Autumn 2020

Just as nature in the early autumn has a balance of conflicting energies with warm days and cool nights, so too for ourselves we might find the early autumn to be a question of balance, the balancing act between our own interests and those interests of other people, the balancing act of our times of re-creation and our times of professional development, even the balancing act of the externalized focus of our egocentric personality and the internalized depth of our soul and spirit.

The autumn season begins on the 22nd of September with the Sun exiting Virgo to enter the Cardinal Air Sign of Libra [9:31 AM EDT]. With the Sun exiting Virgo, we end the Grand Trine in the Earth Element.

The question of balance seems especially in play on the 23rd – 24th of September when Mercury transiting Libra triggers a Cardinal Sign T-Square with Mercury square Saturn on the 23rd and Mercury opposed Mars on the 24th. We could feel ‘down’, restricted by our responsibilities and obligations, but still recognizing that an old mindset of the ‘tried and true’, which we realize to have been tried but no longer true, is inhibiting our forward progress. We might ask ourselves whether our freedom of movement is being hampered by the powers-that-be or by our own vulnerabilities. Are we so fearful of stepping out of our familiar, habitual patterns that are so deeply engrained that we prevent ourselves from stepping into a brand new world and an altered mindset more aligned with the paradigm shift from linear, sequential reality into the asequential reality that exhibits incidents of magic and mini-miracles?

Hopefully, we can make the leap, a liberating jump from being merely passive observers of our living into a proactive stance whereby we take machete in hand, carve our own path, yet still cognizant and respectful of the various twists and turns that may occur along our way. No longer do we have to believe that we are in total control of our life circumstances nor assume that authorities have complete control over our lives. On the contrary, the paradigm shift into asequential reality allows us to step on to the bus of the magical mystery tour whereby things may unfold in the most inexplicable ways.

The excitement in our living is the journey, never the destination.

Even if we are flummoxed by the Cardinal Sign T-Square on the 23rd – 24th and feel as if we have stepped backwards rather than advancing forward, the exit of Mercury from Libra and its entrance into Scorpio on the 27th [3:41 AM EDT] enhances our focus, provides a laser-like concentration and with a persistence to cut to the core and not be beguiled by the appearance or the presentation. Our ideas might be sharp and penetrating and in the process our discussions succinct and less diplomatic than before.

The 28th has Venus trine Mars. Relationships may seem more congenial, our efforts more collaborative, and we are likely to feel that our masculine and feminine natures are more integrated and less at odds with each other. This could be a highly pleasant time when we feel expansive, and willing to express ourselves with confidence and an upbeat spirit and a ‘can do’ attitude. What we do have to be wary of is overconfidence, a narcissistic disposition that things will go our way, and that our charm and our passion will win the day no matter what.

Unfortunately, the ‘no matter what’ could surface on the 29th, a day that has Saturn turning direct [1:11 AM EDT] with Mars square Saturn later in the day. Despite our best efforts and our greatest intentions, we may bump up against obstacles that block our forward movement. We might feel as though our enthusiasm balloon is deflated. Even if we adopt an attitude of ‘being a law unto ourselves’, we are liable to bang up against our obligations or step out of line of standards and regulations.

The whipsaws between expansion and contraction can be severe as we end September, and we are doing so a day before the Aries Full Moon on the 1st of October.

We come into October under the light of the Aries Full Moon on the 1st [5:05 PM EDT]. The push – pulls between our own personal interests and those of other people, the differentiation between the individual and the collective, can be ratcheted up.

Not only do we have the Libra – Aries [Other – Self] axis highlighted. We also have Mars retrograde in Aries squaring the three Capricorn-transiting planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto. Rage against the Regime could play out, whether it’s so-called peaceful protests, actings out against continued imposed restrictions, or violent outbursts.

The summer may have been hot, but the intensity does not subside for the foreseeable future. As I have suggested before, and continue to suggest going forward, it is essential that we be mindful and fully aware of the dramatic shifts and changes going on around us. We do not have to be swept up into the craziness, but we do have to be wary of the emotional and psychological impact of the furies occurring in the world.

