Spring 2019

The astrological New Year begins with the Vernal Equinox on the 20th of March, the start of the Spring season, as the Sun ends its Zodiac cycle by exiting Pisces and begins a new Zodiac cycle as the Sun enters Aries.

The imprint of the Spring season has a Grand Trine in the Earth Element with the Moon in Virgo trine Mars in Taurus and both trine Pluto in Capricorn. We may begin the Spring with a focus on our personal ambitions and a desire to plant our seeds and all with great intent and attentiveness to the particulars. But let’s keep in mind that we are still in a Mercury retrograde with Murphy’s Law engaged where “whatever could go wrong can go wrong”.

We might be operating under the Mercury retrograde and a strong dose of confidence, but if we will plan our moves before initiating and if we would visualize our strategy before implementing, then we could be highly effective and productive. We just have to keep in mind the importance of evaluating and re-evaluating as we move ahead.

Shortly after the Vernal Equinox, we also have the Libra Full Moon with the Libra Moon opposed the Aries Sun. The push-pull between our personal interests and our relationship interactions could devolve into a tug-of-war, if we concentrate solely on what we want and in the process lose the opportunities of collaboration. It would be wise for us to find the balance between our doing our own thing and our accounting for someone’s interests.

The 21st of March has Venus square Mars and Venus sextile Jupiter. We could be operating from a Tiffany taste with a Wal-Mart budget. Although we may be interested in presenting ourselves with panache and style, we have to be wary of the costs involved. We might be encouraged by someone to go for the gold or we can be so attracted to ‘putting on the Ritz’ that we could avoid considering the expense involved with the liability of ringing up high-priced purchases on our credit cards. This would be a time for us to be certain to match the content with the package and not overspend on the marketing hype without having a solid case to back it up. People may be enamored with giving a good impression, but we have to prevent ourselves from falling prey to one-upping each other.

The 24th has Mercury conjunct Neptune. Mercury is still retrograde and retrograding through Neptune-ruled Pisces with Neptune in Pisces. This can be an either / or time. Either we can be highly perceptive with our intuitive sense spot on or we could be deeply confused and susceptible to the tricksters, people presenting things one way when the reality could be sharply different. If we avoid jumping to conclusions and take our time in evaluating situations, we can get to the core of any problem or issue and determine a best practices approach by which to advance our interests and get nearer to achieving our goals. ‘Down time’ in the sanctuary of our home may provide us with the comfort and lack of static from the outside world to determine the means to accomplish successful results.

Venus exits Aquarius on the 26th and enters Pisces, triggering a Stellium in Pisces as Venus joins Mercury and Neptune in the Mutable Water Sign. Venus is Exalted in Pisces and can increase our compassion and care for all beings.

As Venus enters Pisces, Venus sextiles Uranus on the 27th. The sense of serendipity and a feeling of a karmic connection could make our relationships comfortable, exciting and a ‘knowing’ of a soulful contact. Verbal communication may be unnecessary, and the words could fail us, for the interaction might have a strange mystique to it that intrigues us and appeals to us as we draw further into the sense of a deep resonance with the other person.

The 28th of March has Mercury turning direct, ending its three-week retrograde cycle through Pisces, a Sign of Detriment for Mercury with the liability of our thinking being muddied, confused and the likelihood of miscommunications and misunderstandings. But we’re not totally out of the woods, for we shall still be in the Mercury retrograde ‘shadow’ until April 16th when Mercury enters the degree at which Mercury had initially turned retrograde. We’ll still have to be clear in our thinking, a possible travail since Mercury will continue to transit through Pisces.

The month of March ends on a high note with Mars exiting Taurus, a Sign of Detriment for Mars, where the feisty energy of Mars can often be muted. Mars enters Gemini on the 31st, and we might shift from a plodding nature to being quick on our feet and juggling any number of things. We just have to be wary not to play the Fool, but that’s not now but rather the 1st of April.

