and forth but with the eventual outcome of our moving into our future assisted and accompanied by the universal forces. And as we do so, we can gain greater awareness and transform into a true awakening.

The spring season ends on the 20th of June with Jupiter turning retrograde. Jupiter at the end of July will exit its brief transit of Pisces, return to Aquarius until the end of the year when Jupiter will begin its transit of Pisces for much of 2022 [to mid-May 2022 and again from the end of October 2022 into the third week of December 2022].

Summer officially starts late on the 20th at the Summer Solstice as the Sun enters Cancer [11:32 PM EDT]. Although we might have grand hopes for our summertime activities, the season begins impacted by delays, frustrations, hopes unfulfilled. Not only do we have a Fixed Sign Grand Cross for the signature of the summer season. We also have five planets retrograde. We may have experienced a winter of discontent, but will this summer also fall far short of our expectations?

Many people could have hoped, even anticipated, an eventual return to ‘normal’. Reality suggests that there is no going back to the ways that things were. Whether we see life as an increasing dystopia or utopian promises as of yet unfulfilled, we can come to terms with the way things are, not the way they were, and adjust to changing circumstance. These times demand awareness and mindfulness with a willingness to be flexible and adaptable to the present currents unfolding.

Even in the midst of chaos and confusion, blight and despair, the sun can shine brightly amidst the darkening clouds. In the pacific northwest they refer to moments of the sun’s brilliance as sun breaks, and so it may be for us. No matter what ‘seems’ to be going on, we can always look at life from a positive perspective.

The 21st of June allows for such glimpses of light. Venus trines Neptune on the 21st, and we might have a sense of the idyllic in our relationships. Everything is made so much better by the soulful connection with another person, and so it may be on the 21st. There is an ancient wise saying that states ‘what you are seeking is also seeking you’. We are like magnets drawing to ourselves those experiences, people, events that we vibrate to. Comfort and nurture can come in our interactions, and we could be filled with a greater appreciation that there is more to life than what we often perceive.

The 22nd has Mercury ending its three-week retrograde cycle and turning direct [6:00 PM EDT]. With Mercury having gone back through its own Sign of Gemini, the past three weeks could have had us experiencing confusion, and the various misses of miscommunications, misunderstandings, misdirection and misapplications. Things are liable to be highly convoluted during a Mercury retrograde when Murphy’s Law of ‘whatever can go wrong could go wrong’ is in effect, and even more so when Mercury is empowered by being in its own Sign, as this Mercury retrograde was with Mercury retrograding through Gemini.

Whenever Mercury changes direction, whether from direct to retrograde or from retrograde to direct motion, things can get especially squirrely. It would be wise for us to maintain a degree of caution both as Mercury turns direct on the 22nd but also while Mercury goes through its ‘shadow’ until the 7th of July when Mercury comes back to the degree of Gemini at which Mercury had initially turned retrograde.

With Mercury direct, we are better able to ‘straighten up and fly right’. If we experienced various screw-ups during the preceding three weeks, we can begin to straighten them out and rectify any ill-conceived actions.

The push-pull of these times may be no more evident than on the 23rd of June when the Sun trines Jupiter and Venus opposes Pluto. Blind faith, overconfidence and extreme enthusiasm can lead us down the garden path oblivious to the briars and brambles along the way. If we move blithely along with an assumption that our intentions will win the day and that things will work out in accord with the manner in which we desire, then we could be in for a rude awakening. These times demand braking actions with an understanding that neither boundless optimism nor fathomless despair are the true reality of these times and that our challenge and our goal are to find and adhere to the middle path.

The Capricorn Full Moon on the 24th [2:40 PM EDT] combines foresight with productivity. We can draw upon the expertise of our experience and upon our essential understanding of our personal destiny to accomplish a great deal. We are not ego-driven but willing to do our own thing, all the while that people are more collaborative and interested in helping each other. Our compassion comes into play as we appreciate the proverb “there but for the grace of god go I”.

On the 25th, Neptune turns retrograde [3:21 PM EDT]. Our expression of faith and spiritual understanding may turn inward as we concentrate on our own personal development amidst the confusion and chaos evidenced in the world-at-large.

June comes to closure with Venus exiting Cancer on the 27th [12:27 AM EDT] to enter Leo. Increasingly, we may choose to participate in summertime activities. We are likely to be more social and more interested in creative ventures, whether our own creative self-expressions or the attendance of other people’s creative talents. We are up for good times with our friends or on our own.

June 2021… ain’t no cure for the summertime blues…