While the movement of the Sun out of Virgo to enter Libra ended the Earth Grand Trine, this Grand Trine is restored by Venus exiting Leo and entering Virgo on the 2nd of October [4:48 PM EDT]. Over the next three plus weeks, Venus in Virgo will trine Uranus in Taurus and trine the three different Capricorn-transiting planets of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn.

Our relationships instead of focused on fun and our own creative expressions, which might have occurred while Venus was transiting Leo, now may take on more of a quality of ‘what have you done for me lately?’

We might be more interested in relationships that can help us achieve something we want, but our interactions with other people can also take on a critical attitude. Our own insecurities and anxieties might dampen some of our involvements.

The 4th of October has the last of the Capricorn-transiting planets coming out of retrograde and turning direct. Jupiter turned direct back on the 12th of September, Saturn on the 29th of September, and now on October 4th Pluto turns direct. There can be more forward movement, but as Pluto turns direct, we have to be wary of blasts and explosions and major releases of energy.

Two of my least favorite aspects occur in the second week of October: Mercury opposed Uranus on the 7th, and Mars square Pluto on the 9th.

In tune with the Law of Three that plays out in astrology and often in life itself, Mercury will oppose Uranus three times this autumn. The first is on the 7th of October, the second while Mercury is retrograde will occur on the 19th of October, and the third will happen with Mercury direct on the 17th of November. Adverse aspects between Mercury and Uranus are my least favorite times for air travel. Travel itself can be problematic, disrupted by unexpected conditions. Communications can be off with misunderstandings or messages not received, and there are liable to be computer glitches and Internet issues. It is essential that we be mindful at these times, evaluate and reevaluate what we are saying or doing, and appreciate the liability of issues with transmissions and receptions.

Mars square Pluto can be pugilistic. Things can get out of hand with anger boiling up and over into impetuous actions and violent reactions. Knowing someone with the Mars square Pluto in his natal chart, I’ve seen this energy act out with his being thrown off the police force because of his aggressive behavior towards his “collars”, now in jail awaiting trial for four murders. Joe Biden also has this aspect, and is known as a ‘fighter’, even suggesting that if he were in high school he would take Trump “behind the gym”.

With these two energies in play in the second week of October, we have to be wary that miscommunications and heated arguments don’t devolve into aggressive behavior and physical altercations.

The intensity of this week may continue through the weekend, but with Venus trine Uranus on the 10th of October there could be an interesting encounter with someone who could prove of assistance and relieve some of the stress of the week. If we have been banging our head against the wall, we might become aware of options and alternatives that we had not been privy to.

In the US, the 10th through the 12th is the long Columbus Day [not politically correct?] / Indigenous Peoples’ Day weekend, and in Canada the 12th is Thanksgiving Day.

Although our considerations of our future plans can widen as we engage a broader perspective, the Sun square Jupiter on the 11th might have us assuming that not only are all things possible, but that we can accomplish whatever we set our mind to. Invincibility is a great feeling, but over optimism could lead us down a garden path and wind us up in a bramble patch. It would be wise for us to restrain our enthusiasm and channel our energies into productive outlets.

The 12th has Mercury sextile Venus. If we have had blowups with people over the recent past, this Monday allows us to clarify our position, even make amends if we went off the charts. Since Mercury will be turning retrograde on the 13th, it might be wise for us to complete any significant matters on the 12th before we enter the three-week Mercury retrograde and several days when the energy could prove trying.

The 13th of October has the Sun opposed Mars, and Mercury turning retrograde. The Sun Mars configuration highlights a Cardinal Sign T-Square with both planets square by orb the three Capricorn-transiting planets of Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn. We may want to be anywhere other than where we are. We might feel like a bird in a gilded cage, unable to fully appreciate what we have and desirous of something beyond our reach. Although responsibilities can be demanding, we have to avoid embracing flights of fancy that are tempting and seductive but have little chance of being implemented.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 13th [9:05 PM EDT], beginning its three-week cycle of liable madness and mayhem. Let’s keep in mind that with Mercury retrograde Murphy’s Law is in effect where ‘whatever can go wrong could go wrong’.