April begins with us all over the place, juggling any number of things and doing so in a rapid, if not frenetic, manner. The entry of Mars into Gemini on the 31st of March triggers by Sign a Mutable Sign T-Square with Mars being in Gemini, Jupiter in Sagittarius and the Stellium of Venus, Mercury and Neptune all in Pisces.

Spring offers us a promise of rebirth, renewal and new beginnings, and early April can have us exploring all sorts of possibilities but often without full information or with misinformation at hand.

The 2nd of April revisits the Mercury Neptune conjunction, the third time over when we are supposed to have learned the lesson of whatever we were asked to understand and move on from. The first time of this conjunction was on February 19th within orb of the Virgo Full Moon, a Supermoon. The 2nd time for this conjunction was on March 24th, and the third time and final time for this conjunction in this cycle is on the 2nd of April. The potential is for highly attuned perceptive thinking, the liability being to confused and anxious reasoning. The tendency may be more for the latter due to Mercury transiting a Sign of its Detriment, Pisces, and our sensitivity heightened to all the input and static around us. We may be like a dry sponge taking to water, soaking up the thoughts, emotions and feelings around us. If we can filter out the superfluous, we could arrive at some intuitive ‘ah-has’.

Although the Spring season begins on the 20th of March, a real sense of ‘Spring has sprung’ occurs under the influence of the Aries New Moon on April 5th. This New Moon imprints the signature for the next two weeks up to the Libra Full Moon on the 19th, Good Friday in Christian beliefs.

This New Moon can instill a desire for us to put our creative touch on our projects. Each of us may want to be on center stage, even if our audience is only an audience of one — our self. We are looking at spreading our wings, expanding our scope and broadening our involvements. That does not mean that we can simply walk away from our responsibilities. On the contrary, our obligations might weight us down. We could feel like a thoroughbred racehorse in the starting gate, champing at the bit, wanting to get on with it but reined in.

The push pull between our normal activities and new trajectories does not have to exhaust us. If we keep in mind the suspension bridge whereby we create the slats to move forward into new directions, all the while going back to what we have done and what we need to do, then the conflict of old and new can be instead a bridge across. It’s all about balance and ‘right’ timing.

One of the beauties of this early Spring period is having transiting planets in Capricorn and in Pisces making sextiles with one another. We are likely to see this initially on the 7th of April as Mercury sextiles Saturn. We can engage an ‘inner knowing’, our intuitive sense, with practical application to devise a best practices approach and figure the strongest and most expeditious ways to accomplish our goals.

This ability to put all the pieces together in their most effective manner can be replicated on the 10th of April as Mercury sextiles Pluto. If any situation has been perplexing to us, this is a time when laser-like vision can zero in on the most appropriate and effective solution.

The 10th of April is an energetic day with Mercury sextile Pluto, Venus conjunct Neptune, the Sun square Saturn, and Jupiter turning retrograde. Although our perception and ability to see what is truly happening may be spot on, our confidence might flag and we are liable to give more weight to someone’s opinion than to our own. Hopefully, whomever we are relying upon is giving us solid advice, but we do have to be wary of our infatuations that might blind us to the trickster, someone appearing one way, the reality being quite different. Considered thought would be appropriate, but we may wish to put off implementation, as we might feel somewhat tentative in our ability to successfully pursue our endeavors.

The weekend of April 12th through the 14th can be like a bungee cord. We may spring forcefully forward looking to launch off into new directions only to be snapped back by certain commitments and obligations. If we lost our confidence a few days before, we can swing like a metronome into irrational exuberance this weekend. The grounding point would not be ourselves but rather a good and trusted confidante.

Friday the 12th has Mercury square Jupiter and Venus sextile Saturn. Blind faith could have us untethered from reality, but a true, reliable source might keep us from floating off into space. This is a time when we might have our head in the clouds but need to keep our feet firmly planted on the ground. If we devise possibilities, someone may provide the template to help make our dreams come true.

