Monthly Archives: September, 2020

  • October 2020

    We come into October under the light of the Aries Full Moon on the 1st [5:05 PM EDT]. The push – pulls between our own personal interests and those of other people, the differentiation between the individual and the collective, can be ratcheted up.

  • September 28th – October 4th, 2020

    The astrology for this week of September 28th through the 4th of October of 2020 gives us the opportunity to ‘straighten up and fly right’.

  • Autumn 2020

    Just as nature in the early autumn has a balance of conflicting energies with warm days and cool nights, so too for ourselves we might find the early autumn to be a question of balance, the balancing act between our own interests and those interests of other people, the balancing act of our times of »more

  • September 21st – 27th, 2020

    The astrology for this week of September 21st through the 27th of 2020 cautions us regarding our communications and interactions with other people as we bring closure to the summer season and begin the autumn.

  • September 14th – 20th, 2020

    The astrology for this week of September 14th through the 20th of 2020, the last full week of the official summer season, can be a highly productive week if we harness the energies, restrain our impulses to be outlandish, and not get too far ahead of ourselves.

  • September 7th – 13th, 2020

    The astrology for this week of September 7th through the 8th of 2020, which signals the unofficial end to summer and the unofficial beginning of the autumn season, has us effectively attentive to our goals and our responsibilities before we pile on too much with a liability of overwhelm.