This three-week cycle of Mercury retrograde cautions us to be mindful and alert, evaluate and revaluate as we go along. It is advised that we postpone any major decisions or significant commitments during these three weeks. This Mercury retrograde continues until turning direct on November 3rd, Election Day in the US. A similar turn of Mercury retrograde to direct motion occurred on Election Day in 2000, an election that was highly controversial and disputed with the final outcome decided by one vote, in the US Supreme Court.

Already, even without reference to the Mercury retrograde, commentators are suggesting that this election on November 3rd will not only be contentious but will be disputed with both major political parties lawyering up to contest whatever the results might appear to be. Awww gawd! Democracy in action or Banana Republic playing out?

The square of the Sun to the Capricorn-transiting planets that began with the Sun square Jupiter on the 11th continues with Sun square Pluto on the 15th, and Sun square Saturn on the 18th.

By orb, we are continuing with the Cardinal Sign T-Square with Mars retrograding through Aries in opposition to the Sun and both square the Capricorn-transiting planets. Although the Cardinal Signs talk about initiations and beginnings, there can be blockages to our efforts by our own arrogant willfulness, by the demands of someone or other people, and by the restrictions and regulations handed down from the powers-that-be.

This period during October could be fraught with various problems and issues, none of which may be satisfactorily resolved. Frustrations and annoyances can be strong with fiery outbursts and people either wanting to or actually pushing back against authority figures and against each other.

While the Libran energy speaks to the question of balance, October may have little balance but more likely reflective of the volatility of these times with wild whipsaws in emotions and actions.

The Libra New Moon on the 16th of October [3:31 PM EDT] accentuates the Cardinal Sign T-Square with its influence over the next two weeks up to the Taurus Full Moon on the 31st of October, Halloween.

Under the influence of the Libra New Moon we could feel during this two-week period any which way but loose. We might try to start any number of new engagements, but our ability to follow through may be minimal at best. Not only are we dealing with a Cardinal Sign T-Square. We are also under the spell of the Mercury retrograde. It would not be surprising if a great number of our involvements take ‘start and stop’ approach with us being highly active but possibly not getting far, and more likely having a sense of our running in place.

The 18th of October has the final Sun square to a Capricorn-transiting planet, as the Sun squares Saturn. The same day has Venus opposed Neptune. We may feel blocked, depleted, like a helium balloon deflated. As though seeking escape from our mundane reality, we could easily become infatuated with someone or something that seems beyond our reach. Either we can be mooning over unrealistic possibilities or we might become highly critical of our own circumstance and someone else’s lot. This Sunday of the 18th might be a day for us to step away, seek a quiet place, and move into a reflective and contemplative space.

As if trying to counter the deflation the day before, we may decide to push the envelope on the 19th when Mars squares Jupiter, Venus trines Jupiter, and Mercury opposes Uranus. This is the last of the Mars square to the Capricorn-transiting planets, and the second of three of Mercury opposed Uranus. With Venus transiting Virgo and creating by Sign the Earth Grand Trine with Venus in Virgo, Uranus in Taurus, and the three Capricorn-transiting planets, today starts Venus in exact aspect to the Capricorn planets with Venus trine Jupiter. The two ‘good guys’ of the planetary realm, Venus and Jupiter, in harmonious aspect or connection could impel us to extravagance and ratcheting up our credit card bill. Excess can be strong today without much forethought. And we have my least favorite aspect, an adversarial connection between Mercury and Uranus, for air travel. Travel, communications, and computer matters may all be problematic at this time. Our enthusiasm might win out over our common sense. If we do decide to go on a shopping spree, liable to be a buying binge, then it would be wise to keep our receipts, in case we decide with a more reasonable frame of mind to return items bought impulsively. Today asks us to be mindful, but our tendency might be more to cast our fate to the winds.