We might have felt the wind knocked out of our sails on the 10th when the Sun squared Saturn. Saturday the 13th can go one better as the Sun squares Pluto. The sense of hitting the wall may be part of this weekend. Some of our greatest plans could fall apart and the ‘all fall down’ is liable to come about from a most unexpected source. Sometimes, we just try too hard. If experience hasn’t shown us indications of the paradigm shift through which we are going, then we will continue to have these occasions when we feel the rug being pulled out from under us.

The paradigm shift of these times is the GREAT DISRUPTOR — disrupting the sense of control over situations with things going from a sequential progression of beginning, middle and end, and transitioning into asequential reality where things occur in a most random and unexpected manner. While the paradigm shift opens us to the world of daily magic and miracles, it also forces us to release a mindset of ‘being in control’ and asks us to adopt the stance of co-creator with the universal unfolding.

We can release the burden of making things happen, if only we are able to let go.

After the whipsaws from the 10th through the 13th, the 14th can put a smile on our face as the Sun trines Jupiter and Venus sextiles Pluto. We may feel as though we are the lead character, taking Jimmy Stewart’s role, in Frank Capra’s classic movie It’s a Wonderful Life.

No matter how down and out we might have felt over the past few days, we get inspired and an upward boost on the 14th. We are likely to be more optimistic, and we might find someone steps forward to lessen our load.

There is a practical spirituality to this early Spring. Our compassion and care may be engaged as we seek out other people to assist them in the realization of their dreams. As it is given, so might it be received.

The swing between desperation and exhilaration may be quite dramatic during this mid-April period. The extreme could be ever more evident on the 15th of April as the ‘two good guys’ of the astrological planetary realm, Venus and Jupiter, square off. Excess and indulgence can know no bounds. As its Tax Day in the US, when our federal tax returns are due, we might be surprised or startled by how much we owe or how little our refund is likely to be.

The Stellium in Pisces with the three planets of Mercury, Venus and Neptune transiting the Mutable Water Sign ends on the 17th of April as Mercury exits Pisces to enter Aries. The liability of diffuse and confused thinking we could have experienced over the past two months during Mercury’s transit of Pisces gives way to a greater Self focus, stronger thought to our personal interests.

April 19th has the Libra Full Moon in the last degree of Aries for the Sun and the last degree of Libra for the Moon. This is the second Libra Full Moon, the first one being at the time of the Vernal Equinox on March 20th when the Sun first entered Aries. The question of balance in our relationships might trigger various issues with concerns about collaboration, commitment, and mutual interests. We may wonder whether we are me or we.

The 20th of April has the Sun exiting Aries to enter Taurus, and Venus exiting Pisces to enter Aries, a Sign of Detriment for Venus with a liability to increased narcissism. We are moving into seed planting time, both on a literal level and a figurative level. We may be interested in acquisitions and developing greater security in our lives, yet at the same time circling the wagons to allow only the trusted few into our circle. Our appearance and image might compel us to spruce up our wardrobe, our environment and a personal makeover.

Wanting to shake up our environment, we could find ourselves making changes in our surroundings on the 22nd when the Sun conjuncts Uranus. Style and panache are calling, but we are far less interested in the traditional or classic design. We would prefer something avant garde but tasteful, not the grunge of recent days, but rather accoutrements that have flair and creative inventiveness.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 24th of April. If we have built upon sand rather than upon rock, we could find some of our structures, projects and templates tumbling down. On a macro level, these are often times of explosive events in the ways of geophysical activity, humankind acting out, or a corporate implosion. It would be wise to tread cautiously as the Pluto energy shifts. A handful of astronomers may have downgraded Pluto’s status, but its influence still proves to be profound.

