December 2020

We come into December with Mercury exiting Scorpio on the 1st to enter Sagittarius [2:51 PM EST], a Sign of Detriment for Mercury. While the Mercury transit of Scorpio helped us to be more selective and discerning, more interested in the true significance of any situation; Mercury’s move into Sagittarius can impel us to boundless enthusiasm, sometimes embracing more fantasy than the realistic. It will be essential for us to tether our dreams to practical implementation.

The sense of the idyllic can be seductive on the 5th of December as Venus trines Neptune. We are likely to be highly spiritual at this time, our compassion unbounded, and with a sense that there truly is a divine design operating in our world. It may not seem that way in regard to the world-at-large, but our concern is more likely to be our own personal space, our happy place. While we might assume that there is perfect order amidst all the chaos of these times, let’s avoid wafting off into a fantasy world. What could be is not always what actually is. Let’s enjoy the moment without losing our bearings.

Confusion and lack of clarity might be strong during the second week of December. Both the Sun and Mercury transiting Sagittarius will square Neptune, the Sun square Neptune on the 9th, followed by Mercury square Neptune on the 13th.

A belief in perfect order early in the month could have us let down our guard, and therein could be a problem. We might see what we want to see, believe what we want to believe.

During these times of political correctness and consensus opinion, we have lost critical thinking. Adhering to our own belief system, we have given up the analytical reasoning of considering the thesis countered by the antithesis to come to a synthesis that may be truly more on target than either thesis or antithesis. And yet, our thinking is mired in what we believe, as though putting on blinders and accepting only that which is in accord with our mindset.

Drawing upon an objective observer, someone detached from our personal matters, on the 10th of December as Venus sextiles Pluto can be antidote to our mindlessly venturing forward solely on our hopes and baseless expectations.

Whether we accept input from other sources and take the time to evaluate what we are engaging, the 11th of December can have us full steam ahead as the Sun trines Mars. There may be no stopping us at this time, for we are likely to be gung-ho as to whatever direction we might choose.

With the Mercury square Neptune on the 13th, we could be second-guessing ourselves as to what we are doing, why we are doing it, and where we are going with it. Our confusion can be strong, our mind muddled and with a liability of our grasping at straws to justify possibly bone-headed decisions and actions we have carried on.

The mid-part of December, the third week of December, closes out the autumn season. We are likely to climb out of the fall with all flags waving as a result of the various Sign changes occurring between the New Moon on the 14th through the last day of autumn on the 20th.

The week begins with the Sagittarius New Moon on the 14th [11:17 AM EST], a Solar Eclipse, and impacts the next two weeks up to the Cancer Full Moon on the 29th and beyond. This New Moon with the Sun Moon conjunction also has Mercury trine Mars, and Venus sextile Jupiter.

We are entering a most expansive and creative period, and a time when we are making a major threshold crossing into a brand new world.

The 15th of December has Venus sextile Saturn just before Venus exits Scorpio to enter Sagittarius. The more we can bring conclusion to various projects we have been working on, the better it is. Our attention may soon shift dramatically with our focus more on our future rather than our present, and much less on our past.

We may be looking at our plans and intentions, but it would be wise for us to complete matters that we do not want to bring into our threshold crossing. The present is soon the past, and we are about to cross into a whole new dimension of how we are doing life.

December 17th, and followed on the 19th, have two MAJOR Sign changes, with both Saturn on the 17th [12:04 AM EST] and Jupiter on the 19th [8:07 AM EST] ending their transit of Capricorn to enter Aquarius. The Jupiter transit is about a year, the Saturn transit two plus years. With a significant thrust, we are moving into the technological revolution and the information age. We had a prelude to what we might witness over the next two years back in the Spring season when Saturn was briefly transiting Aquarius.

I shall cover much of what I envision for this technological revolution in a subsequent posting. Just know that we are crossing into a most dynamic and extraordinary period. Can we call it a new age?

We could be feeling good about things as we end the autumn season with the Sagittarius Sun conjunct Mercury on the 19th, just prior to Mercury entering Capricorn on the 20th [6:07 PM EST] to close out the autumn season.

We enter the winter season with the Winter Solstice on the 21st when the Sun enters Capricorn [5:02 AM]. On this same day, the newly transiting through Aquarius planets of Jupiter and Saturn conjunct one another. This ‘Great Conjunction’ heralds the intensity of push – pulls between the old and the new with the eventual result of the new world order overtaking old structures as Jupiter then passes in front of Saturn.

We engage a Technological Revolution and a New Age both with limits on the excesses of technology and advances in greater understanding of frontiers uncharted. The demand for freedom and liberty can be strong, as people seek to express their individuality and their personal talents. There could be attempts of restrictions to individual liberties, but the tide is turning from a strong Capricorn influence of authoritarian impositions to the Aquarian influence of a strong thrust of personal expressions and individual freedoms.

We are crossing a threshold and can do so by developing a new template and a regulated format by which to advance into the new, the different, the revolutionary.

The intensity of these times may be witnessed on the 23rd when Mars squares Pluto. An explosive energy configuration, this aspect could trigger actings out, extremes in behavior, and violent actions. This is a pugilistic energy, so we need to be cautious with our physical movements and our reactions to any trigger points. We are liable to accidents through rashness and recklessness, so it would be wise for us to pull in the reins and harness our energy.

Fortunately, the weekend of the 25th through the 27th can provide some unexpected assistance, a time when we may be privy to the magic and miracles of the paradigm shift.

If we didn’t cause harm to ourselves or be victims of circumstance on the 23rd, the weekend of the 25th – 27th may offer us wonderful insights, surprising news, and exciting trajectories of which we were unaware.

Mercury trines Uranus on the 25th, followed by the Sun trine Uranus on the 27th. We may be looking towards our future goals with a recognition and appreciation that we are different from whom we have been and that we are interested in developing new trajectories for ourselves in the most expeditious manner.

Change is in the air, and although we are living during tumultuous and disruptive times, we might see the magic in the dynamic whereby things can occur in inexplicable ways and with little input from us other than accepting the strange behavior of the new paradigm.

We are not going backwards. We’re moving forward.

The month of December closes out with the Cancer Full Moon [10:28 PM EST] late on the 29th, followed by Venus square Neptune early on the 30th. Finding our balance between our professional and personal responsibilities may prove challenging, but part of what has gone on in 2020 has been like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. We are not recreating the past. On the contrary, we are likely to be operating under a completely changed template.

We’ve had the opportunity of witnessing the prelude to the dramatic shifts in how we are doing life earlier this year with virtual instruction of education at home, telemedicine, working from home, and other major changes as to how we do living.

Since we are moving into uncharted waters to end 2020 and to begin 2021 with a vulnerability as to who we are, what we are here to do, and what the backdrop of our lives will be about, let’s engage a belief in the magic and miracles of these times and that the universe is good and that each of us is blessed.

The NOW is not a time to be whiners, complainers, and focus solely on the negative. On the contrary, NOW is a time to embrace self-realization and soul fulfillment.

Good-bye 2020. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

December 2020… Celebrating a brave new world…