The 21st has the second of the Venus trine the Capricorn-transiting planets with Venus trine Pluto. This week of the 19th through the 25th has the Venus trine to the Capricorn-transiting planets, first with the Venus trine Jupiter on the 19th, followed by Venus trine Pluto on the 21st, and concluding with Venus trine Saturn on the 24th. Our relationships could be tainted with a primary interest in what other people can do for us. Our social interactions may have a purpose, the purpose of advancing our personal interests. Not only can we be highly adept in moving forward with our long-range goals. We might also present our case with great panache as we determine a place for everything and everything in its right place. This can be a highly productive time and our efforts could win the admiration of various advocates. Success may be well rewarded, but we do need to keep in mind that we are operating during a Mercury retrograde.

The 22nd has the Sun exiting Libra to enter Scorpio [7:00 PM EDT]. We have completed, for the moment, the Cardinal Sign T-Square. We are moving into a fairly intense time, a time when we are likely to be no-nonsense, willing to pare down and to be more effective with less expenditure of energy. Our intensity can ratchet up but so too the ability to be far more resourceful, consider what is truly significant without the window dressing or any foofoo stuff.

The 24th of October has Venus completing the trines to the Capricorn-transiting planets as Venus trines Saturn. This would be a good time to wrap up certain projects, bring things to closure and all without skipping a beat or glossing over details, and still with an appealing style and attractive presentation.

The Sun conjuncts Mercury on the 25th. We may seek a quiet space in order to reflect and contemplate what we are doing and why we are doing it. We might decide to pare down our activities and focus on the truly significant. We don’t want to waste our resources — our time, our monies, or our energy. Things have to be truly significant for us to participate. We could consider a good autumn cleaning, clear up and clean out the extraneous.

On the 27th, we have two significant Sign changes. Mercury retrogrades from Scorpio back into Libra [9:33 PM EDT], and Venus exits Virgo to enter its own Sign of Libra [9:41 PM]. This movement of Mercury and Venus triggers by Sign the Cardinal Grand Cross with the Libra-transiting planets opposed Mars retrograding through its own Sign of Aries, and square to the three Capricorn-transiting planets of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. We can be more accommodating, more interested in what is going on with someone, and collaborative in our efforts.

We end the month of October on the 31st, Halloween, and with the Taurus Full Moon with the Moon conjunct Uranus and the Sun opposed the Moon Uranus conjunction. Welcome to the whacky world of intense disruptions and the possible feeling of having the rug pulled out from under. Our stability and security may be shaken to the core as unexpected situations arise like curveballs from out of the blue.

We may have to adapt and shift according to changing circumstance, an ability that we have been asked to develop but one that few of us may have done.

Although ‘we never get more than we can handle’, as the wise saying affirms, we might question the sentiment as we come into November. The liability of depression and feeling stuck in the muddle can be strong.

Mercury squares Saturn on the 1st of November. The law of three is operational, for this Mercury square Saturn is the second of three of this energy configuration, the first one being back on the 23rd of September, and the third and final one being on the 6th of November.

With this Mercury square Saturn, we may consider all sorts of options for ourselves but with a follow-up of seeing all the reasons our possibilities are largely implausible. We could have on blinders, seeing only what is right in front of us, and discount the paradigm shift we are going through with its main characteristic of things occurring not in a linear, sequential manner but happening in an asequential reality where things occur in a random way that seems almost magical if not downright miraculous.

The 3rd of November ends the three-week Mercury retrograde cycle, as Mercury turns direct [12:50 PM EST]. Whenever Mercury changes from direct retrograde motion, or from retrograde to direct motion, things get squirrely. Nothing seems to go right, everything liable to go wrong. The 3rd of November is Election Day in the US.

Aaargh for all sorts of reasons, heightened by Mercury turning direct.

This same energy occurred on Election Day in 2000 with election results for the presidential election being convoluted at best with the eventual winner, George W. Bush, determined by the 5-4 vote in the US Supreme Court.

Already, we are hearing that Joe Biden should not concede the US election under any circumstance according to Hillary Clinton, as both sides lawyer up for a contentious and dragged out aftermath to Election Day.