Mars squares Neptune on the 27th of April. We could be so wired on this day that we don’t necessarily think what we’re doing or where we are going. The liability to accidents could be strong, and water may be an issue. Storm systems can be intense and even tornadoes liable to spring up. This is a day that calls for extreme caution. Preplanning, utilizing time management skills and devising our strategy before we head out are suggested. There may be a high level of nervous energy, anxiety, so let’s keep our emotions in check and not buy into anything presented to us without first checking it out. It would be wise to keep in mind the saying that ‘haste makes waste’, although today it could be far more than just waste.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 29th of April for a four and a half month retrograde cycle. Whenever we have a retrograde cycle, it talks to going back over things that were initiated during the passage prior and during the planet’s direct movement. With Saturn retrograding through Capricorn, we may experience delays, things taking longer than we would like, and a sense of frustration that we cannot expedite matters. The good news about the Saturn retrograde is that it can create braking action, possibly even preventing us from racing off the cliff.

A sense of thwarting action may be felt as we come into May. Not only have we just had Saturn turn retrograde on the 29th of April.

May 1st and 2nd have mixed indications with Mercury sextile Mars and Mercury square Saturn on the 1st, followed on the 2nd by Mercury square Pluto and Mercury trine Jupiter. We could feel as though wishes come true just by our wishing them. We could start off on a wing and a prayer to find ourselves banging into a wall and forcing us to either go slow or to turn back and deal with our normal circumstance. The interesting aspect about these two days is the fact that they are bookended by upbeat, positive thoughts. The mid-part is made up of delays, frustrations and demands placed upon us by previous commitments. If we are willing to deal with the obstacles, we could turn what seems to be a maze of difficult situations into a labyrinth where we eventually get to the center and then out with greater wisdom and understanding gained from the challenges.

The Taurus New Moon on the 4th of May ushers in the blossoming of Spring. Although the pace in our daily life is likely to pick up, we can put the various pieces together to present a pretty package. What we need to be certain of is our ability to handle any number of activities and projects without letting significant details fall between the cracks. The acceleration could lead to slipshod methods where we try to cover too many bases and in the process gloss over the particulars. Taking things step-by-step, item-by-item, would keep us from engaging the cautionary phrase of ‘haste makes waste’.

With a desire to engage new involvements spurred on by the Mars opposed Jupiter on the 5th of May, we could be in an expansionary mood with assumed belief that nothing can go wrong. Such an attitude might let us lower our guard and get caught up in the whirlwind of activity but without the due diligence that an acceleration in our life’s activities would call for. It would be wise for us not to get caught in the frenzy but to rein in our enthusiasm and confidence. Taking on more during the springtime is all well and good but only if we can effectively handle it all.

Mercury exits Aries to enter Taurus on the 6th of May and in so doing Mercury triggers a Stellium in the Fixed Earth Sign as Mercury joins the Sun and Uranus in Taurus. We may have less liability of shooting from the lip. Instead, we could take a more studied approach to situations. Much of our thoughts can revolve around acquisition and springtime shopping to feather our nest, enhance our wardrobe and improve the appearance of ourselves and of our environment.

The 7th of May has Venus square Saturn. Relationships could be dicey. There might be a tendency to over-critique someone’s actions or character. As this month is also the month of graduations, reunions and other celebrations, we may be making plans for certain get-togethers, some of which can include encounters with people from our past with whom we would prefer not to interact. Recapitulations are a necessary part of seeing where we once were compared to where we are now. This second week of May suggests we walk on eggshells with regard to our interaction with relationships.

Profound insights and startling information can engross us and give further credence to the paradigm shift with its characteristic of serendipity. We may be privy to such experiences around the 8th of May when Mercury conjuncts Uranus and the Sun sextiles Neptune. Whatever we are doing and wherever we are, we might notate certain mini-miracles, the magic of being in the right place at the right time. If we would keep our antennae up and be open to receive, we can gain a greater understanding of situations that supersede empirical evidence.

An interesting aspect to this second week of May is the likelihood of old issues and past connections trying to keep us in a familiar mode, all the while that unexpected situations can open up pointing us towards new directions, new connections. Venus contacts are strong during this second week of May.

