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I have just written a book on what is wrong with college. In addition to my astrology practice, I joined my wife in a college counseling practice for the past ten years.

During these ten years and even before, I have travelled and toured colleges and universities throughout the United States, in Canada, England, France, Iceland and Israel.

I constantly keep abreast of developments in higher education.

Our commitment has been to our college students and their parents who have been bombarded by the slick marketing techniques of colleges and universities.

Although college continues to be a dream and considered a necessary next step for most high school students, I dispel many of the myths of post-secondary education and reveal the ‘half truths’ that college admissions staffs present.

My disposition to pull back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz-like colleges presentations led me to write my recent book: College Is for Lunkheads.

The book is available as a paperback online and as a kindle e-book, the latter being free to read.

The links to each is given below:

Paperback: College IS for Lunkheads

Kindle edition e-book: College IS for Lunkheads