The third, and final, of the recent Mercury square Saturn occurs on the 6th of November. A sense of frustration, whether associated with the election, the aftermath of the election, or just a sharp deflation of spirt, could have us depressed and exhausted. Staring blankly at the present, reminiscent of the past, we might see little ahead for us but a dystopian future. If necessary, back to the wailing wall for a 5-10 minutes howling of all wrong in the world, in our personal realm. But once the timer goes off, let’s wash our hands and face, change our attitude, and look for the bright and cheerful.

Our relationships could prove dicey on the 9th of November. Venus in its own Sign of Libra opposes Mars in its own Sign of Aries. We have to be wary that either we or other people aren’t locked into a self-absorption expressed in narcissism and arrogance. Let’s hope that we all can gain some civility after the intensity of the election and the disruptive nature of these times. Many people may be at their wits’ end.

The 10th of November has the Sun trine Neptune and Mercury re-entering Scorpio [4.55 PM EST]. Our perceptive sense can be highly attuned. If we suffered slights or hurts in our interactions with someone yesterday, we might have a tendency to withdraw into our own space, a happy place where we don’t have to deal with the crazy-making antics but rather could enjoy the pleasantries of alone time. Mercury entering Scorpio intensifies our thought processes. We are unlikely to take anything at face value but rather to delve deep into any subject we are considering. We are still in the ‘shadow’ of the Mercury retrograde, from which we emerged back on the 3rd, but the ‘shadow’ continues until the 19th when Mercury reaches the degree at which Mercury had turned retrograde.

Although we are not under the same level of miscommunications, misunderstandings and mistakes we may have experienced during the Mercury retrograde, we do have to be cautious in our thought processes and in our actions and engage the keywords of these times — awareness and mindfulness.

The 12th of November has Jupiter conjunct Pluto. Our sense of ‘can do’ attitude may know no bounds. Optimistic and confident in our abilities, we could virtually move mountains. We might even see the distant goal line of our projects, like some oasis, awaiting us and well within our reach. In our exuberance we do have to watch that we don’t step on anyone’s toes. Our belief in our self, our sense of successful realization, can instill a disposition of plowing ahead without recognizing any collateral damage along the way. In the process, our relationships are liable to suffer. By curbing our enthusiasm, we can achieve our intentions without causing harm to anyone in the process.

The likelihood of our effectively walking the balance beam between our self interest and those of someone else may be somewhat shaky with us still less than adept at the art of balance. On the contrary, we may be more focused on going for our gold with little recognition of our actions’ impact on other people.

Mars turns direct on the 13th of November [7:36 PM EST]. Not only do we get a greater thrust of physical energy, but Mars is turning direct in its own Sign of Aries and in the second decanate [Leo] of Aries. We may be willing to crow our abilities, talents and successes loudly and for anyone to hear. We might seek out the limelight, be on center stage, but with little regard as to how it impacts someone else.

We might have minimal concern about other people’s interests, for this mid-November period can be all about ME.

The Sun sextiles both Pluto and Jupiter on the 14th with the orb influential at the Scorpio New Moon on the 15th [12:07 AM EST]. This New Moon has the Sun Moon conjunction by orb trine to Neptune and by orb sextile the three Capricorn-transiting planets of Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn.

With its signature impacting the next two weeks up to the Gemini Full Moon, a Lunar Eclipse, on the 30th of November, this New Moon allows us to be highly productive with a tendency to keep our cards close to our chest. We might prefer much of our work done from our home base with us focused on the truly significant. Drawing upon an attuned visionary sense and our intuition, we could be highly resourceful in advancing our long-term goals. Nothing is likely to fall between the cracks, nor are we liable to include anything superfluous or extraneous. We can be highly passionate about what we’re doing with a tendency to go it alone and often in the deep recesses of our solitude.