We could be considering whether our long-time connections are resonant with our present, much less our future.

The Venus square Saturn on the 7th is followed on the 9th with Venus trine Jupiter and Venus square Pluto. We may jettison some of our relationships in favor of other contacts that seem more upbeat. Perhaps we have determined and finally realized that the ‘misery loves company’ mode no longer works for us. We might decide that during these transformational times we prefer to connect with people who are positive, looking at the potentials rather than those who concentrate solely on the negative and criticize even the least problematic matter. Either we can moan and whine about what is happening to us and in the world, or we could see these times of great disruption as incredible opportunities and emblematic of the paradigm shift. Remember: it’s our choice, always our choice.

Whatever ‘ah-ha’ moments we might have received during this second week of May, we can ground them during the mid-May period.

The Sun trines Saturn on the 11th, followed by the Sun trine Pluto on the 13th. A large characteristic to the Spring season is the rebirth, renewal and new beginnings. These two energy configurations allow us to put down our roots, to establish the right template by which to realize our goals. We can focus on the truly significant, the truly meaningful, as we pursue new endeavors or fortify those projects we have already established. No matter the backdrop of the world-at-large, we can concentrate on our personal ambitions without needless distraction.

This movement of Taurus-transiting planets trining the Capricorn-transiting planets continues on into early June. By having our head down with attention to our goals, we can virtually move mountains during this period and do so with style and appealing presentations.

On the 14th of May, Venus sextiles Mars. Our interests may lie more in options and future plans than present reality, but if there have been glitches in our relationships, as there may have been in the past week, this is a day to straighten things out and make nice with people.

The 15th has both Venus and Mars exiting Signs to enter new Signs to transit – Venus exiting Aries to enter Taurus, Mars exiting Gemini to enter Cancer.

Venus moving into Taurus has Venus entering its own Sign and exiting a Sign of its Detriment, Aries. We may be less self-absorbed, seeking to be more collaborative, and looking to present ourselves with style and grace.

Mars exiting Gemini to enter Cancer brings an end to the Mutable Sign T-Square that could have had us involved with this, that, and some other, and often with us racing around in circles.

The Mercury sextile Neptune on the 15th hones our intuitive skills with the ability of feng shuing our lives — putting things in the right place and right perspective, and making it work. In our crazy world, it is essential that each of us has a sanctuary, and this energy configuration can steer us into creating that sacred, safe space in our personal realm.

The 16th and 18th of May have another of those Taurus-transiting planets trine the Capricorn-transiting planets. On the 16th, Mercury trines Saturn. Our thought processes can be clear and we could devise the right template to accomplish our goals without leaving any minute detail behind. We may eliminate the fluff and focus on the nuts and bolts.

The 18th has Mercury trine Pluto, Venus conjunct Uranus, and the Scorpio Full Moon with the Sun opposed the Moon. Our perception may be laser-like and spot on. The Scorpio Full Moon is in the 3rd decanate [Cancer for the Scorpio Moon, Capricorn for the Taurus Sun]. This Saturday would be well spent doing an inventory taking and a major purge. We do not want to be hampered by outmoded conditions and circumstance. By eliminating the dross from our lives, we can concentrate on the more meaningful. An interesting part of this day is the likelihood that as we rid ourselves of the old and outmoded, surprising new situations can come forward. The universe does not accept a vacuum. As we let go, we create space for the new and more appropriate. And so it may be on this Saturday the 18th.

May 21st has two major Sign changes as both the Sun and Mercury exit Taurus and enter Gemini, a Sign ruled by Mercury. The Stellium of planets in Taurus ends and the Mutable Sign T-Square is re-engaged with Mercury and the Sun in Gemini, Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. As they move into Gemini, the Sun and Mercury conjunct. We may feel as though we’re off to the races, ready, willing and able to explore many varied things, even if our exploration is largely perfunctory rather than in-depth. “The more the merrier” could be our calling.

The change in Sign of Mercury and the Sun into Gemini can put a thought into mind — CHANGES.

We might look to move things around, cut away the insipid and streamline our operations as Mars sextiles Uranus on the 22nd. Numerologically, the 22nd is the Master Number of the Master Builder, and this is one of those days when we could actually conceive and implement a better mousetrap. Our energy is likely high, and we can devise the most expeditious means of getting from point to point. If we need to upgrade our technology or other time-saving equipment, now is a time for us to do so.

The Mutable Sign T-Square is triggered towards the end of May with Mercury transiting Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces on the 29th, and Mercury opposing Jupiter in Sagittarius on the 30th.

Someone could try and sell us a bill of goods on the 29th as Mercury squares Neptune. What we see may not be what we get, and what we hear may not be the right information. This is a day for us to take things with a grain of salt and to be wary that our own hopes and wishes don’t prove to sabotage our best efforts. For on the 30th, the other part to the T-Square is engaged as Mercury opposes Jupiter. Wanting to believe something to be true and assuming something to be real can be night and day from the actual reality of the situation. Fortunately, we have Venus sextile Neptune on the 30th too, and someone could prove an objective and detached viewpoint to critique what is really going on.

If we don’t leap before consulting a trusted confidante, we can save ourselves a great deal of hardship. As the saying goes ‘caveat emptor’, but there are times when the emptor can be swayed by their own desires.

Friday the 31st of May and June 2nd complete the Taurus-transiting planets trine to the two Capricorn-transiting planets. Venus trines Saturn on the 31st, followed by Venus trine Pluto on the 2nd. Relying upon someone who has our best interests at heart and yet is an objective observer willing to say ‘no’ and put a kibosh on some of our plans can be a profound blessing. Someone may help us dodge a bullet. Our fantasies and impracticalities could have gotten us into trouble if it weren’t for someone to puncture the pretty illusion we had bought into.

We can reground ourselves with a little help from a friend[s].

We come into June with a ‘feel good’ attitude and a willingness to do whatever needs to be done to successfully produce our desired results. We are more likely to be working smarter rather than harder. We do have to be cautious not to engage too many activities. While we have a ‘can do’ attitude, it would be wise for us to prioritize our interests and focus on the most significant. We may find assistance comes to us in the form of expertise, tools and elbow grease. The sense of collaboration is a traditional ethic and one we may choose to fully embrace during June.

The Gemini New Moon on the 3rd falls in the second decanate [Libra] of Gemini. Whether for reunions, get-togethers or just to get away, the imprint for this two-week period speaks to the importance of relationship in our life. We may have all sorts of options to travel near and far, but it would be important to avoid overload to our schedule or to our finances. We might wish to be here, there and everywhere, but such a broad range could have us winding up spinning our wheels

On the 4th of June, Mercury exits its own Sign of Gemini and moves into Cancer. We may give greater thought to home and family. While we might prefer travel plans, the thoughts of staycations can be enticing. Our home is often our own personal sanctuary, our safe space where we can be without stress or criticism, a happy place to relax and recharge.

With home and family in mind we might use the weekend of June 7th for entertaining or fixing up our home in anticipation of visits to come. Mercury sextiles Uranus on the 7th. We could choose to make changes to our home, buy equipment that would make our life easier with our household tasks, and develop ways where we can be more effective with less expenditure of energy. We may hear from someone with the intention of an unexpected visit.

Much of June can have us out and about, a scenario encouraged by Venus exiting Taurus on the 8th and moving into Gemini. We may be interested in socializing and doing so in a variety of venues. We would prefer to be on the fly, going from one event to another to yet another, rather than staying at the party too long.

The Mutable Sign T-Square is triggered again on the 9th and 10th of June, as the Sun squares Neptune on the 9th, and the Sun opposes Jupiter on the 10th. We may question someone’s sincerity, and trust issues could be a matter of concern. We might feel uncertain about our own intentions and those of someone else. Like the saying goes: ‘a strong offense is a good defense’.