Although this two-week period could have us operating passionately and productively, the New Moon signature also has Venus square Pluto. This Venus square begins the Venus square to the three Capricorn-transiting planets with Venus square Pluto on the 15th, Venus square Jupiter on the 16th, and Venus square Saturn on the 19th. Our relationships can be somewhat dicey during this time. We are more concerned about our personal interests, with little regard as to the impact on anyone else. As if having blinders on, we might be solely concentrating on what we want to get done. Relationships could suffer collateral damage. If someone can assist us in our personal ambitions, then we are likely to engage them. Otherwise, personal relationships may have to take a back seat until we come closer to the holidays.

The 17th of November has Mercury opposed Uranus, one of my least favorite configurations for travel, clear thinking, and high technology miscues. Communications can seem confusing with people spouting off what seem like the most inane ideas. Although we could get some remarkable insights, the practicality of them may be wanting. This is a time for us to think before we speak and be aware of our audience and their ability of receptivity to what we have to share.

This dichotomy between being highly effective in our working alone and liable problems with our relationships could be highlighted on the 19th of November when the Scorpio Sun sextiles Saturn, and Venus in Libra squares Saturn. We are unlikely to appreciate any interruption to our own schedule or involvements. It would be wise for us to put off our interactions with other people, since we are far more effective being focused without distractions or input from anyone.

The 21st of November has two major Sign changes. The Sun exits Scorpio to enter Sagittarius [3:40 PM EST]. Venus exits its own Sign of Libra to enter a Sign of its Detriment as Venus comes into Scorpio [8:22 AM EST].

We may be feeling more upbeat, take on an expansive viewpoint, but our interactions with other people may be far more selective and our desire to be with fewer than with more.

Mercury trines Neptune on the 23rd. Our intuitive sense could be highly attuned. We might look at how we can change things around in our home space to make it more of a sanctuary. During the virus contagion we may have been more in a survival mode, accepting things as they were and only incorporating the very necessary changes to the familiar. Now, we could be looking at providing more of a relief station and an environment that is nurturing, comfortable with many amenities. Even if we are going back to some semblance of normalcy, our home may take on a greater dimension with more of our activities being done in our home.

This is also Thanksgiving week in the US, and we might focus on how we are going to celebrate with the hope, even expectation, that our Thanksgiving festivities with family will be pleasant and focused more on our spiritual essence rather than mundane realities.

Friday the 27th of November has Mercury sextile Pluto, but Venus opposed Uranus. Our thoughts may be incisive with an ability to focus on the truly meaningful and with laser-like vision as to how best to proceed with our long-term goals. This incisiveness could also instill our communications with a concise and succinct expression that cuts to the core. What we have to be wary of is the fact that this same rapierlike thought process can also make our interactions with other people somewhat brittle with a tendency for people to act in interactions as though it is ‘my way or the highway’.

With this being Black Friday in the US, a major shopping day that traditionally kicks off the Christmas shopping season, we have to watch for impulse purchases that ratchet up our credit card balance.

Any tendency towards excess may be encouraged on the 28th by Mercury sextile Jupiter and Neptune turning direct. Our sense of what we need and what we want could become interblended. Feeling optimistic and enthusiastic, we might easily justify our purchases as needs rather than mere wants.

This weekend of the 27th – 29th of November can be a traipse through Fantasyland. Commentators have suggested this holiday season to be a retailer’s dream with some estimates suggesting a solid increase in holiday shopping compared to last year with research firm Deloitte suggesting the ecommerce sector of holiday sales to increase 25%-35%.

As the saying goes, ‘when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping’. And certainly for much of this year, we have toughed it out.

We end the month of November on the 30th with the Gemini Full Moon, a Lunar Eclipse, at 4:30 AM EST. Mercury sextiles Saturn prior to Mercury exiting Scorpio to enter Sagittarius on the 1st of December. Possibilities may seem everywhere. Hopefully, we have used the Mercury sextiles to the Capricorn-transiting planets over the past week to determine our long-range goals and strategized how best to achieve successful results. We may be moving into a time when we are more likely to have our head in the clouds, while the recent past has provided the energy for us to be more discerning, selective, and maintaining our feet on the ground.

We come into December with Mercury exiting Scorpio on the 1st to enter Sagittarius [2:51 PM EST], a Sign of Detriment for Mercury. While the Mercury transit of Scorpio helped us to be more selective and discerning, more interested in the true significance of any situation; Mercury’s move into Sagittarius can impel us to boundless enthusiasm, sometimes embracing more fantasy than the realistic. It will be essential for us to tether our dreams to practical implementation.

The sense of the idyllic can be seductive on the 5th of December as Venus trines Neptune. We are likely to be highly spiritual at this time, our compassion unbounded, and with a sense that there truly is a divine design operating in our world. It may not seem that way in regard to the world-at-large, but our concern is more likely to be our own personal space, our happy place. While we might assume that there is perfect order amidst all the chaos of these times, let’s avoid wafting off into a fantasy world. What could be is not always what actually is. Let’s enjoy the moment without losing our bearings.

Confusion and lack of clarity might be strong during the second week of December. Both the Sun and Mercury transiting Sagittarius will square Neptune, the Sun square Neptune on the 9th, followed by Mercury square Neptune on the 13th.

A belief in perfect order early in the month could have us let down our guard, and therein could be a problem. We might see what we want to see, believe what we want to believe.

During these times of political correctness and consensus opinion we have lost critical thinking. Adhering to our own belief system, we have given up the analytical reasoning of considering the thesis countered by the antithesis to come to a synthesis that may be truly more on target than either thesis or antithesis. And yet, our thinking is mired in what we believe as though putting on blinders and accepting only that which is in accord with our mindset.

Drawing upon an objective observer, someone detached from our personal matters, on the 10th of December as Venus sextiles Pluto can be antidote to our mindlessly venturing forward solely on our hopes and baseless expectations.

Whether we accept input from other sources and take the time to evaluate what we are engaging, the 11th of December can have us full steam ahead as the Sun trines Mars. There may be no stopping us at this time, for we are likely to be gung-ho as to whatever direction we might choose.

With the Mercury square Neptune on the 13th, we could be second-guessing ourselves as to what we are doing, why we are doing it, and where we are going with it. Our confusion can be strong, our mind muddled and with a liability of our grasping at straws to justify possibly bone-headed decisions and actions we have carried on.

The mid-part of December, the third week of December, closes out the autumn season. We are likely to climb out of the fall with all flags waving as a result of the various Sign changes occurring between the New Moon on the 14th through the last day of autumn on the 20th.

The week begins with the Sagittarius New Moon on the 14th [11:17 AM EST], a Solar Eclipse, and impacts the next two weeks up to the Cancer Full Moon on the 29th and beyond. This New Moon with the Sun Moon conjunction also has Mercury trine Mars, and Venus sextile Jupiter.

We are entering a most expansive and creative period, and a time when we are making a major threshold crossing into a brand new world.

The 15th of December has Venus sextile Saturn just before Venus exits Scorpio to enter Sagittarius. The more we can bring conclusion to various projects we have been working on, the better it is. Our attention may shift dramatically soon with our focus more on our future rather than our present, and much less on our past.

We may be looking at our plans and intentions, but it would be wise for us to complete matters that we do not want to bring into our threshold crossing. The present is soon the past, and we are about to cross into a whole new dimension of how we are doing life.

December 17th, and followed on the 19th, has two MAJOR Sign changes, with both Saturn on the 17th [12:04 AM EST] and Jupiter on the 19th [8:07 AM EST] ending their transit of Capricorn to enter Aquarius. The Jupiter transit is about a year, the Saturn transit two plus years. We are moving with a significant thrust into the technological revolution and the information age. We had a prelude to what we can witness over the next two years back in the Spring season when Saturn was briefly transiting Aquarius.

I shall cover much of what I envision for this technological revolution in a subsequent posting. Just know that we are crossing into a most dynamic and extraordinary period. Can we call it a new age?

We could be feeling good about things as we end the autumn season with the Sagittarius Sun conjunct Mercury on the 19th, just prior to Mercury entering Capricorn on the 20th [6:07 PM EST] to close out the autumn season.

Autumn 2020… birthing pains of a new day dawning…