It is essential that we not hide our insecurities behind a mask of bravado. This suggestion applies both to the micro world of our personal lives and to the macro world of geopolitics. Coming from a self-protective stance, we can jump to conclusions based on the flimsiest of indications. This is a time for us to rein ourselves in, not jump to conclusions, and not commit to anything for the long-term. A wait and see attitude is called for.

The end of the Spring season can be an intense time, a time when miscalculations can lead to drastic consequences. The Cancer-transiting planets of Mercury and Mars trine Neptune, but they also oppose the Capricorn-transiting planets of Saturn and Pluto.

Building off the influence of the Mutable Sign T-Square on the 9th – 10th, the following weekend is when the games begin and last through the season.

On the 14th of June, Mars trines Neptune, and Mars opposes Saturn. There is a kite-type pattern to the day’s chart. While strategies conceived can be perfect in mind, their execution may be lacking. If we decide to move ahead, then it is essential that we also take into account the collateral implications of our actions. Instead of rushing forcefully forward with an assumption that god, higher forces, luck or whatever benefit is on our side; it would be better for us to take things slowly, always evaluating and rechecking as we move ahead.

The 16th changes the makeup but has similarities to the 14th energy configurations. The 16th has Mercury trine Neptune, and Mercury opposed Saturn. Jupiter squares Neptune. Blind faith and irrational optimism can blind us to certain realities, and we could find ourselves forging ahead with great enthusiasm only to bang up against a wall. Misreading conditions might lead us down a path to nowhere. Let’s be aware and mindful over this three-day period with a recognition that what goes on during these three days may be a harbinger of things to come on the 19th.

The Full Moon on the 17th has the Gemini Sun in the 3rd decanate [Aquarius] and the Sagittarius Moon in the 3rd decanate [Leo]. This can be a highly creative period. Romance may be in the air, and we could be looking more towards our future, than our present, much less our past. Let’s enjoy pleasant encounters as brief respites before things are liable to hit the fan.

The 18th continues the sense of well-being and sanctuary that our personal lives can offer us. This Tuesday has Saturn sextile Neptune, and Mercury conjunct Mars. Creating order out of chaos helps quell the spirit and soothes the soul. The more we can take the time to stop and smell the flowers, the more we recharge ourselves. Taking a note from nature where we can see the growth and development, the blooming and the blossoming, we can nurture ourselves and calm our mind with a realization that no matter how chaotic life might seem at times nature continues in its natural unfolding through the cycles of living.

Hopefully, we took some time on the 17th – 18th to enjoy ourselves and appreciate the beauty in the world. A sense of awe and wonder may be child-like but it is a disposition with which each of us needs to reconnect.

As we close out the Spring season, we encounter drastic energies liable to have severe consequences. Both Mercury and Mars oppose Pluto on the 19th. One of these energies would be difficult but two! We have to avoid knee jerk reactions. Today is a day to count to ten, or better twenty, before we respond to a situation either verbally or physically. People can have super sharp tongues willing to cut people to the core. And physical actions could devolve into violent actions, acting out and impulsive behavior. On a macro level, there may be bombings, geophysical activity and phenomenal storm fronts. If we could harness these energies, and that would be a super-human feat, our thoughts can be incisive and our physical energy indefatigable. Whether using these energies on a positive level or reacting to situations, we need to tread carefully and be ultra-cautious in speech and in action.

The Spring season ends on the 21st of June when we come to the Summer Solstice and the Sun exits Gemini to enter Cancer. Before we get there, Neptune turns retrograde. After some of the hiccups of the latter part of the season, we might seek solace in an escape, whether we choose to go off to the beach, fly off to some far-off locale, or just hide out in our cave.

Spring 2019… New Beginnings with Explosive Endings…